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Eric Lipton / New York Times: 10 mins ago
Art Swift / Gallup: 10 mins ago
Maggie Haberman / Politico: 20 mins ago
Nate Cohn / New York Times: 35 mins ago
National Journal: 45 mins ago
Arizona Republic: 45 mins ago
Sabrina Siddiqui / The Huffington Post: 60 mins ago
John Stoehr / Washington Monthly: 70 mins ago
New York Times: 70 mins ago
Washington Post: 75 mins ago
KFOR-TV: 80 mins ago
Maggie Haberman / Politico: 1½ hours ago
Burgess Everett / Politico: 1½ hours ago
KETV Channel 7: 1½ hours ago
Paul Krugman / New York Times: 2 hours ago
Judy Kurtz / The Hill: 2½ hours ago
Virginia Postrel / Bloomberg View: 2½ hours ago
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Stuart Rothenberg / Roll Call:
Obama's Midterm Loss Record Could Make History  -  President Barack Obama is about to do what no president has done in the past 50 years ...
Burgess Everett / Politico:
Maggie Haberman / Politico:
Maggie Haberman / Politico:
Sabrina Siddiqui / The Huffington Post:
New York Times:
John Stoehr / Washington Monthly:
Paul Krugman / New York Times:
Eric Lipton / New York Times:
Art Swift / Gallup:
National Journal:
Jamelle Bouie / Slate:
Maria Konnikova / New Yorker:
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