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The Race is On
  By / Newsweek   —   Permalink 
Oct. 2 - With a solid majority of voters concluding that John Kerry outperformed George W. Bush in the first presidential debate on Thursday, the president's lead in the race for the White House has vanished, according to the latest NEWSWEEK poll.
Rice Grad: Newsweek released a poll of 1013 registered voters showing Kerry leading Bush 49-46, and by 2% in a three way race.
Harley: That's Andrew Sullivan's description of the Prez's debate performance, seen in the light of today's Newsweek poll numbers.
Ezra Klein: Kerry Ahead — Wooooooooooo!
Avedon Carol: Josh Marshall says Kerry Pulls Ahead: According to the first post-debate poll, from Newsweek, John Kerry leads President Bush by a margin of 49% to 46%.
Judith @ 10/2/2004: Bush is still way ahead on the Electoral Vote Projection map. A Newsweek poll says Bush's lead has evaporated.
Lambert @Corrente: Kerry pulls even — So, Inerrant Boy's numbers after the Republican National Convention were a dead cat bounce after all.
Also: Josh Marshall, Richard TPD, David Adesnik, Paul Glastris, Kevin Drum, Dwight Meredith, Andrew Sullivan, Atrios, Tom Schaller

Some Voters Still Flip-Flop After Debate
  By / Fox News   —   Permalink 
Thanks to a high-stakes election that has taken some vicious turns, the first debate of the season drew viewers who were especially keen to watch a smackdown between Sen. John Kerry (search) and President George W. Bush (search) after months of trading attacks.
Tom Tomorrow: More unimpeachable reporting from Fox News — Here: [snipped quote] Trouble is, Communists for Kerry is a pretty obvious joke.
Chris Bowers: Atrios has another classic from America's worst news source: "Of course, there were some Kerry supporters in attendance who had no doubts whatever about their candidate.
Avedon Carol: News & views — At Eschaton: Fox News - Snookered Again, in which we learn that Fox interviewed an alleged group of...
Atrios: Fox News - Snookered Again — Is anyone ever going to hold this network to any standard?

  Drudge Report   —   Permalink 
New York-Sixty-one percent of Americans who watched the first presidential debate on September 30 say Sen. John Kerry won; 19 percent say President George W. Bush won and 16 percent say they tied, according to the latest Newsweek Poll which was conducted after the debate ended.
Avedon Carol: Put Nader in the mix and Kerry's margin drops from 3 to 2. (Drudge has headlined this, "Bush Lead Gone.")
Byron L: And as for the Dallas Morning News, they ought to take a look at the latest Newsweek poll.
Dwight Meredith: Kerry Takes Lead in Newsweek Poll — Drudge is reporting that a new poll by Newsweek has John Kerry leading President...
Hindrocket: The Comeback Is Launched — Drudge is headlining a Newsweek poll purporting to show that President Bush's lead has...

Sense and Sensibility
  By / NYT   —   Permalink 
In weak moments, I think the best ticket for this country would be Bush-Kerry. The two men balance each other out so well.
Kerry can't make a decision; Bush makes them too quickly. Kerry changes his mind by the month; Bush almost never changes his mind.
Avedon Carol: Meanwhile, David Brooks endorses a Bush-Kerry ticket, saying the two men balance each other well: Kerry can't make a decision; Bush makes them too quickly.
Chris Nolan: Only no one's block got knocked off. It was just a slog.
Andrew Sullivan: CONSERVATIVE KERRY: David Brooks, as usual, has a fair column today.
Barbara O'Brien: If you don't believe me, read today's column. Brooks manages to string together 763 words into grammatically correct sentences, but there is no evidence in them of human thought.
Jeff Jarvis: Today's column is a superb analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of both candidates for President and says much better than I did why this is such a troubling choice.

How the White House Embraced Disputed Iraqi Arms Intelligence
  By / NYT   —   Permalink 
In 2002, at a crucial juncture on the path to war, senior members of the Bush administration gave a series of speeches and interviews in which they asserted that Saddam Hussein was rebuilding his nuclear weapons program.
Michael Froomkin: Smoking Gun: Admin Was Warned Early that Iraq Nuke Claims Were False — New York Times: How the White House Embraced...
Barry Ritholtz: How the White House Embraced Disputed Iraqi Arms Intelligence — MONSTER 10,000 word article in Sundays NYT tracing the...
Dan Gillmor: Deceptions Leading to War — This lengthy article in tomorrow's New York Times persuasively describes that the Bush...
Tom Maguire: Your Weekend "Must-Read" — The blogosphere will be buzzing about "Skewed Intelligence Data in March to War in Iraq", by Timesmen Jeff Gerth, David Barstow, and William J. Broad.

Bush won the debate with Kerry
  San Francisco Chronicle   —   Permalink 
I'LL CONCEDE, style counts. It was fair game for critics to say Democratic candidate Al Gore's demeanor defined his performance in the 2000 presidential debates. In that spirit, my verdict is: On the demeanor question, George W. Bush lost Thursday night.
Avedon Carol: Debra Saunders spins the debate - and finally calls Kerry a "know-it-all".
Jesse Taylor: Bushic Victory — Debra Saunders: George Bush won the debate because John Kerry voted to allow him to f**k up a war...
Barbara O'Brien: I could even understand it (sort of) if they believed Bush won the debate. If you're going to be delusional you might as well go all the way with it.
Skippy: we found this piece in the sfchron that made us drop our jaw in disbelief.
John Emerson: FYI, here's Debra Saunders' attempt to respin the debate — the first RNC plant I've seen.
Kevin Hayden: Debra Saunders keeps lamely spinning in the forest where only the trees are listening. And here's the scary one.

Laptops Stolen From Bush Campaign Office
  By / AP   —   Permalink 
SEATTLE (AP) - Three laptop computers containing campaign plans were stolen overnight from the Bush-Cheney state headquarters office, Republican officials said Friday.
Glenn Reynolds: WATERGATE WEST? It seems to be a season of dirty tricks.
Tim Blair: Bernstein? Woodward? You guys awake? Jim Treacher demands: "Write my URL on the forehead of a sleeping hobo!"
FrancoAlemán: LAPTOPGATE? [snipped quote] Tim Blair is right: this is a case taylored for Woodward and Berstein.

Raid on Bigley's brother
  By / Telegraph   —   Permalink 
Dutch intelligence officers raided the home of Kenneth Bigley's brother last night. An intelligence officer from the Foreign Office is understood to have accompanied them to Paul Bigley's home in Amsterdam.
James Joyner: The London Telegraph has a related story: "Dutch intelligence officers raided the home of Kenneth Bigley's brother last night.
Orrin Judd: MORE: Raid on Bigley's brother (Jack Fairweather, 02/10/2004, Daily Telegraph) "Dutch intelligence officers raided the home of Kenneth Bigley's brother last night.
Michael Young: The whole thing is here in the Daily Telegraph, though the Daily Mail offers a far more skeptical take on the whole thing.
Captain Ed: The British and Dutch may already be taking that approach with hostage Kenneth Bigley, whose heartbreaking videos have...
Gabriel Syme: Victim's victims — The Telegraph reports that an Iraqi-born gunman with a British passport, Mohammed Kasim, talked to...

Brokaw, Jennings Show Support for Rather
  By / AP   —   Permalink 
NEW YORK - While acknowledging mistakes in CBS anchor Dan Rather's "60 Minutes" report that questioned President Bush 's service in the National Guard, competing news anchors Tom Brokaw and Peter Jennings offered support Saturday for the beleaguered newsman.
Baldilocks: How Low They Can Go — Allah posts this missive from NBC News anchor Tom Brokaw: [snipped quote] Charming.
Allah: Rock. F**king. Bottom. [snipped quote] "Jihad". And just like that, Dan Rather is no longer the least credible of the three network news anchors.

Italians fall out of love with 'two Simonas'
  By / Telegraph   —   Permalink 
Italy's adoration of the "two Simonas", the women aid workers abducted in Iraq, began to sour yesterday, as the extent of their sympathy for the Iraqi fight against the allied occupation became clear.
Damian Penny: Baghdad syndrome — The two Italian hostages recently released in Iraq say they support their captors' "resistance"...
Orrin Judd: SIMPLE SIMONAS: Italians fall out of love with 'two Simonas' (Bruce Johnston, 02/10/2004, Daily Telegraph) "Italy's...
Christopher Kanis: Turns out I was right: [quote] Italy's adoration of the "two Simonas", the women aid workers abducted in Iraq, began to sour...[end quote]
Cori Dauber: ISN'T THAT SPECIAL — I'm sure the families of all those held hostage in Iraq, and all those who have been killed there,...
Gabriel Syme: From yesterday news, Italy's adoration of the "two Simonas" (Simona Pari and Simona Torretta), the women aid workers...
Captain Ed: If the rumors are true and the Italians paid $1 million for the return of the "Two Simonas", they likely will ask for a...
Also: Tim Blair, Laura Rozen

Benigni shooting Iraq 'comedy'
  BBC   —   Permalink 
Italian actor and director Roberto Benigni is to make a film about the Iraq war.
La Tigre e la Neve (The Tiger and the Snow) is set in Iraq in March 2003 - right at the beginning of the US-led campaign.
Tim Blair: Roberto Benigni sounding like Puce: "Westerners are running the show, all of those doing these things have studied in the West, it is not the Easterners.
Eszter Hargittai: Benigni is shooting a "comedy" about Iraq. (Hat tip: Nomad via Dove's Eye View)
Andrew Stuttaford: Here's Roberto Benigni, the actor/director of Life is Beautiful. Now he's making a movie about the Iraq war. The BBC has more.

Fellow news anchors support beleaguered Dan Rather
  By / AP   —   Permalink 
NEW YORK — While acknowledging that a mistake was made in a "60 Minutes" report questioning President Bush's National Guard service, fellow network news anchors Tom Brokaw and Peter Jennings offered their support Saturday for beleaguered colleague Dan Rather.
William J. Dyer: Seriously confused about the concepts of demagoguery and jihad — The Associated Press reports on Peter Jennings' and...
Jeff Jarvis: Birds of a feather stonewall together : Tom Brokaw stupidly sides with fellow anchor Dan Rather against the people he is...

3 Nations Reportedly Slowed Probe of Oil Sales
  By / NYT   —   Permalink 
Congressional investigators say that France, Russia and China systematically sabotaged the former United Nations oil-for-food program in Iraq by preventing the United States and Britain from investigating whether Saddam Hussein was diverting billions of dollars.
Orrin Judd: KERRY'S "ALLIES": 3 Nations Reportedly Slowed Probe of Oil Sales (JUDITH MILLER, 10/02/04, NY Times) [snipped quote] So...
Glenn Reynolds: UNSCAM UPDATE: Shocking developments in the Oil-for-food investigation: [snipped quote] Okay, it's not that shocking.
FrancoAlemán: NOW YOU KNOW why no one was complaining, let alone stopping, the Oil For Food scandal which put approximately 10 billion...

Skewed Intelligence Data in March to War in Iraq
  By / NYT   —   Permalink 
In 2002, at a crucial juncture on the path to war, senior members of the Bush administration gave a series of speeches and interviews in which they asserted that Saddam Hussein was rebuilding his nuclear weapons program.
DemFromCT: So here's the proof: [snipped quote] I wonder if Mr. Edwards will ask Mr. Cheney on Tuesday when they get together for a...
Atrios: Liars — Rice: [snipped quote] I think we can put to rest any notion that, as Connolly and Kessler wrote, "there is...

Democrats call for more inquiries against DeLay
  By / Houston Chronicle   —   Permalink 
WASHINGTON - A public admonishment of Majority Leader Tom DeLay by the House ethics committee spurred Democrats to call for further investigations and liberal interest groups to question how much longer he can hold onto power.
John Emerson: DA/ssistory.mpl/nation/28 2 5990 ws?hl=en&ned=us&q=Delay&b t nG=Search+News
Charles Kuffner: The Chron has some pretty tame by comparison coverage, with no analysis of how things might play out. MSNBC picks up that ball.

Iran at the tipping point
  By /   —   Permalink 
I'm ashamed of myself. I haven't written a word about Iran in years, and Iran may be the most important story no one is talking about.
I shouldn't say no one.
Pejman Yousefzadeh: A MAN AFTER MY OWN HEART — All hail Jonah Goldberg: "I'm ashamed of myself.
Glenn Reynolds: JONAH GOLDBERG says we need to be paying more attention to Iran. He's right. Excerpt: [snipped quote] I wonder why it's not getting more attention?

Winning the war of words
  By / Salon   —   Permalink 
It was midway through the second half of the first Monday Night Football game this season. The New England Patriots, the reigning Super Bowl champions, were fighting off the Indianapolis Colts on their home field in Foxboro, Mass. A series of events had put...
Dave Johnson: The "Flip-Flopper" Label — How It's Done — Salon has an article by Matthew Craft today, Winning the war of words, that...
Simon @BOPNews: However, if you're just stopping by, take a look at Kraft's article on Lakoff: how Kerry lost the debate.

To Our Readers (and Writers)
  WaPo   —   Permalink 
WE RECEIVED THE following letter from a woman in Yonkers, N.Y. : "Dear editor: This debate made it clear: John Kerry is a leader we can trust to tell us the truth when it comes to our nation's security. George Bush has had his chance; I'm ready for a new direction."
David Adesnik: HEHEHE! From the WaPo editorial page: [snipped quote] As they say in Chicago, vote early and vote often!
Captain Ed: People Who Can't Think For Themselves Can't Tell Time, Either — The Washington Post has an unusual editorial in today's...

Troops Battle to Control Samarra
  By / WaPo   —   Permalink 
BAGHDAD, Oct. 1 — A heavily armored force of 3,000 U.S. troops, followed by 2,000 Iraqi soldiers, police officers, commandos and National Guardsmen, swept into Samarra on Friday to confront insurgents in what a senior Iraqi official said had become an "outlaw city."
Phillip Carter: Major combat operations resume — The Washington Post reports this morning on the progress of a major U.S. offensive to take Samarra.
DemFromCT: In any case, there's the matter of Iraq to burst their bubble. In any case, this weekend will be the fight over the debate results.

Trail Tales: What's That Face?
  Fox News   —   Permalink 
The election is 32 days away and the first presidential debate is over. One down and two more to go between President Bush (search) and Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry (search).
What's That Face?
Bill @INDCJournal: FOX WATCH oops.jpg In case anyone's still unaware, FOX News just created its own news scandal by posting politically...
H.D. Miller: Yesterday, our favorite bloviator, Joshua Cougar Mellancamp Marshall (hat tip to Ace for that one) tried to gin up some...
Tim Blair: Within hours, a correction and apology was issued: "Earlier Friday, posted an item purporting to contain quotations from Kerry.
Andrew Sullivan: FAKE BUT ACCURATE: The new slogan for Fox News' Carl Cameron. Well, at least they apologized.
Atrios: What Fox Thinks of The Liberal Media — While everyone's been focusing on the Made Up Story over at Fox News, a reader...
David Adesnik: FOX'S CBS MOMENT: Josh Marshall has a whole lot of posts up about an article on the Fox website that fabricated quotes by John Kerry.
Also: Joe Gandelman, Avedon Carol, Joe Carter, Steve Soto, Glenn Reynolds, Tim Dunlop, Ed Cone, Kos, Ogged @Unfogged, Byron L, Noam Alaska, Skippy, Josh Marshall

From a Virtual Shadow, Messages of Terror
  By / WaPo   —   Permalink 
SAN FRANCISCO — He calls himself Abu Maysara al Iraqi, or father of Maysara the Iraqi, and he's a master at being everywhere and nowhere in the virtual world, constantly switching his online accounts and taking advantage of new technologies to issue his communiqués to the world.
James Joyner: Terrorism and the Internet — From a Virtual Shadow, Messages of Terror (Ariana Eunjung Cha, WaPo, A1) "The Internet,...
Hugh Hewitt: The Washington Post has a must read on Islamist use of the internet. The United States has been mounting efforts to deny use of the web to terrorists operating abroad.

The Battle, If Not The War, To Kerry
  By / WaPo   —   Permalink 
ALLENTOWN, Pa. — It's hard to say if it was that smirk, or his repeated insistence that he would never change course in Iraq, but by the end of the first presidential debate President Bush had come awfully close to losing the vote of Republican Thomas C. Racosky.
Oliver Willis: Consensus: Kerry Won — The Washington Post: "But a majority of the voters interviewed echoed the results of snapshot national polls taken immediately after the debate.
Hugh Hewitt: The article does not mention whether such efforts pass Kerry's "global test": "But if and when you do it, Jim, you have...

Joint forces hit redoubt of Iraqi insurgents
  IHT   —   Permalink 
SAMARRA, Iraq U.S. and Iraqi forces began a major assault Friday to regain control of the insurgent stronghold of Samarra, trading gunfire with militants as they pushed toward the city center. More than 100 insurgents and at least one American were killed, an Iraqi minister said.
Pejman Yousefzadeh: SHOWDOWN IN SAMARRA — This was long overdue.
Wretchard: The International Herald Tribune reports that an overnight assault by four American and two Iraqi battalions (for...
Joe Gandelman: A New Clean Up Operation Battle In Iraq Gets Underway — A big push military operation is underway to secure another...

American Bar Association Statement on 'Extraordinary Rendition' Provisions of HR 10
  U.S. Newswire   —   Permalink 
CHICAGO, Sept. 30 /U.S. Newswire/ — Following is a statement of Robert J. Grey Jr., president, American Bar Association, regarding 'extraordinary rendition' provisions of HR 10:
Jeralyn Merritt: ABA Slams Proposed Extraordinary Renditon Bill — The American Bar Association issued this statement today in opposition...
Katherine R: The American Bar Association opposes it: "The American Bar Association objects strongly to the inclusion of provisions...
Medium Lobster: This critical new tool for our justice system has been condemned by the American Bar Association, the 9/11 commission, and the United States Congress of Catholic Bishops.

Fox News Pulls Item With Fake Kerry Quotes
  By / AP   —   Permalink 
WASHINGTON (AP) - Fox News apologized Friday for posting phony quotes from Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry on its Web site.
Carl Cameron, a Fox reporter who covers the Kerry campaign, wrote an item that looked like a news story with made-up Kerry quotes, said Paul Schur, a Fox spokesman.
Skippy: the asspress posted it yesterday: [snipped quote] notice they conveniently left out any mention of the bloggers who found...
Oliver Willis: Camerongate Breaks Thru — The AP has the Carl Cameron phony quotes story.

Bush's state headquarters for re-election burglarized
  By / Seattle Times   —   Permalink 
The Washington state headquarters for the president's re-election campaign was broken into last night, and police are investigating the theft of three computers from the Bellevue office.
Pejman Yousefzadeh: But this is most peculiar: [snipped quote] (Cross posted on Red State.)
Hindrocket: Crime Wave in Seattle — Reader Dave Mendoza pointed out this article in the Seattle Times about a burglary at the...
Charles Johnson: Washington State Bush Headquarters Burglarized — Bush's state headquarters for re-election burglarized. (Hat tip: Dave.)
Orrin Judd: Bush's state headquarters for re-election burglarized (David Postman, 10/01/04, Seattle Times) "The Washington state...
Bird Dog: Second-Rate Burglary in Bellevue, WA — Funny business in Washington State: [snipped quote] The only items stolen were...
Stefan Sharkansky: Democrat Campaign Strategy — "Bush's state headquarters for re-election burglarized" "The Washington state...

See Bush Debate. See Him Squirm
  By / Business Week   —   Permalink 
Watching George W. Bush on the hot seat is painful. When he gets that fawn-in-the-deerjacker's-light look, you feel for the guy.
Publicly at least, he's not a mean-spirited man.
Avedon Carol: "Business Week wasn't impressed: See Bush Debate."
Brian Linse: Also, check out James Wolcott, and BuisnessWeek Online. [via Atrios]
Skippy: even business week online thought awol sucked from ciro scotti's column on business week online: "but in coral gables,...
Joe Gandelman: Another Devastating Debate Review: This Time From Business Week — Attn.
Barbara O'Brien: Update — More more great links Sidney Blumenthal: Faith versus Reason Ciro Scotti, Business Week: Elmer Befuddled Joyce McGreevy: "He forgot Poland, Jim Bob!"

A Win for Kerry
  By / Newsweek   —   Permalink 
Oct. 1 - George W. Bush didn't look at his watch the way his father famously did during a presidential debate, but he might as well have. The president had the air of a man who couldn't bother being there.
Steve Gilliard: Naked Emperor — Doh A Win for Kerry The first debate was reality TV, and it was not kind to Bush.
Kos: More debate chatter — From Eleanor Clift at Newsweek: [snipped quote] Two of the best paragraphs anywhere on the debate
Skippy: clift notes eleanor clift sums up last night's debate rather handily on msnbc: [snipped quote] (thanks and a tip of the bush kangaroo hat to daily kos for the link!)

ACLU Blasts Justice Department's Attempts to Manipulate Truth About Patriot Act Ruling
  ACLU   —   Permalink 
NEW YORK - In what appears to be a concerted campaign to mislead the American public, the Department of Justice and some of its Republican allies in Congress are attempting to minimize the impact of landmark ruling this week against so-called National Security Letters and the provision of the Patriot Act that broadened their use by the FBI.
Pejman Yousefzadeh: In response to Professor Kerr's debunking—and the debunking of others, the ACLU then offers up this press release which...
Ramesh Ponnuru: THE ACLU — Having spun much of the press on the claim that part of the Patriot Act was struck down in court the other...
Orin Kerr: With another press release: [snipped quote] So wait— there is an alleged campaign to mislead the American people because...

After "make-or-break" buildup, CNN commentators downplayed debates' significance
  Media Matters for America   —   Permalink 
In the buildup to the first presidential debate, some CNN commentators called the event "a decisive moment"; a "key opportunity" for Senator John Kerry; "the most important night of John Kerry's presidential campaign"; a chance for the candidates to win "the very big prize" of undecided voters; or "a pivotal moment."
John Emerson: David Brock's Media Matters has compared what various Republican tools said before and after the debates.
Atrios: Before and After — The pre- and post- debate spin.
Kevin Raybould: When Kerry won the debate, though, suddenly things changed ...

Supreme Court justice gets racy on talk circuit
  By / AP   —   Permalink 
(10-01) 12:40 PDT WASHINGTON (AP) —
Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia's recent speeches have ventured into some surprising territory, with the staunchly conservative father of nine joking about sexual orgies.
Joe Carter: Update: It turns out that Scalia has made this remark before but had only claimed that he was willing to accept such an argument, not that he personally endorsed such behavior.
Ann Althouse: UPDATE: The AP version of the story sledgehammers that Scalia was, as indicated above, being jocose.
James Joyner: Update (1751): Supreme Court justice gets racy on talk circuit (SF Chronicle - AP) "Supreme Court Justice Antonin...
Glenn Reynolds: UPDATE: Many people are angrily emailing that Scalia was joking. (Some send this story which says so). Well, yeah, that's what I figured.
Clayton Cramer: UPDATE 3: A little simpler explanation from AP: "He made a similar remark in a speech Sept. 20 in Washington, to...

Did Kerry write own report of disputed clash?
  By / Chicago Sun Times   —   Permalink 
A faded 35-year-old operations order recovered from the Naval Historical Center in Washington bears directly on the ongoing dispute between Sen. John Kerry and the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth about who wrote the key after-action report that ended Kerry's service in Vietnam.
ArchPundit: But to add Thomas Lipscomb to the fray is sad given the many columnists the Sun-Times has, they have brought in a clown...
Greg Ransom: THE EVIDENCE IS IN — John Kerry wrote the Bay Hap River after action report.
Tom Maguire: Thomas Lipscomb On Kerry's Bronze Star — Thomas Lipscomb argues that John Kerry wrote the after-action report that has...
McQ: Recently uncovered Navy Report Supports Swift Vets Contention — A report from the Naval archives detailing the incident...
Captain Ed: Lipscomb: Kerry Wrote After-Action Report For Bronze Star — Thomas Lipscomb writes a fascinating article about his...
Glenn Reynolds: SINCE KERRY REPEATEDLY INVOKED VIETNAM LAST NIGHT, I guess that stories like this one are fair game.

Kerry Takes Round 1
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President George W. Bush came to tonight's debate with the buzzwords that have served him so well in this campaign so far: "strong," "steadfast," "resolute," "keeping our word," "never waver," "stay on the offensive," "lead," "we cannot send mixed messages."
Tom Maguire: Why Oh Why Can't I Spot The Lie? Brad DeLong has praise for the Fred Kaplan column we pecked at earlier.
Jon Henke: Global Pop Quiz — In a hit-and-miss Slate column, Fred Kaplan writes one of the most politically tone-deaf things we'll see all year.
DeLong: Far from being opposed to two-power talks in Korea, the other participants in the six-power talks want us to do so
Mark Kleiman: He'll be going to the UN next — As already noted here, it turns out to be false that negotiating separately with North...
Ogged @Unfogged: Fred Kaplan also notes in today's Slate, Point for Kerry.

The Vietnamization of John Kerry
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It was a major mistake for John Kerry to spend four days at the Democratic convention establishing his connection to Vietnam. But it was oddly appropriate. More than any other politician of our time — including John McCain, who spent five and a half years in...
Pejman Yousefzadeh: "THE VIETNAMIZATION OF JOHN KERRY" — Charles Krauthammer notes the ongoing disconnect in John Kerry's views on Iraq:...
Charles Johnson: The Vietnamization of John Kerry — Charles Krauthammer dissects The Vietnamization of John Kerry.
Greg Ransom: CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER. I'd missed this one on kERRY, Vietnam and Iraq. Quotable: [snipped quote] See also this. (via Fish Food).
Betsy Newmark: Charles Krauthammer looks at how Vietnam has shaped Kerry's thinking on foreign policy.

Giddy Democrats Celebrate Kerry
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WASHINGTON - Gleeful Democrats, some almost giddy with relief after weeks of carping within the party over their presidential campaign, on Friday trumpeted Sen. John Kerry 's debate performance as vindication of his ability to take on the job of commander in chief.
H.D. Miller: Three Yards, And A Cloud of Dust — Looks like Democrats are breaking out the champagne and making plans for a Senator Lockjaw's triumphant entry into Washington D.C. come January.
Jeff A. Taylor: "Last night the president looked very uncomfortable answering questions," is how Sen. Jack Reed (D-R.I.) put it, and I...
Allah: Twenty-four hours later, the Dems — and Al Jazeera — can't contain their excitement. It's a race again!

Gay Republican castigates party over marriage vote
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Washington — The House's only openly gay Republican denounced his party Thursday for voting on a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage in an emotional and often personal debate that sent the measure to its legislative grave.
David Neiwert: Now House Majority Leader Tom DeLay holds forth on the subject of gay marriage: Insisting that "Peter and Paul cannot be...
Ayn Clouter: Only the pandering paper from Sodom Francisco spotted the psychologically revealing rant of the Krusade's Kommander

Europe Flattered, Unnerved by Kerry Overtures
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BRUSSELS (Reuters) - U.S. presidential contender John Kerry will have won yet more admirers in Europe with his pledge during a campaign debate to restore alliances damaged by the transatlantic split over the Iraq war.
Allah: The Eurotrash also enjoyed Waffles last night but the more astute among them recognize a distinct downside to a Kerry...
Orrin Judd: VENUS GETS THE VAPORS: Europe Flattered, Unnerved by Kerry Overtures (Mark John, 10/01/04, Reuters) [snipped quote] They always find some way to ignore those calls.

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IT'S a mark of how high- toned last night's debate was that the only real howler came when John Kerry called the Moscow headquarters of the KGB "Treblinka," which was a Nazi concentration camp, rather than by its actual name, "Lubyanka."
Judith Weiss: John Podhoretz: [quote] John Kerry said, "They had to close down the subway in New York when the Republican Convention was there."[end quote]
Betsy Newmark: John Podheretz says that the debate won't hurt Bush since he's ahead and the debate was actually rather boring.
KJL: AROUND TOWN: ON DEBATE AND MORE — David Yepsen: "Narrow Victory" for Kerry John Podhoretz: Booooooorrrring.
Michelle Malkin: In the end, normal non-pundits won't be swayed one way or the other because Bush said "uh" too many times—or, for that...
Hugh Hewitt: The best is John Podhoretz, as John picked up on Kerry's relapse into the moral equivalence politics of the Reagan years.

Out of the Question
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How do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a mistake?
That's what it all comes down to—this debate, this war, this election. For all the differences between Iraq and Vietnam, the awful question John Kerry posed to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in 1971 is the same one hanging over us now.
Atrios: I know Saletan is using a literary device here, with "we" being generic "Amurikan people," but still, what the hell?
Laura Rozen: Check out Saletan while you're at it: "How can we ask our troops to die for a mistake? We can't. . . Bush can't imagine it, either.
Julian Sanchez: The Politics of Cruelty — As usual, Will Saletan has some good rhetorical analysis from last night's debate.

Kerry Wins Debate
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PRINCETON, NJ — John Kerry won the debate Thursday night, 53% to 37%, according to a random sample of 615 registered voters who watched the event. Almost half of the viewers said they felt more favorable about the senator because of the debate, and 60% said Kerry expressed himself more clearly than did President Bush.
Steve Bainbridge: Debate Spin Zone — Gallup's post-debate poll found a majority (53%) thought Kerry "did a better job in the debate" than Bush (37%).
Jan Haugland: Not sure Kerry needs more victories like these — I've already reported on the "who won" part of the post-debate Gallup...
Tom Smith: People think Kerry won debate; want him to be Senator — Gallup poll suggests people think Kerry is the better debator, but Bush the better wartime president.
Rice Grad: If Kerry won the first debate, it was a phyrric victory: The Gallup post-debate poll mirrors my thoughts about the debate.
C. D. Harris: The other internals tend toward President Bush, as well, for the most part (and note the similarity of so many of them to the results of the Bush/Gore debates - interesting, that).
Steve M.: Before it disappears into subscribers-only land, I want to direct you to page 2 of's "Kerry Wins Debate" page.
Also: Hindrocket, James Frederick Dwight, Orrin Judd, KJL, Dean Esmay, Bill @INDCJournal

Transcript of presidential debate
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LEHRER: Good evening from the University of Miami Convocation Center in Coral Gables, Florida. I'm Jim LEHRER of The NewsHour on PBS.
And I welcome you to the first of the 2004 presidential debates between President George W. Bush, the Republican nominee, and Senator John Kerry, the Democratic nominee.
FrancoAlemán: I SAW the debate last night (please, some applause, it was 3am over here!) and I think that Kerry was better than...
Jesse Taylor: Flip Flippity Doo — If you want to know how poorly Bush did and how well Kerry turned the flip-flopper idea on its...
Arthur Chrenkoff: Kerry wrong on containment — John Kerry argued during the debate that war was not necessary as Iraq could have been...
Tim Blair: As John Kerry mentioned during the debate: "It was principally the United States, the America and Great Britain and one or two others.
Ed Cone: Debate transcript. Spin is everywhere. Roll your own.
Stefan Sharkansky: Inkeherrynce on Iraq — Here are some of the positions about Iraq that Kerry held simultaneously during the debate (All...
Also: Lorie Byrd, Jan Haugland, Joe Gandelman, Norbizness, Pejman Yousefzadeh, Stuart Buck, Glenn Reynolds, Jonah Goldberg, James Joyner

Transcript of the Candidates' First Debate in the Presidential Campaign
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I agree with my opponent that we shouldn't be committing troops. That we ought to be working with the African Union to do so. Precisely what we did in Liberia. We helped stabilize the situation with some troops. And when the African Union came we moved them out.
Kevin Hayden: Debate Review (Cross-posted at Polemic Propaganda) Now that the transcript is available, let's go through some of Bush's key quotes.
Fred Clark: I was pleasantly surprised by last night's debate and how substantive it turned out to be. (Here is the transcript.)
Josh Marshall: Another point that the Democrats should hit on mercilessly: "He's isolated." That might well be an apt description of the president himself.
Andrew Sullivan: QUOTE OF THE DAY: [snipped quote] - president George W. Bush. Reassured that he's on top of things in Iraq? Me neither.
Richard TPD: Hard bush — From last night [snipped quote] Hmmmm. I thought Osama Bin Laden attacked us, not Saddam Hussein. Details.
Orrin Judd: THE SENATOR'S FUNDAMENTAL PROBLEM: Transcript of the Candidates' First Debate in the Presidential Campaign (09/30/04)...
Also: Chris Mooney, Atrios, Ann Althouse, Jay Rosen, Greg Ransom, James Joyner

Transcript: First Presidential Debate
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Following is the transcript of the presidential debate between President Bush (R) and Sen. John F. Kerry (D). The moderator of the nationally televised debate was Jim Lehrer of PBS.
LEHRER: Good evening from the University of Miami Convocation Center in Coral Gables, Florida.
Tom Maguire: So, my question for the Prof: I am peering at the debate transcript. I can find Bush suggesting that the Six Nation talks are in the interests of the United States.
Von @ObsidianWings: (Transcript, courtesy of the Washington Post.) I'm hardly a Kerry-tine, but this truly irks me.
Hugh Hewitt: The Tale of the Tape: From the transcript of the debate at the Washington Post: "LEHRER: Are Americans now dying in Iraq for a mistake?
William J. Dyer: So it was that watching last night's presidential debate between Sen. John F. Kerry and President George W. Bush, this...
Avedon Carol: Up yours, Matt Drudge. The Washington Post has the debate transcript here.
Eugene Oregon: Kerry and Bush "discussed" Darfur during last night's debate "LEHRER: Senator Kerry, you mentioned Darfur, the Darfur region of Sudan.
Also: David Neiwert, Joe Gandelman, Steve Bainbridge, Ken Masugi, James Joyner, Daniel Drezner

Don't Shoot the Messenger . . .
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Don't shoot the messenger.
I thought Kerry did very, very well; and I thought Bush did poorly — much worse than he is capable of doing. Listen: If I were just a normal guy — not Joe Political Junkie — I would vote for Kerry. On the basis of that debate, I would.
Brian Linse: Dead Messenger — Via Tbogg, Jay Nordlinger at NRO gives a "grim assessment" of Bush's debate performance.
Andrew Sullivan: MAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN: Here's Jay Nordlinger, an honest, civilized guy, telling his fellow Kool-Aiders the truth: ...
Matthew Yglesias: NRO's Jay Nordlinger, after pleading with his readers not to "kill the messenger," just up and admits that Bush lost.
Damian Penny: Nordlinger: Kerry won — Even Jay Nordlinger, who says he probably wants to see Bush re-elected more than Bush does,...
Betsy Newmark: Well, if you want to be depressed, read Jay Nordlinger on how much better he thinks Kerry was than Bush.
Oliver Willis: Jay Nordlinger @ National Review: "Listen: If I were just a normal guy — not Joe Political Junkie — I would vote for Kerry."
Also: Howard Kurtz, Tbogg, Joe Gandelman

Scoring the Debate
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Sept. 30, 2004 — John Kerry won the first debate and with it a shot at reinvigorating his campaign for the presidency. But in the first blush, vote preferences among viewers were unmoved.
EDM Staff: Kerry won independents by 20-point margin - ABC News poll Kerry beat Bush 53-37 percent of RV debate viewers with 8...
Greg @BeggingToDiffer: But. This ABC News poll is telling: Who Won?
Jon Henke: Clearly, the polls immediately following the debate—which account for genuine impressions of the debate, and not...
Pejman Yousefzadeh: ANOTHER UPDATE: And more evidence that at least in the short term, this debate failed to change the dynamics of a polarized electorate.
Steve M.: (Sorry — I'm a bit spooked by ABC's snap poll, which shows that voters gave a clear debate edge to Kerry but also shows virtually no movement in presidential preference.)
Kevin Hayden: Jon Meacham and Chris Matthews said it was a good debate. — ABC Viewers Poll: Kerry 45% Bush 36 Tie 17
Also: Jan Haugland, Taegan Goddard, Andrew D, Kevin Drum, Joe Gandelman

Not Enough
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TALKING TO DEMOCRATS prior to last night, what you heard were complaints about how bad John Kerry was as a presidential candidate. The good news for Kerry is that on the basis of his solid performance in the first nationally televised debate with President Bush, the griping among Democrats is likely to cease.
Hugh Hewitt: This is artfully worded to avoid having to deal with Fred Barnes' analysis —which argues that Bush didn't lose— but it...
KJL: Hugh Hewitt: "Disaster for Kerry" Fred Barnes: Won't Change Race Dynamics Lilleks: " Summits are convened not to solve...
Howard Kurtz: Yes, but it doesn't matter, says the Weekly Standard's Fred Barnes: "The good news for Kerry is that on the basis of...
David Adesnik: Sticking with my position from last night, I'm going to disagree with Cohn and agree with ex-TNR man Fred Barnes, who...
James Joyner: Fred Barnes argues that Kerry did well but not well enough: "Sure, Democrats are bound to be more excited about the...
Tom Maguire: UPDATE 2: Someone out there is bound to agree with me. I'll take Fred Barnes.

Orgies are the way to ease social tensions, claims US judge
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He is the conservative bastion of the US supreme court, a favourite of President Bush, and a hunting partner of the vice-president. He has argued vociferously against abortion rights, and in favour of anti-sodomy laws.
Shaula Evans: Orgies, Emperors, & Election Outcomes — The Hedonist Agenda I admit, while I pride myself on being unflappable, even I...
Dan Alban: Scalia, Pro-Orgy?
Ann Althouse: Justice Scalia is quite good at getting press coverage, isn't he?
Tom Smith: To be fair, if it turns out that Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States Antonin Scalia really did...
Glenn Reynolds: JOYCELYN ELDERS GOT NOTHIN' ON THIS BABY: [snipped quote] I wonder why he didn't mention this in the confirmation hearings?
Clayton Cramer: The Social Conservative End of the Supreme Court Bench Speaks — At least, two different newspapers are reporting this: ...
Also: James Joyner, Mike Hendrix, Ed Driscoll

Scenes From Spin Alley
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MIAMI—Karl Rove must have known things didn't go well when the New York Post asked him whether this was the worst debate of President Bush's life. No, Rove insisted. This was one of the president's best debates, and one of John Kerry's worst.
Hilzoy @ObsidianWings: "Chris Suellentrop reports the following exchange: "Karl Rove must have known things didn't go well when the New York...
Joe Gandelman: Slate's Chris Suellentrop offers Scenes from Spin Alley and it makes you think of a dingy alley with starving alley cats...
Taegan Goddard: Chris Suellentrop has more from Spin Alley: "Karl Rove must have known things didn't go well when the New York Post...
Sam Rosenfeld: As Chris Suellentrop already puts it in his Slate report from Spin Alley, "Over and over again, Bush surrogates were asked about the president's demeanor.
Jeanne D'Arc: My favorite anecdote of the day: Karl Rove must have known things didn't go well when the New York Post asked him whether this was the worst debate of President Bush's life.

America's Lost Respect
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"As a result of the American military," President Bush declared last week, "the Taliban is no longer in existence."
It's unclear whether Mr. Bush misspoke, or whether he really is that clueless.
H.D. Miller: Nostradamus, Jr. Here's crazy old Paul Krugman making a prediction in today's New York Times.
Zachary Roth: And, as ABC put it, "and there are serious questions about how trained they are, and how prepared they are to provide security."
Pessimist @LeftCoaster: America's Lost Respect "It's unclear whether Mr. Bush misspoke, or whether he really is that clueless.
Barbara O'Brien: Paul Krugman: America's Lost Respect | bar.jpg
Tom Maguire: Too Busy Being Shrill To Be Funny — Paul Krugman is too busy screaming to notice the easy lay-up: As a result of the...
The Farmer: See: America's Lost Respect, Paul Krugman, October 1, 2004.

Kerry vs. the Format, Bush vs. His Temper
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CORAL GABLES, Fla., Sept. 30 — President Bush has thrown Sen. John F. Kerry's words back on him during nearly every speech of the campaign, but he rocked back in irritation during the first presidential debate Thursday night when the Massachusetts senator did the same thing to him.
Joe Gandelman: UPDATE: According to the Washington Post, veering out of control Presidential temper was indeed what was on display — a...
Steve M.: ... Good — although the first half of the oh-gosh-we'd-better-make- sure-it's-balanced headline — "Kerry vs. the...
Josh Marshall: There was an air of prickliness and entitlement about the president that Kerry's surrogates should play up too.
David Allan Pell: Face Plant — The award for best spinner's line of the post-debate goes out to Karen Hughes who explained the damaging...
Jack Cluth: The Prevaricator-in-Chief takes a well-deserved drubbing — Bush Sees a Safer America, While Kerry Sees a 'Colossal...
Steve Soto: Dan Balz, Washington Post The Post's Mike Allen noted that Kerry got Bush unnerved, something that Rove has worked hard to avoid for years.

Candidates Most Telling When They Aren't Talking
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When President Bush leaned over his lectern and talked directly into the camera, he had the same firm, squared-off look he brings to a presidential address from the Oval Office.
Steve Gilliard: Candidates Most Telling When They Aren't Talking By ALESSANDRA STANLEY Published: October 1, 2004 [snipped quote] This is...
James Frederick Dwight: Correspondent Alessandra Stanley apparently drew the short lot; she's the one who had to humiliate herself by writing stuff like this: "(Kerry) moved gracefully.
Steve Soto: The NYT's Alessandra Stanley calls it one for Kerry. A USA Today focus group thought Kerry won overwhelmingly.
Orrin Judd: HE'S A PEEVER: Candidates Most Telling When They Aren't Talking (ALESSANDRA STANLEY, 10/01/04, NY Times) "When...
Glenn Reynolds: MEMO TO THE NEW YORK TIMES: This comparison won't help Kerry: [snipped quote] (Via the vigilant SoxBlog, where many...