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Ex-FBI official says he's 'Deep Throat'
  MSNBC   —   Permalink 
W. Mark Felt, who retired from the FBI after rising to its second most senior position, has identified himself as the "Deep Throat" source quoted by The Washington Post to break the Watergate scandal that led to President Nixon's resignation, Vanity Fair magazine said Tuesday.
Dr. Steven Taylor: I Guess I am Out of Touch 'cuz I really don't care: Ex-FBI official: I'm 'Deep Throat'.
Joe Gandelman: "Deep Throat" Allegedly Comes Foward To Reveal Himself — Has the ever-tantilizing mystery of Watergate's "Deep Throat" finally been solved?
Captain Ed: Today, according to Vanity Fair, the guessing game is over — as Mark Felt has confessed to being the elusive mole...
La Shawn Barber: From MSNBC: [snipped quote] After watching actor Hal Holbrook as Deep Throat in the movie, knowing the identity of the real guy is kind of anti-climatic, isn't it?
Chad The Elder: Here's the story from MSNBC: W. Mark Felt, who retired from the FBI after rising to its second most senior position,...
Kevin Aylward: Ex-FBI Official Mark Felt Says He's 'Deep Throat' — Click for larger version Ending over 30 years of speculation, the...
Also: Jim Romenesko, McQ, James Joyner, Orin Kerr, Karl-Thomas Musselman, John Cole, Gary Farber, Cookie Jill, Orrin Judd, Echidne, Rex Hammock, Laura Rozen, Patterico, Smash, Roger L. Simon, Tom @Corrente, K. J. Lopez, Lorie Byrd, Glenn Reynolds, Attaturk

'Deep Throat' Reportedly Comes Forward
  WaPo   —   Permalink 
NEW YORK — A former FBI official says he was the source called "Deep Throat" who leaked secrets about President Nixon's Watergate coverup to The Washington Post, Vanity Fair reported Tuesday.
The Washington Post had no immediate comment.
Ed Driscoll: OK, So It's Not Hal Holbrook — In what feels (at least to me) like the greatest anti-climax to a mystery since Geraldo...
Joe Gandelman: Washington Post Confirms It: FBI's Felt WAS Deep Throat — The decades-long political and journalistic mystery of who...
Jeff Jarvis: Deep Throated : Isn't it a little embarrassing for the Washington Post that Deep Throat outs himself — Mark Felt says...
Dr. Steven Taylor: Woodward Confirms — Yes, it's Felt. I Guess I am Out of Touch 'cuz I really don't care: Ex-FBI official: I'm 'Deep Throat'.
LeanLeft: Deep Throat Comes Up for Air — Filed under: General Politics Legal Issues Culture Media — KTK The former...
Captain Ed: UPDATE and BUMP: The Washington Post confirms it with a statement from Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein.
Also: Kevin Aylward, Jim Romenesko, Cori Dauber, Rickheller @Centerfield, Tom @ScaredMonkeys, Taegan Goddard, Kevin Drum, Karl-Thomas Musselman, John Cole, Orin Kerr, Nathan Hallford, David Allan Pell, K. J. Lopez, Scott Sala, James Martin Capozzola, Laura Rozen, Patterico

Deep Throat, Antihero
  By / Slate   —   Permalink 
Told you so.
For years the better class of Deep Throat sleuth—discriminating, Campari-sipping sophisticates like James Mann, Nora Ephron, Richard Nixon, Washingtonian magazine, Chase Culeman-Beckman, Ronald Kessler, and yours truly—have been fingering...
Kevin Roderick: Slate's Tim Noah, who specifically deduced it was Felt, reviews it all in a piece this afternoon that opens: "Told you so."
Laura Rozen: More here. Update III: Tim Noah knew it was Felt, too: "Why did Felt maintain his silence for so long?
Jim Romenesko: Noah: Why Deep Throat maintained his silence for so long — Slate Timothy Noah believes the main reason was that Mark...
Scott @PowerLine: UPDATE 2: See Timothy Noah's Slate column of this evening: "Deep Throat, antihero."
John Podhoretz: DEEP FELT — What with all this denying he was Deep Throat in his memoir and even telling Tim Noah of Slate that it...
Jeralyn Merritt: Today at Slate, Tim Noah says Told You So.
Also: Gary Farber

Washington Post Confirms Felt as 'Deep Throat'
  WaPo   —   Permalink 
The Washington Post today confirmed that W. Mark Felt, a former number-two official at the FBI, was "Deep Throat," the secretive source who provided information that helped unravel the Watergate scandal in the early 1970s and contributed to the resignation of president Richard M. Nixon.
Jeff Jarvis: Handy, them bloggers. : FLASH: Woodward confirms that Felt is the Throat.
Josh Marshall: Late this afternoon, the Post itself even officially reported it, with Woodward and Ben Bradlee confirming that Mark Felt, then #2 at the FBI, was Deep Throat.
Alexander K. McClure: Deep Throat — Nearly 31 years after the scandal that brought down a Presidency, and eleven years after his death, the...
Garrett M. Graff: It's Felt — Washington Post Confirms Felt As 'Deep Throat' The article, written and published so quickly that the...
Jeralyn Merritt: 'Deep Throat' Identity: W. Mark Felt - Confirmed — Bump and Update: Woodward confirms.
Gary Farber: ADDENDUM: Vanity Fair piece here. Lots of interesting detail. UPDATE: Woodward confirms. Tim Noah had an interesting chat on the topic here.
Also: Taegan Goddard, K. J. Lopez

Washington Post Confirms Felt Is 'Deep Throat'
  WaPo   —   Permalink 
The Washington Post today confirmed that W. Mark Felt, a former number-two official at the FBI, was "Deep Throat," the secretive source who provided information that helped unravel the Watergate scandal in the early 1970s and contributed to the resignation of president Richard M. Nixon.
Ace: Deep Throat's ID Confirmed By Woodward, Bernstein, & the WaPo — Probably the biggest news of the day that I could give a rat's ass less about.
Smash: UPDATE: The Washington Post has officially confirmed that Mark Felt is "Deep Throat."
Orrin Judd: MORE: Washington Post Confirms Felt Was 'Deep Throat': Woodward, Bernstein and Bradlee Reveal Former FBI Official as...
Steve Bainbridge: Deep Throat — Via Drudge: "The Washington Post today confirmed that W. Mark Felt, a former number-two official at the...
Atrios: Home for Real — Nothing like a having a month of mail to sift through... ...well, Felt confirmed as Deep Throat.

Ten Most Harmful Books of the 19th and 20th Centuries
  Human Events   —   Permalink 
HUMAN EVENTS asked a panel of 15 conservative scholars and public policy leaders to help us compile a list of the Ten Most Harmful Books of the 19th and 20th Centuries. Each panelist nominated a number of titles and then voted on a ballot including all books nominated.
Jim Henley: Bad! Bad! Much talk today about the Human Events list of the "Ten Most Harmful Books of the 19th and 20th Centuries."
Steve M.: The full list is here.
Brad DeLong: A Washington lawyer friend of mine who reads Wonkette on an hourly basis directs us to a great piece of right-wing...
Zoe Kentucky: Commie-Pinko-Faggot Book Bashing — The right-wing wacko paper Human Events has published a fun-filled list of "Ten Most Harmful Books of the 19th and 20th Centuries."
Radley Balko: What's particularly amusing about the conservative group Human Events list, though, is that not only is each "harmful"...
Julian Sanchez: Commenter scape and Radley Balko both point out that the list of eeeeevil books compiled by a conservative panel, which...
Also: Orrin Judd

Fox News Admits Bias!
  By / Slate   —   Permalink 
Sound the klaxons! Corporate Message breakdown at Fox News! This is not a drill. Repeat: This is not a drill. Assume battle stations! Fire in the hole! A-woo-ga! A-woo-ga!
The usually disciplined foot soldiers at Fox News have long maintained that their news organization is not biased in favor of conservatism.
Steve Soto: Despite Roger Ailes' claims to the contrary that Fox isn't biased, his London bureau chief admitted in the European...
Chris Bowers: Refreshing Republican Honesty — After yet more flatist statements from Republicans earlier today, this moment of candor...
Andrew Sullivan: QUOTE OF THE DAY: [snipped quote] - Fox News' London bureau chief, Scott Norvell, as reported by Tim Noah. He's right on both counts.
Brian Stelter: Slate quotes Scott Norvell, the Fox News London bureau chief, in a May 20 editorial in Wall Street Journal Europe: "Even...
Jim Romenesko: Fox News bureau chief says network clubs lefties to death — Slate Fox News London bureau chief Scott Norvell recently...
Cookie Jill: not fair faux finally admits so scott norvell is london bureau chief for fox news, and on may 20 he let the mask slip...
Also: Oliver Willis

President's Press Conference
  White House   —   Permalink 
THE PRESIDENT: Thank you. Please be seated. I hope you enjoyed your Memorial Day weekend.
My message to Congress when they come back is this; that our economy is strong, but we need to work together to make sure that we continue to have a prosperous economy, so people can find jobs.
Joe Gandelman: You can also read the press conference's transcript and decide for yourself what he said.
James Martin Capozzola: [Post-publication addendum: Here it is in the word-for-word transcript published by the White House: "In terms of the detainees, we've had thousands of people detained.
Hei Lun: FINALLY, A WORTHY BUSHISM — From today's press conference: "It seemed like to me they based some of their decisions on...
Gary Farber: Those are two interesting topics President Bush addressed in his latest press conference (gosh, he's gotten suddenly...
Nico @ThinkProgress: "- 5/31/05"
Lambert @Corrente: Inerrant boy: That's my story, and I'm sticking to it — Yes, the White House press room has indeed devolved into a...

Social Security plan backed in new poll
  By / Washington Times   —   Permalink 
Most likely voters continue to support President Bush's proposal to let younger workers invest some of their Social Security payroll taxes through personal accounts, a new survey finds.
McQ: Social Security: Take a lesson — A new poll concerning Social Security is out today and says that if explained in a way...
Robert Tagorda: Moderate Democrats Back Various Republican Measures — The Christian Science Monitor looks into "purple power," in which...
Gerry @DalyThoughts: Will Franklin on Zogby — WILLism's Will Franklin takes a look at the results of the new Zogby poll regarding Social Security reform.
Oliver Willis: Washington Times column by serial misinformer Donald Lambro in order to push forward the notion that people support Bush's plan to privatize social security.
John @PowerLine: The latest Zogby poll finds that 52% of Americans supported Social Security reform, including private accounts, when...

Court Overturns Arthur Andersen Conviction
  By / AP   —   Permalink 
WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court on Tuesday overturned the conviction of the Arthur Andersen accounting firm for destroying Enron Corp.-related documents before the energy giant's collapse.
Steve Bainbridge: Update2: Meanwhile, back at Loony Left central, Arianna Huffington once again proves that she cannot opine without...
Mitch Townsend: Too Late — Arthur Andersen received a bit of posthumous vindication yesterday when the US Supreme Court overturned their conviction on a charge of obstruction of justice.
Robert Clayton Dean: Good ruling — The US Supreme Court today overturned the obstruction of justice conviction of the Arthur Andersen accounting firm.
Arianna Huffington: The sour cherry atop this icky sundae is today's announcement that that the U.S. Supreme Court has overturned the conviction of one-time accounting giant Arthur Andersen.
John Cole: Arthur Andersen — The SCOTUS overturned the Arthur Andersen Enron related conviction today, and that has Arianna...
Jeralyn Merritt: Arthur Anderson Conviction Overturned — In a unanimous decision, the Supreme Court today reversed the conviction of...

On Filibuster and Stem Cells, GOP Bears Pain of Compromise
  LAT   —   Permalink 
The divergent partisan reactions to last week's Senate deal on judicial nominations says less about the substance of the agreement than the mood within the two parties.
Like any plausible compromise, the agreement caused pain for both sides.
Kevin Roderick: Brownstein discloses — At the end of yesterday's column on the Senate filibuster compromise, L.A. Times political...
Hugh Hewitt: It's not a pretty sight.'" In yesterday's paper, Los Angeles Times political analyst Rom Brownstein. also an analyst for...
Brendan Nyhan: The post, which was linked on the media insider site Romenesko, appears to have prompted a disclosure statement that...
Orrin Judd: On Filibuster and Stem Cells, GOP Bears Pain of Compromise (Ronald Brownstein, May 30, 2005, LA Times) "Conservatives...

De Villepin appointed French PM
  BBC   —   Permalink 
Dominique de Villepin has been named as France's new prime minister, following the country's rejection of the EU constitution in Sunday's referendum.
The former interior minister replaces Jean-Pierre Raffarin, who tendered his resignation following the vote.
NewSisyphus: The President's much-hyped shake-up of the French cabinet has brought his number one toady into the Prime Minister's office: De Villepin Appointed French PM.
Jan Haugland: De Villepin new French PM — Speaking of French-bashing: After the EU defeat Francois Chirac decided he had to do...
Charles Johnson: De Villepin Returns — Anti-American politician Dominique de Villepin (who is a man) has been appointed by head weasel...
Captain Ed: The BBC notes in contrast that he embodies the kind of elitism that French voters rejected in the referendum, and that...
Oliver Willis: In other words, meet Dominique de Villepin, France's new prime minister and leading voice against the war on Iraq.
Pejman Yousefzadeh: SAME OLD SAME OLD — So Dominique de Villepin will be the new French prime minister.
Also: Stephen Pollard, Roger L. Simon, Peter Burnet, K. J. Lopez

Elder Bush would like son Jeb to run for president
  Reuters   —   Permalink 
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - George Bush, the president's father, would like to see another Bush in the White House someday, saying on Tuesday that he would want his son Jeb to run for president when the timing is right.
Steve M.: Meanwhile, here it comes... Elder Bush would like son Jeb to run for president George Bush, the president's...
Jayson @PoliPundit: This Won't Make the Lunatic Left Happy — Bush 41. Bush 43. And, eventually, perhaps Bush ?? Oh, the humanity.
Lambert @Corrente: [OK, now I feel... Different, anyhow. ] "Elder Bush would like son Jeb to run for president."

'Deep Throat' Is Identified
  ABCNEWS   —   Permalink 
May 31, 2005 — After more than 30 years of silence, the most famous anonymous source in American history, Deep Throat, has identified himself to a reporter at Vanity Fair.
Tom @ScaredMonkeys: ABC News [quote] Despite years of feelings of negativity and ambivalence, O'Connor said, Felt's family has helped him realize that "he is a hero" and "that it is good what he did."[end quote]
K. J. Lopez: ABC IS REPORTING that Mark Felt is Deep Throat, as revealed by a new Vanity Fair article. UPDATE: Here's the ABC link.
Matt Welch: I'm Surprised it Wasn't Geraldo Making the Announcement on Live TV — In one of the biggest let-downs in the history of...

Heeding the Past As She Looks To the Future
  By / WaPo   —   Permalink 
As she ran for Senate as a sitting first lady in 2000, Hillary Rodham Clinton was facing an obstacle that her advisers found a bit awkward to discuss in her presence.
Her husband's impeachment and the sexual affair that precipitated it were still recent memories.
Patrick Ruffini: Just from the statistics on the Wire right now, you can see how the Hillary Clinton profile in today's Washington Post,...
Brendan Nyhan: The implausible scheming behind Hillary '08 — A Washington Post article by John F. Harris details Hillary's planned...
Taegan Goddard: The Clinton Roadmap — A Washington Post piece based on reporting from the new book, The Survivor by John Harris, notes...
Garance Franke-Ruta: John Harris' piece in today's Washington Post about Hillary Clinton should get a lot of play and is well-timed to key...
TheAnchoress: Hillary's meaningless "common ground" In the WaPo today we find this story which discusses Hillary's strategy for her...
Garrett M. Graff: The Post began publishing excerpts today, and Drudge is leaking some details: One clip Drudge points to (p. 356-357),...
Also: Tim Graham

Iraq insurgency in 'last throes,' Cheney says
  CNN   —   Permalink 
WASHINGTON (CNN) — The insurgency in Iraq is "in the last throes," Vice President Dick Cheney says, and he predicts that the fighting will end before the Bush administration leaves office.
Charlie Cray: (Speaking of which, does everyone remember when CEO Dick Cheney — the man who continues to cook the books for the war...
Steve Soto: Dick Cheney, Meet the Press, March 16, 2003 "I think they're in the last throes, if you will, of the insurgency..."...
Praktike: Oh, and Greg? WWKD? WASHINGTON (CNN) — The insurgency in Iraq is "in the last throes," Vice President Dick Cheney says,...
Cernig: Just last night, the growing evidence came to a head as Mr. Cheney , Told Larry King that "I think they're in the last...
Jesse Taylor: Of course, Cheney's out here predicting that Bush will shed a major albatross before then, and Cheney's word on Iraq is as good as gold.
Josh Marshall: Last night on Larry King Live Vice President Cheney said that the Iraqi insurgency was "in its last throes."
Also: Duckman GR

'Deep Throat' reportedly comes forward
  AP   —   Permalink 
NEW YORK — A former FBI official claims he was "Deep Throat," the long-anonymous source who leaked secrets about President Nixon's Watergate coverup to The Washington Post, Vanity Fair reported Tuesday.
Tom @ScaredMonkeys: [quote] From the AP NEW YORK — A former FBI official claims he was "Deep Throat," the long-anonymous source who leaked...[end quote]
Praktike: Deep Throat — How did Bob Woodward managed to get scooped by Vanity Fair, of all places?
Wind Rider: I'm Spartacus! And I'm Linda Lovelace's namesake! Hmmm. Bob? Carl? Comments? ::Update:: Late in the day, Woodward confirms the story.
Cookie Jill: holding the gag order reflex no more deep throat coughs up his identity?

  NRO   —   Permalink 
A bit of a silence settles in the war on terror.
The Washington Post gets full marks for exposing the alarming lack of seriousness with which President Bush is now dealing with what is euphemistically called "The Global War Against Terrorism."
Digby: Update: James Wolcott tells us that Michael Ledeen is just hopping mad about all this "re-evaluation" business.
Marc @USSNeverdock: Despite all our success in Afghanistan and Iraq we have yet to fully engage the enemy.
James Wolcott: He elocutes in National Review Online: "Freedom is our greatest weapon against the terrorists, and we do not always need to send armies to support its spread.
Roger L. Simon: Say the Secret Word — Michael quotes Groucho. We're at another turning point.

Bush Calls Human Rights Report 'Absurd'
  By / AP   —   Permalink 
WASHINGTON - President Bush on Tuesday dismissed a human rights report as "absurd" for its harsh criticism of U.S. treatment of terrorist suspects at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, saying the allegations were made by prisoners "who hate America."
"It's an absurd allegation.
Joe Gandelman: Bush Blasts Amnesty International Report As "Absurd" — President George Bush held a press conference today in which he...
Jeralyn Merritt: At a press conference today, George Bush called the Amnesty International report on Guantanamo abuse (pdf) "absurd."
Michelle Malkin: While he rightfully criticized Amnesty International's hyperbolic report on alleged abuses at Gitmo as "absurd," I don't...

Gulf Between Top, Bottom Gets Wider
  By / LAT   —   Permalink 
A Times survey of the state's largest companies shows that CEOs' pay is growing at a much faster pace than that of rank-and-file employees.
Everyone knows that the top dog makes a lot more than the rest of the pack.
Arianna Huffington: Here was a story on how the CEOs at California's top 100 publicly held companies had earned a collective $1.1 billion in 2004 — a 20 percent increase from the year before.
Ezra Klein: The CEO's Are All Right — In case you were keeping track: [snipped quote] Some of those CEO's, like Yahoo's Semel or...
David @ThinkProgress: The Los Angeles Times reports today that while CEOs at California's largest 100 public companies saw their compensation...
Kevin Drum: DOG BITES MAN...CEO PAY SKYROCKETS...I know this won't come as news to any of my readers, but here it is anyway:...

Newsview: EU Crisis May Cost White House
  By / AP   —   Permalink 
WASHINGTON - The United States is sitting out the argument in Europe this week over the fate of the long drive to unite 25 nations under a single constitution, but the Bush administration stands to lose if the drive collapses.
Jayson @PoliPundit: . . President Bush. Mmm, hmm. Okaaaaay, then. In other news, the Yankees' slow start is bad news for President Bush.
Ed Driscoll: Advantage: Generalissmo! "Generalissimo" Duane Patterson, Hugh Hewitt's Sancho Panza, wrote on Sunday about the "non"...

FEC treads into sticky web of political blogs
  Chicago Tribune   —   Permalink 
Web loggers, who pride themselves on freewheeling political activism, might face new federal rules on candidate endorsements, online fundraising and political ads, though bloggers who don't take money from political groups would not be affected.
Red @ScaredMonkeys: Ever since last Fall when the a court ruling required the FEC to include the Internet in its definition of public...
Michael Bassik: Check it out: FEC treads into sticky web of political blogs Truth be told, I'm significantly more interested in the titles of recent FEC articles than their substance.
ArchPundit: The thing about the FEC's draft of internet regulations is that it imposes greater disclosure on bloggers than it would...

Math Doesn't Add Up for a Democrat-Run Senate
  By / LAT   —   Permalink 
WASHINGTON — Growing Republican dominance of Senate seats in states where George W. Bush has run best looms as the principal obstacle for Democrats hoping to retake the chamber in 2006 or beyond.
Red @ScaredMonkeys: Namely, even with the math that is taught in public schools today the Democrats do not have a chance of winning back the Senate.
Edm Staff: Dems' Chances in '06 Senate Races (Part II) or Pundits vs. 'Six-Year Itch' — Ronald Brownstein has a sobering column in...
Taegan Goddard: Democrats Unlikely to Take Senate — Ron Brownstein notes that though Democrats "are optimistic about their chances of...
Dale Franks: Maybe that's so in the house, but as Ronald Brownstien notes in the Los Angeles Times, the Senate is a whole 'nother kettle of fish.
Captain Ed: Mid-Term Senate Race Tough For Democrats — Ronald Brownstein points out in today's LA Times what has been pointed out...

Bush's Political Capital Spent, Voices in Both Parties Suggest
  WaPo   —   Permalink 
Two days after winning reelection last fall, President Bush declared that he had earned plenty of "political capital, and now I intend to spend it." Six months later, according to Republicans and Democrats alike, his bank account has been significantly drained.
Digby: Or something... And what do I see first thing? Bush's Political Capital Spent, Voices in Both Parties Suggest. Sweet.
Brendan Nyhan: The media notices that Bush is unpopular — Finally, the big picture starts to dawn on the DC establishment: Two days...
Barbara O'Brien: One Trick Pony — Peter Baker and Jim VandeHei of the Washington Post write that Bush has blown his "political capital."
Oliver Willis: We Called "Lame Duck" First — Only now is the establishment press admitting the inevitable In the past week alone, the...
Patrick Ruffini: Moving the Ball Downfield — Anklebiting galore in a "news analysis" in today's Post: [snipped quote] Without examining...
Jesse Taylor: 'Cause He's The Birdman — Bush's political capital is rapidly dwindling, or at least that's becoming the common take on his presidency.
Also: Pejman Yousefzadeh, Steve Soto, Joe Gandelman, Jeralyn Merritt, Faiz @ThinkProgress, Lambert @Corrente, Ezra Klein, Laura Rozen

Bush blasts Amnesty report on Guantanamo
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WASHINGTON - A human rights group's report about conditions at the U.S. military's prison at Guantanamo Bay is "absurd," President Bush told reporters Tuesday.
The Amnesty International report, released last week, said prisoners at the U.S. Navy base had been mistreated and called for the prison to be shut down.
Jim Henley: No comment yet, add yours? » Blah Blah Blah President Bush calls Amnesty International's report on our...
Echidne: George Bush finds Amnesty International's recent report absurd: "A human rights group's report about conditions at the...
John @PowerLine: This Associated Press report on President Bush's news conference earlier today quotes the President on various issues, including the Amnesty International report.

Church to let gay clergy 'marry' but they must stay celibate
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HOMOSEXUAL priests in the Church of England will be allowed to "marry" their boyfriends under a proposal drawn up by senior bishops, led by Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury.
TheAnchoress: Ok, you can get married, but NO SEX Once again, instead of offering clarity, the Church of England confounds.
Paul Jaminet: THE LION WILL LAY WITH THE LAMB, AND WE WON'T INVESTIGATE MISSING LAMBS: Church to let gay clergy 'marry' but they must...
K. J. Lopez: THE CHURCH OF MORAL CLARITY — "Church to let gay clergy 'marry' but they must stay celibate"
Justin @SouthernAppeal: K-lo, from the Corner, posted this item earlier this morning: THE CHURCH OF MORAL CLARITY - "Church to let gay clergy 'marry' but they must stay celibate."
Andrew Sullivan: ONLY IN ENGLAND: The Church of Englad will allow its priests to marry their partners under Britain's looming civil partnership provisions, civil marriage in all but name.

A Public Editor's Parting Shot
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The outgoing Times "readers' rep" zings Krugman — but hardly enough.
Ring up a win for the Krugman Truth Squad! It's official: According to the New York Times itself, what we've been carefully documenting for more than two years is true:
Jesse Taylor: I suppose that he could have just let Don Luskin write the column directly... "Our e-mail correspondence on Krugman...
Donald Luskin: WE SMEAR VICTIMS HAVE TO STICK TOGETHER — Here's an unexpected note from an unexpected reader:Thanks for setting the record straight regarding Okrent's smear job on me.

We the (Media) People
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The news business is in trouble. Readership and viewership are declining, public trust is plummeting, and advertisers are beginning to wonder whether they're getting their money's worth.
Bill Hobbs: Glenn Reynolds has an excellent op-ed in today's Wall Street Journal exploring the present and future of "We Media."
Jeralyn Merritt: The 'We-dia' is Coming — Law Professor Glenn Reynolds, aka Instapundit, has an article in today's Wall Street Journal (available free here) on the emerging Citizen's Media.
Hugh Hewitt: And don't miss Glenn Reynolds' take on the rise of new media from today's Wall Street Journal.

Report: Ex- FBI official says he was 'Deep Throat'
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NEW YORK (AP) — A former FBI official says he was the source called "Deep Throat" who leaked secrets about President Nixon's Watergate coverup to The Washington Post, Vanity Fair reported Tuesday.
Ct @DailyKos: Deep Throat Revealed? from the pages of history... After decades of speculation, with names from Pat Buchanan to Poppa...
Attaturk: Well, that sucks — Here I was, ready to submit my book, [snipped quote] when this happens! How much do you think I can get on e-bay?
Jan Haugland: 'Deep Throat' steps out of the shadows — W. Mark Felt, now aged 91, has stepped forward and confirmed he was indeed...

The Urge to Win
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After I wrote about research showing that women have less appetite for competition than men do, a number of women wrote to inform me that they're just as competitive as any guy. If the tone of their letters is any indication, I have no doubt they are.
Richard Bradley: Last week he wrote about why women don't like to compete as much as men do; now he's back, arguing that...well, that women still don't like to compete as much as men do.
Echidne: Why Women Won't Compete — According to the great expert, John Tierney, of the once-respectable New York Times:...
Ann Althouse: "If the theory's right..." NYT's John Tierney is still promoting the theory that men are by nature more competitive than women.
Amanda Marcotte: Don't pester the columnist while he pontificates on the stupidity of women — John Tierney, who seems to be the main...
Betsy Newmark: Apparently, men are evolutionarily predisposed to be either Scrabble champions or friendless geeks who mutter weird word...
Norm Geras: Gender and Scrabble — John Tierney in the New York Times: [snipped quote] Tierney goes on to suggest that the roots of the Scrabble gender difference lie in human evolution.
Also: K. J. Lopez, Attaturk

'Disposition' Emerges as Issue at Brooklyn College
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Brooklyn College's School of Education has begun to base evaluations of aspiring teachers in part on their commitment to social justice, raising fears that the college is screening students for their political views.
Tom @ScaredMonkeys: "From the New York Sun Brooklyn College's School of Education has begun to base evaluations of aspiring teachers in...
Clayton Cramer: At Least It Is Now Out in the Open — Instapundit is concerned that perhaps the ability to teach might be more important than an aspiring teacher's commitment to "social justice."
Scott Sala: Technorati Tags: Deep+Throat Mark+Felt W+Mark+Felt Deep+Throat+Vanity+Fair — More Brooklyn College Problems The NY Sun...
Glenn Reynolds: I WISH THEY'D JUST MAKE SURE THEY CAN DO MATH: [snipped quote] Sigh.

The 'I' word
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THE IMPEACHMENT of President Bush and Vice President Cheney, under Article II, Section 4 of the Constitution, should be part of mainstream political discourse.
Minutes from a summer 2002 meeting involving British Prime Minister Tony Blair reveal that the Bush administration was ''fixing" the intelligence to justify invading Iraq.
Frederick Maryland: Nader and Kevin Zeese of Democracy/Rising, have co-written this op-ed in today's Boston Globe: [snipped quote] Nader...
McQ: It's as though Rip van Nader woke up from a long nap and then, not understanding he'd been asleep for years, offers his...
Jeralyn Merritt: Ralph Nader and Kevin Zeese argue in the Boston Globe, that it's time for the "I" word.

Watching New Love as It Sears the Brain
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New love can look for all the world like mental illness, a blend of mania, dementia and obsession that cuts people off from friends and family and prompts out-of-character behavior - compulsive phone calling, serenades, yelling from rooftops - that could almost be mistaken for psychosis.
Ogged @Unfogged: Wuv — Pretty cool results from new MRI studies.
Orin Kerr: It's Not You, It's My Caudate Nucleus: The New York Times reports: "New love can look for all the world like mental...
Gary Farber: OH, THE CAUDATE NUCLEUS IS CONNECTED TO THE VENTRAL TEGMENTAL AREA, and that's where you get your mad love and new relationship energy.

Dutch Support Sought for EU Constitution
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THE HAGUE, Netherlands - Officials in the Netherlands launched a last-ditch media offensive to persuade Dutch voters to support the European constitution, but the possibility of that happening looked a lot less likely after French voters rejected the charter.
TheAnchoress: Says Polipundit: This will help you appreciate how undemocratic the European Union is: Unlike France's referendum [on...
Glenn Reynolds: AH, DEMOCRACY: [snipped quote] As Steven Den Beste noted, these votes are serving a valuable educational purpose as they reveal what the EU is all about.
PoliPundit: Undemocratic — This will help you appreciate how undemocratic the European Union is: [snipped quote] A yes vote needs only 45 percent, no matter the turnout.

Ombudsmen Rebuff Move by Public Broadcasting
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LONDON, May 27 - An association of news ombudsmen has rejected an attempt by two ombudsmen from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting to join their organization as full-fledged members, questioning their independence.
Jesse Walker: From The New York Times' report: [snipped quote] I can't completely dismiss this decision, because I like to see the...
Jim Romenesko: Public broadcasting ombudsmen not allowed to join group — New York Times The Organization of News Ombudsmen (ONO) voted...
Garrett M. Graff: Kit Seelye updates with the latest chapter in the PBS/CPB war of the ombudsmen.

Americans Somewhat More Positive About Economy
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PRINCETON, NJ — Americans have become somewhat less negative about the direction of the U.S. economy, and more positive when asked to rate economic conditions in the country at this time.
Alexander K. McClure: Gallup Poll — The new Gallup Poll has President Bush going from a 46%-50% approval rating to a 48%-47% approval rating.
Gerry @DalyThoughts: Americans Somewhat More Positive About Economy — Gallup: [snipped quote] This dovetails with the jump in the consumer confidence index announced earlier today.

C.I.A. Expanding Terror Battle Under Guise of Charter Flights
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SMITHFIELD, N.C. - The airplanes of Aero Contractors Ltd. take off from Johnston County Airport here, then disappear over the scrub pines and fields of tobacco and sweet potatoes. Nothing about the sleepy Southern setting hints of foreign intrigue.
Steve Soto: Dick Cheney yesterday Dick doesn't find it credible when Amnesty International says we are abusing and torturing...
Avedon Carol: Everybody's talkin' — This morning's NYT exposes an entire CIA airline operation dedicated to taking people to other countries to be tortured.
Bill Roggio: Today's New York Times provides intimate detail on the charter flights used by the CIA to ferry prisoners across the globe.
Hugh Hewitt: Good to know that the New York Times stands ready to blow whatever cover the CIA can put together for its anti-terrorist operations.
Charles Johnson: Do they even discuss it? CIA Expanding Terror Battle Under Guise of Charter Flights. (Hat tip: LGF readers.) SMITHFIELD, N.C.
Laura Rozen: The NYT's Scott Shane reports.
Also: Cori Dauber, Gary Farber, John Cole, Jeralyn Merritt, Avedon, Cookie Jill

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LET me build the perfect 2008 Republican candidate for you. He would be a governor, because recent history demonstrates the nearly insuperable advantage governors (Carter, Reagan, Clinton and Bush the Younger) have when it comes to running for president.
TheAnchoress: I have NO IDEA how I made $100,000 in cattle futures in a week, I am only a simple caveman, woman in a pink pantsuit,...
John Podhoretz: I offer a surprising assessment of his chances (they are intertwined with a certain Democratic politician) here.
Orrin Judd: THE FAVORITE IF HE RUNS (via Daniel Merriman): '08: DUELING DYNASTIES?

Chirac names loyalist Villepin as France's PM
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PARIS (Reuters) - French President Jacques Chirac named loyalist Dominique de Villepin as his new prime minister on Tuesday in a shake-up of the government following his crushing defeat over the European Union constitution.
Kevin Aylward: In his place he's named loyalist Dominique de Villepin to the post. "It's like re-arranging deck chairs on the Titanic.
Smash: FRENCH PRIME MINISTER JEAN-PIERRE RAFFARIN has resigned, following the defeat of a national referendum on the European Constitution.
Captain Ed: Chirac Sacks Raffarin, Names De Villepin As PM — Jacques Chirac, after his humiliating defeat this weekend on the...

The McCain Myth
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Having helped broker the Great Senate Compromise last week, Sen. John McCain is back in the media limelight, winning the usual accolades for bucking his party. But the deal by 14 "moderates" doesn't just preserve the judicial filibuster and allow confirmation of a few of President Bush's "extremist" nominees.
McQ: The McCain Myth — Brendan Miniter, of the WSJ, takes a look, and a shot, at the McCain myth.
Steve Bainbridge: The McCain Myth — Over at, Brendan Mintner exposes the "McCain Myth": [snipped quote] It's a must read.

The Living Poem to Capitalism
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The Gazette, a business journal for the counties of Maryland surrounding Washington, D.C. reported recently that Maryland's wealthy suburbanites are driving 25, sometimes 30 miles to go, of all places, to the grocery store.
Kevin Aylward: Radley Balko, at Tech Central Station, notes that grocers are using "big box" legislation to keep Rochester, N.Y.-based grocery chain Wegman's out of their backyard.
Radley Balko: The Wegman's Exerience — I have a piece at Tech Central about the alpha dog of grocery stores.

Paris Hilton Said Engaged to Shipping Heir
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LOS ANGELES - Hotel heiress and "The Simple Life" reality TV star Paris Hilton is engaged to her boyfriend, Greek shipping heir Paris Latsis, her spokesman said Monday.
"They are happy and excited," said Hilton spokesman Rob Shuter, confirming the story first reported on People magazine's Web site.
Joe Gandelman: Paris Hilton Engaged To Shipping Heir Paris Latsis — Ah, yes, they're both singing that old standard "I Love Paris."
Paul Jaminet: HONORARY FRENCH: Paris Hilton Said Engaged to Shipping Heir (AP, 5/30/2005) [snipped quote] How could Paris love anyone so well as Paris?
James Joyner: Paris Hilton Engaged to Shipping Heir Paris Latsis — Paris Hilton Said Engaged to Shipping Heir (AP) [snipped quote] At least they won't have financial worries.

Vilsack: Gains are national models
  Des Moines Register   —   Permalink 
Gov. Tom Vilsack rattles off a half-dozen initiatives enacted in the past seven years that he says could serve as models for the nation, a sign that the Iowa Democrat is polishing his credentials for when he leaves office in 2007.
Taegan Goddard: Vilsack Keeps Speculation Alive — Gov. Tom Vilsack (D-IA) has a half-dozen initiatives "enacted in the past seven years...
Gerry @DalyThoughts: Vilsack: Governor's efforts suggest '08 White House bid — The Des Moines Register: [snipped quote] Could we be heading towards another Al From-led Democratic candidacy?

Off Camera
  Newsday   —   Permalink 
Happy birthday, CNN. And it is a happy birthday, right?
Twenty-five years. So many memories. Most of them - believe it or not - even good ones. And just look at what a big, healthy, strapping lad you've grown into: From one little cable network to...
Brian Stelter: "We're Moving In The Right Direction," Wolf Blitzer Believes — Highlights of Verne Gay's CNN25 story: > "I'm pretty...
Michelle Malkin: CNN: THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES — CNN is celebrating its 25th anniversary all week.

Assembly says shorter books would help kids
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The California Assembly is betting that kids learn more with small books.
Lawmakers voted Thursday to ban school districts from purchasing textbooks longer than 200 pages.
The bill, believed to be the first of its kind nationwide, was hailed by supporters as a way to revolutionize education.
Captain Ed: California Legislature Lightens Students' Load — California has provided yet another Great Moment In Education with the...
K. J. Lopez: DON'T MAKE US READ, WE'RE IN SCHOOL — Sacramento Bee: "Lawmakers voted Thursday to ban school districts from purchasing textbooks longer than 200 pages.

Cheney offended by Amnesty criticism
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WASHINGTON (CNN) — Vice President Dick Cheney said Monday he was offended by Amnesty International's condemnation of the United States for what it called "serious human rights violations" at Guantanamo Bay.
Cernig: Told Larry King (again) that he was "offended" by recent human rights allegations made by Amnesty International.
RJ Eskow: the best offense poor dick cheney's "offended" at amnesty international: [snipped quote] a spokesperson for amnesty...
Praktike: Throwing around the word "gulag" is not helpful, because it allows folks like Dick Cheney to make pratfalls like this in return.
Frederick Maryland: But I do have a few thoughts to add to Zoe's and Eugene's posts about Dick Cheney's remarks last night in which he said...
Duckman GR: My bolds in the quotes. cheney: [quote] "Guantanamo's been operated, I think, in a very sane and sound fashion by the U.S. military.[end quote]
Eugene Oregon: Not Dick Cheney apparently "Vice President Dick Cheney said Monday he was offended by Amnesty International's...

Catholics Split on Embryo Issue
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Donielle Brinkman has never told her son, Tanner, any silly tales about being found on a doorstep or delivered by a stork. She decided he should know the truth: He arrived by mail, despite a Zip code error that nearly stranded him in a Phoenix warehouse.
Justin @SouthernAppeal: Today's "did you know?" : Catholics Split on Embryo Issue.
Chris Mooney: Embryo Adoption, Take Two — The Post has a very informative story on this phenomenon.
Hugh Hewitt: The Washington Post has an article on embryo adoption and the numbers of frozen embryos currently existing in the United States.
Lindsay Beyerstein: The womb draft — [snipped quote] I think the fundamentalists are being too soft on this issue.

Hilton the Huckster
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Arthur Aufderheide is something relatively new under the sun — a paleopatholgist. His specialty, a recent issue of the New Yorker tells us, is the dissection of mummies to study ancient diseases. I, too, have an odd specialty.
The Poorman: Everything starts off pretty normal … "I am here to tell you that when I searched in the category of major...
Cori Dauber: Blaming the Victim — Here's yet another member of the Fourth Estate noting that the media pays more attention to crap...

Laura Bush/Hillary Clinton presidential matchup?
  Reuters   —   Permalink 
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - First lady Laura Bush would defeat U.S. Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton if the two were to face each other in the 2008 presidential contest, Vice President Dick Cheney said on Monday.
Cernig: Lastly, and perhaps most telling of all, Mr Cheney went on record Monday as saying that First lady Laura Bush would...
Jan Haugland: Cheney: Laura Bush would beat Hillary Clinton — The Cheneys try to draft Laura Bush. "You know, people are thinking of Mrs. Clinton running for president.
Lorie Byrd: UPDATE II: Now this is one wife who will not be running, but her poise and diplomacy certainly do put Hillary's to shame.
Tom @ScaredMonkeys: But when compared to Laura Bush, she looks shabby and dirty. This will be the comparison that will keep Hillary from winning in 2008.
James Joyner: Laura Bush/Hillary Clinton presidential matchup (Reuters) [snipped quote] I think we can safely predict that Mrs. Bush will not be a candidate for president, in 2008 or thereafter.
Patrick Ruffini: On Larry King Live, Vice President and Mrs. Cheney suggested the ultimate dark horse Presidential contenter.

At 25, CNN unmatched in covering breaking news
  Arizona Republic   —   Permalink 
What hath CNN wrought?
Cable News Network switched on the cameras for the first time on June 1, 1980, and hasn't turned them off since. Step back from the brink of Michael Jackson saturation coverage and Larry King softballs, and that is indeed a remarkable feat.
Brian Stelter: Advice to CNN: "Pretend FNC Doesn't Exist" — Bill Goodykoontz in the Arizona Republic, with advice to CNN: "Here's a...
Tom Biro: The Arizona Republic's Bill Goodykoontz calls CNN "unmatched when it comes to covering breaking news on television," and...

AP: Gitmo Prisoners Told Panel About Abuse
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LONDON - One Guantanamo prisoner told a military panel that American troops beat him so badly he wets his pants now. Another detainee claimed U.S. troops stripped prisoners in Afghanistan and intimidated them with dogs so they would admit to militant activity.
Norbizness: Gitmo Prisoners Told Panel About Abuse: "Americans hit me and beat me up so badly I believe I'm sexually dysfunctional.
Jeralyn Merritt: More Torture Documents Released — The AP has received a second batch of documents from its FOIA request regarding the...

Cigar fires up Israeli minister
  BBC   —   Permalink 
When Israeli Finance Minister Binyamin Netanyahu took questions on the hot issue of the day he was - quite literally - fuming.
A reporter noticed smoke coming from the minister's suit pocket as he discussed a controversial decision to replace Israel's army chief.
K. J. Lopez: BIBI ON FIRE — Literally
Laura Rozen: Smoking jacket, indeed. (Thanks to RS).

Battle for the heart of Europe
  Times of London   —   Permalink 
TONY BLAIR is preparing to battle with President Chirac of France over Europe's political direction for the coming decades.
The chaos in Brussels caused by France's unexpectedly emphatic rejection of the European constitution has put Mr Blair, who takes...
Kirk H. Sowell: The Times of London frames the issue now as a "Battle for the Heart of Europe."
Orrin Judd: WHIP HAND: Battle for the heart of Europe (Anthony Browne and Rosemary Bennett, 5/31/05, Times of London) [snipped quote] Put them in their place, for once.

The Day After
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Non! Some 56 percent of French electors have rejected the European Constitutional Treaty. This is perhaps the most important of Jacques Chirac's failures, and surely the most disastrous in its consequences. France now faces a crisis on two levels.
Arthur Chrenkoff: Two other interesting perspectives - one from France, by Sylvain Charat, director of policy studies at the French think...
Glenn Reynolds: SYLVAIN CHARAT looks at the aftermath of France's E.U. referendum: "Immediately after the vote, European Commission...
Acidman: I'm beginning to think that some people in Europe attended the same classes.

  Drudge Report   —   Permalink 
Summer starts with a bang as veteran WASHINGTON POST reporter John Harris traces the emotional highs and lows of the Clinton presidency.
THE SURVIVOR: BILL CLINTON IN THE WHITE HOUSE drops this week from RANDOM [the book ranked #9,527 on AMAZON's sales parade Monday afternoon], but the DRUDGE REPORT can now sneak:
Jesse Taylor: A new book will take down Hillary's political chances in '08!. (This, of course, is the undertone of any book about Bill or Hillary.)
TheAnchoress: Doubtless you have seen the big, screaming Drudge headline about all the drama of the Clinton White House being brought out in a new book by the WaPo.
John Podhoretz: YOU HAVE TO ADMIT, SHE HAS A POINT — According to Drudge, John Harris's new book about the Clinton White House, The...
Avedon Carol: Drudge is in a lather over a new book by Harris the Hack about the Clinton White House and how President Bill called Sally Quinn a bitch.
David Sirota: And it will only get worse - the Washington Post is apparently going to run two "jumbo" stories on the Clinton lies, while continuing to relegate Iraq to the back pages.
Lorie Byrd: Perhaps the greatest argument against a Hillary presidency is that America is not yet ready for a return to the days of the soap opera White House.

Europe is an indulgence we can't afford
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The Eurofetishists can't seem to agree their line on this referendum business. On the one hand, the Guardian's headline writer was packing up and heading for the hills - "Europe is plunged into crisis" - and EU leaders warned that "Europe" might cease to function.
Jan Haugland: Mark Steyn knows this, too, but still feels free to gloat about the French turning down the constitution for what may be described as the wrong reasons.
Damian Penny: Mark Steyn, as usual for this kind of thing, has it exactly right: Only in totalitarian dictatorships does the ballot come with a pre-ordained correct answer.
Marc @USSNeverdock: Europe - an indulgence we can't afford — At his usual best, Mark Steyn writes on why the French voted no to the EU constitution and why "Europe" is a failure.
Natalie Solent: Mark Steyn. [snipped quote] I will stop adding extra bits to this post and go away now.
Betsy Newmark: He absolutely nails what is wrong with the European constitution.
Ed Driscoll: Here's his latest for England's Telegraph on France's EU vote: [quote] On balance, Jean-Claude Juncker, the "president" of...[end quote]

Outrage as US troops arrest moderate Sunni leader
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US troops outraged Iraq's new government yesterday by arresting one of the country's foremost Sunni leaders only to release him later and call the whole episode a mistake.
Firing stun grenades, American soldiers burst into the home of Mohsen Abdul-Hamid, head of the largest Sunni Arab political party, shortly after dawn.
Cernig: A New Definition For Incompetence in Iraq — A hat tip to Steve Soto for the link to an article from the UK's Daily...
Damian Penny: Oops — This might just be the last thing the U.S. military needs right now: US troops outraged Iraq's new government...
Steve Soto: This is incredibly stupid, and either the work of a military that doesn't want things to settle down in Iraq, or a military that is inept.
Cookie Jill: "- the telegraph" some folks might call that kidnapping.

President Commemorates Memorial Day at Arlington National Cemetery
  White House   —   Permalink 
THE PRESIDENT: Thank you very much. Mr. Secretary, thank you. Secretary Nicholson, General Myers, members of Congress, members of the United States military, veterans, honored guests, fellow Americans, especially those loved ones of the fallen: Every year on this day, we pause to remember Americans fallen by placing a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns.
Orin Kerr: Here is his speech today delivered at Arlington National Cemetary.
Red @ScaredMonkeys: God Bless All. President Bush lays a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery.
Lambert @Corrente: The families who come here have sacrificed someone precious and irreplaceable in their lives — and our nation will...
Scott @PowerLine: The White House has posted his remarks here. He said: "At our National Cemetery, we're reminded why America has always been a reluctant warrior.

Too Few, Yet Too Many
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One of the more bizarre aspects of the Iraq war has been President Bush's repeated insistence that his generals tell him they have enough troops. Even more bizarrely, it may be true - I mean, that his generals tell him that they have enough troops, not that they actually have enough.
Paul Rieckhoff: Paul Rieckhoff: The Military Manpower Crisis — My Letter to the NY Times — I just sent this letter to the editor of...
Phillip Carter: Today's column by Paul Krugman covers familiar ground for Intel Dump's readers — the stretching of the all-volunteer force by the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Steve Antler: Wrong so many times it longer matters... Today, Paul Krugman predicts the collapse of the entire US military.
Avedon Carol: Paul Krugman and Josh Marshall are both talking about this Baltimore Sun article explaining why Bush may really be...
Lambert @Corrente: [quote]"At some point, people decided they could no longer weather the back-to-back deployments." (via Times [end quote] Nice work, you chickenhawk pieces of s**t.

America, a Symbol of . . .
  By / NYT   —   Permalink 
This Memorial Day is not a good one for the country that was once the world's most brilliant beacon of freedom and justice.
State Department officials know better than anyone that the image of the United States has deteriorated around the world.
Avedon Carol: It makes me want to cry: Bob Herbert, America, a Symbol of . . .
Tom @Corrente: And, of course, this is on the same day that Chimpy makes his usual perfunctory speech at Arlington Cemetery for Memorial Day.
Barbara O'Brien: Their actions and policies make a mockery of these ideals, of course.
Randy Paul: As for the "few bad apples theory," consider this from Bob Herbert's column today: "William Schulz, executive director...

Blog Spring
  Wired News   —   Permalink 
Hossein Derakhshan is on tour. In the past few years, he has become the public face of Iran's beleaguered bloggers, more than a dozen of whom have been arrested for their politics.
Bill Hobbs: Meanwhile, Iranian blogging pioneer Hossein Derakshan, recently appearing at the BlogNashville conference, is getting...
Glenn Reynolds: WIRED has an article on Iranian blogmeister Hossein Derakshan.
Jeff Jarvis: Hoder, Wired : Wired magazine's piece about our friend Hossein Derakhshan, by Jeff Howe, is now online.

AP: Lawmakers Belatedly Disclose Trips
  By / AP   —   Permalink 
WASHINGTON - Scrutiny of Majority Leader Tom DeLay's travel has led to the belated disclosure of at least 198 previously unreported special interest trips by House members and their aides, including eight years of travel by the second-ranking Democrat, an Associated Press review has found.
La Shawn Barber: A Politician By Any Other Name — Here's some "news" from the Associated Press: [snipped quote] When stories about Tom...
Pejman Yousefzadeh: Via Captain Ed, we have this story. I offer it without comment because no comment appears to be necessary: [snipped quote] Okay, one comment.
Captain Ed: DeLay Travel Probe Reveals Massive Democrat Violations — The hounding of Tom DeLay continues to backfire on House...

Pressure on North Korea: U.S. Stealth Jets Sent to South
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WASHINGTON, May 29 - The deployment last week of 15 stealth fighters to South Korea, along with the severing of the American military's only official interaction with North Korea, appears to be part of a new push by the Bush administration to further isolate North Korea despite China's hesitation to join the effort.
Marc @USSNeverdock: Now comes news that stealth fighters have been deployed to South Korea. Stealth bombers on Guam and stealth fighters in South Korea are things that make you go "mmmmm".
James Joyner: Pressure on North Korea: U.S. Stealth Jets Sent to South (NYT | RSS) [snipped quote] Not a hopeful sign, to be sure.
Lambert @Corrente: Hmm, 2: Stealth fighters to South Korea — Of course, any deployment that makes the front pages of the Times isn't all that stealthy: [snipped quote] Well, great.
Orrin Judd: SEND BOMBERS INSTEAD: Pressure on North Korea: U.S. Stealth Jets Sent to South (JOEL BRINKLEY, 5/30/05, NY Times) [snipped quote] Force should be the specific offer.

French business fears 'heavy consequences' from upset
  By / Telegraph   —   Permalink 
The Left-wing flavour of France's revolt against the EU constitution on Sunday could prove a major headache for business, bringing free-market reform to a halt and forcing Brussels to adopt a more protectionist "Gallic" stance in economic policy.
Charles Johnson: But it's questionable how many French voters even read the darned thing; in truth this was a victory for those who want...
Ed Driscoll: He links to a Telegraph article titled "French business fears 'heavy consequences' from upset."

Bush Honors Soldiers on Memorial Day
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ARLINGTON, Va. — President Bush honored America's "brave defenders" Monday in a dual Memorial Day salute to the dead and missing in action from wars of yesteryear and those on the front lines of today's war against terrorism.
Red @ScaredMonkeys: The Political Teen UPDATE II: More from President Bush's speech from Arlington National Cemetery.
Phillip Carter: I would like to reiterate those sentiments today. Once again, in 2005, we mark Memorial Day as a nation at war.

Editorial: Memorial Day/Praise bravery, seek forgiveness
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Nothing young Americans can do in life is more honorable than offering themselves for the defense of their nation. It requires great selflessness and sacrifice, and quite possibly the forfeiture of life itself. On Memorial Day 2005, we gather to remember all those who gave us that ultimate gift.
Barbara O'Brien: Pascal, Pensees **Yeats, "The Second Coming." Update: Great editorial for Memorial Day. Update update: The lie about liberty. | bar.jpg
Attaturk: Aggrieved — Too sad, but too true: [snipped quote] True, but it is also the destiny of we patriots, patriots of America...
Pessimist @LeftCoaster: It doesn't matter if the war was just or if it was a bald-faced theft of territory or resources - we remember our war dead.

Chirac's Failure To Lead
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BRUSSELS — France's stunning rejection Sunday of a new European constitution was, most of all, a noisy protest against the disruptive, leveling force of economic globalization.
Joe Gandelman: The Washington Post's David Ignatius further sketches Chirac's political bungling on this issue: "Chirac will be a...
Pejman Yousefzadeh: David Ignatius examines the French decision to reject the EU constitution, and puts the blame for the failure of the...
Charles Paul Freund: "Chirac's Real Failure" — WaPo columnist David Ignatius, who recently spent four years in Paris as the editor of the...
Glenn Reynolds: UPDATE: Read this column from David Ignatius, too, who stresses the fear of change I noted earlier.

SMU lecturer takes heat for telling blog
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DALLAS - For most of the past two semesters, nobody knew the identity of "The Phantom Professor."
The educator's anonymous Web log, set at an unnamed university "in the South," spun tales of spoiled-rich "Ashleys" with their $500 sandals and $1,500 handbags, eating disorders, plagiarism and drug use, legal and illegal.
Charles Kuffner: The Phantom Professor — Another catchup...The Chron reports on the Phantom Professor, a formerly-anonymous blogger who...
Joanne Jacobs: Phantom's future — The Phantom Professor lost her job as an adjunct writing instructor at Southern Methodist...
Jack Cluth: Another DUMB@$$ AWARD wiener — SMU lecturer takes heat for telling blog: The 'Phantom Professor' says it was an outlet...

Jeff Jarvis, On the Inside Blogging Out
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He has denounced shoddy journalism, defended whipped-cream-covered strippers on television, discussed the pope on MSNBC, called in to Howard Stern, exchanged erudite letters with the editor of the New York Times, and championed the idea that any citizen can be "a Wolf Blitzer in sheep's clothing."
Jeff Jarvis: But they're just people, like you or even white-bearded me. They're not "they." They're "us."
Joe Gandelman: Buzz Machine's Jeff Jarvis Under The Microscope — The Washington Post's Howard Kurtz profiles Buzz Machine's Jeff...
Damian Penny: Blogger profiled — Howard Kurtz has a piece on Jeff Jarvis in today's Washington Post.
Matt Welch: Not to pick on today's Howard Kurtz profilee, but it wasn't so long ago that Jeff was wagging his finger at...
Rex Hammock: Kurtz does Jarvis: Okay, so maybe no one reads the newspaper on a holiday, but the Washington Post's Howard Kurtz did a swell profile of Blog Boy today.

Two Americans Charged With Aiding Al Qaeda
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NEW YORK — Authorities said Sunday that Rafiq Abdus Sabir (search), 50, a Boca Raton physician, and Tarik Shah (search), 42, a self-described martial arts expert in New York, conspired to treat and train terrorists. Both are American citizens.
La Shawn Barber: We've got homegrown enemies in our midst, enemies who call themselves Americans. (Remember when traitors were executed?)
James Joyner: Two Americans Charged With Aiding Al Qaeda — Two American Muslims have been charged with aiding al Qaeda terrorists.

Iraq Sunni party leader arrested
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BAGHDAD (AFX) - The leader of Iraq's main Sunni party Mohsen Abdel Hamid was arrested by US forces in Baghdad today along with his three sons, a party official said.
No reason was given for the arrest and the US military in Baghdad was not immediately able to confirm the incident.
Juan Cole: US troops arrested Muhsin Abd al-Hamid Monday morning. He is the head of the (Sunni) Iraqi Islamic Party and had served on the Interim Governing Council appointed by Bremer.
James Joyner: Iraq Sunni Party Leader Arrested — Iraq Sunni party leader arrested (Forbes - AFX) [snipped quote] This is certainly not a good sign of inter-group cooperation emerging.
Barbara O'Brien: The insurgents fought back. There might yet be a civil war. Nasty business.

Death of a Marine
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Monday night, in a special Memorial Day broadcast of ''Nightline," Ted Koppel will call the roll of the more than 900 US troops who have died in Iraq and Afghanistan during the past 12 months. As each name is read, viewers will see a photograph of the fallen soldier.
Vox Day: Semper Fi — Jeff Jacoby writes of the death of a Marine: "On the morning of Nov. 15, one week into the battle for...
Damian Penny: Memorial Day — On a day when Americans remember those who fell in service of their country, Jeff Jacoby and Power Line offer moving tributes.

Iraqi Offensive Met by Wave of New Violence From Insurgents
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BAGHDAD, Iraq, May 29 - The largest Iraqi-led counterinsurgency operation since the downfall of Saddam Hussein set off a violent backlash on Sunday across Baghdad. At least 20 people were killed in the capital, 14 of them in a battle lasting several hours when insurgents initiated sustained attacks on several police stations and an army barracks.
Juan Cole: John Burns of the NYT says that the guerrillas are putting up a vigorous fight against government troops and that 14 died in a pitched battle between the two that lasted for hours.
Barbara O'Brien: I could have saved myself some trouble and gone right to Juan Cole. The insurgents fought back. There might yet be a civil war.

French Voters Soundly Reject European Union Constitution
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PARIS, May 29 - Turning its back on half a century of European history, France decisively rejected a constitution for Europe on Sunday, plunging the country into political disarray and jeopardizing the cause of European unity.
John @PowerLine: The New York Times has a pretty good story on the referendum, which includes these paragraphs: "At the polling place at...
Keelin McDonell: (The New York Times had the cute idea of visiting a polling station at "the Karl Marx primary school."

From Jenna's Ex to a Presidential Jeeves
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When President Bush shakes 1,000 hands, Blake Gottesman is ready with the Purell. When Mr. Bush is in his daily intelligence briefing in the trailer on his ranch, Mr. Gottesman is on site to dog-sit Barney, the president's Scottish terrier.
David Sirota: Critically important and breathlessly effusive profiles of the President's personal butler, naturally.
Ann Althouse: Altoids, Sharpies, and Purell. And the question is: What's in the bag the President's personal assistant carries around?

Trying to Thwart Possible Terrorists Quickly, F.B.I. Agents Are Often Playing Them
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WASHINGTON, May 29 - Ron Grecula did not try to hide his disdain for the "wicked" American government when he sat in a Houston hotel room two weeks ago with two men claiming to be terrorist operatives linked to Al Qaeda.
Cori Dauber: An article wondering if arrests of this type (remember the guy from Pa. arrested recently because he offered to make a great, big bomb for al Queda) might be entrapment.
Jeralyn Merritt: FBI Terror Sting in Houston — Via Raw Story we learn of another FBI terror sting in Houston that sounds similar to the one involving the Boca Raton doctor announced today.