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Chinese Blogger Slams Microsoft
  By / Wired News   —   Permalink 
SHANGHAI, China — Twenty-eight floors above the traffic-choked streets of China's most wired city, blogger and tech entrepreneur Isaac Mao sums up his opinion of Microsoft and its treatment of the Chinese bloggers with one word. "Evil," says Mao.
Richard TPD: And all that was simply my way of leading up to the news, which is that Chinese blogger Isaac Mao has a stronger take on the topic than some commenters who shrug it off.
Jan Haugland: Chinese blogger slams Microsoft — Wired: Twenty-eight floors above the traffic-choked streets of China's most wired...
Glenn Reynolds: CHINESE BLOGGER SLAMS MICROSOFT: [snipped quote] Read the whole thing.
Tom Smith: Send in that lady with the hammer — Well, this is disturbing. (via instapundit).
Rebecca MacKinnon: Isaac Mao slams Microsoft — And boy does he slam them hard. The story is in Wired. Here's the first paragraph: [snipped quote] Ouch.

Facing the Music
  By / New York Sun   —   Permalink 
Been following the latest horrifying stories from what Amnesty International calls the "gulag of our time"? John Kass of The Chicago Tribune was outraged by the news that records by Christina Aguilera had been played at Guantanamo at full volume in order to soften up detainees.
Ace: Steyn on Dickie Durban — It's all good: [snipped quote] Dave Chappelle has a funny bit concerning the few times that...
Charles Johnson: Steyn: Facing the Music — Mark Steyn has the last word on Dick Durbin and the Democratic Party's lemming-like rush over the cliff: Facing the Music.
Scott @PowerLine: On a related note, so to speak, Mark Steyn picks up in the New York Sun today where he left off in the Chicago Sun-Times yesterday: "Facing the music."
Jan Haugland: Christina Aguilera's part in the war on terror — Mark Steyn has more on music and torture By now, one or two readers may be frothing indignantly, "That's not funny!
Betsy: Mark Steyn hits it out of the ballpark again. After musing about which music should be paid for the terrorists being held at Guantanamo.
TheAnchoress: And it is a must read. Also read Mark Steyn, Durbin Slanders His Country. and Facing the Music. A Vietnam-era POW speaks up.
Also: Ed Driscoll, Michelle Malkin, Orrin Judd, Glenn Reynolds

'Berlusconi's fat' moulded to art
  BBC   —   Permalink 
An art work purportedly made from excess fat from Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has been sold for $18,000 (9,862).
Switzerland-based artist Gianni Motti claims to have bought the fat from a clinic where the leader had a liposuction operation performed.
McQ: Some like fat: "An art work purportedly made from excess fat from Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has been sold for $18,000 (9,862).
Jan Haugland: Yuck: An art work purportedly made from excess fat from Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has been sold for $18,000 (£9,862).
Betsy: Here's the gross story of the day. Eeeeuuuuw.
Joe Gandelman: Italian Leader's Fat Made Into Art — If THIS "ARTWORK" made from Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's fat could...
Ann Althouse: BBC reports: [snipped quote] We're asked to think the artist thought this up entirely independently of the widely known film/book "Fight Club."

Dad picks up $600 tab to get Marine battle ready
  Arizona Republic   —   Permalink 
John Tod of Mesa had been prepared to face Father's Day worrying about his son's pending date with the war in Iraq.
Then Uncle Sam stepped in with more disappointing developments.
Marine Pfc.
Jason Van Steenwyk: American Sucker: A fisking — That pretty much describes this Dad, this reporter, and anyone else who takes this news story at face value.
Jo Fish: What a shameful story... [snipped quote] So hey, all you f**ked up wingnut pussies who are so het up about Dick Durbin,...
John Cole: But, if this s**t is still going on, some damned heads need to roll: "John Tod of Mesa had been prepared to face...
Kos @DailyKos: Can an enterprising journalist follow up on this story, published in a column in the Arizona Republic?

The Truth About Hillary
  NRO   —   Permalink 
An author tells his story.
TThe Clintons will always make headlines — for both their larger-than-life aspects and the simple facts of presidential history (and future presidential history?) .
Kevin Drum: Unless, of course, an EXCLUSIVE interview in the biggest selling conservative magazine on the planet counts as "not paying any attention."
Tom Maguire: J Taylor Versus E Klein — Ed Klein, newly notorious for Drudge's blurb of his new "Truth About Hillary" book, is interviewed by K Lo of NRO.
Jesse Taylor: Kathryn Lopez interviews him, and it's almost impossible to describe how much of a complete simpleton he comes off as.
TheAnchoress: Ed Klein speaks up on his Hillary Book Kathryn Jean Lopez at National Review interviews Klein and gets right to the point about the whole distasteful "rape" story.
S.Z.: Sleaze Sells Over at the NRO, Kathryn Jean Lopez Interviews Edward Klein, author of The Truth [sic] About Hillary.
Dr. Steven Taylor: Ed Klein and the "Rape Story" — NRO has an interview with Ed Klein in which the whole "I'm going to rape my wife" story about Bill Clinton is discussed.
Also: K. J. Lopez

W.House Does Not Rule Out Bolton Recess Appointment
  Reuters   —   Permalink 
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The White House on Monday did not rule out the possibility of sidestepping the Senate by naming John Bolton as U.N. ambassador in a recess appointment, as it urged an up-or-down Senate vote on the nomination.
Barbara O'Brien: Meanwhile, President Bush vows to fight back. [quote] "We'll, put him in.[end quote]
Michelle Malkin: See here, here, here, and here. Meanwhile, Robert Novak reports on the Dodd charade. *** Stay tuned... 552pm Roll is being called.
Norbizness: Bart and Lisa [in unison]: No. Cause we got ourselves recess appointment power. Timely. Pithy. And more work than it looks like.
Steve Soto: Bolton Will Probably Be A Recess Appointment — Get ready for the White House to install John Bolton through a recess appointment.

"Dollars for Dismissals"
  NRO   —   Permalink 
The prosecutor in the DeLay case dropped charges in exchange for cash to pet cause.
Ronnie Earle, the Texas prosecutor who has indicted associates of House Majority Leader Tom DeLay in an ongoing campaign-finance investigation, dropped felony charges...
Captain Ed: Apparently only if they don't comply with the Ronnie Earle Clemency Program, which consists of demands for huge cash...
Pejman Yousefzadeh: LAWYERS LEARN SOMETHING NEW EVERY DAY — Today, I learned about a new form of settlement agreement: [snipped quote] Inventive, isn't it?
K. J. Lopez: "DOLLARS FOR DISMISSALS" — If you haven't, you'll want to read Byron on Tom DeLay's prosecutor.
Betsy: Byron York has some more information on Ronnie Earle, the Democratic prosecutor who has been gunning for Tom DeLay and...
Rich Lowry: If you haven't read Byron York's important piece on the home page on Ronnie Earle, the DeLay prosecutor, defintely check it out.

Palestinian Woman Heading for Treatment at Israeli Hospital Caught Carrying Explosives
  By / AP   —   Permalink 
SHIKMA PRISON, Israel (AP) - A badly burned Palestinian woman was alternately defiant and tearful Monday after Israeli soldiers caught her trying to enter Israel with 22 pounds of explosives hidden on her body.
James Joyner: Palestinian Woman Heading for Treatment at Israeli Hospital Caught Carrying Explosives — Palestinian Woman Heading for...
Andrew Sullivan: I am not making this up.
Jonah Goldberg: I GUESS THERE'S NO WORD FOR CHUTZPAH IN ARABIC — I guess I missed the clause in the Koran condoning this sort of thing:...

Anti-Syrian Alliance Claims Victory in Lebanese Election
  By / NYT   —   Permalink 
TRIPOLI, Lebanon, June 19 - Opponents of Syrian domination claimed a stunning majority victory in the final round of Lebanon's parliamentary elections on Sunday night in a rebellion touched off by the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri four months ago.
John @PowerLine: Two Elections — In Lebanon, an anti-Syrian coalition won what the New York Times termed a "stunning majority victory."
Captain Ed: Lebanon Stands On Its Own Two Feet — Despite the efforts of Syria and its ally Hezbollah in the south, the reformers in...
Marc @USSNeverdock: What's even more astonising is that the New York Times notices.
Commissar: The NYTimes went so far as to note that this result is "perhaps an example of a greater yearning for democracy in the Arab world."
Pejman Yousefzadeh: Well, as the title asks, who's laughing now? [snipped quote] Read it all.
Smash: UPDATE: More in today's New York Times.
Also: Glenn Reynolds, K. J. Lopez

Republican: Democrats Demonize Christians
  By / AP   —   Permalink 
WASHINGTON - A Republican congressman accused Democrats on Monday of "denigrating and demonizing Christians" by concluding there was religious intolerance at the U.S. Air Force Academy.
"Like a moth to a flame, Democrats can't help themselves when it comes to denigrating and demonizing Christians," Hostettler said.
Chris Bowers: Here are netroots actions I recommend: Email your local media and ask them to give time to Representative Hostettler's...
Orrin Judd: GOTTA KNOW BETTER THAN TO CRITICIZE ISRAEL: Republican: Democrats Demonize Christians (ANDREW TAYLOR, 6/20/05,...
David Sirota: Today was just another example of why: he offered an amendment that would put Congress on record against "coercive and abusive religious proselytizing" at the Air Force Academy.

GOP eyes Golisano in run for governor
  By / Democrat And Chronicle   —   Permalink 
Imagine seeing billionaire B.Thomas Golisano hand-in-hand with former New York City Mayor Rudolph Guiliani, state Republican Chairman Stephen Minarik or even political rival Gov. George Pataki?
Scott Sala: Technorati Tags: Ed+Cox+Website Ed+Cox+For+Senate Ed+Cox+For+NY Ed+Cox+Online — Billionaire Boys Club After 3 times...
Gerry @DalyThoughts: GOP eyes Golisano in run for governor [NY] The Democrat & Chronicle: [snipped quote] If he were really such a thorn,...
Alexander K. McClure: 2006 New York Governor Race — If George Pataki does not seek another term, then Tom Golisano seems to be the candidate of some in the Republican establishment.
Taegan Goddard: New York Republicans Court Golisano — Billionaire Tom Golisano is being wooed by Republican leaders in New York to run...

Rice Makes Case for Democracy in Egypt
  By / AP   —   Permalink 
CAIRO, Egypt (AP) — Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice made a forceful case for democracy in the Muslim world Monday, telling Egypt's conservative government leaders "the fear of free choices can no longer justify the denial of liberty."
Barbara O'Brien: Via Think Progress—Rice actually said this— "For 60 years, my country, the United States, pursued stability at the...
Smash: Preaching Democracy in Egypt — SECRETARY OF STATE CONDOLEEZA RICE, in Cairo: [snipped quote] Rice went on to make specific criticisms of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Hamas.
Gateway Pundit: Holding nothing back, The "female" Secretary of State spoke at a dinner of 700 guests to explain the new course of...
Judd @ThinkProgress: Not only is the administration's policy successful, it is the only administration that has been successful for the last...

Report: Saddam Insists He Is Iraqi Leader
  By / AP   —   Permalink 
NEW YORK - Saddam Hussein loves Doritos, hates Froot Loops, admires President Reagan, thinks Clinton was "OK" and considers both Presidents Bush "no good." He talks a lot, worries about germs and insists he is still president of Iraq.
Dr. Steven Taylor: Tales of Saddam — Via the AP: Report: Saddam Insists He Is Iraqi Leader "Saddam Hussein loves Doritos, hates Froot...
Jayson @PoliPundit: In Other News, Howard Dean Insists That He's the Sith Emperor — According to our trusty "Fourth Estate," Saddam believes he's still President of the Republic of Iraq.
Ann Althouse: I love the first paragraph for this news story: [snipped quote] Before he liked Cheetos, then he got some Doritos and forgot all about his Cheetos.

AP: Feds Collect Data on Air Travelers
  By / AP   —   Permalink 
WASHINGTON — A federal agency collected extensive personal information about airline passengers although Congress told it not to and it said it wouldn't, according to documents obtained Monday by The Associated Press.
Norbizness: I was set to include this story in another tiresome link-dump, probably called something like "Lies! Lies! Lies! Lies!
Atrios: Congress - Irrelevant — The Bush executive branch just does whatever it wants no matter what the law is.
Julian Sanchez: Fly With Friendly Eyes — Via Atrios comes a report that the Transportation Security Administration has

Bush Remarks May Have Spurred Iran Voters
  By / AP   —   Permalink 
TEHRAN, Iran — Iran's spy chief used just two words to respond to White House ridicule of last week's presidential election: "Thank you." His sarcasm was barely hidden. The backfire on Washington was more evident.
Steve M.: Pure Bushism, working like a charm: TEHRAN, Iran — Iran's spy chief used just two words to respond to White House ridicule of last week's presidential election: "Thank you."
Steve Soto: I mean, it's not like the Administration can effectively spur regime change through Bush's stupid comments of late, right?
Michael Signer: Well, whatever his intentions were (not trying to be too mysterious here), the President was rewarded with large increases in the turn-out among Iran's conservative base.
Hooman Majd: Both Ali Yunesi, Iran's intelligence minister, and Kamal Kharrazi, the foreign minister, expressed a wry 'thank you" to...

Fake Documents Got Workers Into Nuke Plant
  By / AP   —   Permalink 
KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Sixteen foreign-born construction workers with phony immigration documents were able to enter a nuclear weapons plant in eastern Tennessee because of lax security controls, a federal report said Monday.
McQ: Oh yeah, we're doing so much better with security — If it wasn't so serious it would almost be laughable:...
Bill West: Illegals + Fake Docs + Real Nukes = BIG Problems — The Associated Press and Washington Post today reported that sixteen...
John Cole: Homeland Insecurity — Good thing we are taking the war on terror so seriously: [snipped quote] It is hard to figure out...

Libraries Say Yes, Officials Do Quiz Them About Users
  By / NYT   —   Permalink 
WASHINGTON, June 19 - Law enforcement officials have made at least 200 formal and informal inquiries to libraries for information on reading material and other internal matters since October 2001, according to a new study that adds grist to the growing debate in Congress over the government's counterterrorism powers.
Tarek @LiquidList: Politics: Don't Lie to Me — It's interesting that in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, the Bush...
Lindsay Beyerstein: Yes, feds quiz librarians — [snipped quote] Later this week, The American Library Association will present the full...
Tom Tomorrow: Three: "WASHINGTON, June 19 - Law enforcement officials have made at least 200 formal and informal inquiries to...
Pudentilla: sneek and peek — [snipped quote] well somebody's obviously lying. hmm. awol's boys or the librarians. let's think about that for a nano-second, shall we?

Breaking the Durbin Code
  By / Weekly Standard   —   Permalink 
SENATE MAJORITY LEADER BILL FRIST and Judiciary Chairman Arlen Specter should move this week to initiate a censure resolution of Illinois Senator Dick Durbin for his remarks on the Senate's floor on June 14, 2005.
Greg Ransom: UPDATE: Hugh Hewitt makes The Case for Censure. June 8th, 2005
Michelle Malkin: Also good: Hugh Hewitt's piece in the Weekly Standard on "Breaking the Durbin Code" and Gerard Van der Leun on how and why Durbin is the Democratic rule, not the exception.
Hugh Hewitt: Posted at 1:00 AM, EST with updates — "Breaking the Durbin Code" in the this morning is an effort to...
Andrew Sullivan: Hugh Hewitt should answer one single question: does he doubt the FBI interrogator who witnessed the appalling treatment of some detainees at Guantanamo?
Kos @DailyKos: Sullivan: Durbin was right — Last week I criticized Andrew Sullivan for misreading something I wrote.
Scott @PowerLine: Tunes, tools, knaves and fools, take 2 — The Standard has posted Hugh Hewitt's outstanding column explicating Dick Durbin's thoughts on Guantanomo: "Breaking the Durbin code."
Also: TheAnchoress, Dirty Harry

Jury Weighs Ex-Klansman's Fate in Deaths
  By / AP   —   Permalink 
PHILADELPHIA, Miss. (AP) — The murder case against a former Klansman charged in the slayings of three civil rights workers went to the jury Monday after prosecutors made an impassioned plea for a conviction, saying the victims' families have waited a long 41 years for someone to be brought to justice.
Kevin Aylward: In the case of the 1964 murder of three civil rights workers in Mississippi, that's what one witness is saying about the...
Jeralyn Merritt: They have only deliberated three hours. But the judge is going to make them deliberate tomorrow. Background here .

Terror Camps Scatter, Persist
  By / LAT   —   Permalink 
WASHINGTON — U.S. counter-terrorism authorities say that the detention of a Lodi, Calif.-based group of Pakistani men this month underscores a serious problem: the Islamabad government's failure to dismantle hundreds of jihadist training camps.
Cernig: Or maybe it's the evidence that invading Iraq has hurt the war on terror, partly because it led to some truly awful choices of allies.
Smash: Pakistan's Terror Problem — AL QAEDA'S TRAINING APPARATUS is reestablishing itself into a network of smaller jihadi...

Under fire, Bush defends policies in Iraq
  By / Salon   —   Permalink 
Under fire at home and abroad, President Bush on Monday defended his policies on Iraq and the war on terrorism, saying the Iraqi conflict will be won despite attempts by "cold-blooded killers" to derail the U.S.
"I think about Iraq every day.
Zoe Kentucky: Bush was not-so-graceful under pressure today, as evidenced by this comment he made while being peppered with questions about the war in Iraq.
Billmon: High Value Detainees — Warning! Satire Alert [snipped quote] End satire alert.

Manny, Moe & Rafsanjani
  NRO   —   Permalink 
The Iranian comedy routine.
One of the reasons I have been so concerned about Iran for such a long time is that I fear the mullahs' cleverness, ruthlessness, and ability to mount brilliant deceptions.
TheAnchoress: Ledeen on Iran's rigged election Michael Ledeen is a favorite read, and I love his column today on the nincompoopery...
Betsy: Michael Ledeen explains what has been going on in the so-called Iranian election. The mullahs are just making this stuff up as they go along.
Charles Johnson: Ledeen: Manny, Moe & Rafsanjani — Michael Ledeen looks at the pending outcome of the Iranian sham election, and...

Saving the Surplus
  Opinion Journal   —   Permalink 
The public is anxious about President Bush's reform of Social Security, and the idea is in trouble. Ceaseless pounding by liberals has driven many Republicans into a defensive crouch.
Tom Smith: Social security lockbox for you and me — Gail's friend John Fund touts what actually seems like a good idea: putting...

Never Steal a Turkey in Lubbock, and Other Tales of Texas Justice
  LAT   —   Permalink 
Racism, 'Tuff on Crime' judges and gutless politicians warp the system.
The U.S. Supreme Court rules yet again that another Texas case was wrongfully decided — this time because 19 of 20 blacks had been knocked off the jury pool — and I'm asked to explain what's wrong with criminal justice in Texas, in 750 words.
John Cole: The Fowl Smell of Texas Justice — Via TalkLeft, here is a Molly Ivins piece on what she believes is wrong with Texas...
Jeralyn Merritt: The Texas Injustice System — A must read today, Molly Ivins on injustice in Texas.

Byrd memoir laments early fling with Klan as 'foolish mistake'
  By / AP   —   Permalink 
MORGANTOWN, W.Va. - The Ku Klux Klan is the central paradox of Robert C. Byrd's life - "an extraordinarily foolish mistake" that has haunted him for 40 years but the very thing that launched one of the longest careers in the U.S. Senate.
Daniel Koffler: A Pork Farmer's Palimpsest — Robert Byrd has a new autobiography out, and at 770 pages, it should make for some light and lazy summer reading.
Rick Brookhiser: ROBERT BYRD'S KLAN TITLE WAS EXALTED CYCLOPS — Why didn't they spell it Exalted Kyklops?

Lebanon opposition wins assembly
  BBC   —   Permalink 
Lebanon's anti-Syrian opposition bloc has won all 28 seats in the final voting round, clinching a majority in parliament, official results show.
The victory of the alliance led by Saad Hariri was confirmed by Interior Minister Hassan Sabeh.
Marcus @HarrysPlace: Lebanon Latest — The anti-Syrian alliance have won the Lebanese elections.
Josh: GOOD NEWS FROM LEBANON, as the anti-Syrian opposition wins a majority in Parliament.

Someone Else's Child
  By / NYT   —   Permalink 
It has become clearer than ever that Americans do not want to fight George W. Bush's tragically misguided war in Iraq.
You can still find plenty of folks arguing that we have to stay the course, or even raise the stakes by sending more troops to the war zone.
Steve Soto: War Cheerleading From Yellow-Ribboned False Patriots — There have been other posts in the blogosphere today about the...
Kos @DailyKos: And those who think we should stay the course are those least likely to want to lend a hand (beyond a stupid yellow ribbon magnet on their car).

IDF nabs would-be bomber at Erez
  By / Jerusalem Post   —   Permalink 
The IDF thwarted a suicide bomb attack Monday morning when soldiers caught a young woman, Wafa Samir Ibrahim Bas, 20, wearing explosives strapped into her underwear at the Erez crossing in the northern Gaza Strip, it was released for publication.
Gene @HarrysPlace: The Jerusalem Post reports: Bas suffered severe injuries when a gas canister exploded in her house while she was cooking last year.
Marc @USSNeverdock: UPDATE Oh, they use women as well.
Rajiv Singh: See full article. It is all very well catching the bitch and putting her in jail and using a robot to blow up her explosives.

Mechanism behind intelligent design uncovered?
  WorldNetDaily   —   Permalink 
Few e-mails have ever stopped me as cold as the one I am about to describe. In it, the author, a former university professor who wishes to remain anonymous, claims to know the actual mechanism behind intelligent design.
Eugene Oregon: Scientific Breakthroughs in the 21st Century — Who would have ever guessed that I would learn the unmistakable truth...
Jesse Taylor: The Light-Birth Of The Universe — The mechanism behind intelligent design - uncovered!

'Close or clean up' Guantanamo - Clinton
  Reuters   —   Permalink 
LONDON (Reuters) - Former President Bill Clinton has said the United States should either "close down or clean up" the Guantanamo Bay prison for foreign terrorism suspects.

"Well, it either needs to be closed down or cleaned up," Clinton said when asked whether the camp on Cuba should close.
Betsy: Well, guess who has failed my litmus test?
Jayson @PoliPundit: Living in the Past — The media.

Are Downing Street memos authentic or elaborate hoax?
  WorldNetDaily   —   Permalink 
Are the highly publicized Downing Street memos authentic government documents that show the Bush administration lied about pre-war intelligence on weapons of mass destruction?
Or are they part of an elaborate hoax - akin to CBS's infamous National Guard memos on George W. Bush's military service?
Jesse Taylor: But somebody's giving me my wish of watching the right make complete asses of themselves.
Steve Antler: UPDATE: More here from Kevin Drum, who says give up, they're real. UPDATE II: More on the authenticity question.
Natasha @PacificViews: First our press decided not to care, and now I hear the faint rumbles of hoax accusations and morons like Jay Ambrose...

'Nightline' Newsies Can Relax
  Broadcasting & Cable   —   Permalink 
Look for Nightline to get jazzed up over the coming weeks. But that doesn't mean a move to the ersatz smoky nightclub set, complete with jazz combo, that I wrote about a couple of months back when ABC was weighing replacement formats pending Ted Koppel's departure at year's end.
Garrett M. Graff: Nightline's Future — Broadcasting & Cable offers some details as to the future of "Nightline": "In addition to [Bob]...
Brian Stelter: ABC's Nightline Will "Keep Its Name And Evolve Over The Next Six Months" nightlinejune20.gifChange s are in store for...

Posts Considered for Commanders After Abuse Case
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WASHINGTON, June 19 - Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld is considering new top command assignments that would possibly include promoting Lt. Gen. Ricardo S. Sanchez, the former American commander in Iraq during the Abu Ghraib prison abuse scandal, Pentagon and military officials say.
Christy @ThinkProgress: The New York Times reported Gen. Ricardo Sanchez is now being considered for a new, top-level position: the head of American military operations in Latin America.
Michael Froomkin: What He Said (Gen. Sanchez edition) I was going to fulminate about the trial balloon launched regarding promoting Gen. Sanchez.

Watergate and the Two Lives of Mark Felt
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The Watergate scandal had reached a peak, and President Richard M. Nixon was furious about press leaks. His suspicions focused on the number two man at the FBI, W. Mark Felt, a 31-year bureau veteran. He ordered his aides to "confront" the presumed traitor.
Jim Romenesko: Unlike many Watergate figures, Felt defies easy pigeonholing — Washington Post Admirers of Mark Felt call him a courageous whistle-blower.
Taegan Goddard: The Double Life of Mark Felt — The Washington Post fronts an interesting and lengthy piece on Mark Felt, a.k.a. Deep Throat.
Garrett M. Graff: The New CNN Is Nancy Grace." Believe it or not, there's more the Washington Post can write about Deep Throat.

Report: Saddam Friendly With U.S. Troops
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(06-20) 09:31 PDT NEW YORK, (AP) —
Thrust unexpectedly into the role of prison guards for Saddam Hussein, a group of young American soldiers found the deposed Iraqi leader to be a friendly, talkative "clean freak" who loved Raisin Bran for breakfast, did his own laundry and insisted he was still president of Iraq, says a report published on Monday.
Justin @SouthernAppeal: looks like everyone's playing together nicely: Report: Saddam Friendly With U.S. Troops - "Thrust unexpectedly...
Jeralyn Merritt: U.S. Soldiers Say Saddam 'Friendly' — The AP reports that the July issue of GQ magazine (subscription only) features an...

Iran poll challenger accused of ballot fraud
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Iran's presidential election was thrown into uncharted territory yesterday after a hardline candidate who unexpectedly won his way into a run-off vote was accused of ballot-rigging.
Hooman Majd: So confident was he of his chances that his campaign announced he'd be in the runoff hours before official results were known, leading some in Iran to wonder if the fix was in.
Laura Rozen: Hossein Derakhshan reports from Tehran, "things are getting nasty here": [snipped quote] He also translates from his...

CIA 'knows Bin Laden whereabouts'
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The head of the US Central Intelligence Agency has said he has an "excellent idea" where Osama Bin Laden is hiding.
But CIA director Porter Goss did not say when the world's most wanted man would be caught, nor his location.
Norm Geras: At this date they're about as good as knowing Osama Bin Laden's whereabouts without being able to catch him.
Michelle Malkin: REPORT: CIA KNOWS OSAMA'S WHEREABOUTS — CIA director Porter Goss told BBC he has an "excellent idea" where Osama Bin Laden is hiding.

'Am I Next?'
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R Under the glare of a midmorning sun, Staff Sgt. Jody Hayes stands sweating in the hatch of his M-113 armored vehicle, scanning for insurgents. Hayes and his Iowa National Guard crew have been stalled for nearly 30 minutes on a risky, slow-moving mission to clear road bombs, and he's getting nervous.
Kos @DailyKos: The dam is breaking — The coffins have been suppressed for too long. The soldiers are sick of it.
Cori Dauber: A Soldier's Story — A sensitive, almost loving piece from the Post about a unit of Guardsmen who have been hit by casualties and loss.

Bush's Road Gets Rougher
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WASHINGTON, June 19 - Five months after President Bush was sworn in for another four years, his political authority appears to be ebbing, both within his own party, where members of Congress are increasingly if sporadically going their own way, and among Democrats, who have discovered that they pay little or no price for defying him.
Chris Bowers: While we may be about to run up into the limits of our ability to oppose when it comes to Bolton, at least we have...
Riggsveda @Corrente: Or John McCain on Meet the Press daring to contradict Cheney (whose assertions that everything is going according to...
Billmon: "New York Times Bush's Road Gets Rougher June 20, 2005" If those words aren't enough to send chills down your spine,...
Atrios: Quack NYT: WASHINGTON, June 19 - Five months after President Bush was sworn in for another four years, his political...
Taegan Goddard: Bush's Power Wanes — "Five months after President Bush was sworn in for another four years, his political authority...
Alexander K. McClure: John Bolton — The Republicans in the Senate are going to take another shot at confirming John Bolton tomorrow.

The other stem cells
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BALTIMORE — As Congress spent hours passionately debating the merits and ethics of embryonic stem cell research, nearly 50 Osiris Therapeutics Inc. employees here continued their quiet work on less controversial adult stem cells.
TheAnchoress: Adult Stem Cells finally get some coverage Interesting article in the Boston Globe, in which we finally get to read...
K. J. Lopez: YOU DON'T SAY — The relative silence may be breaking (?); in the Boston Globe today: "Although embryonic stem cells...

Interview transcript: Bill Clinton
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The following is a transcript of an interview conducted by Lionel Barber and Paul Taylor of the Financial Times on June 17 with former US president Bill Clinton at his home in Chappaqua, New York.
FT: "Tell us why do we need two Davos's?"
Jon Henke: Just days after Bill Clinton, in a fair and cogent analysis of the problem, notes that Gitmo "either needs to be closed...
Jeralyn Merritt: In an interview with Financial Times, Clinton says: [quote] "Well it [Guantánamo Bay] either needs to be closed down or cleaned up.[end quote]
Michelle Malkin: Even former President Clinton admitted as much when he lamented recently that prosecuting terrorists sometimes requires...

2005 AltWeekly Awards Winners Announced
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L.A. Weekly walked off with the highest number of first-place awards at the AltWeekly Awards luncheon June 17 in San Diego. Editor-in-chief Laurie Ochoa took away four little cheerleader trophies, which host Dan Savage selected to recognize the Association of Alternative Newsweeklies' large papers.
Jim Romenesko: Check out the winners of the 2005 AltWeekly Awards — Association of Alternative Newsweeklies L.A. Weekly walked off...
Kevin Roderick: Weekly awards — The LA Weekly picked up four first-place AltWeekly Awards, the most of any paper.

Wall Street Journal Plans Softer Edition for Saturdays
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For decades, readers have turned to The Wall Street Journal to learn how business and politics are played out in the boardrooms, and the backrooms, of the nation.
Karen Elliott House, publisher of The Wall Street Journal, and Paul E. Steiger, the managing editor, with a prototype of the Saturday issue.
Jim Romenesko: New Saturday edition of WSJ to have an airy, casual feel — New York Times The Saturday WSJ, which debuts Sept. 17, will...
Garrett M. Graff: Kit Seelye explains what the Wall Street Journal's Saturday edition will look like.

Iraq hostage returns to Australia
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An Australian man freed last week after being held hostage by insurgents in Iraq has returned to his home country.
Douglas Wood said he wanted to apologise to US President George W Bush and Australian leader John Howard for remarks he had made during captivity.
Jan Haugland: Freed Iraq hostage apologises for video remarks — Douglas Wood, rescued from captivity in Iraq, said he wanted to...
Gateway Pundit: "Head Intact, So Not Al-Qaeda" — Australian, Douglas Wood, the first man rescued by Iraqi Special Forces, on his return...

Iranian Reform Party Hints That It Will Support Insider
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TEHRAN, June 19 - The reform party of Iran hinted Sunday that it would throw its support behind the former two-term president Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, a pillar of the Islamic revolution, in a runoff presidential vote this week.
Jan Haugland: In related news, reformists in Iran have reluctantly decided to support Rafsanjani to prevent hard-liner Ahmadinejad from winning.
Pejman Yousefzadeh: MAKING THE BEST OF A BAD SITUATION — The Iranian reform movement has apparently decided to throw its support to Ali...
Ezra @EzraKlein: Elections in Iran — In the week's most underblogged story (wherefore art thou, Democracy Arsenal?), the Iranian elections are rapidly hurtling towards the nightmare scenario.

Biden to Seek Presidential Nomination
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Sen. Joseph R. Biden Jr. (D-Del.) said yesterday he plans to seek the Democratic presidential nomination in 2008 unless he decides later this year that he has little chance of winning.
"My intention is to seek the nomination," Biden said on CBS's "Face the Nation."
Joe Gandelman: Delaware Senator Joe Biden has thrown his hat in the ring in the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination sweepstakes...
McQ: Biden on the prowl for assurance — Joe Biden has decided he should be the one to next lead the country: [quote] "My intention...[end quote]
Jo Fish: Senator Bought (and Paid for) Dear Senator Biden, After reading this story I just had to paraphrase the infamous quote of the Lady in Red: [snipped quote] Just Say F**k NO!
Cernig: Biden To Run — Sen. Joseph R. Biden Jr. (D-Del.) said yesterday he plans to seek the Democratic presidential nomination...
Captain Ed: Perhaps Neil Kinnock Is Writing Again — Inexplicably, disgraced former presidential candidate Joe Biden, the senior...
William J. Dyer: Does Biden's plagiaristic past preempt his presidential prospects?
Also: Glenn Reynolds, Orrin Judd, James Joyner, Pejman Yousefzadeh, K. J. Lopez, Taegan Goddard

Memos show U.S. push for war
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LONDON - When Prime Minister Tony Blair's chief foreign policy adviser dined with Condoleezza Rice six months after Sept. 11, the then-U.S. national security adviser didn't want to discuss Osama bin Laden or al-Qaida.
Juan Cole: Fixing the Intelligence Around the Facts Part Deux — AP has gotten hold of the text of some more Downing Street Memos.
Michael Froomkin: More "Downings Street Memos" — Newsday has the AP story: Memos show U.S. push for war, describing another six unvarnished pre-invasion memos now leaked from the UK.

New Posts Considered for U.S. Commanders After Abuse Case
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WASHINGTON, June 19 - Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld is considering new top command assignments that would possibly include promoting Lt. Gen. Ricardo S. Sanchez, the former American commander in Iraq during the Abu Ghraib prison abuse scandal, Pentagon and military officials say.
Heather Hurlburt: Some big corrupt practices cases are underway, I believe, and meanwhile the Pentagon is getting ready to promote the military officials who oversaqw Abu Ghraib?
Pudentilla: he may be a torturer, but he's our torturer — [snipped quote] besides, didn't we nail that chick-general for this?
Billmon: Rewarding Failure — A classic American tradition — one the Bush administration has raised to the level of a religious...

FBI Failed to Hire Mideast Terror Experts
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WASHINGTON - In sworn testimony that contrasts with their promises to the public, the FBI managers who crafted the post-Sept. 11 fight against terrorism say expertise about the Mideast or terrorism was not important in choosing the agents they promoted to top jobs.
Cernig: Spell it with me - P...A..K..I... Or it could be the FBI's utter failure to treat terrorism as a special case, instead treating it just like any other crime.
Attaturk: What kind of reform is being allowed at the FBI, when Junior's off riding his banana-seat with the handlebar frills during the afternoon?
James Joyner: FBI Failed to Hire, Promote Terror Experts — Despite claims of transformation into a counterterrorism agecy, the FBI...
Stirling Newberry: FBI Fails to Hire Terror Experts — Chickens. Home. Roost. These are the people who were unwisely promoted in a deck chair expedition in 2002.

Policy Shifts Felt After Bolton's Departure From State Dept.
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For years, a key U.S. program intended to keep Russian nuclear fuel out of terrorist hands has been frozen by an arcane legal dispute. As undersecretary of state, John R. Bolton was charged with fixing the problem, but critics complained he was the roadblock.
Barbara O'Brien: "The Bolton nomination is already paying dividends, WaPo notes.
Attaturk: Bolton has to be confirmed because... He is apparently key in our ongoing campaign of failing: [snipped quote] And this guy is needed at the U.N. for what reason?
Hilzoy @ObsidianWings: John Bolton: Negative Space by hilzoy There's an interesting article in tomorrow's Washington Post about a variety of...
Laura Rozen: Drastic improvements achieving key US counterproliferation policy goal since Bolton left State: "For years, a key U.S...

Shepard Smith, An Anchor Who Is Never Heavy
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NEW YORK — Slipping into a tracking booth to record headlines for his 7 p.m. national newscast, Shepard Smith bellows: "Bus meets semi in Florida, children critically injured."
Why is Smith trumpeting a local accident as his third major story, before the FBI's blunders in failing to detect the Sept. 11, 2001, hijackers?
Brian Stelter: Shep Smith On LSU & CNN — The best quotes from Shep Smith aren't in today's Washington Post piece: They are in Sunday's...
Garrett M. Graff: Howard Kurtz profiles Fox News' rebel Shepard Smith, and offers a bit of a detail from Andrea Koppel about last week's hard-hitting Brangelina interview.

War Rooms (and Chests) Ready for a Supreme Court Vacancy
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Like hostile nations on the edge of apocalypse, Washington's political right and left are on code red over a Supreme Court vacancy that does not yet exist.
Ann Althouse: Here's Elisabeth Bumiller's account of how, "Like hostile nations on the edge of apocalypse, Washington's political...
Alexander K. McClure: Supreme Court Appointment — With Chief Justice William Rehnquist expected to announce his retirement next week,...
Taegan Goddard: Meanwhile, according to the New York Times, Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist has not yet told his colleagues his plans.
Orrin Judd: DEATH WATCH: War Rooms (and Chests) Ready for a Supreme Court Vacancy (ELISABETH BUMILLER, 6/20/05, NY Times) [snipped quote] The real fun comes if a Stevens or a Souter retires.

Tales of the Senate
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STUDENTS OF ENGLISH LITERATURE missed an unusual opportunity to contribute to public understanding of current events in connection with the announcement of the compromise agreement on the filibuster reached by the bipartisan group of 14 senators on May 23.
Hugh Hewitt: Scott Johnson, also writing in the Standard today, throws light on Robert Byrd, Durbin's predecessor in the Democratic Party senate leadership.
Scott @PowerLine: Only the wrong survive — I dusted off my college books and took another whack at parsing Senator Byrd's exposition of...

ACLU seeks Sanchez investigation
  Washington Times   —   Permalink 
Washington, DC, Mar. 31 (UPI) — The American Civil Liberties Union Thursday asked U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales for a perjury investigation of the former theater commander in Iraq.
There was no immediate comment from the Justice Department.
Billmon: But what makes this promotion outrageous isn't just the fact that Sanchez was deeply implicated in the Abu Ghraib...
Michael Froomkin: One tiny footnote: as I understand it, Gen. Sanchez technically may not have perjured himself in front of Congress as he...

A Democratic House Divided
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June 27 issue - Hillary Rodham Clinton is expert in the art of appearing publicly oblivious to family tensions. The skill came in handy last week at a Teamsters union fund-raiser in Washington for Jennifer Granholm, the Democratic governor of Michigan.
Taegan Goddard: A Democratic House Divided — Newsweek looks at the impending breakup of the AFL-CIO and what it means to Democratic politics.
Orrin Judd: THE CONTINUING CRACK-UP: A Democratic House Divided: Big Labor has long been the Dems' best friend.

Anti-Syrian bloc wins landslide in N.Lebanon
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TRIPOLI, Lebanon (Reuters) - An anti-Syrian Lebanese opposition alliance won the final phase of a parliamentary election in a landslide on Sunday, giving it a clear mandate to steer Lebanon out of Syria's shadow.
Smash: Hariri Wins in Lebanon — THE ANTI-SYRIAN BLOC has declared victory in Lebanon's national elections.
Orrin Judd: MORE: Anti-Syrian bloc wins landslide in N.Lebanon (Lin Noueihed and Alaa Shahine Sun Jun 19, 2005, Reuters) "An...
Joe Gandelman: Reuters also notes: "The victory means the 128-seat assembly has an anti-Syrian majority for the first time since the 1975-1990 civil war.

Durbin slanders his own country
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Throughout the last campaign season, senior Democrats had a standard line in their speeches, usually delivered with righteous anger, about how "nobody has a right to question my patriotism!" Given that nobody was questioning their patriotism, it seemed an odd thing to harp on about.
Arthur Chrenkoff: The last word goes to Mark Steyn: "Throughout the last campaign season, senior Democrats had a standard line in their...
K. J. Lopez: STEYN ON DURBIN, BTW — "This isn't a Republican vs Democrat thing; it's about senior Democrats who are so over-invested...
Charles Johnson: Durbin Slanders His Own Country — Mark Steyn: Durbin slanders his own country. The senator from Illinois' comparisons are as tired as they're grotesque.
Riggsveda @Corrente: Or Richard Durbin stepping out in the Senate to make a plea against the torture being conducted there (for which Mark...
Vanderleun: Noted — Drive-By Weekend SET THEORY VIA MARK STEYN: "Spot the odd one out: 1) mass starvation; 2) gas chambers; 3)...
Tom Smith: Steyn on Gitmo — He has it about right. It seems as though the Democrats are determined to demonstrate they are the party not to be trusted with the national defense.
Also: Jo Fish, Smash, Pejman Yousefzadeh, Glenn Reynolds, Hugh Hewitt, Betsy, Ed Driscoll, Orrin Judd, John Hawkins, Scott @PowerLine, Gerry @DalyThoughts, Marc @USSNeverdock, Baldilocks, PoliPundit

US 'losing in Iraq' - Republican Senator Hagel
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WASHINGTON (AFP) - Republican Senator Chuck Hagel slammed the George W. Bush administration's Iraq policy as "disconnected from reality" in some of the harshest comments to date about the war from a member of the president's own party.
Cernig: Chuck Hagel is the first prominent Republican to come right out and say what many fear.
Norbizness: Room for one, Senator Hagel? (1a) In terms of being disconnected with reality, Exhibit A on the Sunday talk shows would...
Cori Dauber: Oh, This Will Help — I notice that Senator Chuck Hagel skipped the "we're not winning" phase, and went straight for "we're losing."
McQ: "Disconnected from Reality" — And now we have another Senator speaking like a defeatist: "Republican Senator Chuck...
Riggsveda @Corrente: Nail That Sucker Down — Evidently while I was away, WaPo's Dana Milbank got all snippy on John Conyers about his...
Chris Bowers: Hagel is the latest entry in the "OMG! Can you believe he said that!" wars: [snipped quote] Hagel can probably forget about the nomination after such comments.
Also: Armando @DailyKos

What Makes Bill Frist Run?
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Bill Frist was his high school's class president. He was a quarterback on the football team and a member of the honor society, and lived amid the upper crust of Nashville society. He dated the head cheerleader, and while he was in med school they were engaged to be married.
Matthew Yglesias: David Brooks. Sure Bill Frist is a bad senator and a bad majority leader, but just check out these irrelevant details about his personal life.
Tbogg: Bill Frist: Cheating, two-timing man-slut — David Brooks finds honor in sleeping around on your fiancé: Bill Frist was his high school's class president.
Ezra @EzraKlein: The Personal Isn't Political — David Brooks' paean to the pre-Senate Bill Frist is a puzzling piece of work.
Dr. Steven Taylor: Factoid of the Day — Via David Brook's NYT column from yesterday: "Since 1961, more than 50 senators have run for president and they have all lost."
Joe Gandelman: Bill Frist might use today not just for prayerful reflection, but political self-analysis because New York Times...
Amanda Marcotte: Like in today's op-ed column on Bill Frist, Brooks says this about Frist: "He is, like a lot of people, both highly...
Also: Lambert @Corrente, Betsy, Brendan Nyhan, Attaturk, Roger Ailes

Iraqis Found in Torture House Tell of Brutality of Insurgents
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KARABILA, Iraq, Sunday, June 19 - Marines on an operation to eliminate insurgents that began Friday broke through the outside wall of a building in this small rural village to find a torture center equipped with electric wires, a noose, handcuffs, a 574-page jihad manual - and four beaten and shackled Iraqis.
Seth Leibsohn: Now What Comparisons Can Be Made — With Dick Durbin having slandered our own efforts as akin to Hitler, Stalin, and Pol...
Steve M.: Am I wrong to think it's awfully convenient that just as we're having a serious discussion of prisoner abuse at...
Charles Johnson: Despite the incredible cheapening and trivialization of the word by the likes of Amnesty International and Dick Durbin,...
Joe Gandelman: Marines Discover Torture — Iraqi Insurgent Style — As the whole subject of torture is pitchforked into the headlines...
Cori Dauber: ("Iraqis Found in Torture House Tell of Brutality of Insurgents.") Other than the word "insurgents" (and I've about given up on that one) it's hard to complain about that.
Stephen Burt: If we lock people up without trials, then torture or kill them, we may not become just like the people we're fighting, but we won't be different enough.
Also: Captain Ed, Betsy, Dr. Steven Taylor, La Shawn Barber, John @PowerLine, Stirling Newberry, Smash, Pejman Yousefzadeh, Alexander K. McClure, Gerry @DalyThoughts, Bill @INDCJournal, McQ, Cliff May, Armando @DailyKos, Jason Van Steenwyk, TheAnchoress, Marc @USSNeverdock, Andrew Stuttaford, Ann Althouse, Norm Geras

Clinton slams Guantnamo
  Financial Times   —   Permalink 
Bill Clinton has become the most prominent figure so far to add his voice to criticisms of the US prison camp at Guantnamo Bay in Cuba.
In an interview with the Financial Times, the former president called for the camp, set up to hold suspected terrorists, to "be closed down or cleaned up".
Dirty Harry: Bill Cheats With Amnesty International — Bc Roger Simon thinks Bill Clinton may have decided to join the anti-American...
Dafydd: Clinton adds voice to criticism of Guantánamo prison by Lionel Barber and Paul Taylor in New York The Financial...
Roger L. Simon: Bill Clinton joins the chorus attacking Gitmo in an interview with the Financial Times at the same time news breaks of...
Riggsveda @Corrente: Or with Bill Clinton finally strapping on a pair to say Gitmo needs to be either "cleaned up or closed down".
Jeralyn Merritt: Clinton Calls for Gitmo to be Closed or Cleaned Up — You can add former President Bill Clinton to the list of prominent...

  Drudge Report   —   Permalink 
LIVE 8 founder Bob Geldof is determined to see his international concerts stay focused on the plight of Africa's poor — and not fall into cliched Bush bashing and global warming rhetoric!
Captain Ed: Geldof, speaking to Time Magazine, asserted that the empirical evidence shows that Bush has done more for Africa than...
Mitch Berg: And unlike so many in show biz, he keeps on doing it.
Dirty Harry: And you kicked butt in The Wall; the best Midnight Movie ever. Via: Drudge
Arthur Chrenkoff: And Drudge quotes Geldof saying this to an artist in the run up to Live 8 concerts: "Please remember, absolutely no...
Judith Weiss: And: [quote] Geldof has ordered show organizers and producers to redouble all efforts to keep LIVE 8 performers "on message" during the July 2 event.[end quote]

10 Questions For Porter Goss
  Time   —   Permalink 
He had been director of the Central Intelligence Agency for just seven months when the onetime CIA spy had to cede much of his power to the new director of national intelligence, John Negroponte. But Porter Goss, 66, says he now has more time to run America's largest human intelligence agency.
Cernig: Or maybe it's the way Osama BinLaden is still at large even if the CIA knows where he is, as Porter Goss revealed in a recent Time interview: WHEN WILL WE GET OSAMA BIN LADEN?
See Dubya: See-Dubya: Porter in the House CIA director Porter Goss sounds like he knows what's what: WHEN WILL WE GET OSAMA BIN LADEN?
Blackfive: Christian Science Monitor (Bin Laden in Iran 2002), Forbes (former Congressman tells all), Time (Porter Goss interview) and others speculate on that question.
WoW Team Monday: Porter Goss says he has an excellent idea where Osama bin Laden is, and that his "sanctuary" is in a "sovereign country".
Echidne: Porter Goss Knows Where Osama Is — He boasts of this knowledge in a silly interview with Time: [snipped quote] I thought...
Also: Jeralyn Merritt

Transcript for June 19
  MSNBC   —   Permalink 
This is a rush transcript provided for the information and convenience of the press. Accuracy is not guaranteed.
McQ: UPDATE: On the other hand, credit where credit is due, McCain, firmly grounded in reality, on "Meet the Press": "MR...
Andrew Cochran: And Tim Russert of "Meet the Press" hit Sen. John McCain today with the standard Gitmo questions, but didn't even mention the NYT story.
Arianna Huffington: Arianna Huffington: This week on "Russert Watch" — It may be a premature declaration of victory (they are all the rage...
Ann Althouse: Would McCain run as an independent? On "Meet the Press" today: [snipped quote] Seems a bit inconsistent, doesn't it?

Welcome to the Los Angeles Times Wikitorial Page (Public Beta)
  LAT   —   Permalink 
This is an experiment in using wiki, a relatively new form of Internet interactivity, to bring readers into the process of forming and expressing editorial opinions. "Public Beta" is just a euphemism for: "We're just trying this out.
What is a wiki?
Kevin Roderick: The Times has taken down its first experimental wikitorial, explaining: [snipped quote] Even before this, it seemed to me...
Michelle Malkin: WIKITROLLS — The Los Angeles Times wikitorial experiment has been shut down "because a few readers were flooding the site with inappropriate material."
Jeff Jarvis: Wikitorial redux : The LA Times wikitorial says it is "closed" now and I see no way to get in to see the latest version or the history.
K. J. Lopez: THAT LASTED LONG — The LATimes Wiki-editorial experiment is in shut-down mode already. I wish I had put money on that one.

Soldier Sues Over Guantanamo Beating
  By / LAT   —   Permalink 
Spc. Sean Baker, who was medically retired after a drill went awry, asks for $15 million.
A U.S. military policeman who was beaten by fellow MPs during a botched training drill at the Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, prison for detainees has sued the Pentagon for $15 million, alleging that the incident violated his constitutional rights.
Billmon: Slander — It's just amazing how far some traitors will go to smear our Guantanamo heros: [snipped quote] Conservative...
Kiva @DailyKos: MPs beat the hell out of a US soldier during a training exercise. The MPs thought the US soldier a regular detainee.
Jo Fish: Beaten and booted out — During training in GITMO for the MP's who "guard" the detainees apparently a drill was run using a soldier the MP "rapid reaction force" did not know.
Roger Ailes: Here's a suspected terrorist who will never harm another American: [snipped quote] America, F**k Yeah!!!!!

AP: Terror Expertise Not Priority at FBI
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WASHINGTON - In sworn testimony that contrasts with their promises to the public, the FBI managers who crafted the post-Sept. 11 fight against terrorism say expertise about the Mideast or terrorism was not important in choosing the agents they promoted to top jobs.
Norbizness: It sounds like a grudge between Bush and Saddam." (4) How reassuring is this?
Jan Haugland: Expertise unnecessary to work in FBI anti-terrorism — In a lawsuit against his employer, FBI agent Bassem Youssef has...
Mary Madigan: Does the FBI know the difference between Wahhabis and Wasabi? by Mary Madigan Via Yahoo: [snipped quote] Not technically?
See Dubya: I think that's mattered. The FBI, on the other hand, is looking to give us more of the same.
Captain Ed: AP: FBI Doesn't Require Terror Expertise For Counterterrorism — The AP reports this morning on testimony in a civil...

War and Weakness
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In Washington, people in government often communicate with one another and with the public in guarded, even coded statements. The mass media seldom detect, note or explain these messages. Lately one of those messages has been coming from senior American military officials, both on and off the record.
Cernig: Or like Richard C. Clarke, a national security advisor to three Presidents who writes that the "American military has...
Phillip Carter: In the magazine, former White House counterterrorism adviser Richard Clarke writes America faces a choice between...
Suzanne Nossel: Phil Carter and Richard Clarke talk about the permanent damage to our military if we stay in, but there's also harm in...

Choose: More Troops in Iraq Will (Help) (Hurt)
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BAGHDAD, Iraq — IF, in time, the attempt to implant a pro-Western, democratic political system in Iraq ends up buried in the desert sands, historians will have no shortage of things that went wrong.
Andrew Sullivan: Reading John Burns these past few days only confirms what struck me as pretty obvious from the first wave of looting.
Praktike: Logic problem — I've noticed that during the time I was in Alexandria, anti Iraq war sentiment seems to have grown on...
Cori Dauber: Retreat with Honor — At the end of a John Burns piece on the issue of troop strength in Iraq, this: But whether there...
Randall Parker: Iraq Withdrawal Debate Reaches Mainstream — John Burns of the New York Times reports senior US officers see rising pressures for withdrawal from Iraq.
Phillip Carter: Ace foreign correspondent John F. Burns hits the story with a much tighter shot group in the Week in Review section.

Palestinian boy caught with pipe bombs at Hawara
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A 15-year-old Palestinian boy was arrested at the Hawara checkpoint near Nablus Sunday.
Soldiers suspected the boy, who was carrying a large box. The checkpoint was closed, Palestinian civilians were distanced and Border Police sappers were called in.
Stephen: I understand that the Palestinians have a lot of explosives.
Marc @USSNeverdock: Palestinian Child Abuse — Palestinian Child Abuse continues. "A 15-year-old Palestinian boy was arrested at the Hawara checkpoint near Nablus Sunday.
Joseph Alexander Norland: In related news, "IDF removes West Bank roadblocks", even though "Palestinian boy caught with pipe bombs at Hawara".

Live 8
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In 1985 Bob Geldof gave birth to live aid, the groundbreaking rock- concert series that raised $200 million for African famine relief. Bono of U2 and Richard Curtis (screenwriter of Four Weddings and a Funeral and Notting Hill) were there.
Scott Sala: Technorati Tags: CNN CNN+changes TV+sensationalism return+of+hard+news — Quiet Conservatism Live 8 organizer Bob...
Jonathan H. Adler: GELDOF ON BUSH — Live 8 (and Live Aid) organizer Bob Geldof in a Time magazine interview: "America doesn't have a lack of empathy; they just don't know the issues as well.
Pejman Yousefzadeh: BOB GELDOF ON "LIVE AID, THE SEQUEL" — He will be roundly condemned for saying the following—despite how true it is:...
Marc @USSNeverdock: Britain - Geldof: Bush Has Done The Most — Time's interview with Geldof yields this little nugget.

A senator's shame
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In the early 1940s, a politically ambitious butcher from West Virginia named Bob Byrd recruited 150 of his friends and associates to form a chapter of the Ku Klux Klan.
Arthur Chrenkoff: KKK - just like the Rotary, only with burning crosses — I was never much for reminding Senator Byrd of his KKK past...
JD @SouthernAppeal: Good ol' Sheets Byrd says the Klansmen he associated with were just a bunch of good people who didn't hate anybody.
Pejman Yousefzadeh: Senator Robert C. Byrd has put out a new book discussing his membership in the Ku Klux Klan. The book is over 700 pages.

In Jacko's Wake
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June 27 issue - CNN president Jonathan Klein slipped quietly into his Atlanta newsroom last Monday afternoon. With the network poised to broadcast the Michael Jackson jury's verdict all over the world, he thought it best to be seen among the troops.
Garrett M. Graff: Newsweek looks at Jon Klein and the future of CNN. As one "veteran" explains: "The Old CNN Is Judy Woodruff.
Scott Sala: Technorati Tags: Bloomberg+voter+data Bloomberg NYC+voter+data — Jun 19 Hallelujah My TV News dream is coming true...
Brian Stelter: The New CNN Is Nancy Grace" gracejune19.jpg...That's what an anonymous veteran producer tells Newsweek in a must-read story.

Citadel select Air Force Academy's Rosa as new president
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CHARLESTON, S.C. - The Citadel has chosen the U.S. Air Force Academy's superintendent as its new president, the military school's board said Sunday.
Air Force Lt. Gen. John Rosa Jr. has run the academy since 2003.
James Joyner: Citadel Hires Air Force Academy's Rosa as New President — Citadel select Air Force Academy's Rosa as new president (AP)...
Jeff Quinton: USAFA superintendent hired as Citadel President AP "The Citadel has chosen the U.S. Air Force Academy's superintendent as its new president.

Iraq Announces Arrest of Terror Suspect
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BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) - The Iraqi government announced Sunday it had arrested a suspected member of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's al-Qaida in Iraq, a man it claimed was responsible for building car bombs and carrying out more than 60 bombings around the capital.
Andrew Olmsted: Iraq announced the arrest of another member of Al Qaeda in Iraq, Musaab Kasser Abdul Rahman Hassan.
Marc @USSNeverdock: Iraq - Zarqawi Henchman Arrested — The Guardian reports.
Jason Van Steenwyk: Good news.... We nailed a big fish named Abu Younis.

Biden says he intends to run for president
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WASHINGTON (AP) — Sen. Joseph Biden, D-Del., said Sunday he intends to run for president in 2008.
But Biden, who also sought the nomination in 1988, said he would give himself until the end of this year to determine if he really can raise enough money and attract enough support.
Taegan Goddard: Biden Intends to Run in 2008 — Sen. Joseph Biden (D-DE) said "he intends to run for president in 2008," the AP reports.
Kos @DailyKos: The credit card companies' favorite senator intends to run for president in 2008. [snipped quote] He's got the inside track to president of MBNA.

Time to Toss The Textbook
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June 27 issue - If economics were a boat, it would be a leaky tub. The pumps would be straining, and the captain would be trying to prevent it from capsizing. Which is to say: our ideas for explaining trends in output, employment and living standards—what we call "macroeconomics"—are in a state of disarray.
Orrin Judd: MORE PEOPLE MAKING MORE AND BETTER STUFF MORE EFFICIENTLY: Time to Toss The Textbook: Greenspan confessed again that he...
Stephen Green: (Not Even) Knowing What We Don't Know Newsweek's Robert Samuelson says that "many assumptions that economists once casually accepted and taught are now suspect or discredited."

Arrogant Australia humbled in 'the biggest upset in the game's history'
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At the start of the day we wondered whether the Aussie juggernaut was spluttering. By the end, it seemed to be missing several wheels. Australia's five-wicket defeat to Bangladesh is as stunning a result in a cricket match as any I can recall.
James Joyner: Bangladesh Beats Australia in Biggest Upset in Cricket History — Cricket: Arrogant Australia humbled in 'the biggest...
Orrin Judd: GOBSMACKED BY MINNOWS: Arrogant Australia humbled in 'the biggest upset in the game's history': Bangladesh 250 for five...

Troops press offensive as Baghdad restaurant bombed
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KARABILA, Iraq (Reuters) - U.S. troops, backed by Iraqi forces and U.S. and British aircraft, pushed on Sunday into the northern section of a town near the Syrian border which they say has become a stronghold for foreign fighters.
Jim Henley: Comments () » Thunderbolt Watch The closest thing to hard data on the success of Operation Thunderbolt, about...
Atrios: Last Throe — So, who should we believe?

Hard-Line Figure In Iran Runoff
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TEHRAN, June 18 — The hard-line, working-class mayor of Tehran will face former president Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, a millionaire cleric, in a runoff election for Iran's presidency next week, according to first-round results announced Saturday.
Praktike: This other dude, Ahmadinejad, seems like bad news: TEHRAN, June 18 — The hard-line, working-class mayor of Tehran will...
Smash: IRAN is also holding elections, but they don't really mean anything.
Laura Rozen: "Disappointed," "shocked," "shocked by the shock" at ultra-conservative hardliner Tehran mayor Mahmud Ahmadinejad's...