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Transcript of Roundtable Interview
  WaPo   —   Permalink 
Here is the full text of the roundtable interview of President Bush by reporters from Texas newspapers on August 1, 2005, in the Roosevelt Room. The transcript was prepared by White House officials but not released immediately.
Jeff Goldstein: However Richard Dawkins' The Blind Watchmaker: Why the Evidence of Evolution Reveals a Universe Without Design uses...
Gary Farber: [quote][...] Bush compared the current debate to earlier disputes over "creationism," a related view that adheres more closely to biblical explanations.[end quote]
Glenn Reynolds: ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Andrew Hazlett emails a link to the full transcript, which he says is a bit more — dare I say it? — nuanced.

Review Finds Iran Far From Nuclear Bomb
  By / WaPo   —   Permalink 
A major U.S. intelligence review has projected that Iran is about a decade away from manufacturing the key ingredient for a nuclear weapon, roughly doubling the previous estimate of five years, according to government sources with firsthand knowledge of the new analysis.
Brad Plumer: Okay, I can see why conservatives might be skeptical of a new NIE review indicating that Iran's nuclear program isn't even up and crawling yet.
MarkInMexico: Main Page Washington Post takes a beating This Washington Post report, "Iran Is Judged 10 Years From Nuclear Bomb", has drawn the ire of the blogosphere.
Justin Gardner: The "10 Years Till Iran Has Nukes" Cavalcade — A recent story put out by the Washington Post suggests that Iran is 10...
Daniel Drezner: Now, however, I see this front-pager by Dafna Linzer in today's Washington Post: [snipped quote] If you read the whole...
Avedon Carol: A pieced of news that could place yet another obstacle in the path of Bush's imperial plans is the news this morning that Iran may not be nuke-ready for another decade.
Gateway Pundit: Also, a questionable review came out today in the Washington Post claiming Iran is 10 years, not five years, away from a nuclear bomb.
Also: Dr. Steven Taylor, McQ, Roger L. Simon, James Joyner, Michael Stickings, Jan Haugland, Nick Danger, Laura Rozen, John Hawkins, Pejman Yousefzadeh, Lambert @Corrente, Kevin Drum, Rich Lowry, Kathryn Jean Lopez, Attaturk, Ogged @Unfogged, Glenn Reynolds

Catholic Justice
  By / Slate   —   Permalink 
Everybody seems to have agreed to tiptoe around the report that Judge John G. Roberts said he would recuse himself in a case where the law required a ruling that the Catholic Church might consider immoral.
Nate F.: Thanks to Feddie for bringing Chris Hitchens' latest defamatory screed to our attention (see also On Not Mourning the Pope and Easter Charade).
Steve M.: I'm referring to Christopher Hitchens, writing in yesterday's Slate: If Roberts is confirmed there will be quite a bloc of Catholics on the court.
Feddie @SouthernAppeal: Hitchens on Judge Roberts's Catholic faith: While I obviously find Christopher Hitchens's blatant anti-Catholic bigotry...
James Joyner: Catholic Justice - Quit tiptoeing around John Roberts' faith (Slate) [snipped quote] One presumes the Senate will get to the bottom of this.
Ramesh Ponnuru: JOHN ROBERTS'S FAITH — I was going to criticize Cathy Young and E. J. Dionne for their columns on the subject, but Christopher Hitchens has made that pointless.

All survive Air France jet crash and fire
  CNN   —   Permalink 
TORONTO, Canada (CNN) — An Air France passenger jet attempting to land at Toronto's Pearson International Airport overran a runway by 200 meters Tuesday, bursting into flames and sending smoke billowing into the sky.
Orrin Judd: A WING AND A PRAYER: All survive Air France jet crash and fire (CNN, 8/02/05) [snipped quote] Thankfully they all survived so we can make fun of Airbus.
Joe @AmericaBlog: Looks like no one was killed. 297 passengers and 12 crew all survived. Now that is amazing.
Glenn Reynolds: THIS IS GOOD NEWS: [snipped quote] As they say: It's a good idea to take a moment to look around the cabin and...
James Joyner: Update (1830): Thankfully, all the passengers survived.

One blog created 'every second'
  BBC   —   Permalink 
The blogosphere is continuing to grow, with a weblog created every second, according to blog trackers Technorati.
In its latest State of the Blogosphere report, it said the number of blogs it was tracking now stood at more than 14.2m blogs, up from 7.8m in March.
James Joyner: One blog created 'every second' (BBC) [snipped quote] The sheer numbers are incredible but not necessarily meaningful;...
Glenn Reynolds: IT'S A BLOG EXPLOSION: [snipped quote] Cool.
Gateway Pundit: A New Blog Each Second — A report based on blog trackers at Technorati concludes that a weblog is created every second.
Arthur Silber: JUST STOP IT! This is fairly overwhelming, just in terms of the sheer volume: [snipped quote] A new blog every second?
Marc @USSNeverdock: Internet - Blogging Going Mainstream? Is this, this and this and indication that blogs are finally going mainstream?
Joe Gandelman: And Each Blogger Thinks He's/She's SPECIAL... If you think doing a blog sets you apart from the crowd, we say "In your...
Also: Plutonium Page, Marcus @HarrysPlace

Why It's Right to Ask About Roberts's Faith
  By / WaPo   —   Permalink 
Is it wrong to question Judge John Roberts on how his Catholic faith might affect his decisions as a Supreme Court justice? Or is it wrong not to?
Few topics arouse more hypocrisy and inconsistency than the relationship between religion and politics.
Paul @PowerLine: E.J. Dionne argues that it's a good idea for Senators to ask John Roberts to "share his reflections" about "Catholic teaching on public issues" with "the public."
Captain Ed: In today's Post column, Dionne argues that the Senate Judiciary Committee should transform itself into the secular...
Orrin Judd: YOU CAN BE ORTHODOX OR ACCEPTABLE TO DEMOCRATS, NOT BOTH: Why It's Right to Ask About Roberts's Faith (E. J. Dionne Jr.,...
Betsy Newmark: EJ Dionne, keeping up his streak of rarely writing anything I agree with, writes today about the question of John Roberts' religion.
Justin @SouthernAppeal: Dionne makes a good point in today's article, "Why It's Right to Ask About Roberts's Faith" — [snipped quote] Me:...
Pejman Yousefzadeh: AN ALTERNATIVE EDITORIAL BY E.J. DIONNE — Instead of writing this . . . thing . . .

Police to raid in socks
  By / The Sun   —   Permalink 
POLICE have been told they must show respect by taking their SHOES OFF before raiding the homes of Muslim terror suspects.
It was one of 18 rules laid down in new guidelines for officers in Luton — a hotbed of Islamic fundamentalism.
Joe Gandelman: British Police Get PC Operational Instruction — NO JOKE DEPT: Police in a city in Great Britain have been ordered to...
Betsy Newmark: The British police now have to take off their shoes when they raid suspected Muslim terrorists. Oy vey!
Justin Gardner: No Shoes For Brit Police? Oh my goodness… [snipped quote] Huh? Don't they remember a few weeks ago?
Kathryn Jean Lopez: P.C. COPS IN SOCKS — This is a joke, right? Hat tip: Jonah's Military Guy.

Bush: Intelligent Design Should Be Taught
  AP   —   Permalink 
(08-02) 04:05 PDT WASHINGTON, (AP) —
President Bush said Monday he believes schools should discuss "intelligent design" alongside evolution when teaching students about the creation of life.
Daniel Drezner: Apparently, Adler could have asked President Bush as well, because it turns out he has some thoughts on the matter:...
John Cole: The Coalition of the Stupid By now you have probably already heard (the hazards of not blogging for a few hours) that...
Joe Gandelman: We Now Know Where George Bush Stands On Creationism In Schools — You just had to suspect President George Bush...
Norbizness: Of course this has been covered on a bazillion other websites, but I think that I would be especially remiss if I didn't...
Matthew Yglesias: Then he goes out of his way to make a statement like this, and there's suddenly no doubting where he stands."
Von @ObsidianWings: Dumbing it Down — "Standards? What standards?"
Also: Riggsveda @Corrente, Roger L. Simon, Gary Farber, John Hawkins, Lambert @Corrente, Jayson @PoliPundit

Franken Unaware Of Ex-Colleague's Alleged Loans
  By / New York Sun   —   Permalink 
The comedian Al Franken, Air America Radio's most prominent host, said yesterday that he did not know whether the hundreds of thousands of dollars apparently lent to the radio network by a Bronx social-service organization had indeed been relayed to Air America by Evan Montvel Cohen.
Brian Maloney: It's taken nearly a week, since the Radio Equalizer's first report on Air America's taxpayer funding diversion scandal,...
Michelle Malkin: According to Lombino's latest article, Al Franken revealed that Air America's current owners have known about the loan...
Scott @PowerLine: Look back in anger — Brian Maloney — he of Radio Equalizer — writes: [snipped quote] Michelle updates the story in...
Captain Ed: Today, Lombino publishes an interview with Al Franken that demolishes attempts by Air America supporters to defend the...
Orrin Judd: OUT OF THE MOUTHS OF BABES: Franken Unaware Of Ex-Colleague's Alleged Loans (DAVID LOMBINO, August 2, 2005, NY Sun)...

The World Is Round
  By / New York Review of Books   —   Permalink 
The belief that a process of globalization is underway which is bringing about a fundamental change in human affairs is not new. Marx and Engels expressed it in 1848, when they wrote in a justly celebrated passage in The Communist Manifesto:
Orrin Judd: NEITHER, IT'S UNEVEN: The World Is Round: a review of The World Is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-first Century by...
Ramesh Ponnuru: JOHN GRAY ON TOM FRIEDMAN — I hold no brief for Friedman and his latest simulacrum of a book—believe me—but I found...
Matthew Yglesias: Still, if this negative review by John Gray is any guide, Tom Friedman's asking at least one good question: ...
Frank @AndrewSullivan: FREIDMAN IS FLATTENED: John Gray is always worth reading, even when his arguments take him to highly idiosyncratic conclusions.

2 Aides to Rove Testify in C.I.A. Leak Inquiry
  By / NYT   —   Permalink 
WASHINGTON, Aug. 2 - Two aides to Karl Rove, the senior White House adviser, testified last Friday before a federal grand jury investigating whether government officials illegally disclosed the identity of an undercover C.I.A. operative, according to a person who has been officially briefed on the case.
Jeralyn Merritt: Rove Aides Queried About Matt Cooper Testimony — The New York Times reports Rove aides Susan Ralston and Israel...
Laura Rozen: Update: More on the testimony at the Plame grand jury last Friday of the two Rove aides, Ralston and Israel Hernandez.

Report: Dem. operatives 'far more involved' in voter intimidation, suppression in 2004
  Arizona Republic   —   Permalink 
WASHINGTON-The American Center for Voting Rights Legislative Fund today released the most comprehensive and authoritative review of the facts surrounding allegations of vote fraud, intimidation and suppression made during the 2004 presidential election.
TheAnchoress: But this is not a charge, but what appears to be a fully researched report, and it is not good news for the...
MarkInMexico: Main Page Vote Fraud - Democrats the busiest AZCentral announces a report issued by The American Center for Voting...

Brain-Dead Woman in Va. Gives Birth
  By / AP   —   Permalink 
RICHMOND, Va. — A brain-dead pregnant woman who has been kept on life support to give her fetus more time to develop gave birth to a baby girl Tuesday, the woman's brother-in-law said.
There were no complications during delivery and the baby "is doing well," Justin Torres wrote in an e-mail to The Associated Press.
Michelle Malkin: A MIRACLE BABY IS BORN — The Associated Press brings us good news today: [snipped quote] Keep the Torres family in your thoughts and prayers.
Orrin Judd: NOT SO WORTHLESS: Brain-Dead Woman in Va. Gives Birth (KRISTEN GELINEAU, 8/02/05, The Associated Press)

Yahoo to launch blog ad network
  By /   —   Permalink 
Yahoo is planning to launch on Wednesday an ad network for small Web publishers intended to strengthen its hand against rival Google, a source familiar with the plan told CNET
Gary Farber: YAHOO STARTS BLOGADS with an announcement tomorrow, Wednesday, it says here.
Jeff Jarvis: Choice Yahoo is competing with Google AdSense for blogs and small publishers. Good. We need choice.

Columnist Hints Book Was Source That Led to Use of C.I.A. Officer's Name
  By / NYT   —   Permalink 
WASHINGTON, Aug. 1 - One of the most puzzling aspects of the C.I.A. leak case has had to do with the name of the exposed officer. Why did the syndicated columnist Robert D. Novak identify her as Valerie Plame in exposing her link to the C.I.A. in July 2003...
Kevin Drum: PLAME vs. WILSON...Anne Kornblut has a short piece in the New York Times today that's devoted to a small but crucial...
Justin Gardner: From the NY Times, comes more on the Plame case: "Why did the syndicated columnist Robert D. Novak identify her as...
Josh Marshall: There's a rather problematic article in Tuesday's Times on the subject of Robert Novak's new column about the Plame matter.
Tom Maguire: Not-Reported-Here Journalism, NY Times Style — Anne Kornblut of the NY Times earns a coveted "Ostrich du Jour" for her...
Garrett M. Graff: NYT's Anne Kornblut follows-up with a story today, and the Sun's new media report, Nick Madigan, who is still easing his way into the gig, reports on how "frustrating" Novak is.
Captain Ed: Far from learning the name and occupation of Wilson's wife from a Deep Throat inside source at the White House, it turns...
Also: John Hawkins, Jeralyn Merritt, Jim Romenesko, Orrin Judd

Massachusetts Governor Tries to Accentuate the Conservative
  By / NYT   —   Permalink 
BOSTON, Aug. 1 - Gov. Mitt Romney says he will decide in the next few months whether to run for the Republican presidential nomination. And if he does, his résumé will carry him a long way. He is the high-profile governor of a prominent state.
Michael @AmericaBlog: Romney labeled the morning after pill an "abortion pill" and said abortion shouldn't be legal.
Taegan Goddard: Romney Runs Right — The New York Times notes that as Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (R) "tries to appeal to his...
Kathryn Jean Lopez: From the NYTimes on Mitt Romney today: [quote] With "issues like stem cell and abortion and so forth," said Joseph D. Malone,...[end quote]
Joe Gandelman: GOP Politicos Scramble Right For 2008 Prez Nomination — The're off — running to the right to increase their...
Alexander K. McClure: The Governor continues his drift to the right, especially on social issues even though it may mean he cannot successfully seek a second term in Massachuestts.

Green For Launch
  Investor's Business Daily   —   Permalink 
Political Correctness: After 2 1/2 years and $1.4 billion spent to make the space shuttle safer, the same problem that doomed Columbia now plagues Discovery. Has environmentalism doomed the shuttle program?
Ed Driscoll: That's a question that Investor's Business Daily asks in its "Issues & Insights" column: Read More [snipped quote] Exactly.
Kathryn Jean Lopez: It's like Jonathan Adler-John Derbyshire synergy.

DNC: Bush Should Stop Playing Games with Physical Fitness
  Yahoo! News   —   Permalink 
The White House this weekend announced that President Bush received good news during his annual physical. Doctors pronounced the President to be in "superior" physical condition, which media reports attributed to his rigorous, six day a week exercise routine.
John @PowerLine: You Can't Make This Stuff Up — This DNC press release attacking President Bush for being physically fit is one more sign of a party that has gone around the bend.
Captain Ed: The Howard Dean-led DNC has decided to deride President Bush for staying physically fit while in office: "WASHINGTON,...
Michelle Malkin: See Lorie Byrd and Lyflines for details of a snort-worthy DNC press release. I, for one, am glad we don't have a president who has muffin top.
Jeff Goldstein: The Far Side (or, "The Impotence of Being Earnest") From an August 1 Democratic National Committee media fact sheet issued by DNC spokesman Josh Earnest: [snipped quote] Well now.
James Joyner: DNC: Bush Should Stop Playing Games with Physical Fitness — The Democratic National Committee has taken the occasion of...
Jay Tea: Memo to DNC Chairman Howard Dean, M.D. : It's called the "Hippocratic Oath," not the "Hypocritical Oath." You're welcome.
Also: Gerry Daly, V @LeftInTheWest, Jayson @PoliPundit

Current non-event
  By / Chicago Tribune   —   Permalink 
Ever have a teacher who tried way too hard to be "down" with the kids? Who never knew that he was using out-of-date lingo or patronizing the intelligence of the people he wanted to befriend?
Daniel Drezner: Well, Mo Ryan is certainly discussing Current TV in the Chicago Tribune — and it sounds like Ted Turner and Rupert...
Warren Bell: CHAIRMAN AL WANTS TO RAP — The Chicago Tribune reviews Al Gore's new cable venture, Current TV.

Giant Lenin statue could return to Berlin streets
  Reuters   —   Permalink 
BERLIN (Reuters) - Left-wing Berlin senators want to reassemble a giant statue of Russian Communist revolutionary Vladimir Lenin that was removed from the former eastern half of the city in 1991 shortly after German reunification.
Damian Penny: Not dead enough — How quickly they forget... Left-wing Berlin senators want to reassemble a giant statue of Russian...
Kathryn Jean Lopez: IDIOTS OUTLIVE THEIR USEFULNESS — Berlin politicians want to erect a statue to honor Lenin.

In San Joaquin Valley, Cows Pass Cars as Polluters
  By / LAT   —   Permalink 
Air district says bovines on the region's booming dairy farms are the biggest single source of smog-forming gases. The industry takes issue.
California's San Joaquin Valley for some time has had the dirtiest air in the country.
Clayton Cramer: Cow Pollution — This is an interesting story about air pollution in the San Joquain Valley in California—and the...
Smash: Bovine Flatulence — THE LOS ANGELES TIMES investigates air pollution in the San Joaquin Valley, focusing the blame squarely on farting cows.
Acidman: cow farts=brain farts — Wanna save the planet? Find a way to stop cows from farting. You can't do that?
Kathryn Jean Lopez: HAVING A COW — What is PETA going to do about this? Cows are more to blame for smog than cars?

Bush: Schools should teach intelligent design
  MSNBC   —   Permalink 
WASHINGTON - President Bush said Monday he believes schools should discuss "intelligent design" alongside evolution when teaching students about the creation of life.
During a round-table interview with reporters from five Texas newspapers, Bush declined to go into detail on his personal views of the origin of life.
Billmon: The Descent of Man — [snipped quote] descent.jpg
John Derbyshire: DERBITES, TALK AMONGST YOURSELVES — Bush endorses discussions of intelligent design theory in schools.
Joe @AmericaBlog: Bush wants Creationism taught in Schools — Oh boy. Sure he calls it "Intelligent Design" but it's still creationism.

Bolton Presents Credentials at U.N.
  By / AP   —   Permalink 
UNITED NATIONS - John Bolton presented his credentials Tuesday as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, a job which will challenge him to work with diplomats from 190 nations in a place he has called irrelevant.

The two exchanged greetings and then held a brief private meeting.
MarkInMexico: Main Page John Bolton arrives at UN John Bolton presented his credentials Tuesday to Kofi Annan at the UN.
Rich Lowry: Doesn't seem like it, according to this story an e-mailer just sent me: [quote] "He will be one of the key players because the...[end quote]

Privilege at Stake With Nominees
  By / WaPo   —   Permalink 
At the heart of battles over President Bush's nominations to the Supreme Court and United Nations is a broader — and largely successful — campaign to reassert executive prerogatives lost under his predecessor and limit public access to the internal workings of government.
Ezra Klein: Mushy Moderates and Timid Traditionalists — Interesting article in the Washington Post: [snipped quote] What's...
Orrin Judd: RECLAIMING LOST GROUND: Privilege at Stake With Nominees (Peter Baker, August 2, 2005, Washington Post)
Pejman Yousefzadeh: So anytime you see someone complain about the Bush Administration's "secrecy" in claiming privilege on documents that...
Susie Madrak: Wah! Baby Wants His Way! Bubble Boy just can't accept the idea that he works for us, and not vice-versa.

California Screaming
  NRO   —   Permalink 
Hollywood, it's a helluva loud town.
One highlight of this season's Television Critics Association press tour, which wound down late last week in Beverly Hills, was comedian Adam Carolla's tantrum.
NeoCon Someone: BONEHEADED-EDITING FILES — Someone changed "Palestine" to Middle East while editing Cathy Seipp's piece up today.
Ed Driscoll: And Cathy Seipp notes that it needs a serious lesson in anger-management and tolerance of employees currently less...

Don't get into a lather over sweatshops
  Christian Science Monitor   —   Permalink 
SAN JOSE, CALIF. - San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom is pushing the city council to adopt an ordinance that forbids the use of municipal funds to purchase uniforms and other clothing made in "sweatshops." Across the country, colleges often adopt similar standards for clothing displaying their school logos.
Radley Balko: More Sweatshops, Please — Benjamin Powell and David Skarbek in the Christian Science Monitor: [snipped quote] This isn't surprising.
Arnold Kling: Sweatshop Wages are better than average wages, according to Benjamin Powell and David Skarbek. Their longer paper is here.

Green-Collar Crime
  By / Slate   —   Permalink 
A tip for all of you aspiring investigative reporters: When you expose an Internet sex hoax, there are going to be consequences. Take it from me. My sleuthing got me an unplanned role in a piece of erotic fiction that starred Chewbacca as a Wookiee Casanova.
Nick Gillespie: Slate piece here. Farivar's site here. Wookieefetish here.
Gary Farber: NO ONE WILL KNOW OUR PLAN! A quite amusing tale of busting an internet hoax via referrer logs and a bit of poking about.

  Drudge Report   —   Permalink 
Washington, D.C. -Senator Norm Coleman today submitted a statement into the Congressional Record denouncing a final report issued by the United Nations' Working Group on Internet Governance (WGIG) suggesting that the U.N. assume global governance of the Internet.
Jeff Goldstein: Heartened by Kelo, the UN tries its hand at eminent domain — From Drudge: [snipped quote] Reached for comment,...
Smash: Keep the UN out of the Internet SENATOR NORM COLEMAN: [snipped quote] Hear, hear! And that goes for the FEC, too.

Judith Miller in Jail: Principle vs. Politics
  By / WaPo   —   Permalink 
Before Judith Miller of the New York Times went to jail for not revealing her sources, I offered her my services. I suggested that she tell me her source and then, once she was in jail, I would reveal that I knew, and the special prosecutor would jail me as well — but not before I told another journalist.
Tom Maguire: Judy's Game — Mickey is wondering what Judy Miller is up to; Arianna Huffington has a big July 31 post, but treads water on Aug 1; and Richard Cohen of the WaPo joins in on Aug 2.
Jim Romenesko: The fury at NYT's Miller is ugly, does journalism no good — Washington Post That's Richard Cohen's belief.

Ambassador Bolton*
  WaPo   —   Permalink 
PRESIDENT BUSH was within his rights yesterday to install John R. Bolton as ambassador to the United Nations by recess appointment. Mr. Bolton's nomination has been pending a long time, and a majority of the Senate probably would have voted to confirm him.
Tarek @LiquidList: But it was nice to read in the New York Times this morning that there was some thoughtful commentary about how bad of a...
Tim Graham: "REFUSED TO LOSE GRACEFULLY" — The Washington Post editorial writers today on the Bolton recess appointment: "An...
John @AmericaBlog: Washington Post editorial says lying to Congress is no big deal — Big surprise that the newspaper that bought Bush's...

David Shaw, 62; Prize-Winning Times Writer Forged New Standards for Media Criticism
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David Shaw, a Pulitzer Prize-winning Los Angeles Times writer who set new standards for media criticism with his hard-hitting examinations of the American press — including his own newspaper — died Monday evening. He was 62.
Matt Welch: Plus, he was a Compton boy who wrote a book about Wilt Chamberlain, which I am happy to own. LAT obit here.
Jim Romenesko: Pulitzer-winning Shaw set new standards for media criticism — Los Angeles Times david shaw David Shaw died Monday of...
Garrett M. Graff: His paper, where he worked for 37 years, has a one-part obituary. "David believed in journalistic independence, and he definitely practiced it," said John S. Carroll.

GM Resumes Buying Advertising in The Times
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General Motors Corp. has resumed corporate advertising in the Los Angeles Times more than three months after withdrawing its ads from the paper in a dispute over coverage of the company.
At the time, GM executives said they had concerns beyond Neil's column but declined to publicly air them.
Kevin Roderick: GM: Never mind — General Motors has cancelled its punitive boycott of the L.A. Times and resumed advertising.
Jim Romenesko: General Motors resumes corporate advertising in LAT — Los Angeles Times | Independent Weekly GM pulled its ads in April...

War Room
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Two choices for reading the rest of this article and all of Salon:
The U.S. has cleared two Chinese Muslims it has held in custody at Guantánamo for three years. So why are they still in custody?
Novak says he's compelled to defend his own integrity in the Plame case.
John @AmericaBlog: Salon now shows that Novak appears to be using James Guckert's writing as a source for yesterday's Novak column, and...
Judd @ThinkProgress: Bob Novak's 8/1 column

While Senate Stalled on Bolton, Bush's U.N. Plans Advanced
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WASHINGTON, Aug. 1 - Now that he is finally going to the United Nations as ambassador, John R. Bolton is supposed to "provide clear American leadership for reform" there, President Bush said Monday.
Orrin Judd: CONDI'S GOT IT COVERED: Bush's U.N. Agenda Is Well Under Way (STEVEN R. WEISMAN, 8/02/05, NY Times) [A]merican officials...
Matthew Yglesias: Declaring Victory — This is one of the odder public relations gambits I've seen in a while: [snipped quote] Note that...

Suspect's tale of travel and torture
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A former London schoolboy accused of being a dedicated al-Qaida terrorist has given the first full account of the interrogation and alleged torture endured by so-called ghost detainees held at secret prisons around the world.
Susie Madrak: Guilty Until Proven Innocent The question the torture devotees never seem to ask is, "What if he's innocent?"
Jeralyn Merritt: The Pentagon recently declassified his lawyer's 28 page diary of notes taken in interviews with Mohammed describing the...

Christopher Booker's notebook
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In 20 years' time, a new study predicts, almost the only thing British about Britain's Armed Forces will be the men and women serving in them, and the Union Flags sewn on their Chinese-made uniforms to distinguish them from their EU colleagues.
Andrew Stuttaford: FOR ALL THOSE TONY BLAIR FANS OUT THERE — From the Sunday Telegraph : "A wealth of evidence has come to light to show...
Steve Antler: Nothing new under the sun... Mercantilism II. Be on he lookout for regulations on the export of bullion.
Vox Day: It's just a free trade zone — From the Telegraph, via NRO's Corner: [snipped quote] You may wish to keep this in mind this as NAFTA+CAFTA morphs insensibly into the American Union.

The Anti-Semitic Disease
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The intensification of anti-Semitism in the Arab world over the last years and its reappearance in parts of Europe have occasioned a number of thoughtful reflections on the nature and consequences of this phenomenon, but also some misleading analyses based on doubtful premises.
Gary Farber: An interesting companion piece is this on anti-Semitism by Paul Johnson (yes, it's from Commentary, and yes, they're...
Kathryn Jean Lopez: CULTURAL INFECTION — Paul Johnson in the latest Commentary: "if anti-Semitism is a variety of racism, it is a most peculiar variety, with many unique characteristics.

Murdoch Departure Puts Television Unit Under the Spotlight
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The surprise resignation of Lachlan Murdoch from News Corp. last week puts a spotlight on one of the least glamorous but most important divisions of the sprawling global media giant: its TV station group.
Brian Stelter: WSJ: Roger Ailes Wants To Improve Ties Between Fox News & Fox Stations — "The vacancy created by Lachlan Murdoch's...
Jim Romenesko: Lachlan Murdoch's resignation puts spotlight on TV division — Wall Street Journal Lachlan Murdoch was deputy chief...

The Kingdom and the Power
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THE news yesterday that King Fahd of Saudi Arabia had died sent only minor ripples through Wall Street, and caused few jitters in the already nervous energy markets. That is largely because the death of the octogenarian king - incapacitated since a 1995 stroke - had been largely expected since he was hospitalized in May.
Gary Farber: I read this in today's Op-Ed section of the Times, by Gerald Posner: "Saudi Arabia has no constitution and no formal procedure is established for succession."
Orrin Judd: MORE: The Kingdom and the Power (GERALD POSNER, 8/02/05, NY Times) "[T]he real question is whether petrodollars and the...

America's 'terrible thing'
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AT LEAST God told Moses the truth. Before laying on him the requirements of a monotheistic faith that would immediately cause violent conflict with idol-worshipers, God said, ''It is a terrible thing that I will do with you. "And so it was.
Barbara O'Brien: See also James Carroll in today's Boston Globe: "Under George W. Bush, America has done and is doing a terrible thing in that nation.
Orrin Judd: A TERRIBLE THING, BUT NOT THE MOST TERRIBLE: America's 'terrible thing' (James Carroll, August 2, 2005, Boston Globe)...

Ratzinger's road to the throne of St. Peter
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When the name "Ratzinger" resounded from the balcony of St. Peter's Basilica to indicate who would be the next supreme pontiff of the 1.1 billion-strong Roman Catholic Church, elation burst out in many nations.
TheAnchoress: A Look Back At An Extraordinary Month Hugh Hewitt is raising an eyebrow as he links to the LA Times' review of John Allen's new book on Pope Benedict XVI.
Hugh Hewitt: That's how the Los Angeles Times review of John L. Allen's new book on the election of Benedict XVI begins.

With Pataki Out, Is Pirro In?
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The Republican Party's golden girl, Jeanine F. Pirro, seems to be giving Mario M. Cuomo a run for his old nickname, Hamlet on the Hudson.
Ms. Pirro, the Westchester County district attorney, announced on May 23 that she would not seek another term this year, and would run instead for governor, the United States Senate or state attorney general in 2006.
Taegan Goddard: The New York Republican Party's "golden girl," Jeanine Pirro, "seems to be giving Mario M. Cuomo a run for his old nickname, Hamlet on the Hudson," the New York Times reports.
Alexander K. McClure: Pirro continues to vaciliate, and that has some in the liberal media comparing her to Mario Cuomo as the new "Hamlet on the Hudson."

Bush's U.N. Agenda Is Well Under Way
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WASHINGTON, Aug. 1 - Now that he is finally going to the United Nations as ambassador, John R. Bolton is supposed to "provide clear American leadership for reform" there, President Bush said Monday.
Gary Farber: But it's my impression that few people noticed this story, asserting that most of the heavy lifting on UN reform is already done.
Glenn Reynolds: MAYBE BUSH IS AS SMART AS SOME PEOPLE SAY: Just read this report from the non-Bush-suck-up New York Times: [snipped quote] It's as if there was some sort of cunning plan all along.

Ambassador Bolton
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If there's a positive side to President Bush's appointment of John Bolton as ambassador to the United Nations yesterday, it's that as long as Mr. Bolton is in New York, he will not be wreaking diplomatic havoc anywhere else.
Captain Ed: Gray Lady Weeps Over Bolton Appointment — The New York Times editorial board works itself into quite an emotional state...
MarkInMexico: Main Page John Bolton's personal gravitas In an editorial in The New York Times, written by Editorial Writer,...
Rich Lowry: JOHN BOLTON, SOURCE OF ALL EVIL — The New York Times said this in an editorial today: [snipped quote] This is so silly.

Saddam's trial on live television
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The trial of Saddam Hussein will be shown on live television, Iraq's national security adviser said yesterday.
The trial will show the Arab and Muslim world "that this is going to be a fair, just trial with a defence counsel in there, with a proper prosecuting counsel as well there," Iraqi national security adviser Muwaffaq Rubaie told CNN.
Jeff Goldstein: The Revolution WILL Be Televised — The Telegraph (UK): [snipped quote] The odds Coca-Cola will purchase time to run its...
Stephen Green: Must-See TV — Time to program a new keyword into your TiVo: [snipped quote] Personally, I don't watch televised trials.
Smash: Must See TV — SADDAM HUSSEIN'S TRIAL will be televised. saddamcourt.jpg Click the above image for a laugh.
Lorie Byrd: Talk About Must See T.V. Saddam Hussein's trial will be broadcast live on television.

Bush endorses teaching 'intelligent design' theory in schools
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WASHINGTON - President Bush waded into the debate over evolution and "intelligent design" Monday, saying schools should teach both theories on the creation and complexity of life.
Tgirsch: Of course, it's just part of the liberal propaganda machine that is PBS, so it has no business being on the air (at...
Avedon Carol: Perhaps this is what Bush meant to endorse for our public schools?
Gary Farber: The President gave us the benefit of his intellectual leadership: "President Bush waded into the debate over evolution...
Steve M.: The President of the United States discussing science in a Q&A with reporters yesterday, as reported by Knight-Ridder:...
Jesse Taylor: The War Of Darwinist Aggression — Bush comes out for creationism in schools, unsurprisingly.
Justin Gardner: From Knight Ridder, more about intelligent design: "WASHINGTON - President Bush waded into the debate over evolution...
Also: Betsy Newmark, Attaturk, Kevin Drum

Blair must overturn 40 years of mistakes
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On July 7, when the official explanation was still "power surges", I thought of Conrad's great novel The Secret Agent and its signature image of the lone terrorist padding the streets of London with a bomb strapped to his chest: "He had no future. He disdained it.
Hugh Hewitt: Mark Steyn, at his best: Tony Blair talks a good talk, explaining the rationale for war far better than President Bush.
Michael DeBow: Witty yet serious-as-a-heart-attack is Mark Steyn, diagnosing the UK post-7/7: [snipped quote] His sobering conclusion:...
MarkInMexico: That's what Mark Steyn calls terrorism, quoting Conrad's "The Secret Agent". And he says that Tony Blair has a much more difficult job than President Bush.
Andrew Stuttaford: STEYN — In the Daily Telegraph, on Tony Blair: "Tony Blair talks a good talk, explaining the rationale for war far better than President Bush.

Two More Arrested in Failed London Attacks
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LONDON — Police investigating failed July 21 bomb attacks in London said Monday they had arrested two men during raids in the city, as authorities tried to determine whether there were links between that attack and the transit bombings two weeks earlier.
Cori Dauber: 2 More Arrests in London and Game Over — Details here.
Smash: Morning Quarters — War on Terror Two More Arrested in Failed London Attacks — AP "Police investigating failed July 21...

Times Media Critic David Shaw Dies
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David Shaw, a Pulitzer Prize-winning Los Angeles Times writer who set new standards for media criticism with his hard-hitting examinations of the American press — including his own newspaper — died Monday evening. He was 62.
Kevin Roderick: Thurber wrote the obituary posted on the Times website.
Patterico: David Shaw Dies David Shaw has died. We bloggers poked some fun at his claims about the four experienced Times editors who reviewed everything he said.

Shin Bet: Despite truce, Palestinian terror hits 18-month high
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Twenty-one Israelis were killed and 238 wounded by Palestinian terrorists during the first seven months of 2005, according to figures published by the Shin Bet security service.
During more than six of these months, the Palestinian Authority and the terror organizations had declared a truce.
Maurice Sonnenwirth: In fact, al-Haaretz reported today that Palestinian terror was not only not slowing, but was instead, rising (Shin Bet:...
Kathryn Jean Lopez: DOUBLE-TAKE HEADLINE OF THE DAY — "Despite truce, Palestinian terror hits 18-month high"

Oil settles above $61, hits new record
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NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - Oil prices gained a dollar to hit a new settlement high above $61 Monday as the market weighed the death of Saudi Arabia's King Fahd, a string of refinery outages and tensions over Iran's nuclear ambitions.
Riggsveda @Corrente: At Play In The Coal Fields Of The Lord — So the price of oil hit a new record yesterday after the death of King Faud.
Talking Dog: Well, not that far beyond... crude oil prices spiked to close at a record $61 and change today, part of the pot pourri...

U.S. soldier's aid to Iraqis earns him title of sheik
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QAYYARAH, Iraq - Sheik Horn floats around the room in white robe and headdress, exchanging pleasantries with dozens of village leaders.
But he is the only sheik with blonde streaks in his mustache - and the only one who attended country music star Toby Keith's recent concert in Baghdad with fellow U.S. soldiers.
Barbara O'Brien: Appeasers — According to this Associated Press story, an Army staff sergeant stationed in Iraq has become an official sheik.
Glenn Reynolds: A U.S. ARMY SERGEANT elected Sheik in Iraq.
Smash: Italians Say London Suspect Lacks Wide Terrorist Ties — The New York Times [snipped quote] Iraq U.S. soldier's aid to...

How to Lose Smart
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Here's what's not a secret: Supreme Court nominee John G. Roberts is a well-respected litigator, arguing cases before the high court 39 times. He is also a lifelong Republican, having worked for Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush.
Lorie Byrd: She also speaks the truth about why Gloria Borger's advice to the Democrats concerning confirmations (in her example,...
James Joyner: How to Lose Smart (U.S. News) [snipped quote] Exactly right. Granted, I think that a majority of the public will prefer Roberts to Ginsburg.
Betsy Newmark: Gloria Bolger has some smart advice for the Democratic senators who are pondering how to vote on Roberts.

Israel Warns of Iran Nuclear Plans
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(08-01) 16:33 PDT JERUSALEM, Israel (AP) —
Israeli officials expressed alarm Monday over Iran's decision to resume uranium processing, warning that unless the international community steps up pressure on the Islamic state, Iran will develop nuclear weapons.
McQ: In a related story, Israel agrees with me (or maybe it's the other way around): "Israel has repeatedly warned that...
Roger L. Simon: Dept. of Reverse English — If I were the Mullahs, reading this would make me nervous: Despite the mounting concern over...
Smash: Israel Warns of Iran Nuclear Plans — AP "Israeli officials expressed alarm Monday over Iran's decision to resume...

Reaction to Bolton's U.N. Appointment
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Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev.
Avedon Carol: The fact that Democrats are decrying the recess appointment of Bolton has the wingers in a flurry of faux parallelism...
Captain Ed: The comments have predictably shown their partisan bias. Republicans, except for George Voinovich, have offered their support and decried the necessity of a recess appointment.
Jeff Goldstein: The Bolton Effect — Cliff May on the Bolton recess appointment: [quote] Bolton's opponents are saying he is "damaged."[end quote]
Betsy Newmark: If Democrats have problems with what Bolton says while he's there, their problem is with the fact that Bush is the president, not John Bolton.
Daniel Drezner: The myriad political responses to the decision include a lot of apoplexy from Democrats.
Kevin Aylward: Under the Constitution, a recess appointment during the lawmakers' August break would last until a newly elected...
Also: John Cole, Baldilocks, Gateway Pundit, Justin Gardner, Marc @USSNeverdock, Dave Meyer, Kathryn Jean Lopez

Ex-CIA official's remark is wrong
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A statement attributed to the former CIA spokesman indicating that I deliberately disregarded what he told me in writing my 2003 column about Joseph Wilson's wife is just plain wrong.
Tom Maguire: Robert Novak was responding to a story broken last week in the WaPo; as a proper Timeswoman, Ms. Kornblut is obliged to...
Justin Gardner: UPDATE: 4:54 p.m. CMT Reader goy keeps me on my toes by calling out the fact I didn't link to Novak's recent column where he made the above comments.
Jeralyn Merritt: Novak and the Plame Name — The New York Times has an unilluminating article today on Robert Novak's disclosure...
Avedon Carol: Douchebag of Liberty watch: Novak is making excuses for outing Plame again.
Garrett M. Graff: Novak Speaks — Sort Of — Bob Novak's not-quite-tell-all column is creating a second day of waves.
Jesse Taylor: Bob Novak's back, and although there are plenty of people far more versed in the Harlow story and the background on...
Also: Kevin Drum, James Joyner, Jim Romenesko, Barbara O'Brien, Taegan Goddard, Larry Johnson, Joe @AmericaBlog, Josh Marshall

Bush Sidesteps Senate, Installs Bolton as U.N. Envoy
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President Bush sidestepped the U.S. Senate on Monday and installed controversial nominee John Bolton as ambassador to the United Nations, saying the post was "too important to leave vacant any longer."
Steve M.: Oh, sorry — I guess I'm supposed to be angry about the Bolton recess appointment. It just doesn't seem worth the bother, though.
Judd @ThinkProgress: Bolton Isn't Permanent — President Bush just announced he was installing John Bolton as ambassador to the UN with a recess appointment.
Norbizness: Obstruction is now defined as "people from both parties requesting information and threatening not to take action until...
Stygius: Not much more to say, except to point to the New York Times and Washington Post report.
Barbara O'Brien: Bush snubbed the Senate and made John Bolton the new UN Ambassador through recess appointment.
Tom @BeggingToDiffer: TROUBLE OR NOTHING — Looks like President Bush has made John Bolton UN Ambassador via a recess appointment.
Also: Lambert @Corrente, Ken Masugi, Paul @PowerLine, Justin Gardner, McQ, Guest @ThinkProgress, Michael Froomkin, Kathryn Jean Lopez

Judge Posner's Incorrect Verdict
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"How does Richard A. Posner do it?" ask the editors of the New York Times Book Review in the July 31 issue. By "it" the editors aren't inquiring about Judge Posner's bed-sports style but to his prolific way with words—"38 books, more than 300 articles and...
Ann Althouse: Jack Shafer slams Judge Posner's writing, especially his recent essay in the NYT Book Review.
Steve M.: UPDATE: In Slate, Jack Shafer posts a much better response to Posner than mine.
Jim Romenesko: An answer for those who want to know how Posner does it — Slate Jack Shafer says if "Bad News" is any example of Judge...
Tom Smith: Posner beat up upon — I think these criticisms of Posner are somewhat unjust. But interesting nonetheless.
Daniel Drezner: Meanwhile, Jack Shafer rips Posner's essay apart in Slate.
Atrios: Posner — Shafer gives him about 1/100th of the whacking he deserves, but it's a start.

Bush appoints Bolton as U.N. ambassador
  CNN   —   Permalink 
EXPERIENCE: Until recently, undersecretary of state for arms control and international security since May 11, 2001; assistant U.S. attorney general, 1985-1989; assistant administrator for program and policy coordination, U.S. Agency for International...
Talking Dog: Needless to say, the President's policies (whatever they are!) would seem to be working... I guess we'll also be...
Captain Ed: Bolton Gets The Recess Nod — John Bolton accepted a recess appointment as ambassador to the United Nations this...
Roger L. Simon: Recess!... Gimme that Rude — CNN is reporting that Bush plans to make a recess appointment of John Bolton as our UN Ambassador in a few minutes.
Ezra Klein: On Bolton, On Blitzer, On Cheney and Condi — Bolton, as you no doubt know, just got himself a recess appointment.
Jesse Taylor: The Live Comments Of President Bush On The Appointment Of John Bolton — The previous five months this dickweed wasn't at the U.N., it was okay.
James Joyner: Source: Bush to appoint Bolton to U.N. (CNN) [snipped quote] This strikes me as a big mistake.
Also: Jeffrey Dubner, RJ Eskow

Bush Appoints Bolton As U.N. Ambassador
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WASHINGTON - President Bush sidestepped the Senate and installed embattled nominee John Bolton as ambassador to the United Nations on Monday, ending a five-month impasse with Democrats who accused Bolton of abusing subordinates and twisting intelligence to fit his conservative ideology.
Joe Gandelman: President George Bush bypassed the Senate and used a recess appointment to send embattled UN Ambassador nominee to the...
John @AmericaBlog: Democrats: Bush needs to be made to pay a price for this appointment. Rest of World: This man has no credibility and we don't support him.
Montag: Bolton Appointment — Associated Press: Bush Appoints Bolton As U.N. Ambassador [snipped quote] Will there be any political consequences from this appointment?
Dave Meyer: The AP story on the appointment doesn't do justice to the severity of Bolton's problems, and doesn't get into the challenges he's now going to face at the UN.
Mott Street: Some style editing. It is done. Bolton is headed to the u.n.
Forkum: John Bolton — From AP: Bush Appoints Bolton, Bypassing Senate. [snipped quote] Our previous editorial cartoons about Bolton
Also: Michelle Malkin, Jayson @PoliPundit

Let's face facts, Europe's being run by cowards
  The Australian   —   Permalink 
THE writer Henryk Broder recently issued a withering indictment: Europe, your family name is appeasement. That phrase resonates because it is so terribly true.
Barbara O'Brien: Via Memeorandum—in The Australian some guy named Mathias Doepfner rants that Europe is being run by cowards. Why?
Gateway Pundit: Europe's Appeasement — Mathias Doepfner writes today in The Australian about the shameful past of the Europeans and the...
Arthur Chrenkoff: Fighting words from a German — Pretty strong words from Mathias Doepfner, chief executive of German media group Axel...
Jan Haugland: Mathias Doepfner, chief executive of Germany's media group Axel Springer, writes Let's face facts, Europe's being run by...
Betsy Newmark: This German media executive doesn't mince words in criticizing the German appraoch to rising fundamentalist Islamic terrorism.
MarkInMexico: Main Page Germans to offer terrorists a holiday Mathias Doepfner, chief executive of German media group Axel...
Also: Jeff Goldstein, Michael DeBow, Stanley Kurtz, Marc @USSNeverdock

A look at presidential recess appointments
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Presidents since George Washington have made appointments during congressional recesses to fill positions in the executive and judicial branches. Under the Constitution, the president can make temporary appointments while the Senate is in recess, without Senate approval.
Captain Ed: ADDENDUM: Here's an interesting look at recess appointments by recent presidents.
Will Franklin: Recess Appointments, Carter to Bush- Source: The Los Angeles Times, and C-SPAN. — Previous Trivia Tidbit: The American Economy.
Betsy Newmark: Drudge links to this handy list comparing other recent presidents and their recess appointments.
John Cole: Sen. Edward M. Kennedy Others who deviously abused their power and operated under a cloak of secrecy include the...
Marc @USSNeverdock: Clinton made recess appointments 140 times!
Taegan Goddard: The AP reviews previous recess apppointments and Slate explains when the tactic can be used. Link | Related News
Also: Kathryn Jean Lopez

Bush Appoints Bolton as U.N. Envoy, Bypassing Senate
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President Bush bypassed the Senate confirmation process today and appointed John R. Bolton as the new United States ambassador to the United Nations.
At the White House, President Bush congratulated John R. Bolton on his appointment as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations.
Hilzoy @ObsidianWings: Bush To Senate, UN, World: Screw You by hilzoy From the NYTimes: [quote] "President Bush bypassed the Senate confirmation...[end quote]
John Cole: Bolton Appointed And Bush appoints Bolton: resident Bush will bypass the Senate confirmation process on John R...
Taegan Goddard: Bush Bypasses Senate on Bolton — President Bush [snipped quote] the New York Times reports.
Baldilocks: It never was. [quote] "Because of partisan delaying tactics by a handful of senators, John was unfairly denied the up-or-down vote that he deserves," the president said. [end quote]
MarkInMexico: UPDATE: The New York Times reports that Sen. Christopher Dodd said, [snipped quote] Now that's certainly a scary thought.
James Joyner: Bush Appoints Bolton as U.N. Envoy, Bypassing Senate - New York Times — Bush Appoints Bolton as U.N. Envoy, Bypassing Senate - New York Times
Also: Laura Rozen

Bad to the Last Drop
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IT'S summertime, and odds are that at some point during your day you'll reach for a nice cold bottle of water. But before you do, you might want to consider the results of an experiment I conducted with some friends one summer evening last year.
Jacob Sullum: Economist technology editor Tom Standage, author of A History of the World in Six Glasses (which sounds interesting, to...
Ogged @Unfogged: Tap — This is pretty funny. IT'S summertime, and odds are that at some point during your day you'll reach for a nice cold bottle of water.
Gary Farber: I'D JUST LIKE TO SAY that I've never bought a bottle of water in my life.
Michael @AmericaBlog: An amusing op-ed in the NYT about the silliness of bottled water. (Personally, I'm wedded to those square Fiji bottles.)
Tarek @LiquidList: The Economist's Tom Standage notes the incredible waste that is bottled water in todays New York Times.

Funds of a Bronx Youth Group Allegedly Lent to Air America
  By / New York Sun   —   Permalink 
The top executive at a Bronx youth organization said yesterday that the former director of Air America Radio received more than $800,000 in loans for himself and the radio network from the nonprofit organization while serving as its development director.
Captain Ed: The Continuing Scandal At Air America — The New York Sun takes on the Air America story today and advances it by leaps...
Michelle Malkin: Air America's pom-pom squad at the New York Times remains silent, but the New York Sun's David Lombino advances the...
Paul @Wizbang: The New York Sun looks into the story and they are starting to find the rest of the iceberg: Funds of a Bronx Youth...
Brian Maloney: While Air America's personalities and the mainstream media (MSM) remain silent on the growing scandal, one where it...
TheAnchoress: Air America case still "non-story" to NYTimes It seems the NY Sun is now covering the story of Air America's apparent...
La Shawn Barber: (They borrowed money from a non-profit?) The Karl-Rove-blows-CIA-agent 's-cover was a manufactured "scandal" that proved...

Who's Paying for Our Patriotism?
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President Bush assures us that the ongoing twin wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are worth the sacrifices they entail. Editorialists around the nation agree and say that a steadfast American public was willing to stay the course.
Derek Chollet: As Uwe Reinhardt pointed out yesterday in a superb Washington Post column, there is a strange detachment between the...
Brad DeLong: War on the Cheap — Uwe Reinhardt is not at all happy: Who's Paying for Our Patriotism?
Gene @HarrysPlace: Inequality of sacrifice — Uwe Reinhardt, a professor of political economy at Princeton and the father of a Marine,...
Pessimist @LeftCoaster: As the Washington Post asks: "Unlike the editors of the nation's newspapers, I am not at all impressed by people who...
Nick Gillespie: There is data from Vietman War which suggests that, at least in terms of fatalities, class did not play the role normally ascribed to it.
Asheesh Siddique: As Princeton economist Uwe Reinhardt noted in yesterday's Washington Post, the Bush administration has delivered rhetoric, not results, to America's soldiers.
Also: Atrios, Hilzoy @ObsidianWings

Triumph of the Machine
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The campaign for Social Security privatization has degenerated into farce. The "global war on terrorism" has been downgraded to the "global struggle against violent extremism" (pronounced gee-save), which is just embarrassing.
Brad DeLong: Machine Politics — Paul Krugman writes: Triumph of the Machine - New York Times: [T]he administration is crowing...
Susie Madrak: The Agenda Krugman on BushCo's recent legislative "success": These bills don't have anything to do with governing,...
Armando @DailyKos: Bush in Two Paragraphs — Krugman: [snipped quote] This is Bush in a nutshell — a lazy, ignorant, privileged fratboy who...
Brad Plumer: Sounds pedantic, yes, but one bit jibes nicely with yesterday's Paul Krugman column, which argued that the Bush...
Barbara O'Brien: I also want to draw your attention to a couple of significant columns in today's New York Times— Paul Krugman's "Triumph of the Machine" and Bob Herbert's "Who We Are."
Matthew Yglesias: Why is it "Cafta" instead of "CAFTA" but "NATO" instead of "Nato"? I'm having a hard time seeing what the principled distinction is supposed to be.

  New York Post   —   Permalink 
It's the kind of outrageous story that would raise the hackles of talk-show host Al Franken: A government-funded agency serving the needy lends nearly $500,000 to a shaky political radio network and is never repaid.
Except it involves Franken's own Air America.
Brian Maloney: Mainstream media: How do you define it? Do FOX News, the New York Sun, Post and Washington Times count? I don't think so.
Captain Ed: The New York Post also has started to cover the issue, which should garner even more national attention.
TheAnchoress: As are CNN, Fox News the Washington Times and the NY Post.
McQ: Just Curious ... ... but since I don't listen to Air America, I'm just wondering if they've been mentioning this on air?

Bush Appoints Bolton, Bypassing Senate
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WASHINGTON - President Bush installed embattled nominee John Bolton as ambassador to the United Nations on Monday, bypassing the Senate after a testy five-month standoff with Democrats who argued that the tough-talking conservative was unfit for the job.
Arianna Huffington: Arianna Huffington: When It Comes To Time Off, Bush Is Far Outside the Mainstream — Fresh off his "in your face,...
Dr. Steven Taylor: Bush's Basic Argument on Bolton — Via the AP: Bush Appoints Bolton As U.N. Ambassador [snipped quote] Quite right.
Kevin Aylward: Bush Sidesteps Senate, Appoints Bolton To UN — Poor Kofi, that mean bully Bolton is coming to wreak havoc in his...
Patrick Carver: Pres. Bush has recess-appointed John Bolton to be UN Ambassador.

Miss Everett Teen USA 2004 enlists in Army
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EVERETT - Miss Everett Teen USA 2004 is putting away her sash to put on a U.S. Army uniform.
Last summer, Jennifer Cabanayan appeared at community events, including the Mukilteo Lighthouse Festival and the National Night Out Against Crime, as Miss Everett Teen USA 2004.
TheAnchoress: Anyway, she's not joining the Marines, she's joining the Army. But Army didn't rhyme. :-) This is a pretty cool story.
Ace: Teen USA Trades Tiara For Kevlar Helmet Kinda cool: [snipped quote] Very few pictures are available of her, although...
Joe Gandelman: Miss Everett Teen Enlists USA 2004 Joins Military — Well, there go two common stereotypes: that cliched idea that...

False tales of turkey on a tray
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Even in death, a charlatan served us up a lot of baloney.
In today's image-mad world, what you do in life has become passe. It's what people think you do that matters. And, don't worry, everyone's too busy to check your resume for embellishments.
Jeff Jarvis: We were taken. Roy Rivenburg in the LA Times says the story was punctured in 2003.
Jim Romenesko: News outlets fall for phony tale about TV dinner "founder" — Los Angeles Times | Letters | E&P Many news organizations...
Rex Hammock: It wasn't bloggers, but journalists at major media institutions (including most of those for whom Hume used to work) who...
Patterico: Rivenburg Exposes (Another) Thomas First Michel, now Gerry. If you are a recently departed octogenarian fraud named Thomas, beware Roy Rivenburg.

What's In a Name?
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The "struggle" to brand the "Not War on Not Terror."
There was a good editorial in Friday's Dallas Morning News on the administration's latest foray into politically correct self-parody: namely, what to call the, y'know, er, the thing over there, um, like in Iraq and Afghanistan (i.e., the enterprise formerly known as "The War on Terror.")
Andrew Stuttaford: I can see why this might well be justified in the circumstances of the war against Islamic extremism (or whatever it is...
Damian Penny: Don't mention the war — Great column by Andrew C. McCarthy on the Bush Administration's decision to rebrand the War on...
Spoons: Anyway, Andrew C. McCarthy writes on the President's new terminology switch.
Jim Robbins: A WAR BY ANY OTHER NAME — Andrew McCarthy's piece today is right on the money.

Sudan Turns Violent After a Leader Dies
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KHARTOUM, Sudan (AP) — Rioters burned cars and threw stones in Sudan's capital on Monday after a helicopter crash killed the country's vice president, who until recently was a southern rebel leader.
Michael Young: Meanwhile, in Sudan, the leader of the Sudan People's Liberation Army, John Garang, was killed in a helicopter crash yesterday.
Mark Leon Goldberg: Grinnell College alumnus, University of Iowa-educated doctor of agricultural economics, and most recently vice president...
James Joyner: Sudan Turns Violent After a Leader Dies — Sadly, if predictably, a helicopter crash which killed Sudan's vice president, John Garang, has led to mass rioting and death.
Gary Farber: It's quite impossible for me, sitting in Boulder, Colorado, to predict the consequences of John Garang's death in a...
Jan Haugland: Garang's death causes Sudan riots — Sudenese leader John Garang's untimely death in a helicopter accident yesterday leaves Sudan shaken.

The abuse of my integrity provokes this response
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A statement attributed to the former CIA spokesman indicating that I deliberately disregarded what he told me in writing my 2003 column about Joseph Wilson's wife is just plain wrong.
Nico @ThinkProgress: Today, Novak responded with an emotional defense of his initial column: read more » "[Harlow's remarks] gave the...
QWQ @DailyKos: Novak has a new column out responding to the statements of former CIA spokesman Bill Harlow, as quoted in last Wednesday's front page Washington Post story.
Judd @ThinkProgress: Novak Debunks Rove's Word Parsing — Robert Novak, 8/01/05: [quote] He told the Post reporters he had "warned" me that if I "did write about it, her name should not be revealed."[end quote]
Digby: Today he writes a column "defending" himself that opens up one big ole can of worms again.
James Joyner: Ex-CIA official's remark is wrong (CST) (also here) [snipped quote] Very odd and cryptic.
Jonah Goldberg: PLAME, HE ROARED — Bob Novak breaks his silence (narrowly). Certain corners of the blogosphere must be scrambling their jets.
Also: Hugh Hewitt

Bible Course Becomes a Test for Public Schools in Texas
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HOUSTON, July 31 - When the school board in Odessa, the West Texas oil town, voted unanimously in April to add an elective Bible study course to the 2006 high school curriculum, some parents dropped to their knees in prayerful thanks that God would be returned...
Jesse Taylor: Bible, Bible, Bible, For You I Sing This Song — How does one teach the Bible in public schools? Not like this.
Ann Althouse: Here's an article about the push by the National Council on Bible Curriculum in Public Schools to do what its name says: add the study of the Bible to public school curricula.
Tarek @LiquidList: Here's another item about the growing scourge of the National Council on Bible Curriculum.
Norbizness: If people are going to pretend that this story about West Texas Bible courses in the public schools is new, then I'm...
Ed Cone: Bible in public schools — NYT covers Texas controversy over use of material from Greensboro-based National Council on Bible Curriculum in Public Schools.
Kevin Drum: Fine. Try reading today's New York Times story about the adoption of a Bible study course in a Texas school district.
Also: Amanda Marcotte, Ed Brayton, Edward, Michael @AmericaBlog, Glenn Smith, Christy @ThinkProgress, Echidne, Pudentilla

Space shuttle to get critical fix
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An astronaut is to make unprecedented repairs to the space shuttle Discovery, the US space agency Nasa has announced.
The astronaut will remove strips that are sticking out between heat shield tiles on Discovery's belly.
Glenn Reynolds: EMERGENCY REPAIRS for the Space Shuttle.
Dave Winer: The reports from NASA about the space shuttle are starting to make me nervous. How would you feel if you were the astronaut who had to make the repairs?

Clinton's Pact With Centrist Council Offers Risk and Reward
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The new alliance between Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) and the Democratic Leadership Council is at once logical and risky. It's logical because it serves key interests of both partners. It's risky because it probably overestimates the extent to which their interests converge.
Kos @DailyKos: Litmus tests — Ron Brownstein of the LA Times writes about the new Hillary/DLC alliance, saying: "Clinton linked arms...
Hugh Hewitt: Ronald Brownstein on Hillary but not on McCain — The Los Angeles Times' Ronald Brownstein writes on the 2008 presidential race today.
Matthew Yglesias: All that notwithstanding, it strikes me as a bit odd for Ron Brownstein to use this issue as his example to bolster the...
Orrin Judd: FROM HUNGER: Clinton's Pact With Centrist Council Offers Risk and Reward (Ronald Brownstein, August 1, 2005, LA Times)...

Table of contents
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How well have we responded to 9/11/01? Overseas, we've accomplished a lot. But at home, many Americans have shifted right back to their September 10 views.
Eminent domain=hot politics. Our judicial bosses. Who are parks are for? Africa's harmful aid.
TheAnchoress: And??? Betsy Newmark points to this Karl Zinsmeister piece in the American Enterprise Magazine, and it's worth reading.
Betsy Newmark: The American Enterprise Magazine looks at where we are now that it is almost four years after 9/11.

Bush Appoints Bolton to U.N. Job
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WASHINGTON — President Bush bypassed Congress Monday and appointed John Bolton (search) to be the next U.S. ambassador to the United Nations.
"This post is too important to leave vacant any longer, especially during a war and a vital debate about U.N. reform.
Baldilocks: Kofi Annan, diplomatic veteran that he is, has enough sense to figure out what time it is.
Scott Sala: Technorati Tags: Don+Goldwater Ed+Cox Theodore+Roosevelt+IV William+Taft Thomas+Dewey — linked with...
MarkInMexico: Main Page Bolton appointed to UN Fox News reports that John Bolton has been made the Us ambassador to the United Nations in a recess appointment by President Bush.

Sean blasts Hollywood idiots
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He is an undisputed screen icon, the star of 77 films. For many he remains the definitive James Bond.
But while Sir Sean Connery can still command 10million a movie, he says it would take a 'Mafia-like offer' to persuade him to make another.
Bill Diamond: As reported by the Evening Standard under the headline "Sean Blasts Hollywood Idiots," 74-year-old Sir Sean was quoted...
Ace: Sir Sean Connery Blasts Hollywood Idiots; Announces Retirement — Good stuff from the man Ian Fleming once slammed as "that Scottish lorry driver."

When Tush Comes to Dove
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The spot: In print ads and on billboards, various "real women"—stripped down to their plain white undies—gleefully show us their "real curves."
This campaign for Dove's new line of firming products (lotions and creams and such) is everywhere you look.
Ezra Klein: Am I the only one unimpressed by the Dove ads? I mean, I'm all for curvy women getting their media due, but this doesn't quite seem the vehicle.
Ogged @Unfogged: Maybe. (via farber) Oh: And, Slate's take on the Dove "real beauty" ads that we talked about a while back.