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Cao / Cao's Blog:
Never Forget  —  Tribute to 9/11.  —  Tribute in Light.  —  My husband and I were both working that day, I remember hearing about this from someone who was watching the news in the break room.  All day long we were following this news...watching the videos, and amazingly …
Right Wing Nut House:   9/11: FROM NEWS, TO HISTORY, TO MYTH
Kit Jarrell /
9/11 : I Remember
Discussion: In the Bullpen
The Mad / Ravings of a Mad Tech:
9/11: My Remberance by Todd D. Miller
Discussion: PoliBlog
Jay / Stop the ACLU:
The Wide Awakes Remember
Evan Thomas / MSNBC:
How Bush Blew It  —  Bureaucratic timidity.  Bad phone lines.  And a failure of imagination.  Why the government was so slow to respond to catastrophe.  —  Newsweek  —  Sept. 19, 2005 issue - It's a standing joke among the president's top aides: who gets to deliver the bad news?
Mike Allen / Time:
Living Too Much in the Bubble?  —  A bungled initial response to Katrina exposed the perils of a rigid, insular White House.  Inside Bush's plan to show he isn't isolated  —  President bush was seated in the white house situation Room, watching military and disaster officials beaming …
Mark Steyn / Chicago Sun Times:
Terror war all but forgotten on home front  —  Sept. 11, 2005 — the fourth anniversary of the start of the war.  That is, if you believe it's a ''war'' A lot of people didn't want to, even in those first days.  —  About a week after, one of my local radio stations held a fund-raiser and this is how their trailer for it opened.
Brian Ross / ABCNEWS:
Tape Released: American al Qaeda Member Warns of Attacks  —  Names Los Angeles and Melbourne as Next Targets  —  Sept. 11, 2005 — In an apparent Sept. 11 communiqué broadcast on ABC News, an al Qaeda operative threatens new attacks against cities in the US and Australia.
Juan / Informed Comment:
9/11, 7/7 and 8/30  —  On the fourth-year anniversary …
Captain Ed / Captain's Quarters:
Louisiana Failed To Follow A Flawed Plan: Florida  —  Today's Palm Beach Post takes a look at the Katrina response from a Floridian point of view, one that has plenty of experience with hurricane devastation and response.  The verdict of Florida's emergency response officials …
Captain Ed / Captain's Quarters:
Katrina: Incompetence Distilled  —  The New York Times has a feature story in its Sunday edition that supposedly looks at the frustration of coordinating the local, state, and federal responses to Hurricane Katrina.  However, the article by a crew of Times writers instead inadvertently encapsulates …
Dusting Off The Manual  —  Kevin reports that Time magazine says the Republicans have a three point plan for a comeback after Katrina: … There's one other little way to gin up base conservative voters that we can already see developing on the shout fest and gasbags shows.
Discussion: NewsHog and Crooks and Liars
Places Where the System Broke Down
M.E. Sprengelmeyer / Rocky Mountain News:
Black-and-blue Brown  —  Disaster point man has been beat up by jobs, friends say  —  WASHINGTON - As criticism of him grew this week, Federal Emergency Management Agency Director Mike Brown sent a candid e-mail to family and friends.  —  "I don't mind the negative press (well, actually …
Discussion: Think Progress
Patients put down  —  DOCTORS working in hurricane-ravaged New Orleans killed critically ill patients rather than leave them to die in agony as they evacuated.  —  With gangs of rapists and looters rampaging through wards in the flooded city, senior doctors took the harrowing decision …
Discussion: Pam's House Blend
Washington Post:
The Steady Buildup to a City's Chaos  —  Confusion Reigned At Every Level Of Government  —  Walter Maestri had dreaded this call for a decade, ever since he took over emergency management for Jefferson Parish, a marshy collection of suburbs around New Orleans.
Nancy Benac / Associated Press:
Katrina Exodus Could Change Political Mix  —  WASHINGTON - Population shifts caused by the exodus of hurricane victims from the Gulf Coast could have ripple effects for years to come in Louisiana political races and perhaps beyond.  —  How big depends on how many people stay away …
Sissy Willis / sisu:
Let's roll! … Where some see crescents, others see apple pie.  Michelle Malkin and other A-list bloggers we usually see eye to eye with are seeing red and whipping their readers into a primal frenzy over things they see that others don't.  She's impugning the motives of Los Angeles architect Paul Murdoch …
Dean / Dean's World:
Perpetual Indignance As Political Expression
Discussion: sisu
Washington Post:
Poll Shows Kilgore Ahead of Kaine in Va.  —  Republican Jerry W. Kilgore is leading in the Virginia governor's race despite efforts by Democrat Timothy M. Kaine to tap widespread satisfaction with Gov. Mark R. Warner's performance, according to a new Washington Post poll.
Discussion: MyDD and Commonwealth Conservative

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