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Howard Kurtz / Washington Post:
Hearings Tempest Downgraded to Topical Storm  —  Hurricane Katrina is having a gale-force impact on the John Roberts confirmation hearings.  —  When the Senate hearings begin this morning, the cable news networks plan to dip in and out after carrying some opening statements.
Washington Post:
Senate To Start Roberts Hearings  —  Nominee's Views Could Shape Court for Years  —  The Senate convenes the first confirmation hearing for a chief justice nominee in nearly two decades today, starting a week of admonitions and questions for John G. Roberts Jr. certain to probe deeply …
Associated Press:
Senate Panel Begins Hearings to Decide on Nomination of Roberts
Discussion: ACSBlog
Robert Novak /
Replacing O'Connor Could Get Ugly  —  WASHINGTON — With Senate confirmation of Judge John G. Roberts Jr. as chief justice virtually assured, the struggle for the Supreme Court returns to replacing retiring Justice Sandra Day O'Connor.  The belief in legal and political circles is that President Bush …
Ronald Brownstein / Los Angeles Times:
To Fill O'Connor's Shoes, Bush Might Want to Cross the Aisle
Article III Groupie / Underneath Their Robes:
Breaking News: Clerkly Clues to the Justices' Plans!
Discussion: ACSBlog
Matt Margolis / Blogs for Bush:
Roberts Hearings: Live Blogging Day 1  —  most recent updates on top...  UPDATE, 1:46 PM EDT: Sessions had a great opening... talked about how the attacks on Roberts are basically just "fill in the blank" type attacks...  UPDATE, 1:44 PM EDT: Biden's complete opening remarks...  UPDATE, 1:40 PM EDT: Yup.
Tom Goldstein / SCOTUSblog:
Welcome to the Roberts Confirmation Hearings  —  12:50 - Senator Grassley says that Roberts appears to be extremely well qualified, and is impressed with his view of the "limited role" of the courts.  He is the first to say he wants to ask Roberts about his responsibilities as head of the federal judiciary …
Theodore B. Olson / Opinion Journal:
John Roberts Deserves a Dignified Process
Discussion: Bench Memos … and Hugh Hewitt
Deacon / Power Line:
YEARNING FOR A CARTERESQUE WAR ON TERROR  —  The only thing worse than an MSM piece that's plainly devoid of analysis is an MSM piece that contains its illusion.  A case in point is this shockingly bad article by Newsweek's Michael Hirsh that appeared in today's Washington Post.
Discussion: Pandagon, Daily Pundit and Dean's World
Gaijinbiker / Riding Sun:
The amazing success of George W. Bush
Michael Hirsh / Washington Post:
9/11 — and Counting
Discussion: Brendan Nyhan and INTEL DUMP
National Review:
This Is "Tackling Extremism"?  —  After the 7/7 bombing attacks by Islamo-fascists that killed scores of Londoners, British Prime Minister Tony Blair announced with great fanfare that he would create a Home Office task force of committees to "tackle extremism."
Associated Press:
NBC's Williams: Journalists' gloves off  —  NEW YORK (AP) — NBC's Brian Williams says the lasting legacy of Hurricane Katrina for journalists may be the end of an unusual four-year period of deference to people in power.  —  There were so many angry, even incredulous …
Oliver Willis:
NBC's Anchor Admits They've Been Deferring To Bush
Discussion: Eschaton
Washington Post:
At 9/11 Walks, Remembrances Stream Forth  —  Thousands in D.C. and Va. Honor Victims, U.S. Troops  —  On a Sept. 11 as sunny and warm as that earth-shattering date four years ago, thousands of people yesterday remembered the terrorist attacks by walking in the nation's capital.
Steve Clemons:   "Freedom Walk" Not So Free
Fox News:
Bush Supporters Question Iraq War Tactics  —  WASHINGTON — When President Bush (search) meets with his Iraqi counterpart at the White House on Tuesday, the administration and its supporters are sure to extol the virtues and the wisdom of the American role in rebuilding Iraq.
Dan Markel / PrawfsBlawg:
Some interesting questions  —  Today marks the onset of the Senate hearings for John Roberts.  The NYT op-ed page asked five people familiar with the Court or its work to play senator and provide five questions they would ask if they were going to bust JGR's chops.
Discussion: Outside The Beltway
Ann Althouse / Althouse:   Questions for John Roberts.
Mark Hosenball / Newsweek:
Iraq: Planning For Pullout  —  Sept. 19, 2005 issue - Analysts at the Defense Intelligence Agency have begun war-gaming scenarios for what might happen in Iraq if U.S. force levels were cut back or eliminated, say counterterrorism and defense sources.  The officials, who asked not to be named …
Sadie /
RINOs Without A Hero?  —  Inspired by Vanity Fair by William Makepiece Thackeray (LONDON, June 28, 1848)  —  As the Commissar of the RINOs sits before the curtain on the boards and gazes into the political arena, a feeling of profound melancholy washes over his haggard and weary face.
Bbmoe / Quid Nimis:
Carnival of the Revolutions  —  Submissions from bloggers around the globe concerning Freedom and Democracy and all that good stuff.  —  Introduction  —  A common theme that runs through many posts about democracy's progress, or lack there of, is the freedom of the press.
Discussion: Armies of Liberation and MyDD
Transcript for September 11  —  MR. TIM RUSSERT: Our issues this Sunday...  (Videotape):  —  Unidentified Man: Residents of New Orleans, we're here to help you.  —  MR. RUSSERT: Hurricane Katrina, day 13.  How goes the recovery?  With us: the mayor of New Orleans, Ray Nagin.
Brett Martel / Associated Press:
Hopelessness Begins to Lift in New Orleans  —  NEW ORLEANS (AP) - Though 50 percent of New Orleans remains flooded and teams are still working to recover the dead, there are signs that hopelessness is beginning to lift two weeks after Hurricane Katrina plowed ashore.
Jeffrey H. Birnbaum / Washington Post:
Katrina Leads a Lobbyist to Reevaluate His Priorities  —  Frederick L. Webber, a longtime denizen of Washington's lobbying corridor, showed up at work one day last week and found on his desk a dozen fundraising requests from members of Congress.  —  He threw them all in the trash.
Ezra Klein:
Privatizing FEMA  —  Of all the attempts by conservatives to regain some post-Katrina balance, the most pernicious has to be the growing effort to use FEMA's failure to delegitimize the government's role in disaster-relief.  Man, that's chutzpah.  The car broke because Bush slashed its tires …
Discussion: Balloon Juice and Upper Left

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