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David Kaspar / Davids Medienkritik:
2005 German National Election: Unexpected Results  —  Surprising Numbers: CDU-CSU Much Lower - FDP Much Higher Than Expected  —  Here are the initial preliminary results from today's election as reported in the German media.  These results can still fluctuate, they are not final and official:
David Rising / Associated Press:
Germany's Schroeder Refuses to Concede  —  BERLIN - Exit polls showed conservative challenger Angela Merkel's party leading in German parliamentary elections Sunday but falling short of the majority she needed to form a center-right coalition as the nation's first female chancellor.
No clear winner after German vote  —  Early projections show a tight finish to Germany's election, with both main parties claiming victory.  —  Challenger Angela Merkel's Christian Democrats (CDU) won only the slimmest of leads, early results suggest.  —  Some predictions give the CDU …
Hung parliament looms in Germany
Discussion: protein wisdom
Split German Vote Has Both Conservatives, Schroeder Claimng Victory
Discussion: MyDD
Returns show that the conservatives …
Pieter Dorsman / Peaktalk:
Discussion: OxBlog and
Bruce Kesler / Democracy Project:   Remember Germany? Remember Afghanistan?
Gateway Pundit:
Germans Head to the Polls
Discussion: Solomonia and Daimnation!
Christopher Hitchens / Telegraph:
'Galloway is a hot, blustering bully - but I'm staying on his case until the very end'  —  The experience of spending some hours on a public platform with George Galloway is disappointingly similar to the experience of watching him on al Jazeera, or on Syrian state television.
The big showdown  —  New Yorkers queued around the block to see two British political heavyweights - writer Christopher Hitchens and MP George Galloway - square up over the war in Iraq.  Andrew Anthony flew to america to take them both on...  Outside the Mason Hall in Gramercy Park …
Discussion: Kesher Talk and Clive Davis
Norm / normblog:   New York bust-up  —  Late last night I got round to listening …
Robert Mayer / Publius Pundit:
MILLIONS OF AFGHANS HEAD TO THE POLLS  —  "I am very confident [that] on the 19th of September, the day after the elections here, we are all going to wake up and realize that the heroes of Afghanistan were the people that went out and cast their vote for their own future."
Discussion: Betsy's Page and Secular Blasphemy
Gateway Pundit:
Afghanistan! Making History!
Discussion: normblog
Afghanistan Election Update
Discussion: SoCalPundit
Doug Simpson / Associated Press:
New Orleans Mayor Defends Return Plan  —  NEW ORLEANS (AP) - Mayor Ray Nagin defended his plan to return up to 180,000 people to the city within a week and a half despite concerns about the short supply of drinking water and heavily polluted floodwaters.  —  Coast Guard Vice Adm. Thad Allen …
Discussion: Reaganites Unite!
E. J. Dionne Jr / Washington Post:
The Case For a 'No' Vote on Roberts  —  "Where are you?"  —  That was the question Sen. Richard Durbin (D-Ill.) almost plaintively posed to Judge John Roberts as the Senate Judiciary Committee's hearings neared their conclusion.  It is the right question.
Fareed Zakaria / MSNBC:
Leaders Who Won't Choose  —  In Washington, it's business as usual in the face of a national catastrophe.  —  Newsweek  —  Sept. 26, 2005 issue - Adversity builds character," goes the old adage.  Except that in America today we seem to be following the opposite principle.
Discussion: Angry Bear
Jeff E. Schapiro / Richmond Times-Dispatch:
Governor's race is too close to call  —  Survey suggests voters unmoved by candidates' messages, or may be distracted by other events  —  Entering the fall finale, the contest for Virginia governor remains a tossup.  —  The latest Times-Dispatch Poll shows Republican Jerry W. Kilgore …
Jerome Armstrong / MyDD:
VA Gov update, Warner, polls, and ads
Discussion: Daily Kos
David S. Broder / Washington Post:
Roberts's Sterling Showing  —  The question of whether Judge John Roberts is qualified to be chief justice of the United States has been rendered moot by his performance in the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings.  He is so obviously — ridiculously — well-equipped to lead government's third branch …
Discussion: Power Line and Discriminations
Washington Post:
Obeying Orders  —  IN THIS COUNTRY it is not a crime for a journalist to complain — even to complain loudly — about the government's attempts to manipulate the media.  But it is a crime in China, as Shi Tao, a journalist in Hunan, recently discovered.  At a meeting in April 2004 …
Discussion: Roger L. Simon
A disturbing view from inside FEMA  —  Worker: Decision-makers lack disaster experience  —  Programming note: Watch CNN TV all weekend to help identify and reunite children displaced by Hurricane Katrina with their families.  —  (CNN) — As Hurricane Katrina bore down on the Gulf Coast three weeks ago …
Mark Steyn / Chicago Sun Times:
Flawless Roberts holding Dems scoreless  —  Ever since prolonged attendance at "the world's greatest deliberative body" during the Clinton impeachment trial, my general line on the U.S. Senate has been to commend the example of New Zealand: They had a Senate, and they abolished it.
The Liberal Avenger:
BREAKING NEWS!!!  SURFACE-TO-AIR MISSILE FIRED AT US PASSENGER JET  —  Michelle Malkin: Surface-to-Air Missile Fired at US Passenger Jet!  —  Oh my god!  OMG!  OMG!!!!!  OMG!!!!!!!!!!! hehe!  —  There are rumors "flying" around the wingnutosphere (double pun intended) …
Henry G. Brinton / Washington Post:
Darwin Goes to Church  —  Most adult Sunday school classes don't raise eyebrows, but my church is planning to hold one that's sure to.  It's called "Evolution for Christians," and it will be taught this winter by David Bush, a member of the church I lead, Fairfax Presbyterian.
Blair attacks BBC for 'anti-US bias'  —  Tony Blair has denounced the BBC's coverage of Hurricane Katrina as 'full of hatred of America' and 'gloating' at the country's plight, it was reported yesterday.  —  Blair allegedly made the remarks privately to Rupert Murdoch …
Bloated and biased BBC

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