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A Man / The Right Nation:
Weekend Round-Up  —  â-ºAnn Coulter, su RealClear Politics (via Nickie Goomba), spiega perché l'ultima settimana ha raffreddato, per l'ennesima volta, le speranze del fronte anti-Bush.  â-ºA Michael Moore, nemico giurato delle big corporations …
Discussion: Barcepundit
Dans / Right-Wing of the Gods:
Book Review: Do As I Say (Not As I Do): Profiles in Liberal Hypocrisy by Peter Schweizer  —  Much talk of this book had been about the investments by Michael Moore into such corporations such as Halliburton, Boeing and multiple HMO's, but there is so much more.
Discussion: TMH's Bacon Bits and Myopic Zeal
Jay / Stop The ACLU:
Weekend Trackback Party!  —  Its good to be back home!  I'm taking this Saturday to relax and spend some time with family.  A little note to let you know, I am writing the check to the Washington Times for our ad today.  Thank you all so much again for helping us pay for this.
Ferdinand T Cat / Conservative Cat:
The Story Behind the Story Behind the Behind Closed Doors Story, Posted a Day Late Because We're Behind Schedule … Sorry.  Bruce has been even flakier than usual the past few days.  —  Wednesday, when I was blogging about the Senate closed-door session, I was missing a critical piece of information.
Point Five:   The Frinch  —  by a4g and The Evil Emperor Mindstation
Jack Yoest / Jack Yoest at
The Single Best Measure of A Business
Discussion: Bloggin' Outloud
Douglas Jehl / New York Times:
Report Warned Bush Team About Intelligence Suspicions  —  WASHINGTON, Nov. 5 - A high Qaeda official in American custody was identified as a likely fabricator months before the Bush administration began to use his statements as the foundation for its claims that Iraq trained Al Qaeda members …
Editor and Publisher:
Smoking Gun on Manipulation of Iraq Intelligence?  'NY Times' Cites New Document  —  NEW YORK Ever since the Democrats briefly closed the U.S. Senate from view earlier this week, to protest alleged Republican foot-dragging in probing Bush administration pre-war manipulation of intelligence …
Discussion: Daily Kos and Think Progress
Steve Soto / The Left Coaster:   Did Harry Reid Hit Bill Frist This Week With The "Smoking Gun"?
Andrew /
OBAMA THE HAWK:  —  Some tough talk from a future Democratic presidential contender.
Discussion: Legal Fiction
Faiz / Think Progress:   Bush, Cheney, and Powell Repeatedly Pushed False Evidence To Justify War
Elaine Ganley / Associated Press:
Unrest Reaches Paris; 28 Cars Torched  —  PARIS - Ten nights of urban unrest that brought thousands of arson attacks on cars, nursery schools and other targets from the Mediterranean to the German border reached Paris where at least 28 cars were burned overnight in the French capital, government officials said Sunday.
Barton Gellman / Washington Post:
The FBI's Secret Scrutiny  —  In Hunt for Terrorists, Bureau Examines Records of Ordinary Americans  —  The FBI came calling in Windsor, Conn., this summer with a document marked for delivery by hand.  On Matianuk Avenue, across from the tennis courts, two special agents found their man.
Elisabeth Bumiller / New York Times:
President Has Little to Say About Questions on Rove  —  MAR DEL PLATA, Argentina, Nov. 4 - President Bush was asked four times on Friday about Karl Rove and the C.I.A. leak investigation, and four times he refused to answer.  —  Speaking to reporters in this seaside resort city …
Michael Wines / New York Times:
The Forgotten of Africa, Wasting Away in Jails Without Trial  —  LILONGWE, Malawi - Since Nov. 10, 1999, Lackson Sikayenera has been incarcerated in Maula Prison, a dozen iron-roofed barracks set on yellow dirt and hemmed by barbed wire just outside Malawi's capital city.  —  He eats one meal of porridge daily.
Discussion: TalkLeft
Bill Gertz / Washington Times:
Four arrests linked to Chinese spy ring  —  Four persons arrested in Los Angeles are part of a Chinese intelligence-gathering ring, federal investigators said, and the suspects caused serious compromises for 15 years to major U.S. weapons systems, including submarines and warships.
Eleanor Clift / Newsweek:
Pick Your Battles  —  Democrats shouldn't waste their time filibustering Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito.  There are bigger fights coming down the pike.  —  Nov. 4, 2005 - Democrats shouldn't filibuster Samuel Alito's nomination to the Supreme Court unless he really bungles the hearings.
Captain Ed / Captain's Quarters:
Alito Smear #3: The Rock-Ribbed Racist's Candidate  —  Normally I page through most of the news stories in a day's media output, selecting a handful as interesting and "staging" them in a separate Firefox session before deciding which ones to analyze.  Occasionally, however …
Discussion: Confirm Them
Colbert I. King / Washington Post:
Credentials Are Fine, but Values Matter, Too
Discussion: reasoned audacity …
Herbert E. Meyer / The American Thinker:
Finally, the spotlight has started to swing away from Lewis Libby and his allegedly perjurous grand-jury testimony toward where that spotlight should have focused all along: on the CIA's incompetent, weird - and possibly treasonous—response to Vice President Cheney's inquiry about Iraq's interest in purchasing yellowcake from Niger.
William Kristol / Weekly Standard:
Fight Back, Mr. President  —  Last week, I suggested that the Bush administration's second-term bear market had bottomed out.  Since then, we've been pummeled by polls showing Bush in continued decline.  Perhaps my bullish call on Bush was a bit early.  Or perhaps it was wrong.  Which is it?

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