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Craig S. Smith / New York Times:
10 Officers Shot as Riots Worsen in French Cities  —  PARIS, Monday, Nov. 7 - Rioters fired shotguns at the police in a working-class suburb of Paris on Sunday, wounding 10 officers as the country's fast-spreading urban unrest escalated dangerously.  Just hours earlier, President Jacques Chirac called …
Steven Plaut / Arutz Sheva:
Got That "Ooo La La, Intifada" Feeling?
Discussion: Don Surber and bRight & Early
Thomas Ferraro / Reuters:
Democrat says Alito unlikely to face a filibuster  —  WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A key Democrat said on Sunday that he expects the full Republican-led Senate to vote on U.S. Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito without the threat of a Democratic filibuster.  —  But Sen. Joseph Biden of Delaware …
Captain Ed / Captain's Quarters:
Filibuster Momentum Dying Out  —  The political momentum of a Democratic filibuster appears to have dissipated over the weekend after a momentary corrective earlier this week.  Last weekend, two key GOP members of the Gang of 14 asserted that they would not only support the confirmation …
Hope Yen / Associated Press:
Biden: Alito Filibuster Seems Unlikely
Discussion: Pam's House Blend
Joe Gandelman / The Moderate Voice:   Biden: Alito Probably Won't Be Filibustered
Ron Harris / St. Louis Post-Dispatch:
Why did the press swallow Massey's stories?  —  WASHINGTON  —  Media outlets throughout the world have reported Jimmy Massey's claims of war crimes, frequently without ever seeking to verify them.  —  For instance, no one ever called any of the five journalists who were embedded …
Ron Harris / St. Louis Post-Dispatch:
Is Jimmy Massey telling the truth about Iraq?  —  WASHINGTON  —  For more than a year, former Marine Staff Sgt. Jimmy Massey has been telling anybody who will listen about the atrocities that he and other Marines committed in Iraq.  —  In scores of newspaper, magazine and broadcast stories …
Discussion: Daimnation!
Bruce Kesler / Democracy Project:   What a difference 34-years makes!
Transcript for November 6  —  MR. TIM RUSSERT: Our issues this Sunday: the vice president's former chief of staff, Lewis Libby, is arraigned in federal court.  —  (Videotape):  —  MR. THEODORE WELLS: He has declared that he wants to clear his good name.
Discussion: The Huffington Post
John Amato / Crooks and Liars:
Rep. Tom Coburn: Body Language Soothsayer
Discussion: The Huffington Post and Pandagon
Dan /
SO FRIDAY WAS A PRETTY GOOD DAY....  Friday was a great day for two reasons.  First, a 70 degree day in Chicago in November is a rare treat and needs to be properly savored.  —  [Wow, you're keeping up such a brave face after getting denied tenure—ed.] Well, that leads to the second …
Discussion: Pharyngula and The Moderate Voice
Bill Roggio / The Fourth Rail:
In Context: Day Two of Steel Curtain in Husaybah and the Anbar Campaign  —  Cpmbat operation continue in and around Husaybah as day two of Operation Steel Curtain completes.  Fighting has been reported as both sporadic and alternatively intense.  Marine Lt.Col. Dale Alford, commander of the 3rd …
New York Times:
Major Offensive Hits Insurgents on Iraqi Border
Jennifer Aniston: Seven Things* I'd Rather Talk About ... Than the Men in (or Out) of My Life  —  My new movie, "Derailed."  It's a really sexy psychological thriller with Clive Owen.  I had never done a thriller before.  It was hard to kiss Clive, but you know what?
Discussion: mediabistro and TalkLeft
Stephen F. Hayes / Weekly Standard:
The Intelligence War  —  LAST TUESDAY, Senate Democrats fired the opening shot in the coming battle over prewar intelligence on Iraq when Minority Leader Harry Reid took the Senate into a closed session.  The offensive began in earnest this weekend with a New York Times article:
Douglas Jehl / New York Times:
Report Warned Bush Team About Intelligence Doubts
Joseph Farah and / WorldNetDaily:
Joe Wilson fumes over Vallely charges in WND  —  Demands retraction of statements alleging he 'outed' wife in Fox studio  —  WASHINGTON - Ambassador Joseph Wilson's attorney is demanding Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely retract a statement he made to WND that the man at the center of the CIA leak case …
Mark Noonan / Blogs for Bush:
Vallely vs Wilson
Jerusalem Post:
EU to launch Palestinian police mission  —  The EU plans to announce on Monday that it will launch a three-year mission, starting January 1, to help the Palestinians build up a credible police force, EU officials said.  —  Officials said the decision by the EU foreign ministers …
Khaled Abu Toameh / Jerusalem Post:
Aksa Brigades endorse Iran's call to eliminate Israel
Washington Post:
Cheney Fights for Detainee Policy  —  As Pressure Mounts to Limit Handling Of Terror Suspects, He Holds Hard Line  —  Over the past year, Vice President Cheney has waged an intense and largely unpublicized campaign to stop Congress, the Pentagon and the State Department from imposing …
Discussion: War and Piece
California Conservative:
"Carnival Of Arnold" — Inaugural Edition  —  In the order they were received, and without further ado, we recommend you read the following:  —  Proposition 77: Vote Yes  —  by Eric's Grumbles Before The Grave  —  Excerpt: A history of the deal that lead to the 2000 Gerrymander …
Discussion: mccannta and SoCalPundit
Stuart Buck / The Buck Stops Here:
Alito's Dissents  —  Cass Sunstein had a Washington Post op-ed the other day in which he analyzed the cases in which Judge Alito dissented.  (He had already presented the results of his study on a radio show, as discussed by Ann Althouse here).  Sunstein summarized Alito's dissents like this:
Movies and Dreams...  My parents, like many Iraqis of their generation and educational background, discouraged too much tv.  When E. and I were younger, they were vigilant about the type of shows and movies we were allowed to watch.  They didn't like for us to be exposed to propaganda- Arab …
Discussion: Pacific Views

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Richard W. Stevenson / New York Times:
White House Tries to Keep Distance From Leak Case
John Dzienkowski / Legal Ethics Forum:
Judge Alito and the Vanguard Recusal Question
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Laura / War and Piece:
Phase II  —  I'm supposed to be finishing an article, but this is not unrelated.
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Captain Ed / Captain's Quarters:
You Have To Break A Few Humans To Prevent An Omelette
Jeff Jarvis / BuzzMachine:
It's about trust  —  Judy Miller makes one lousy poster girl.
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Los Angeles Times:
Rogues, despots, terrorists and shattered ideals — the movie version
Michael Smith / Times of London:
Iraq battle stress worse than WWII

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