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Chris Cillizza / Washington Post:
Democrats Losing Race For Funds Under Dean  —  The Democratic National Committee under Howard Dean is losing the fundraising race against Republicans by nearly 2 to 1, a slow start that is stirring concern among strategists who worry that a cash shortage could hinder the party's competitiveness in next year's midterm elections.
Don Surber:
Dean's Dot.Com Bust & Open Post  —  Call it the Dean.Com Bust.  To the surprise of no blogger who encounters the lefty trolls on the Internet, the supporters of Howard Dean, M.D., have no money.  Dean has led the Democrats into a position where Republicans have five times as much money in the bank as Democrats.
LindaSoG / Something:
Teach Your Children Well Open Post  —  What happens when two regular boys named Tommy and Lou dream of starting a lemonade stand in order to earn enough to buy a swing set?  Well, their dream goes quite well until liberals like Congresswoman Clunkton, Mayor Leach and Mr. Fussman attempt to tax and regulate their dream away.
Lawhawk / A Blog For All:
Sixteen Candles  —  One for each day of rioting in France.  How many of those days received serious scrutiny by the US media?  Three?  Four?  Yet, the rioting continues unabated despite the media lack of interest.  —  How would civil rights groups in the US respond to a ban on all public meetings in a major metropolitan area.
Pasco Conservative / Stuck On Stupid:
Mary, Mary Quite Contrary Weekend Linkfest  —  Mary Mapes is out hawking her book Called "Truth And Duty".  Mapes is still in fantasy land.  —  She was on The O'Reilly Factor this week.  This courtesy of The Political Teen:  —  O'REILLY: So, are you a liberal?
Samantha / The Crazy Rants of Samantha Burns:
OTA and Friends  —  This is an open trackback forum, as well as open thread.  —  If you have an article you would like to promote, you can trackback from this article as long as you link this article in your article.  —  If you'd like to become an OTA member, read the Open Trackback Alliance information and follow the instructions.
Richard W. Stevenson / New York Times:
Bush Contends Partisan Critics Hurt War Effort  —  TOBYHANNA, Pa., Nov. 11 - President Bush on Friday sharply criticized Democrats who have accused him of misleading the nation about the threat from Iraq's weapons programs, calling their criticism "deeply irresponsible" and suggesting that they are undermining the war effort.
Riot erupts in French city centre  —  Police in the French city of Lyon have fired tear gas to break up groups of youths who hurled stones and bins hours before a curfew was due to begin.  —  Police on the city's famous Place Bellecour square made two arrests in what state news agency AFP …
Pasco Conservative / Stuck On Stupid:
Veteran's Day Blogfest!  —  From :  —  Veterans' Day (formerly Armistice Day)  —  November 11, is the anniversary of the Armistice which was signed in the Forest of Compiegne by the Allies and the Germans in 1918, ending World War I, after four years of conflict.
Mdrache / overtaken~by~events:
Present Arms
Discussion: The Truth Laid Bear
Jakejacobsen / Freedom Folks:
War, What Is It Good For?  —  Of course today is Veterans day.
Discussion: Kenders' Musings
Patricia Sullivan / Washington Post:
Management Visionary Peter Drucker Dies  —  Peter F. Drucker, 95, who was often called the world's most influential business guru and whose thinking transformed corporate management in the latter half of the 20th century, died Nov. 11 at his home in Claremont, Calif. No cause of death was reported, but he was under hospice care.
Discussion: The Right Coast
Barnaby J. Feder / New York Times:   Peter F. Drucker, a Pioneer in Social and Management Theory, Is Dead at 95
Marcus Mabry / Newsweek:
Autumn of Discontent  —  The latest NEWSWEEK poll shows serious political trouble for President Bush.  —  Nov. 12, 2005 - In the wake of the bombings in Jordan by suspected followers of Iraq's Al Qaeda chief Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the indictment of top White House aide I. Lewis (Scooter) …
Discussion: War and Piece and In the Agora
New York Times:
Playing With Fire  —  It certainly is a relief that the Senate is finally getting around to doing the job it so shamefully refused to do four years ago, after the 9/11 attacks: requiring the administration to follow the law and the Geneva Conventions in dealing with prisoners taken by the military and intelligence operatives.
Discussion: Pacific Views
Deacon / Power Line:
THEY'RE BAAACK  —  Dana Milbank and Walter Pincus attempt to pick at the Bush administration's defense of its handling of pre-war intelligence and its statements about what that intelligence showed.  But they succeed only in showing that the attacks on Bush in these regards are meritless and hypocritcal.
Discussion: Unclaimed Territory
Washington Post:
Asterisks Dot White House's Iraq Argument
Opinion Journal:
A 'Tortured' Debate  —  A ban on aggressive interrogation would amount to unilateral disarmament in the war on terror.  —  If Osama bin Laden is alive and looking for signs of flagging U.S. will to fight the war on terror, he need look no further than our national debate about interrogating …
Michael J.W. Stickings / The Reaction:
Mitt Romney and the anti-gay movement  —  How in God's name did Romney become governor of Massachusetts?  Was it just that he seemed to be more moderate than he really is?  Or was it his all-American good looks and charisma?  I went to college there back in the early-'90s.
Daily Kos:
Mitt Romney: Appalling
Discussion: The American Street
Michael Slackman / New York Times:
Many in Jordan See Old Enemy in Attack: Israel  —  ZARQA, Jordan, Nov. 11 - The Maktoum Mosque was crowded with worshipers for Friday Prayer as the imam sharply criticized the suicide attacks on three hotels in Amman, saying those who committed the crimes were not Muslims, no matter what they called themselves.
Discussion: neo-neocon and In the Bullpen
George Ryan Trial / Chicago Sun Times:
Obama rips Kirk nod to anti-Arab bias  —  WASHINGTON — Sen. Barack Obama, the U.S. Senate's only black member, criticized another lawmaker from Illinois on Wednesday for published comments on discrimination against young Arabs.  —  Republican U.S. Rep. Mark Kirk was at an event last weekend …

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