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Associated Press:
Ford will again advertise in gay publications  —  Ads resume after criticism from gay rights groups  —  WASHINGTON (AP) — Advertisements featuring Ford Motor Co.'s eight vehicle brands will run in gay publications, the automaker said Wednesday, acting after gay rights groups complained when Jaguar and Land Rover pulled their spots.
John / AMERICAblog:
We Won  —  UPDATE: You can thank Ford via this online form.  —  FURTHER UPDATE: Great AP story on our victory.  —  Regarding that Ford thing?  We just won.  —  The Ford Motor Company today released the following letter (below) clarifying that whatever did or did not happen behind closed doors …
John / AMERICAblog:
AP story on Ford: We won  —  UPDATE: Reuters story is good too.  —  THIS is proof that we won.  That all of AMERICA won.  The Associated Press story says it all.  What matters most isn't just whether we won or lost - though it does matter - it also matters whether the media and the public …
Sholnn Freeman / Washington Post:
Ford to Advertise In Gay Press
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Dexter Filkins / New York Times:
Split Between Secular and Islamist Parties Is Seen in Election  —  BAGHDAD, Iraq, Thursday, Dec. 15 - Iraqi voters began streaming to the polls Thursday morning in nationwide elections as Iraqi leaders predicted that the vote would split almost evenly between secular and Islamist parties and usher in lengthy political maneuvering.
Gideon Long / Reuters:   Iraqis vote for first full parliament since Saddam
Baghdad falls quiet as Zarqawi threatens poll
Discussion: Captain's Quarters
Washington Post:   Election Stakes Are Highest Yet in Iraq
Carol D. Leonnig / Washington Post:
Columnist Says Bush Knows Who Leaked Name  —  Syndicated columnist Robert D. Novak, who has repeatedly declined to discuss his role in disclosing the identity of CIA operative Valerie Plame, said in a speech this week that he is certain President Bush knows who his mystery administration source is.
Discussion: firedoglake and Macsmind
Times of London:
Bush: we went to war on faulty intelligence  —  President Bush has admitted for the first time that his decision to go to war in Iraq was based on faulty intelligence.  But he still said that the decision to remove Saddam Hussein had been "the right one".  —  Mr Bush said that tomorrow's …
Mark Leon Goldberg / American Prospect:
The Arsonist  —  From our January issue: In his first six months at the UN, John Bolton has offended allies, blocked crucial negotiations, undermined the Secretary of State — and harmed U.S. interests.  We expected bad; we didn't expect this bad.  —  There is an excellent coffee shop …
David Espo / Associated Press:
House Approves GOP Priority Measures  —  WASHINGTON - The Republican-controlled House approved a pair of year-end conservative priorities Wednesday, voting to extend the anti-terrorism Patriot Act and to cut spending across a wide swath of social programs.  —  Both bills have White House support …
Charles Babington / Washington Post:
House Votes to Revise, Extend Patriot Act, Angering Senators
Discussion: TalkLeft and Liberty Street
John Cole / Balloon Juice:
Tortured Definitions  —  Big posts on torture by Instapundit, Andrew Sullivan (here and here and here and here and here), and a pretty shameless piece in the Opinion Journal.  Read all of them and then come back here for my 2 cents.  —  Ok- did you read them all?  Good.
Max Boot / Los Angeles Times:
Hate torture? Consider boot camp
Financial Times:
Bush puts Rice in charge of reconstruction  —  President George W. Bush on Wednesday announced that the State Department would lead all US post-conflict reconstruction, a move that supersedes the controversial decision to give that task to the Pentagon in Iraq following the 2003 invasion.
Jon / Reporting from Iraq:
The view from on the ground  —  Think about everything you've heard about the conditions in Iraq, the role of U.S. forces, the multi-layered complexities of the war.  —  Then think again.  —  I'm a journalist.  I read the news everyday, from several sources.
Discussion: Vodkapundit
Mohammed / IRAQ THE MODEL:
It's only a matter of hours now!  —  Now it's 6 pm in Baghdad and the curfew has officially started.  Actually streets in Baghdad were technically empty all day except for people carrying badges or emergencies.  —  We are hearing sporadic gunfire from time to time and sometimes we hear …
Washington Post:
DNA Exonerates Va. Convicts in 2 Rape Cases  —  RICHMOND, Dec. 14 — Newly tested DNA evidence from rapes committed perhaps more than 20 years ago have exonerated two Virginians who had served several years behind bars, according to a statement by Gov. Mark R. Warner that is scheduled to be released later today.
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Fatah splits before key election  —  A dispute within the ruling Palestinian party, Fatah, has led to a rival faction submitting its own list of candidates for a parliamentary poll.  —  The rebel list is headed by a jailed activist, Marwan Barghouti, under the new name al-Mustaqbal (the Future).
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Adam Entous / Reuters:
Bush backs Rumsfeld, Cheney, Rove
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The Australian:
Now churches are targeted  —  FOUR churches in Sydney's southwest …
Agence France Presse:
Four dead in Gaza air strike
Religious McDonald's Sign Draws Attention In Raleigh
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Don't dictate to me, Canada's Martin tells US
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