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Washington Post:
The President's End Run  —  THE MOST detailed legal justification to date for the National Security Agency's warrantless domestic surveillance has emerged from the Bush administration, but the 42-page version isn't any more convincing than its shorter predecessors.
Discussion: Bad Attitudes
Joanne Kenen / Reuters:
Lawmakers seek review of eavesdropping rules
Glenn Greenwald / Unclaimed Territory:
The media's distorted understanding of "neutrality"
Discussion: Crooks and Liars and The Heretik
USA Today:
White House steps up defense of domestic spying
New York Times:
Judge Alito's Radical Views  —  If Judge Samuel Alito Jr.'s confirmation hearings lacked drama, apart from his wife's bizarrely over-covered crying jag, it is because they confirmed the obvious.  Judge Alito is exactly the kind of legal thinker President Bush wants on the Supreme Court.
Captain Ed / Captain's Quarters:
Canada's Day Of Reckoning  —  Canadians go to the polls today to select a new Parliament, and all indications show that they will bring in a new government for the first time in 13 years.  As both the New York Times and the American Spectator surmise, the new Conservative government …
Michael Valpy / Globe and Mail:
Tories poised for minority, final poll shows
Clifford Krauss / New York Times:   Conservative Win in Canada Could Help Repair Ties to U.S.
Greg Myre / New York Times:
For a Palestinian leader, the name's the thing  —  JENIN, West Bank The candidate's name is Jamal Abu Roub, but everyone here calls him Hitler because, well, that is the name he has answered to quite comfortably since he was a teenager.  —  Roub, 40, is a leader of the militant Al Aksa Martyrs Brigades …
Discussion: Link Mecca
Steven Erlanger / New York Times:
In a Stronghold, Fatah Fights to Beat Back a Rising Hamas
Ezra Klein / TAPPED:
A PRE-STATE OF THE UNION PRIMER.  Another day, another detailed preview of George W. Bush's State of the Union health care proposals.  This morning's iteration comes from the LA Times' Peter Gosselin, one of the best social policy reporters in the country.  But even the best reporters …
Doug Struck / Washington Post:
Professionals Fleeing Iraq As Violence, Threats Persist  —  Exodus of Educated Elite Puts Rebuilding at Risk  —  BAGHDAD — The office of Iraq's most eminent cardiologist is padlocked.  A handwritten sign is taped on his wooden door in the private clinic in Baghdad: Patients of Dr. Omar Kubasi should call him in Amman, Jordan.
Anthony Phillips / This Is London:
George sinks to new low  —  First he shocked TV viewers and his colleagues by pretending to be a cat and lapping milk from Rula Lenska's hand.  —  Now George Galloway is set to attract further derision after performing a dance routine on Celebrity Big Brother - in a tight-fitting, red leotard.
Discussion: Kesher Talk and
Larry Margasak / Associated Press:
Halliburton Cited in Iraq Contamination  —  WASHINGTON - Water supplied to a U.S. base in Iraq was contaminated and the contractor in charge, Halliburton, failed to tell troops and civilians at the facility, according to internal documents from the company and interviews with former Halliburton officials.
David Carr / New York Times:
Soothe the Blog and Reap the Whirlwind  —  LAST Thursday, Deborah Howell, the ombudsman for The Washington Post, posted a clarification on the newspaper's Web site after suggesting in her Sunday column that the lobbyist Jack Abramoff had made "substantial campaign contributions to both major parties."
Dan Eggen / Washington Post:
Politics Alleged In Voting Cases  —  Justice Officials Are Accused of Influence  —  The Justice Department's voting section, a small and usually obscure unit that enforces the Voting Rights Act and other federal election laws, has been thrust into the center of a growing debate …
Jon Sarche / Associated Press:
Army Officer Found Guilty in Iraqi's Death  —  FORT CARSON, Colo. (AP) - An Army interrogator committed negligent homicide when he put a sleeping bag over an Iraqi general's head and sat on his chest as the man suffocated, a military jury found.  —  Attorneys for Chief Warrant Officer Lewis Welshofer Jr …
Discussion: Argghhh! and TalkLeft
CNN RELIABLE SOURCES  —  Journalist's Fate is Discussed; Attacking Murtha's Military Record; Apple's Success Story  —  THIS IS A RUSH TRANSCRIPT.  THIS COPY MAY NOT BE IN ITS FINAL FORM AND MAY BE UPDATED.  —  HOWARD KURTZ, HOST (voice over): A journalist's fate.
Edmund L. Andrews / New York Times:
As Profits Soar, Companies Pay U.S. Less for Gas Rights  —  WASHINGTON, Jan. 22 - At a time when energy prices and industry profits are soaring, the federal government collected little more money last year than it did five years ago from the companies that extracted more than $60 billion …

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