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CBS News:
Reporting Lag In Cheney Shooting  —  (CBS/AP) Questions are being raised about why it took the Bush administration a full day to disclose the news that Vice President Dick Cheney accidentally shot a companion on a weekend hunting trip.  —  The incident occurred Saturday but was not reported publicly …
Ian / Expose the Left:
White House Press Briefing Turns Into Shoutfest and Game of 'Gotcha' (VIDEO)  —  The White House Press Corps is hammering WH Press Secretary Scott McClellan over the Cheney hunting incident.  The whole press event was a 20 minute reiteration-fest because McClellan had to explain the event several times.
Newsdesk / Chicago Tribune:
No lights, no cameras, but plenty of action at the White House  —  The atmosphere can get pretty testy in the White House press briefing room from time to time.  —  But there were no cameras rolling in the Monday morning "gaggle'' today, the morning after news belatedly broke …
Al Franken / The Huffington Post:
Cheney Shoots Guy  —  Over the weekend, Vice President Dick Cheney shot a man in Texas.  Asked why he shot the man, the Vice President said, "Just to watch him die."  —  Seriously, it was an accident.  There is nothing funny about the Vice President of the United States shooting a guy.
White House briefing: Reporters go after McClellan  —  RAW STORY  —  From Monday's White House press briefing.  Crooks and Liars now has the video here.  —  Q Scott, do you think that the shooting accident involving the vice president on Saturday should have been disclosed to the public on Saturday?
John Podhoretz / The Corner on National Review Online:
WHAT CHENEY MUST DO  —  This story is a very big deal, despite all the mitigating factors — the accident involved a friend, his medical team was right there to help, and all that.  Something like this has never happened before, and it is a genuinely disturbing thing to think that the vice president …
Patricia Wilson / Reuters:
White House under fire in Cheney shooting accident  —  WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President George W. Bush knew hours after Vice President Dick Cheney accidentally shot a fellow quail hunter but the White House came under fire on Monday for not making the information public until the next day.
Discussion: IMAO
White House:
Press Briefing by Scott McClellan  — Response to a Question from the Briefing  —  MR. MCCLELLAN: Good afternoon, everyone.  Let me begin with one update on the schedule today.  The President will today — or today is submitting his 2006 Economic Report to the Congress.
ReddHedd / firedoglake:
Not a Laughing Matter
Maria Newman / New York Times:   Bush Learned Within Three Hours That Cheney Shot Hunter
National Review:
Cheney's Hush-Hush Hunting Accident
Discussion: World O'Crap
Charles Hurt / Washington Times:
Dean calls for Cheney to resign
Discussion: Blogs for Bush
And Another Thing:
Hunting Frenzy
Discussion: Power Line
Larisa Alexandrovna /
Outed CIA officer was working on Iran, intelligence sources say  —  The unmasking of covert CIA officer Valerie Plame Wilson by White House officials in 2003 caused significant damage to U.S. national security and its ability to counter nuclear proliferation abroad, RAW STORY has learned.
Michelle Malkin:
AL GORE SLANDERS AMERICA  —  Speaking from a country that sent us the majority of the 9/11 hijackers and from a conference that banned Denmark for daring to speak up against Islamist bullies, Al Gore this weekend blasted the United States for its "abuses" against Arabs:
Michael J. Totten:
Iraq Without a Gun  —  ERBIL, IRAQ - Until just a few months ago, Iraq was one of the last places in the world a normal person would want to fly into.  Baghdad had the only international airport in the country, and you risked your life just taking a taxi to the kinda-sorta half-way "safe" Green Zone from the terminal.
Poll: Americans nervous about Iran  —  Bush's approval rating drops to 39 percent  —  (CNN) — Americans are nervous about the prospect of a nuclear-armed Iran, but also worry about the ability of the United States and the United Nations to deal with the situation, a CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll released Monday suggests.
Hilary Goldstein / IGN:
WonderCon '06: Holy Terror, Batman!  —  Batman kicks Al Qaeda's ass.  Frank Miller's talks about upcoming book.  —  February 12, 2006 - During his WonderCon panel, Frank Miller discussed his next graphic novel.  Once again, Miller returns to the world of the Batman, this time with Holy Terror, Batman!.
Why Terrorist Activity Is Down  —  February 12, 2006: The annual Shia Ashura festival brings out the faithful in large numbers, and was banned when Saddam ruled.  Since then, terrorists have attacked the Shia participants, killing 55 in 2005, and 181 in 2004.  This year, the terrorists were unable to kill anyone.
Discussion: TigerHawk and Secular Blasphemy
Mickey Kaus / Slate:
kf Sweeps the Heartland!  —  Brokeback and the Bogus Breakout Meme.  —  Buried lede of the day?  Deep in a piece on new Republican House Majority Leader John Boehner, former Republican Majority Leader Dick Armey admits he opposes both the Iraq War and No Child Left Behind:

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