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Reinforcing Sedentary Status
An RSS feed is now available here, enabling you at last to Read Stupid Stuff from memeorandum in the comfort of your RSS reader.

A note for the uninitiated: An RSS reader (sometimes called an "aggregator", unfortunately) monitors your favorite news sites and weblogs, displaying new items as they're published. So if you read news from a large number of sources, an RSS reader can save you a great deal of browsing time. Interested? I recommend investing three minutes in signing up for Bloglines, a free web-based RSS reader. For more general RSS info, check out recent introductions from Wired and the Washington Post.

Each memeorandum feed item includes one new or updated article from memeorandum. Not every article on the web page makes the news feed; to moderate the volume of items, an article in the news feed must first receive at least three comments from bloggers. If the number of commenters doubles later in the day, an updated item will enter the feed to underscore that the conversation has expanded.

While the feed includes headlines, "teasers", and the roster of blogger commentators for a given article, you'll still need to follow the item permalink to to read the complete commentary excerpts and access the actual blogger links available on the main web page. (I prefer my referrals acknowledged.)

Please don't hesitate to send me suggestions or bug reports. In particular, I'd like to know if the items look screwy in your reader. I'm satisfied with the appearance in Bloglines and Amphetadesk, but have not tried any other RSS readers.

  Posted by Gabe on Wednesday, April 28, 2004, 2:39 AM ET — Permalink