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Ron Fournier / Associated Press:
Embattled FEMA Director Mike Brown Resigns  —  WASHINGTON — Federal Emergency Management Agency director Mike Brown said Monday he has resigned "in the best interest of the agency and best interest of the president," three days after losing his onsite command of the Hurricane Katrina relief effort.
R. David Paulison  —  Acting Under Secretary / U.S. Fire Administrator  —  R. David Paulison was appointed director of the Preparedness Division of the Emergency Preparedness & Response Directorate/FEMA, in the newly created Department of Homeland Security in 2003.
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Washington Post:
Embattled FEMA Director Michael Brown Resigns  —  Director Says Focus Has to Be on Agency, Not Him  —  Michael D. Brown resigned this afternoon as director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, becoming the first high-profile Bush administration official to step down amid public criticism …
Ron Fournier / Associated Press:   Firefighter to Replace Brown As FEMA Chief
Laura Wides / Associated Press:
Blackout Hits L.A.; Terrorism Ruled Out  —  LOS ANGELES - A blackout hit a large portion of the Los Angeles area Monday afternoon, snarling traffic at intersections and trapping people in elevators.  —  The city was investigating the cause of the outage.  But Sgt. Catherine Plows …
Smash / The Indepundit:
Lights Out in Los Angeles  —  MUCH OF LOS ANGELES has lost electrical power, including parts of Downtown and the San Fernando Valley.  The cause of the blackout is unknown at this time.  —  No problems (yet) down here in San Diego.  —  TALLGLASSOFMILK writes: … Well, that sounds like normal, for Los Angeles.
Fox News:
Large Portion of Los Angeles Loses Power  —  LOS ANGELES — A major portion of Los Angeles (search) lost power Monday afternoon after utility workers connected the wrong wires.  —  Outages were reported shortly before 1 p.m. from downtown to the coast and north into the San Fernando Valley …
Los Angeles City hit by Big-time Blackout
Discussion: The Agonist
Michael Williams / Master of None:
Power Outages across Los Angeles
Blackout  —  Just to make things interesting, there was a blackout …
Discussion: BoiFromTroy
Matt Margolis / Blogs for Bush:
Roberts Hearings: Live Blogging Day 1  —  most recent updates on top...  UPDATE, 3:33 PM EDT: Roberts concludes... Recess until 9:30 tomorrow morning.  Will post Roberts' complete opening statement shortly.  —  UPDATE, 3:32 PM EDT: Roberts is doing a great job.  "I come before the committee with no agenda... no platform."
Tom Goldstein / SCOTUSblog:
Welcome to the Roberts Confirmation Hearings  —  12:50 - Senator Grassley says that Roberts appears to be extremely well qualified, and is impressed with his view of the "limited role" of the courts.  He is the first to say he wants to ask Roberts about his responsibilities as head of the federal judiciary …
FEMA director Brown resigns  —  Bush tours New Orleans devastation  —  NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana (CNN) — Federal Emergency Management Agency Director Mike Brown, under fire over his qualifications and what critics call a bungled response to Hurricane Katrina, resigned Monday, senior administration sources told CNN.
Lamia Lahoud / Jerusalem Post:
Rajoub: PA to fight terror only if IDF pulls back more  —  The Palestinian Authority will take all necessary steps to fight terror in Gaza provided Israel withdraws completely and gives hope there will be negotiations over a Palestinian state and more pullbacks from the West Bank …
Agence France Presse:   Hamas makes music in Gaza celebration war
Jennifer Loven / Associated Press:
Bush Denies Racial Component to Response  —  NEW ORLEANS — President Bush denied Monday there was any racial component to people being left behind after Hurricane Katrina, despite suggestions from some critics that the response would have been quicker if so many of the victims hadn't been poor and black.
John Fund / Opinion Journal:
Hey, Big Spender  —  FDR and Truman made cuts when crises demanded it.  Why won't Bush?  —  With almost no debate and with precious few provisions for oversight, Congress has passed President Bush's mammoth $62 billion request for emergency Katrina relief.
Robert Novak /
Replacing O'Connor Could Get Ugly  —  WASHINGTON — With Senate confirmation of Judge John G. Roberts Jr. as chief justice virtually assured, the struggle for the Supreme Court returns to replacing retiring Justice Sandra Day O'Connor.  The belief in legal and political circles is that President Bush …
Fox News:
Bush Supporters Question Iraq War Tactics  —  WASHINGTON — When President Bush (search) meets with his Iraqi counterpart at the White House on Tuesday, the administration and its supporters are sure to extol the virtues and the wisdom of the American role in rebuilding Iraq.

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