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Prosecutor in leak case seeks indictments against Rove, Libby, lawyers close to case say  —  Special Prosecutor Patrick J. Fitzgerald has asked the grand jury investigating the outing of CIA operative Valerie Plame Wilson to indict Vice President Dick Cheney's chief of staff I. Lewis "Scooter" …
CIA leak probe has Washington waiting  —  No announcements expected today  —  WASHINGTON (CNN) — The federal grand jury investigating the leak of a CIA operative's identity could hand up charges as early as today, but Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald is not expected to make any public …
Washington Post:
Vice President for Torture  —  VICE PRESIDENT Cheney is aggressively pursuing an initiative that may be unprecedented for an elected official of the executive branch: He is proposing that Congress legally authorize human rights abuses by Americans.  "Cruel, inhuman and degrading" …
Poll: Few doubt wrongdoing in CIA leak  —  Neighbor, former official questioned with grand jury set to expire  —  WASHINGTON (CNN) — Only one in 10 Americans said they believe Bush administration officials did nothing illegal or unethical in connection with the leaking of a CIA operative's identity …
Bloomberg:   Grand Jury in CIA Leak Probe Plans No Announcements (Update1)
Five people killed in Hadera suicide bombing  —  A suicide bomber exploded in the open air market in the coastal city of Hadera a little before 4 P.M. Wednesday afternoon, killing five people and wounding 30 others.  —  Five people were said to be in serious condition; another four sustained moderate wounds.
Captain Ed / Captain's Quarters:
Iran Calls For Terrorism
Discussion: Slant Point and Decision '08
The Left Coaster:
Treasongate: The Real Significance of the Niger Uranium Forgery Stories in La Repubblica  —  Laura Rozen at War and Piece has helpfully provided links to two blog posts that offer translated versions of the breaking stories on the forged Niger documents in the Italian paper La Repubblica.
Nur-al-Cubicle / Nur al-Cubicle:
Berlusconi Behind Fake Yellowcake Dossier
Michelle Malkin:
DEMONIZING CONDI  —  ***scroll down for updates...345pm EDT flash: THE PHOTO HAS BEEN REMOVED from USA Today's site with an editor's note...reax from readers here...I'll be talking about more unhinged examples of Condi hatred next week.  More details here.  Check out the photo of Condoleezza Rice …
Priya Sridhar /
Student's deployment brings home Iraq war to Bowdoin College campus  —  BRUNSWICK — On Dec. 1, Alex Cornell du Houx, a 21-year-old Bowdoin College senior from Solon will head to Iraq for approximately 10 months as part of the Alpha 1st Company Battalion of the Marines.
Jesus' General:   Tomorrow's Rove  —  Dan Schuberth  —  Secretary, College Republican National Committee
Michelle Malkin /
2,000: A bogus number, a bitter cause  —  The anti-war Left couldn't wait for the death of the 2,000th soldier in Iraq.  Peace activists have been gearing up for protests, vigils, and other events this week to mark the completely bogus milestone.  Why 2,000?
Kerry-Edwards Press Room:
Senator Kerry's Speech at Georgetown University  —  Excerpts of remarks as prepared for delivery  —  Kerry speaks from his heart and conscience on Iraq:  —  "A few weeks ago I departed Iraq from Mosul.  Three Senators and staff were gathered in the forward part of a C-130.
Edward Whelan / Bench Memos on National Review Online:
Miers Should Withdraw Now  —  I have tried hard to give the White House and Harriet Miers the benefit of the doubt on her nomination and to withhold judgment.  But I can no longer do so.  The damage from this disastrous selection has gotten worse and worse every day, and there is every reason …
Discussion: Ex-Donkey Blog and Power Line
Marilyn Brown /
Schools Scrap Religious Holidays
Discussion: Lost Budgie Blog and Dhimmi Watch
Devlin Barrett / Associated Press:
Bush Reinstating Wages for Katrina Work  —  WASHINGTON - The Bush administration will reinstate rules requiring that companies awarded federal contracts for Hurricane Katrina pay prevailing wages, usually an amount close to the pay scales in local union contracts.
Mark Tapscott /   Bush Caves, Reinstates Davis-Bacon on Hurricane Recovery
"Not One of Us" and the Politics of the Miers Vote for Senators  —  In a lengthy Wall Street Journal story this morning on Federalist Society executive director Leonard Leo's support for Harriett Miers, there is a featured quote from the Cato Institute's Roger Pilon:  —  From an e-mail this morning:
Virginia / Dynamist Blog:
Americans for Better Justice  —  As regular readers know, I've written an extraordinary amount about Bush's nomination of Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court.  Early on, my primary purpose was reportorial—to use my locational advantage to provide information and context for people outside of Dallas.
CBS News:
Change At The Top At CBS News  —  (CBS) CBS News President Andrew Heyward announced Wednesday he would be leaving his post when his contract expires at the end of the year.  Heyward will be replaced by CBS Sports President Sean McManus.  —  "After nearly ten years in this job …
Discussion: PunditGuy, Random Numbers and Gawker
Washington Post:
Skipping Bush's Va. Speech Isn't a Snub, Kilgore Says  —  Virginia Republican gubernatorial candidate Jerry W. Kilgore has decided not to attend President Bush's appearance in Norfolk on Friday, saying it is not a campaign-related event and that he has other plans 11 days before the election.
Thomas Wagner / Associated Press:
Accident Brings U.S. Toll in Iraq to 2,001  —  BAGHDAD, Iraq - The American death toll reached 2,001 on Wednesday with the announcement that a soldier died in an accident the night before.  Three mostly Sunni Arab parties said they have formed a coalition to compete in upcoming parliamentary elections …
Joe Hagan / Wall Street Journal:
New York Times Reporter Miller Is in Talks Over Her Job Status  —  Move Follows Public Break  —  With the Newspaper;  —  Severance Package Discussed  —  New York Times reporter Judith Miller has begun discussing her future employment options with the newspaper, including the possibility …

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