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Washington Post:
White House Officials Brace for Charges  —  Announcement of Grand Jury Actions Not Likely Today  —  The prosecutor in the CIA leak case met with the federal grand jury today and was prepared to outline possible charges, two days after the FBI conducted last-minute interviews …
Richard B. Schmitt / Los Angeles Times:
Suspense Builds Over CIA Leak Investigation  —  WASHINGTON — The CIA leak case continued to build today toward a climactic finish as a grand jury investigating possible wrongdoing by top White House figures met behind closed doors for three hours and the special counsel met privately with the chief judge overseeing the case.
Steve Clemons:
Rumors, Accident, Interviews, Articles and Jon Stewart  —  This will be a short, quick entry. . .I think.  —  First of all, for those of you who have heard that I was in a car accident last night — thanks for your notes.  I am ok.  For those of you who did not know …
Discussion: Prairie Weather
Josh Gerstein / New York Sun:
Prosecutor Meets With Chief Judge  —  Consequences for Leak Probe Tough to Divine  —  WASHINGTON—The federal prosecutor investigating the alleged involvement of White House officials in the leak of a CIA operative's identity spent most of the lunch hour today meeting with the chief judge …
Steve Clemons:
New Information: First the Website, Now the New Office Space  —  Patrick Fitzgerald's intermediaries denied that there was any significance to the establishment of a new website, minimalist as it is, for the Office of the Special Counsel which is investigating the "outing" …
Hotlineblog / Hotline On Call:
Evening Buzz, Buzz  —  From his hospital bed, Steve Clemons (whose bona fides were endorsed by Howard Fineman) updates his post.  Indictment targets notified.  Presser 10/27 or 10/28.  —  From the Los Angeles Times: "One grand juror was overheard telling another juror, 'See you Friday …
New York Times:
Grand Jurors Hear Counsel on Leak Case
Prosecutor in leak case seeks indictments …
The Gray Monk:
Requiem for Church Mouse  —  It is with great sadness that I have to report that my beloved Church Mouse has died.  She finally succumbed to the cancer which attacked her around this time last year at 12.30 EST (17.30 BST) today.  She will be missed.  Earlier this year her husband …
The Laughing Wolf:
INTO THE LIGHT: MOMMA BEAR/CHURCH MOUSE/HEATHER  —  It is with heavy heart that I report that Momma Bear, also known as Church Mouse, and who will always be my Bonnie, Bonnie Heather died shortly after noon today.  I am glad that she is released from the suffering caused by her cancer, and indescribably sad at the loss of a friend.
Andrew Ian Dodge / Dodgeblogium:   To a fallen friend  —  This is by far the most difficult thing …
Kathy Kinsley / On The Third Hand:
Momma Bear has passed away.
National Review:
Miers's Muddle  —  With the understanding that Harriet Miers's Spring 1993 speech to the Executive Women of Dallas is just part of the evidence that has led me to conclude that she should withdraw her nomination, let me highlight the elements of that speech that I find disturbing.
Discussion: Daily Kos
Deacon / Power Line:
SOME EXPLAINING TO DO  —  Ed Whelan, a former Scalia law clerk and the head of the Ethics and Public Policy Center, argues that Harriet Miers should withdraw.  Until now, Ed has been giving the White House "the benefit of the doubt" on this nomination.  However, a 1993 speech by Miers …
Robert A. George / RAGGED THOTS:
Why I Am Not A Democrat (Part 2)  —  As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.  —  Once again, Mr. Gilliard "represents" wonderful, reasoned, intellectual discourse from the Left.  —  (WARNING: Be careful clicking on this if you are at work.)  —  File under category of: "Racist Imagery — It's OK If You Are A Liberal"
What Congress did is disgusting.  —  You heard what the Senate did to Tom Coburn's attempt to impose some sanity on spending.  —  How do they live with themselves?  —  Years ago, interviewing economist Walter Williams for a show ABC News called "Greed," I was perplexed when Williams said …
Captain Ed / Captain's Quarters:
I'm Moving Off The Fence  —  I took what little time at work (on my lunch break) that I could to read through the speech given by Harriet Miers to the Executive Women of Dallas in 1993, and wound up re-reading three more times tonight.  I would encourage everyone to read this speech carefully …
Outside the arc  —  Growing up, I was a good girl.  I didn't get in trouble because my mom was pretty strict.  I always knew what I could and could not do, and who I could and could not hang out with.  —  Not that I could get into too much trouble in Brownfield, Texas.
LZ Granderson /
Three-time MVP 'tired of having to hide my feelings'
Nur-al-Cubicle / Nur al-Cubicle:
Berlusconi Behind Fake Yellowcake Dossier  —  La Repubblica's Carlo Bonini and Giuseppe d'Avanzo have been bird-dogging the phony yellowcake documents and they now have the goods on Silvio Berlusconi, who instructed Italian Military Intelligence to plant the evidence implicating Saddam in a bogus uranium deal with Niger.

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