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Associated Press:
Bush's Embattled Nominee to Supreme Court Withdraws  —  WASHINGTON (AP) — Harriet Miers withdrew her nomination to be a Supreme Court justice Thursday in the face of stiff opposition and mounting criticism about her qualifications.  —  President Bush said he reluctantly accepted her decision to withdraw …
Fred Barbash / Washington Post:
Harriet Miers Withdraws Nomination  —  Harriet Miers withdrew this morning as a nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court.  —  In announcing the decision, Miers and President Bush cited their concern with the requests of members of the Senate Judiciary Committee for documents dealing with her work …
Harriet Ellan Miers / Washington Post:
Text of Miers's Letter to President Bush  —  Dear Mr. President:  —  I write to withdraw as a nominee to serve as an Associate Justice on the Supreme Court of the United States.  I have been greatly honored and humbled by the confidence that you have shown in me and have appreciated immensely …
Michelle Malkin:
HARRIET MIERS WITHDRAWS: RELIEF  —  What a relief.  Sad, pensive, what-a-waste relief.  Not happy-joy-joy relief.  —  First Breitbart/AP dispatch 858am EDT: … Exit strategy hinged on refusal to release privileged White House documents.  (Ed Morrissey and Charles Krauthammer called it.)
Terence Hunt / Associated Press:
Miers Withdraws Under Mounting Criticism  —  WASHINGTON - Under withering attack from conservatives, President Bush ended his push to put loyalist Harriet Miers on the Supreme Court Thursday and promised a quick replacement.  Democrats accused him of bowing to the "radical right wing of the Republican Party."
Washington Post:
Statement by the President  —  The White House Office of the Press Secretary  —  Today, I have reluctantly accepted Harriet Miers' decision to withdraw her nomination to the Supreme Court of the United States.  —  I nominated Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court because of her extraordinary legal experience …
Gail Russell Chaddock / Christian Science Monitor:
Their clout rising, blogs are courted by Washington's elite  —  WASHINGTON - Beltway politicos, famously slow to adopt technology, are wooing blogs - all but Trent Lott.  —  "Bloggers claim I was their first pelt, and I believe that.  I'll never read a blog," says the former Senate majority leader …
Timothy Williams / New York Times:
Miers Failed to Win Support of Key Senators and Conservatives  —  WASHINGTON, Oct. 26 - Harriet E. Miers withdrew her nomination for the Supreme Court this morning after her selection by President Bush led to criticism from both conservatives and liberals.  —  In recent days …
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John Hawkins / Right Wing News:   Happy Harriet Miers Withdrawal Day, Everyone!
Steve Holland / Reuters:
Miers withdraws as Supreme Court nominee
Sister Toldjah / Blogs for Bush:
Miers Withdraws
Erick /
The Miers Withdrawal
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Andrew /
THE KRAUTHAMMER SOLUTION:  —  In the end, the Bush team decided …
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NY Daily News:
Buzz about a Karl plea as probers close in  —  WASHINGTON - Jittery Bush aides gnawed their nails yesterday as a special prosecutor zeroed in on White House political guru Karl Rove's role in blowing a CIA agent's cover.  —  In the closing hours of the grand jury probe …
Washington Post:
White House Officials Brace for Charges
Ghaith Abdul-Ahad / Washington Post:
The New Sunni Jihad: 'A Time for Politics'  —  Tour With Iraqi Reveals Tactical Change  —  NORTH OF BAGHDAD — For weeks before Iraq's constitutional referendum this month, Iraqi guerrilla Abu Theeb traveled the countryside just north of Baghdad, stopping at as many Sunni Arab houses and villages as he could.
Warren Hoge / New York Times:
U.N. to Detail Kickbacks Paid for Iraq's Oil  —  UNITED NATIONS, Oct. 26 - More than 4,500 companies took part in the United Nations oil-for-food program and more than half of them paid illegal surcharges and kickbacks to Saddam Hussein, according to the independent committee investigating the program.
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Alessandra Stanley / New York Times:
An Anchor Intimately Recalls Katrina  —  It's never too soon to replay the blame game.  —  "In His Own Words: Brian Williams on Hurricane Katrina" on the Sundance Channel serves as a study aid for those who wish to re-examine the government's neglect of the poorest victims of that terrible storm.
Cori Dauber / Rantingprofs:   Cashing In  —  You don't have to cash in in venal, monetary terms to cash in.
Ezra Klein / TAPPED:
THE CULT OF PERSONALITY RETURNS.  Over at The National Review, Kathryn Lopez has written the single weirdest response to Harriet Miers' withdrawal that I've yet seen: … Wasn't the whole Miers fiasco, to The National Review, an example of getting a Big Thing wrong?
Discussion: Demagogue
Los Angeles Times:
White House Plans to Deflect  —  If top aides are indicted in the CIA leak case, the administration strategy is to keep its distance.  —  WASHINGTON — The prosecutor hasn't announced any indictments, but President Bush's aides and their allies in Congress are working on strategies to counter …

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