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New York Times:
Times Editor's Memo to Staff on Judith Miller  —  To the Staff:  —  Judy Miller has retired from The New York Times effective today.  —  In her 28 years at The Times, Judy participated in some great, prize-winning journalism.  She displayed fierce determination and personal courage …
Discussion: The Huffington Post and Wonkette
David B. Caruso / Associated Press:   Judith Miller Retires From the N.Y. Times
Explosions rock Jordan hotels  —  At least 18 killed, 120 injured; blasts said to have earmarks of al-Qaida  —  AMMAN, Jordan - Suicide bombers on Wednesday attacked three hotels frequented by Westerners, and at least 18 people were killed and 120 wounded, police said.
Discussion: T. Longren
Athena / Terrorism Unveiled:
It has happened, Amman has been attacked  —  Terrorists have attacked three hotels in Amman, the Radisson SAS, the Hyatt, and the Days Inn, both very nice hotels in the capital, with many tourists, as well as locals going there to eat at their nice restaurants and for celebrations such as weddings.
Bombers hit 3 Amman hotels  —  AMMAN (Reuters) - Three suspected suicide bombers blew themselves up in three hotels in Amman on Wednesday and many people were feared dead, Jordan's official news agency, Petra, reported.  —  The agency, quoting a police spokesman, said the three targeted hotels …
Andrew Cochran / The Counterterrorism Blog:
Jordan Suicide Bombings at Hotels (updated)  —  LAST UPDATE AT 6:10 pm ET.  Three near-simultaneous suicide bombings at three Western hotels in Amman with no prior warning of threat - first suicide bombings in Jordan - at least 57 dead and 300+ wounded, apparently most of them Jordanians and no Americans …
Washington Post:
Explosions Rock Three Hotels in Jordan
Jamal Halaby / Associated Press:   Suicide Bombers Kill 53 at Jordan Hotels
Norman Podhoretz / Commentary:
Who Is Lying About Iraq?  —  Among the many distortions, misrepresentations, and outright falsifications that have emerged from the debate over Iraq, one in particular stands out above all others.  This is the charge that George W. Bush misled us into an immoral and/or unnecessary war in Iraq …
Andrew Buncombe / Independent:
US criticised for use of phosphorous in Fallujah raids
Mark Murray / MSNBC:
Bush, GOP mired in political quicksand  —  NBC/WSJ poll shows president at new lows in all job approval categories  —  WASHINGTON - Democrats might be overstating that their gubernatorial victories Tuesday in New Jersey and Virginia are glaring signs for next year's midterm congressional elections …
Discussion: Rantingprofs and The Left Coaster
Joel Kotkin / Opinion Journal:
Why Immigrants Don't Riot Here  —  France's rigid economic system sustains privilege and inspires resentment.  —  The French political response to the continuing riots has focused most on the need for more multicultural "understanding" of, and public spending on, the disenchanted mass in the country's grim banlieues (suburbs).
US News:
The election results  —  There's a ritual, a kind of kabuki dance, to interpreting the results of the two gubernatorial elections, in Virginia and New Jersey, that are held the year after the presidential election.  If one party wins both elections, its spin doctors claim that they are a verdict …
Larry Kudlow / The Corner on National Review Online:   ELECTION RESULTS ARE A WAKE-UP CALL
Reuel Marc Gerecht / Opinion Journal:
I Spy With My Little Eye . . .  . . . something beginning with the letter S.  (Answer: Sloppy spooks.)  —  "And they [CIA employees] have to expect that when they do their jobs, that information about whether or not they are affiliated with the CIA will be protected. …
Louise Chu / Associated Press:
San Francisco Voters Approve Handgun Ban  —  SAN FRANCISCO - Voters approved ballot measures to ban handguns in San Francisco and urge the city's public high schools and college campuses to keep out military recruiters.  —  The gun ban prohibits the manufacture and sale of all firearms …
Howard Kurtz / Washington Post:
Ousted CBS Producer Comes Out Swinging  —  After a year of silence about the biggest scandal in CBS News history, Mary Mapes has plenty to say — about George W. Bush, Karl Rove, Les Moonves, her father, bloggers, the mainstream press and others who she believes contributed to her downfall.

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John McIntyre / The RCP Blog:
Bush's "Disaster"  —  The MSM is trying to spin yesterday's election …
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John Leicester / Associated Press:
Far-Right Leader: Riots Only the Start
Yahoo! News:
Dean Statement on the Resounding Democratic Victories Across the Country
Business Week:
Spending Is Out Of Control  —  The head of the GAO calls …
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Juan / Informed Comment:
The Problem with Frenchness  —  Readers have asked me for comment …

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