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Charles Babington / Washington Post:
Alito Defends His Actions In Two Appeals Court Cases  —  In Letter to Senators, Nominee Denies Conflict of Interest  —  Supreme Court nominee Samuel A. Alito Jr. said yesterday that he did nothing improper when he ruled in cases involving two financial firms in which he held accounts …
John / AMERICAblog:
Alito now says he didn't inhale  —  Just in from the Washington Post: … Unduly restrictive?  What the hell does that mean?  It means when he promised not to do something, under oath I believe, he didn't really mean it.  That's what unduly restrictive means.  —  Son, promise you'll never lie to me.
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Joanne Kenen / Reuters:
Democrats scrutinize Alito in Vanguard case
Andrew Taylor / Associated Press:
House GOP Leaders Scuttle Budget-Cut Vote  —  WASHINGTON — House Republican leaders scuttled a vote Thursday on a $51 billion budget-cut package in the face of a revolt by lawmakers over scaling back Medicaid, food stamp and student loan programs.  —  The development was a major setback …
Carl Hulse / New York Times:
House Leaders Postpone Vote on Budget Bill  —  WASHINGTON, Nov. 10 - Facing defeat, House Republican leaders on Thursday abruptly called off a vote on a contentious budget-cutting bill in a striking display of the discord and political anxiety running through the party's ranks.
Blanton /
Republican Bedwetters on the Hill
Discussion: Viking Pundit
John Byrne /
Pledging to cut spending and slim taxes …
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Eric Schmitt / New York Times:
Senate Approves Limiting Rights of U.S. Detainees  —  WASHINGTON, Nov. 10 - The Senate voted Thursday to strip captured "enemy combatants" at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, of the principal legal tool given to them last year by the Supreme Court when it allowed them to challenge their detentions in United States courts.
Anne E. Kornblut / New York Times:
Rove Is More His Old Self at the White House  —  WASHINGTON, Nov. 10 - The architect, it seems, is back.  —  Hunkered down for almost all of October while a grand jury considered his fate, Karl Rove has rebounded as a visible presence at the White House over the last two weeks …
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Pete Yost / Associated Press:
Presidential Aide Praises Miers in Address  —  AP Photo DCHG101  —  WASHINGTON (AP) - At a time when he is under criminal investigation in the CIA leak case, Karl Rove stepped into the limelight Thursday night, praising failed Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers to an influential group of conservative lawyers.
Discussion: Blogs for Bush
Associated Press:
Pat Robertson Warns Pa. Town of Disaster  —  VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - Religious broadcaster Pat Robertson warned residents of a rural Pennsylvania town Thursday that disaster may strike there because they "voted God out of your city" by ousting school board members who favored teaching intelligent design.
Five Minutes With: Paul Krugman  —  Paul Krugman has been called "the most important political columnist in America" by The Washington Monthly.  An economist who has taught at MIT, Princeton, Yale, and Stanford, Krugman became a columnist for the New York Times' opinion section in 2000.
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Dana Blanton / Fox News:
11/10/05 FOX Poll: President Bush's Ratings Continue to Suffer  —  NEW YORK — As investigations and accusations surround the White House, the latest FOX News poll finds President George W. Bush's approval rating at a record low for the second time in as many months.
Dan Balz / Washington Post:
For GOP, 2006 Now Looms Much Larger  —  In a season of discontent for the White House, Tuesday's election results intensified Republican anxiety that next year's midterm contests could bring serious losses unless George W. Bush finds a way to turn around his presidency and shore up support among disaffected, moderate swing voters.
Radio Blogger:
Mark Steyn on the pan-Arab identity instead of country citizenship that ties in Jordan, Bali, Chechnya & France.  —  HH: I begin with columnist to the world, Mark Steyn.  You can read everything he writes at  Mark, how are you?  Are you in New Hampshire still?
Banned NFL Receiver Terrell Owens Finds a Friend in Ralph Nader  —  Nov. 10 (Bloomberg) — Philadelphia Eagles receiver Terrell Owens has a new supporter in his quest to get his job back: Ralph Nader.  —  The two-time presidential candidate and consumer advocate asked the National Football League …
John F. Manning / New York Times:
Balancing Act  —  SOME Democratic members of the Senate Judiciary Committee have argued that Judge Samuel A. Alito's nomination to succeed Justice Sandra Day O'Connor merits more thorough scrutiny, if not outright rejection, because it would disturb the "balance of the court."
Michael Moynihan / Stockholm Spectator GroupBlog:
RAI Documentary: Editing, the Michael Moore Way  —  As the credits roll in Fallujah: The Forgotten Massacre (discussed below), and the morose "aren't the Americans evil" music is piped in, the viewer is faced with a horrifying scene: a group of Iraqis, cowering under scant cover, brutally mowed down by Apache helicopter fire.

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