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CNN MARKS CHENEY: NETWORK FLASHES 'X' OVER VP'S FACE DURING LIVE SPEECH  —  At 11:04:45 AM ET Monday CNN was airing Vice President Dick Cheney's speech live from the American Enterprise Institute in Washington — when a large black 'X' repeatedly flashed over the vice president's face!
William Branigin / Washington Post:
Cheney Accuses Iraq Critics of Shameless Revisionism  —  Vice President Cheney today accused political opponents of engaging in "corrupt and shameless" revisionism by charging that the Bush administration misled the nation into the Iraq war, and he warned that any sudden withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq …
Jeff Harrell / The Shape of Days:   Oddness at CNN, supplemented with more oddness in the blogosphere
Mary Katharine Ham /
X Marks the Vice President
Michelle Malkin:
Discussion: >bt: Brain Terminal and Wizbang
Scanlon Pleads Guilty, Cooperates in Abramoff Probe (Update2)  —  Nov. 21 (Bloomberg) — Michael Scanlon, a former associate of lobbyist Jack Abramoff, pleaded guilty to conspiring to corrupt public officials and defraud clients, clearing the way for his cooperation in an investigation of his one-time partner.
Discussion: TalkLeft
New York Times:
Former Aide to DeLay Pleads Guilty in Conspiracy Case  —  WASHINGTON, Nov. 21 - Michael Scanlon, former aide to a powerful congressman and onetime partner of a wealthy lobbyist, pleaded guilty today to a federal conspiracy charge as part of a deal in which he agreed to cooperate with an investigation …
Jonathan D. Salant / Bloomberg:
Scanlon, Abramoff `Backroom Guy,' Points Probers at DeLay, Ney  —  Nov. 21 (Bloomberg) — For more than a year, Michael Scanlon has been a shadowy presence behind former partner Jack Abramoff, the Republican lobbyist at the center of a corruption probe.  Now, Scanlon may help prosecutors raise the investigation to a higher level.
Pete Yost / Associated Press:
Ex-Aide to DeLay Pleads Guilty in Conspiracy
Discussion: Talking Points Memo
White House:
Vice President's Remarks on the War on Terror  —  Washington, D.C.  —  THE VICE PRESIDENT: Good morning, and thank you all very much.  And thank you, Chris.  It's great to be back at AEI.  Both Lynne and I have a long history with the American Enterprise Institute, and we value the association …
Jeff Goldstein / protein wisdom:
The Revolution will be blogged, 5  —  Vice President Dick Cheney's latest speech to the American Enterprise Institute takes on his media critics who chose to frame his recent remarks about Democratic war critics as an "attack" on their patriotism.  A few excerpts:
Faiz / Think Progress:
Tonight on Larry King: Woodward's Disingenuous Attempt to Rehabilitate Himself  —  CNN just offered a sneak preview of Bob Woodward's interview with Larry King tonight on CNN.  This is what Woodward says: … There's an easy explanation for why Fitzgerald didn't know about this vital piece of information …
Woodward & King: Transcript
Discussion: The Heretik
Jane Hamsher / firedoglake:
Bob Woodward: Not Exactly Hero Material
Nico / Think Progress:
Declassified Pentagon Document Describes White Phosphorus As 'Chemical Weapon'  —  To downplay the political impact of revelations that U.S. forces used deadly white phosphorus rounds against Iraqi insurgents in Falluja last year, Pentagon officials have insisted that phosphorus munitions …
Caroline Alexander / Bloomberg:
Iraqi Leaders Urge a Timetable for Eventual Troop Withdrawal  —  Nov. 21 (Bloomberg) — Iraqi leaders, meeting at a reconciliation conference in Cairo, urged an end to violence in the country and demanded a timetable for the withdrawal of coalition troops from Iraq.
Hassan M. Fattah / New York Times:
Iraqi Factions Seek Timetable for U.S. Pullout  —  CAIRO, Nov. 21 - For the first time, Iraq's political factions on Monday collectively called for a timetable for withdrawal of foreign forces, in a moment of consensus that comes as the Bush administration battles pressure at home to commit itself to a pullout schedule.
Discussion: The Reaction and The Mahablog
Confederate Yankee:
Armando: Zarqawi Wasn't a Problem  —  Ever willing to downplay any strides towards peace or a more stable Iraq, Armando at Daily Kos is downplaying the significance of Musab al-Zarqawi's possible death after a protracted gunbattle today in Mosul: … Will the death of Musab al-Zarqawi (if confirmed) put an end to all violence in Iraq?
Jerusalem Post:   Iraqi FM: Al-Zarqawi thought to be dead
Digby / Hullabaloo:
Genie In A Bottle by di  —  Genie In A Bottle  —  Nobody is going to ask me who should be hired at The New York Times to replace Judith Miller, but if they did I would say that they should hire the best and most unsung national security reporter in the country —  Jason Vest.
Look back, in pajamas  —  Edited by Glenn Reynolds, Chair, OSM Editorial Advisory Board  —  A CARNIVAL OF PRE-WAR INTELLIGENCE: WHAT WE KNEW, WHEN WE KNEW IT, AND WHAT WE SHOULD HAVE KNOWN GOING INTO THE IRAQ WAR.  —  On Friday, OSM extended an open-invitation to bloggers everywhere …
Max Blumenthal / The Huffington Post:
Who Is Mean Jean's Marine?  And Why Does He Think Murtha's A Coward?  —  On Friday, freshman Republican Rep. "Mean Jean" Schmidt mounted one of the fiercest, most personal assaults Congress has witnessed since Preston Brooks caned Charles Sumner to a bloody pulp in 1856.
Kieran Healy / Crooked Timber:
PZ Myers … The link goes to Adams' version of a spat he (Adams) has been having with PZ Myers, of Pharyngula.  Here is Myers' version.  But what I really want to know is, under what description of reality does PZ Myers (a biology professor at the University of Minnesota at Morris …

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