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Jerusalem Post:
Suicide bombing outside Netanya mall kills 5  —  Four people were killed and 66 were wounded - three seriously - in an explosion that rocked the entrance to the Hasharon shopping mall on Herzl Street in Netanya at 11:25 a.m. Monday morning.  Another person died on the operating table at Laniado Hospital in Kfar Saba.
At least five killed in suicide bombing at Netanya mall  —  At least five people were killed Monday and more than 50 others were wounded, including four seriously, when a suicide bomber blew himself up at around 11:30 A.M. at the entrance to Hasharon shopping mall in Netanya.
Joe Gandelman / The Moderate Voice:
McCain Won't Back Down On Torture Ban  —  It sounds like the Bush administration is now finding itself smack against an immovable force — Arizona Senator John McCain, who insists he will not be backing down on his demand for a ban on torture.  —  Not that he's simply not talking with the administration.
Discussion: Charging RINO and Booker Rising
Jim Abrams / Associated Press:   McCain Won't Compromise on Torture Ban
Mohammad Zargham / Reuters:
Bush seeking compromise on CIA torture ban -aide
Discussion: Once Upon a Time
Mary / Pacific Views:
IS THIS JUSTICE?  —  On Friday in Beaverton, Oregon, a judge ruled that a girl who had accused 3 "boys" of raping her wasn't credible so he convicted her of filing a false police report, a conviction that if held up could lead to 30 days in jail and a fine upto $1250.
John Fund / Opinion Journal:
Arnold's 'Harriet Miers Moment'  —  Has Gov. Schwarzenegger jumped the shark?  —  Arnold Schwarzenegger stunned California last week by selecting the former deputy chief of staff to Gray Davis, the Democratic governor ousted by the recall that brought Mr. Schwarzenegger to power, to be his own chief of staff.
Discussion: Vox Popoli
Robin Wright / Washington Post:
Democrats Find Iraq Alternative Is Elusive  —  Party's Elite Differ on How to Shift U.S. Policy  —  Around the country, many grass-roots Democrats are clamoring for a quick withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq.  On Capitol Hill, Democratic politicians have grown newly aggressive in denouncing …
David D. Kirkpatrick / New York Times:
Court Nominee Presents Father as Role Model  —  WASHINGTON, Dec. 4 - When a Democratic senator asked the Supreme Court nominee Samuel A. Alito Jr. why he might empathize with the plight of minorities or the poor, he had his answer ready: the example of his late father, an Italian immigrant …
Discussion: Althouse
Gerald Walpin / Opinion Journal:
The Wisdom of Solomon  —  Law schools adopt an Orwellian theory in an effort to keep the military out.  —  Imagine a college accepting your donation, then saying that you cannot have the same access to the school as all other alumni—but that you must continue making donations.  Unbelievable?
Adam / Techronization:
Welcome to the Carnival of the Capitalists!  —  I am proud to be hosting this week's Carnival of the Capitalists weblog.  I hope you find everything interesting, I know I did!  If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact me at
Ronald Bailey / Reason:
Origin of the Specious  —  Why do neoconservatives doubt Darwin?  —  Darwinism is on the way out.  At least, that's what Irving Kristol announced to a gathering at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington not long ago.  Darwinian evolution, according to the godfather of neoconservatism …
Isambard Wilkinson / Telegraph:
Pakistan censors poetic salute to Bush  —  A poem in a school textbook has been removed by embarrassed education officials in Pakistan after it was found that the first letters of each line spelt out "President George W Bush."  —  The 20-line anonymous poem, The Leader, lists the qualities of …
Discussion: Dr. Sanity, World O'Crap and Varifrank
David Corn / The Huffington Post:
The Case of the Second Novak: Nothing To Be Confused About  —  There is nothing for liberal blogger John Amato to be confused about.  —  1. When I wrote on December 2nd that Time's Viveca Novak was a friend of Robert Luskin, Karl Rove's lawyer, I based that on the recent media reports.
Elisabeth Bumiller / New York Times:
Talk of Changes in White House Staff Turns to Its Chief  —  There may be 26 holiday parties in 21 days at the White House this month, but the mood in the West Wing is anything but merry.  True, President Bush's recent Iraq speeches have put the White House back into comfortable blasts of campaign mode …
Discussion: Wonkette
David S. Cloud / New York Times:
Navy to Expand Fleet With New Enemies in Mind  —  WASHINGTON, Dec. 3 - The Navy wants to increase its fleet to 313 ships by 2020, reversing years of decline in naval shipbuilding and adding dozens of warships designed to defeat emerging adversaries, senior Defense Department officials say.
Discussion: Captain's Quarters
Joel Brinkley / New York Times:
Rice to Defend U.S. on Reports of Prisons for Terror Suspects  —  WASHINGTON, Dec. 4 - Just before she leaves for a trip to Europe on Monday, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice plans to offer the Bush administration's first studied defense in the debate over reports of a network of secret prisons …
Discussion: TalkLeft
Frank Rich /
All the President's Flacks  —  When "all of the facts come out in this case," Bob Woodward told Terry Gross on NPR in July, "it's going to be laughable because the consequences are not that great."  —  Who's laughing now?  —  Why Mr. Woodward took more than two years to tell his editor …

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