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Allen G. Breed / Associated Press:
Families Say 12 W.Va. Miners Found Alive  —  Twelve miners caught in an explosion in a coal mine were found alive late Tuesday, more than 41 hours after the blast, family members said.  —  Bells at a church where relatives had been gathering rang out as family members ran out screaming in jubilation.
Grief, anger as all but one miner found dead  —  Initial reports indicated 12 had survived  —  TALLMANSVILLE, West Virginia (CNN) — Grief and anger replaced jubilation early Wednesday as mine officials announced that, despite earlier reports, only one of 13 trapped miners had survived a West Virginia mining accident.
Discussion: Jeff Quinton and Booman Tribune
Allen G. Breed / Associated Press:
12 Trapped W.Va. Miners Found Alive  —  TALLMANSVILLE, W.Va. - Twelve miners caught in an explosion in a coal mine were found alive Tuesday night, sending family members streaming from the church where they had gathered during the nearly two-day ordeal.  Joyous shouts rose of "Praise the Lord!"
Discussion: Gateway Pundit and AMERICAblog
Ann Scott Tyson / Washington Post:
12 Found Alive in W.Va. Coal Mine  —  Body of 13th Miner Had Been Found In Adjacent Area  —  SAGO, W.Va., Jan. 3 — A dozen miners trapped 12,000 feet into a mountainside since early Monday were found alive Tuesday night just hours after rescuers found the body of a 13th man …
Discussion: Confined Space and The Reaction
Associated Press:
Eleven of Twelve Missing Coal Miners Believed to Be Alive Found Dead  —  TALLMANSVILLE, W.Va. — Family members learned early Wednesday that 11 of the 12 coal miners who were initially thought to have survived an explosion in a coal mine have died.  —  Families learned of the deaths …
Discussion: Jeff Quinton and PunditGuy
James Dao / New York Times:
12 Miners Are Found Alive, Family Members Say  —  SAGO, W.Va., Wednesday, Jan. 4 - Forty-one hours after an explosion trapped 13 men in a West Virginia coal mine here, family members and a state official said 12 of the miners had been found alive Tuesday night.
Jennifer C. Yates / Associated Press:
11 of 12 Miners Reported Alive Are Dead  —  TALLMANSVILLE, W.Va. (AP) - In a stunning and heartbreaking reversal, family members were told early Wednesday that 11 of 12 trapped coal miners found were dead - three hours after they began celebrating news that they were alive.
Washington Post:
Twelve Found Dead in W.Va. Coal Mine
Discussion: Captain's Quarters and Tim Blair
Washington Post:
Case Bringing New Scrutiny To a System and a Profession  —  The biggest corruption scandal to infect Congress in a generation took down one of the best-connected lobbyists in Washington yesterday.  The questions echoing around the capital were what other careers — and what other familiar ways of doing business — are endangered.
John / AMERICAblog:
Hardball's Chris Matthews, FOX's Tony Snow and Britt Hume helped raise money for shady Abramoff charity  —  UPDATE: Not that it changes anything, but I'm told the event may have been postponed or canceled at the last minute since we invaded Iraq right about that time.
'Hardball with Chris Matthews' for Dec. 16th  —  Read the transcript to the Friday show  —  Guests: Roger Cressey, Tom Brokaw, Anne Kornblut, Howard Fineman, Saxby Chambliss, Frank Lautenberg  —  CHRIS MATTHEWS, MSNBC ANCHOR: Tonight triumph and trouble on the day after the huge Iraq vote.
New York Times:
Tremors Across Washington as Lobbyist Will Aid Inquiry  —  WASHINGTON, Jan. 3 - As a high-flying Republican lobbyist, Jack Abramoff has long been known as a mover and shaker in Washington.  But when he cut a deal with federal prosecutors on Tuesday, he shook up this town as never before.
Digby / Hullabaloo:
Bipartisan BS  —  The media is working hard to make this into …
Christian Science Monitor:   Abramoff deals, Congress quakes
Michelle Malkin:
THE "A-BOMB" DETONATES  —  Via Breitbart/AP: … Here's the summary of charges:
John Amato / Crooks and Liars:   Dick Deguerin: Dealy best friends with Abramoff
David E. Sanger / New York Times:
From Cabinet Rooms Past, a Gathering to Assess Iraq  —  WASHINGTON, Jan. 3 - It will be an unusual sight on Thursday in the Roosevelt Room of White House, and deliberately so: President Bush will engage in a consultation of sorts with a bipartisan collection of former secretaries of state and defense.
Jim VandeHei / Washington Post:
Bush Assails Democrats Over Patriot Act  —  Opponents Are Blocking Law's Full Renewal for Political Reasons, President Says  —  President Bush accused Democrats yesterday of blocking a full reauthorization of the USA Patriot Act for political reasons, as the White House stepped …
Katherine Shrader / Associated Press:
Intelligence Panel Had Clue About Spying
Democracy Now:
National Security Agency …
Discussion: The All Spin Zone
Nikolas K. Gvosdev / The Washington Realist:
Ian Bremmer's predictions for 2006
Discussion: american footprints
Washington Post:
U.S. Raid Kills Family North of Baghdad  —  Iraqis Say 12 Slain in Airstrike; Americans Believed Targeted Farm Was Shelter for Insurgents  —  BAGHDAD, Jan. 3 — U.S. pilots targeting a house where they believed insurgents had taken shelter killed a family of 12, Iraqi officials said Tuesday.
Thomas Joscelyn:
About Your Sources, Mr. Risen  —  James Risen's appearance on the Today show with Katie Couric is receiving significant attention throughout the blogging world.  See this post at Power Line, Mark Finkelstein's blog, and The Corner (including this post from John Podhoretz), for example.

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