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David Espo / Associated Press:
DeLay Abandons Bid to Remain House Leader  —  WASHINGTON - Embattled Rep. Tom DeLay on Saturday abandoned his bid to remain as House majority leader, clearing the way for leadership elections among Republicans eager to shed the taint of scandal.  —  In a letter to rank-and-file Republicans …
Washington Post:
DeLay Abandons Bid to Remain House Leader  —  Rep. Tom DeLay (R-Tex.) today abandoned his bid to remain House majority leader, bowing to pressure from a growing number of fellow House Republicans who wanted a permanent leadership change because of his indictment on campaign finance charges.
Fellow Republican: Ney likely to be indicted  —  WASHINGTON — Rep. Bob Ney, R-Ohio, is likely to be indicted in an ongoing public corruption scandal, according to a fellow Republican congressman, Jim McCrery of Louisiana.  —  Ney has been linked by prosecutors to Jack Abramoff …
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DeLay Resigns as Majority Leader  —  'The Hammer' Falls From Leadership Post  —  Jan. 7, 2006 — It's been quite a fall for Tom DeLay, R-Texas, the House majority leader who formally stepped down today as he awaits trial on charges of conspiracy and money laundering.
David Espo / Associated Press:
Officials: DeLay to Quit Leadership Post  —  Embattled Rep. Tom DeLay decided Saturday to give up his post as House majority leader, clearing the way for new leadership elections among Republicans eager to shed the taint of scandal, two officials said.  —  These officials said DeLay …
Associated Press:
DeLay won't seek return to majority leader role  —  Move clears way for election of new House leadership amid scandal … WASHINGTON - Rep. Tom DeLay, the defiant face of a conservative revolution in Congress, stepped down as House majority leader on Saturday under pressure from Republicans staggered …
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Rick Klein / Boston Globe:
GOP coalition launches drive to replace DeLay  —  WASHINGTON — A coalition of conservative and moderate Republicans launched a formal bid yesterday to replace Representative Tom DeLay of Texas as House majority leader, as lawmakers scramble to cope with the fallout of a widening ethics scandal on Capitol Hill.
New York Times:
Officials Focus on a 2nd Firm Tied to DeLay
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Carl Hulse / New York Times:
Rebels in G.O.P. Call for DeLay to Be Replaced
Caren Deane Thomas / New York Times:
Sam He Was  —  WHEN I recently received an invitation to a reunion of my Yale Law School class, it stirred memories of the astounding group of students I found when I arrived there in 1972.  Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton are the most famous, of course, but my classmates also include someone else who has made news lately: Sam Alito.
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Charles Babington / Washington Post:
Sitting Judges to Speak on Alito's Behalf  —  No Conflict of Interest In Role, Specter Asserts  —  Seven current and former federal appellate court judges will testify on behalf of Supreme Court nominee Samuel A. Alito Jr. next week, an extraordinary role for the sitting judges who will be dealing …
John / AMERICAblog:
Anyone can buy a list of your incoming and outgoing phone calls, cell or land-line, for $110 online  —  by John in DC - 1/07/2006 03:21:00 PM And the best part?  Congress and the Executive branch have known about this problem for half a year or more and no one did a damn thing to fix it.
Frank Main / Chicago Sun Times:
Your phone records are for sale
Greyhawk / Mudville Gazette:
MORE TOWN HALL  —  Via Michelle Malkin, another revealing moment from the "Town Hall Meeting" featuring congressmen Moran and Murtha.  Just before the end of the meeting, Vietnam veteran General Louis C. Wagner spoke on behalf of a friend who had been ignored by the congressman.
Jeff Goldstein / protein wisdom:
We love the troops; but it's a tough love (#144) … Left Coaster also discusses the NYT body armor story, addressed here by Conferederate Yankee, as well as the relative dearth in new jobs created in December (an interesting spin for an unemployment rate that fell below 5%).  But be that as it may.
Robert Pear / New York Times:
States Intervene After Drug Plan Hits Early Snags  —  WASHINGTON, Jan. 7 - Low-income Medicare beneficiaries around the country were often overcharged, and some were turned away from pharmacies without getting their medications, in the first week of Medicare's new drug benefit.
Katherine Shrader / Associated Press:
Poll: Most Say U.S. Needs Warrant to Snoop  —  WASHINGTON - A majority of Americans want the Bush administration to get court approval before eavesdropping on people inside the United States, even if those calls might involve suspected terrorists, an AP-Ipsos poll shows.
Discussion: Think Progress and AMERICAblog
Confederate Yankee:
Thick-Headedness Does Not Count As Armor  —  I relish when pundits try make profound judgments about a subject they clearly do not understand, like this - yeah, I know - NY Times article that breathlessly states: … Liberal blog Newshog certainly thinks this is today's Crime of the Century …
Michael Yon / Online Magazine:
Call for Volunteers: Frontline Forum  —  The difference a year can make is staggering.  One year ago, the gap between the ground reports from Iraq from military friends prompted my travel to Iraq to see for myself just what was happening.  The dispatches posted to these pages over the ensuing months were an attempt to bridge that gap.
Peter Berkowitz / Weekly Standard:
Ariel Sharon's Legacy  —  THE POST-SHARON ERA began abruptly on January 5, when the 77-year-old prime minister of Israel suffered a massive stroke while visiting his beloved ranch in the northern Negev.  By the time Sharon reached the hospital, the bleeding in his brain had already made a return …
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William Kristol / Weekly Standard:
Just the Facts  —  IT'S CONVENTIONAL WISDOM.  In fact, it's more than conventional wisdom.  It's an article of faith among the enlightened: There was no connection, at least no significant connection, between Saddam Hussein's regime and al Qaeda and other terrorist groups.

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