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Anne Penketh / Independent:
Iran: The nuclear nightmare  —  Tehran's defiance sparks fears of a regional showdown  —  The confrontation between Iran and the West deepened yesterday as both sides hardened their positions over the Islamic republic's nuclear programme.  —  The foreign ministers of Britain …
Niall Ferguson / Telegraph:
The origins of the Great War of 2007 - and how it could have been prevented  —  Are we living through the origins of the next world war?  Certainly, it is easy to imagine how a future historian might deal with the next phase of events in the Middle East:  —  With every passing year …
Robert Tait / Observer:
West is in dark ages, says Iran's President  —  Leader threatens retaliation if the US and EU continue to try to block nuclear programme  —  Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the hardline President of Iran, launched an angry tirade against the West yesterday, accusing it of a 'dark ages' mentality …
Discussion: BrothersJudd Blog
White House:   President Welcomes German Chancellor Merkel to the White House
Kristen Mack / Houston Chronicle:
Only half those who voted for him in '04 would do so again, poll finds  —  A criminal indictment and continuing investigations have severely eroded support for U.S. Rep Tom DeLay in his district, most notably among Republicans who have voted for him before, according to a Houston Chronicle poll.
Associated Press:
Poll: DeLay Losing Support in Own District  —  HOUSTON - Barely one of every five of former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay's constituents would vote for him if the election were held now, according to a newspaper poll released Saturday.  —  The Republican congressman …
Discussion: AMERICAblog
Reuters:   Poll shows embattled DeLay trailing in Texas race
The drone, the CIA and a botched attempt to kill bin Laden's deputy  —  In the hunt for al-Qaeda, a missile attack on a mountain village killed women and children.  The attack was precise, the intelligence was flawed, and the strained relation between Pakistan and the US has been pushed to breaking point
Discussion: James Wolcott, Link Mecca and LGF Watch
Washington Post:
U.S. Strike On Al Qaeda Top Deputy Said to Fail  —  Thousands Protest After Attack In Pakistan Leaves 17 Dead  —  KABUL, Afghanistan, Jan. 14 — Pakistani officials said Saturday that a U.S. missile strike intended to kill al Qaeda deputy Ayman Zawahiri had missed its target but had killed 17 people …
New York Times:
The Imperial Presidency at Work  —  You would think that Senators Carl Levin and John McCain would have learned by now that you cannot deal in good faith with a White House that does not act in good faith.  Yet both men struck bargains intended to restore the rule of law to American prison camps.
Francis Elliott / Independent:
MI5 will get new powers to bug MPs  —  Furious cabinet revolt as Blair gives green light for security services to spy on elected representatives  —  Tony Blair is preparing to scrap a 40-year ban on tapping MPs' telephones, despite fierce Cabinet opposition, The Independent on Sunday can reveal.
Nick Cohen / Observer:
'Galloway can no longer count on the indulgence of polite society'  —  The first series of Big Brother in 2000 drew a long howl of disgust from the British intelligentsia.  Martin Amis said it proved that meritocracy was dead - because 'now you can become famous without having any talent by abasing yourself on a TV nerdothon'.
Bob Fertik /
Zogby Poll: Americans Support Impeaching Bush for Wiretapping  —  For Immediate Release: January 16, 2006  —  New Zogby Poll Shows Majority of Americans Support Impeaching Bush for Wiretapping  —  By a margin of 52% to 43%, Americans want Congress to consider impeaching President Bush …
Renwick McLean / New York Times:
U.S. Bars Spain's Sale of Planes to 'Antidemocratic' Venezuela  —  MADRID, Jan. 13 -The United States will not allow Spain to sell military aircraft with American technology to Venezuela, saying the sale would aid the increasingly "antidemocratic" government of President Hugo Chávez …
Saddam judge 'resigns from trial'  —  Iraqi government officials are considering the resignation submitted by the chief judge at the trial of the former Iraqi leader, Saddam Hussein.  —  Before the judge, Rizgar Amin, can step down, his departure has to be approved by the offices of both the president and the prime minister.
Discussion: Flopping Aces
Twana Osman / Reuters:   Saddam trial judge plans to quit
Washington Post:
Confirm Samuel Alito  —  THE SENATE'S decision concerning the confirmation of Samuel A. Alito Jr. is harder than the case last year of now-Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. Judge Alito's record raises concerns across a range of areas.  His replacement of Justice Sandra Day O'Connor could alter …
Howard Kurtz / Washington Post:
In Shadegg's Race, a Nod to the '94 Revolution  —  He grew up around Barry Goldwater, arrived in Washington with the "Contract With America" crowd, boycotted one of President Bill Clinton's State of the Union speeches and is more conservative on some issues than President Bush.
Discussion: TalkLeft and Angry Bear
Murtha's Anti-War Stance Overshadows Abscam Past  —  Read Article About Murtha's military record  —  ( - Members of the press have given extensive and glowing coverage to Rep. John Murtha's criticism of the war in Iraq, but have overlooked a number of other controversies …

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