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Michelle Malkin:
KENNEDY UNHINGED: LIVEBLOGGING THE MELTDOWN  —  ***updated with video link***  —  I am watching Sen. Ted Kennedy on C-SPAN unraveling before my eyes.  He is screaming.  The face is fire-engine red.  The fists are waving furiously.  Here's my rough transcript of his ongoing diatribe smearing …
Fred Barbash / Washington Post:
Senate Ends Alito Filibuster Attempt  —  75-25 Vote Virtually Assures Nominee's Confirmation  —  By a 72-25 vote, the Senate cut off a symbolic filibuster attempt today on the Supreme Court nomination of Samuel A. Alito Jr., all but assuring that the federal appeals court judge will be confirmed Tuesday morning by the Senate.
Digby / Hullabaloo:
"It Is The Only Way We Can Live"  —  So we only got 25 Senators to vote for a filibuster of a Supreme Court nominee who, if defeated, would be replaced by someone just as bad by a president in the pocket of his radical right wing.  Well.  —  Do you know how many votes the Republicans managed …
Discussion: Making Light
Anti-Alito filibuster soundly defeated  —  Final confirmation of Supreme Court nominee expected Tuesday  —  WASHINGTON (CNN) — A Democratic filibuster of Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito — led by Massachusetts Democratic Sens. John Kerry and Edward M. Kennedy — was defeated 72-25 Monday …
Discussion: Captain's Quarters and Pharyngula
Thomas Ferraro / Reuters:
Senate clears way for Alito confirmation  —  WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Republican-led Senate on Monday soundly defeated a Democratic bid to block Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito — clearing the way for confirmation of the 55-year-old federal judge, who could move the nation's highest court to the right.
David Stout / New York Times:
Senate Clears the Way for Final Vote on Alito Confirmation  —  WASHINGTON, Jan. 30 — The nomination of Judge Samuel A. Alito Jr. for the Supreme Court cleared an all-important procedural hurdle in the Senate this afternoon as liberal Democrats failed to muster enough support to block a vote on his confirmation.
James Taranto / Opinion Journal:
Best of the Web
Zawahiri says he escaped US raid  —  Aljazeera has aired a new video in which al-Qaida's deputy leader Ayman al-Zawahiri calls George Bush a butcher and threatens a new attack in the US.  —  Monday's video was his first appearance since a US air strike that targeted him on 13 January in Pakistan.
Discussion: CNN
Deepa Babington / Reuters:
Exxon profit tops $10 billion, capping record year  —  NEW YORK (Reuters) - Exxon Mobil Corp. (XOM.N: Quote, Profile, Research), the world's largest publicly traded oil company, on Monday reported a quarterly profit of $10.7 billion, capping a year of record earnings dominated by surging oil and gas prices.
Discussion: Hyscience
Associated Press:
Security Council to Review Iran Nuke Case  —  The United States and other permanent members of the U.N. Security Council agreed Tuesday that Iran should be hauled before that powerful body over its disputed nuclear program.  —  China and Russia, longtime allies and trading partners of Iran …
Discussion: TigerHawk
Con Coughlin / Telegraph:
Iran sets up secret team to infiltrate UN nuclear watchdog, say officials  —  Iran has formed a top secret team of nuclear specialists to infiltrate the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Vienna, the UN-sponsored body that monitors its nuclear programme, The Daily Telegraph has been told.
Discussion: AMERICAN FUTURE and In the Bullpen
Matt Stoller / Open Letter To Chris Matthews:
Chris Matthews accuses Sen. Kennedy of molesting Judge Alito's wife  —  Yes, it's that bad.  After his on-the-air gay-bashing, his creepy stereotyping of Latinos, his incredibly offensive comparisons of peaceful Americans to Osama bin Laden, and his ever-growing right-wing bias, MSNBC's Chris Matthews has gone off the deep end.
John Amato / Crooks and Liars:
Matthews: insinuates Ted Kennedy molested Mrs. Alito
Discussion: Dem Bloggers
Donna Abu-Nasr / Associated Press:
Protests Over Muhammad Cartoon Grow  —  BEIRUT, Lebanon - The controversy over Danish caricatures of Prophet Muhammad escalated Monday as gunmen seized an EU office in Gaza and Muslims appealed for a trade boycott of Danish products.  Denmark called for its citizens in the Middle East to exercise vigilance.
Mark Murray / MSNBC:
President facing 'gray and gloomy' electorate  —  NBC/WSJ poll: Small slice of good news for Bush on domestic wiretap issue … WASHINGTON -  —  Mark Murray  —  Heading into Tuesday's State of the Union address and the beginning of the 2006 political season, President Bush faces …
Letter From the Editors: Politics Makes Strange Blogfellows  —  Quick!  Guess which one used to be lawyer!  (Photo © Nikola Tamindzic/  —  You know what we're sick of?  Bylines.  That's why as of today there won't be any more little gray words at the ends of posts on Wonkette.
Erik Eckholm / New York Times:
A New Kind of Care in a New Era of Casualties  —  TAMPA, Fla. — Morning rounds at the Tampa veterans hospital, and a phalanx of specialists stands at Joshua Cooley's door.  —  Inert in his bed, the 29-year-old Marine reservist is a survivor of an Iraq car bombing and a fearsome scramble of wounds …
Blogs versus the NY Times in Google  —  In 2002, Dave Winer of Scripting News and Martin Nisenholtz of the New York Times made a Long Bet about the authority of weblogs versus that of NY Times in Google: … I decided to see how well each side is doing by checking the results for the top news stories of 2005.
Discussion: BuzzMachine
Carol D. Leonnig / Washington Post:
Gonzales Is Challenged on Wiretaps  —  Feingold Says Attorney General Misled Senators in Hearings  —  Sen. Russell Feingold (D-Wis.) charged yesterday that Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales misled the Senate during his confirmation hearing a year ago when he appeared to try to avoid answering …
Fox News:
New Patriot Act Provision Creates Tighter Barrier to Officials at Public Events  —  WASHINGTON — A new provision tucked into the Patriot Act bill now before Congress would allow authorities to haul demonstrators at any "special event of national significance" away to jail on felony charges …

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