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Michelle Malkin:
IN THEIR OWN WORDS  —  ***updated***  —  Just in from London...  No, you go to hell.  —  (Hat tip: Allah Pundit)  —  Previous:  —  Followers of the religion of peace  —  The "international day of anger"
Hugh Hewitt:
A Decent Respect to the Opinions of Mankind  —  The furor over the Danish cartoons is sparking an odd reaction among some commentators in the West who see no contradiction in condemning the idiocy of Joel Stein or the repulsiveness of Tom Toles while urging solidarity with the idiot newspapermen …
Saul Hudson / Reuters:
US backs Muslims in cartoon dispute  —  WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States backed Muslims on Friday against European newspapers that printed caricatures of the Prophet Mohammad in a move that could help America's battered image in the Islamic world.  —  Inserting itself into a dispute …
Sydney Morning Herald:
Anger over caricatures at boiling point  —  By David Rennie in Brussels and Tim Butcher in Jerusalem  —  A LEADING Islamic cleric has called for an "international day of anger" over publication of caricatures of the prophet Muhammad and a Danish activist predicted that deadly violence could break out in Europe "at any minute".
Cartoons and their context
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Muslim anger on cartoons spreads
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US blasts cartoons of Prophet Mohammed
Neil A. Lewis / New York Times:
Trial for Ex-Aide to Cheney Is Set for January 2007  —  WASHINGTON, Feb. 3 — The trial of I. Lewis Libby Jr., Vice President Dick Cheney's former chief of staff, in the C.I.A. leak case will start next January, a federal judge said today.  —  District Judge Reggie B. Walton said jury selection will begin on Jan. 8, 2007.
Carol D. Leonnig / Washington Post:
Documents Reveal New Details of Libby Conversations  —  Court documents released today provide new details about the testimony that Vice President Cheney's former chief of staff gave to a grand jury investigating his conversations with reporters and administration officials about a CIA operative.
Los Angeles Times:
Iraq war is costing $100,000 per minute  —  WASHINGTON — The White House said Thursday that it plans to ask Congress for an additional $70 billion to pay for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, driving the cost of military operations in the two countries to $120 billion this year, the highest ever.
Eric Alterman / The Nation:
Lies About Blowjobs, Bad.  Wars?  Not So Much.  —  At a recent conference on the Clinton Administration at Hofstra University, ex-press secretary Jake Siewart made a point that had previously eluded me: It was during the early days of Clinton's presidency that the democratization …
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Digby / Hullabaloo:
Pundit Putz  —  Atrios linked today to a very insightful post …
Discussion: The Sideshow
Jeannine Aversa / Associated Press:
Unemployment Rate Drops to 4 1/2-Year Low  —  WASHINGTON - The nation's unemployment rate dropped to a 4 1/2-year low as businesses cranked up hiring in January, an encouraging sign that the economy started the year on the right foot.  —  The latest jobs picture, provided by the Labor Department on Friday …
Vikas Bajaj / New York Times:   Jobless Rate Falls to Lowest Level in More Than 4 Years
John In Dc / Open Letter To Chris Matthews:
Matthews says maybe liberals and gays burned down churches in the south  —  On his TV show tonight Chris Matthews suggested, without any proof at all, that maybe liberals or gays were responsible for a series of terrible church burnings last night in central Alabama.
Saul Hansell / New York Times:
Increasingly, Internet's Data Trail Leads to Court  —  Who is sending threatening e-mail to a teenager?  Who is saying disparaging things about a company on an Internet message board?  Who is communicating online with a suspected drug dealer?  —  These questions, and many more like them …
Pete Yost / Associated Press:
Senate Intelligence Chairman: Bush Can Spy  —  WASHINGTON - Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Pat Roberts said Friday the Bush administration's domestic spying is within the president's inherent power under the Constitution, and he rejected criticism that Congress was kept in the dark about it.
Discussion: AMERICAblog and The Heretik
John / AMERICAblog:
Time to support a good Democrat who's running against a bad Democrat  —  Former Democratic congressman Ciro Rodriguez lost his seat when Delay redistricted Texas.  He lost to Democrat-in-name-only Henry Cuellar, a man rumored to be getting ready to switch his party affiliation to Republican.
Associated Press:
'Faust' Opera Video Stirs Angry Parents  —  BENNETT, Colo. - Some parents in this prairie town are angry with an elementary school music teacher for showing pupils a video about the opera "Faust," whose title character sells his soul to the devil in exchange for being young again.
Discussion: Shakespeare's Sister and Pandagon
Victor Davis Hanson /
Three Pillars of Wisdom  —  Finding our footing where lunacy looms large.  —  National Review Online  —  Public relations between the so-called West and the Islamic Middle East have reached a level of abject absurdity.  Hamas, whose charter pledges the very destruction of Israel …
Discussion: Dr. Sanity and Cold Fury

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