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Murray Waas /
Cheney 'Authorized' Libby to Leak Classified Information  —  Vice President Dick Cheney's former chief of staff, I. Lewis (Scooter) Libby, testified to a federal grand jury that he had been "authorized" by Cheney and other White House "superiors" in the summer of 2003 to disclose classified information …
Smash / The Military Outpost:
WEST COAST TERROR PLOT THWARTED  —  Since Septemeber 11th, the United States and our coalition partners have disrupted a number of serious al Qaeda terrorist plots, including plots to attack targets inside the United States.  —  Let me give you an example:
Carol D. Leonnig / Washington Post:
Secret Court's Judges Were Warned About NSA Spy Data  —  Program May Have Led Improperly to Warrants  —  Twice in the past four years, a top Justice Department lawyer warned the presiding judge of a secret surveillance court that information overheard in President Bush's eavesdropping program …
Opinion Journal:
Abolish FISA  —  A Congressional power grab, using judges as a cudgel.  —  Whatever happened to "impeachment"?  Only two months ago, that was the word on leading Democratic lips as they assailed President Bush for "illegal" warrantless NSA wiretaps against al Qaeda suspects.
Associated Press:
Ex-FEMA chief: I may tell all about Katrina  —  Michael Brown asks White House if they want him to stay quiet  —  WASHINGTON (AP) — Former disaster agency chief Michael Brown is indicating he is ready to reveal his correspondence with President Bush and other officials during Hurricane Katrina unless …
Jonah Goldberg / Los Angeles Times:
One sorry mess of a party  —  AND FOR ANOTHER week, the Democrats managed to hold themselves hostage to, well, themselves.  —  Item 1: Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, the wunderkind of the Democratic Party who, we've been told, not only transcends race, partisanship and personal ambition …
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Lee Scott / Washington Post:
Wal-Mart Is in Maryland to Stay
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Bill Theobald /
Hastert, Frist said to rig bill for drug firms  —  Frist denies protection was added in secret  —  WASHINGTON — Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist and House Speaker Dennis Hastert engineered a backroom legislative maneuver to protect pharmaceutical companies from lawsuits, say witnesses to the pre-Christmas power play.
Discussion: AMERICAblog
Jim VandeHei / Washington Post:
Bush Shifts on Muslim Protests  —  Violence Is Criticized, Not the Cartoons  —  The Bush administration yesterday condemned the violent response to European cartoons mocking Islam and accused Iran and Syria of exploiting the international controversy to incite unrest and protests in the Middle East.
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Associated Press:
Reid Aided Ambramoff Clients, Records Show  —  Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid wrote at least four letters helpful to Indian tribes represented by Jack Abramoff, and the senator's staff regularly had contact with the disgraced lobbyist's team about legislation affecting other clients.
Jim Geraghty / Washington Times:
The growing role of bloggers  —  Imagine what the mood at President Bush's State of the Union address would have been if the big news before the speech was the Senate's confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Harriet Miers.  —  It's hard to believe that as recently as late October that was the White House's goal.
Austin Bay Blog:
UPDATED: A lesson for Anne Applebaum: Reporting versus Editorial Opinion  —  Anne Applebaum is confused, so what does a confused American liberal do?  Blame American conservatives.  Hey, read the DailyKos and you'll conclude Bush is the enemy, not Al Qaeda.  —  Let me praise her first.
Freed and a Brattleboro Democrat sign up with Tarrant  —  BRATTLEBORO — A Brattleboro native is crossing party lines to lead Republican candidate Richard Tarrant's campaign for U.S. Senate.  —  Kate O'Connor, a Democrat from Brattleboro who headed former Gov. Howard Dean's presidential campaign in 2004 …
David S. Broder / Washington Post:
Bucking Bush on Spying  —  No member of the Senate is more conservative than Sam Brownback of Kansas — a loyal Republican, an ardent opponent of abortion and, not coincidentally, a presidential hopeful for 2008.  —  As a member of the Judiciary Committee, he has supported President Bush on every one of his court appointments.
Mike Hughlett / Sun-Sentinel:
Craigslist sued over housing ad bias  —  Online classified site's standards in question  —  A Chicago fair housing group has sued groundbreaking Web site Craigslist for allegedly publishing discriminatory advertisements, a case that could test the legal liabilities of online ad venues.
White House:
President Discusses 2007 Budget and Deficit Reduction in New Hampshire  —  THE PRESIDENT: Thank you for the welcome.  It's good to be back here in New Hampshire — we had a little problem scheduling a room here in this state.  It turns out a lot of Judd's colleagues are pre-booking for the '08 elections.
Discussion: Brendan Nyhan and First Draft
Security apparatus arrest about 200 of the 23 escapees' relatives and families for investigation  —  Sana'a, NewsYemen  —  In the wake of the escape of 23 al-Qaeda prisoners from the prison of the Yemen Political Security Organization, security forces here launched a large-scale arrest campaign …
Karen W. Arenson / New York Times:
Panel Explores Standard Tests for Colleges  —  A higher education commission named by the Bush administration is examining whether standardized testing should be expanded into universities and colleges to prove that students are learning and to allow easier comparisons on quality.
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Peta Thornycroft / Telegraph:
Mugabe to ask whites back in land grab U-turn  —  President Robert Mugabe has begun to reverse his "insane" land grab and offer some white farmers the chance to lease back their holdings in Zimbabwe.  —  With the fastest shrinking economy in the world, Mr Mugabe has had to backtrack …
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