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Eric Lipton / New York Times:
White House Knew of Levee's Failure on Night of Storm  —  WASHINGTON, Feb. 9 — In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Bush administration officials said they had been caught by surprise when they were told on Tuesday, Aug. 30, that a levee had broken, allowing floodwaters to engulf New Orleans.
Walter Pincus / Washington Post:
Ex-CIA Official Faults Use of Data on Iraq  —  Intelligence 'Misused' to Justify War, He Says  —  The former CIA official who coordinated U.S. intelligence on the Middle East until last year has accused the Bush administration of "cherry-picking" intelligence on Iraq to justify a decision …
Spencer S. Hsu / Washington Post:
Former FEMA Director to Testify About Katrina  —  Denied Executive Privilege, Brown Plans to Discuss Communications With Bush  —  Michael D. Brown, the former head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, was rebuffed in his request for a claim of executive privilege and plans to testify …
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Charles Babington / Washington Post:
Patriot Act Compromise Clears Way for Senate Vote  —  Efforts to extend the USA Patriot Act cleared a major hurdle yesterday when the White House and key senators agreed to revisions that are virtually certain to secure Senate passage and likely to win House approval, congressional leaders said.
The Hill:
Small typo, big headache  —  A typo in the budget-reconciliation bill may give congressional Democrats another shot at making political hay out of the $39 billion deficit-reduction measure President Bush signed yesterday.  —  Democratic leaders could block an attempt by Republicans to correct …
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Charles Hurt / Washington Times:
GOP reaches Patriot Act deal
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Jim VandeHei / Washington Post:
Cheney Says NSA Spying Should Be an Election Issue
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Porter Goss / New York Times:
Loose Lips Sink Spies  —  AT the Central Intelligence Agency, we are more than holding our own in the global war on terrorism, but we are at risk of losing a key battle: the battle to protect our classified information.  —  Judge Laurence Silberman, a chairman of President Bush's commission …
Daniel Henninger / Opinion Journal:
Can We Talk?  —  If al Qaeda phones, tell them we can't take the call.  —  Let's start with the one thing we know for sure about the Bush administration's program to listen to al Qaeda's phone calls into and out of the United States: It's dead.  —  After all the publicity of the past two weeks …
Washington Post:
Bush Details 2002 Plot to Attack L.A. Tower  —  Intelligence Officials Play Down Importance of Case, Attribute Remarks to Politics  —  President Bush, under pressure from Congress, defended his campaign against terrorism yesterday, offering for the first time a vivid account of a foiled al Qaeda plot …
Neil A. Lewis / New York Times:
Ex-Cheney Aide Testified Leak Was Ordered, Prosecutor Says  —  WASHINGTON, Feb. 9 — I. Lewis Libby Jr., the former chief of staff to Vice President Dick Cheney, told a grand jury that he was authorized by his "superiors" to disclose classified information to reporters about Iraq's weapons capability …
Carol D. Leonnig / Washington Post:
Libby Testified He Was Told To Leak Data About Iraq  —  Vice President Cheney's former chief of staff testified that his bosses instructed him to leak information to reporters from a high-level intelligence report that suggested Iraq was trying to obtain weapons of mass destruction, according to court records in the CIA leak case.
Charles Krauthammer / Washington Post:
Curse of the Moderates  —  As much of the Islamic world erupts in a studied frenzy over the Danish Muhammad cartoons, there are voices of reason being heard on both sides.  Some Islamic leaders and organizations, while endorsing the demonstrators' sense of grievance and sharing their outrage …
Paul Reynolds / BBC:
Bloggers: an army of irregulars  —  World Affairs correspondent, BBC News website  —  For many in the "mainstream media", as bloggers call us, weblogs are at best a nuisance and at worst dangerous.  —  They are seen as the rantings and ravings either of the unbalanced or the tedious.
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Antonio Regalado / Wall Street Journal:
Academy to Referee Climate-Change Fight  —  Scientists' Group Agrees  —  To Congressional Request to Study  —  Temperature-History Charting  —  Seeking to resolve a scientific dispute that has taken on a rancorous political edge, the National Academy of Sciences said it had agreed …
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