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Bush fell short on duty at Guard
  Boston Globe   —   Permalink 
In February, when the White House made public hundreds of pages of President Bush's military records, White House officials repeatedly insisted that the records prove that Bush fulfilled his military commitment in the Texas Air National Guard during the Vietnam War.
Donald Sensing: BOHICA! When I was in the Army, the soldiers of a unit I served in adopted an informal motto: "Bohica!"
Mitch Townsend: The Boston Globe rises to the challenge with a front-page Spotlight Team investigative article on – ready? – George Bush's National Guard records.
Joe Gandelman: Just as we did in the case of the Swift Boat Vets case, we are not going to dwell on this issue on this blog but we will...
Lambert @Corrente: (Of course, Reagan DOD officials are all in the tank for the Democrats...) The money quote in Walter Robinson's story...
Jeff Jarvis: But the Bush side should not be surprised at all the renewed attention to his military history now (see 60 Minutes and the Boston Globe).
Ken Layne: It amazes me that a cokehead who couldn't even bother to show up for the National Guard service he was awarded (due to...
Also: Kevin Raybould, Skippy, Atrios, Ezra Klein, Avedon Carol, Magpie @PacificViews, Steve Soto, Kevin Drum, Barbara O'Brien, Mathew Gross, Oliver @LiquidList, Oliver Willis, Jeffrey Dubner, Howard Kurtz, Max B. Sawicky, SK Bubba, Taegan Goddard, The Big Trunk, Christopher Kanis, DeLong, The Poor Man

Missing in Action
  By / NYT   —   Permalink 
President Bush claims that in the fall of 1972, he fulfilled his Air National Guard duties at a base in Alabama. But Bob Mintz was there - and he is sure Mr. Bush wasn't.
Plenty of other officers have said they also don't recall that Mr. Bush ever showed up for drills at the base.
Joe Gandelman: ANOTHER KEY STORY: New York Times Op-Ed piece by Nicholas Kristof contending some who were there when Bush says he...
Dale Franks: Nicholas Kristoff decides it's time to look into George W. Bush's attendance record with the National Guard.
Matthew Yglesias: My colleague Jeff Dubner noted that the president skipped out on his National Guard obligations in Massachusetts; today...
Hesiod: () Comments AWOL'S NOT JUST FOR HOLDING UP A ROOF: Not only was George W. Bush snorting coke like Al Pacino in scarface...
Richard TPD: bush: Missing in action — In an extraordinary column that's sure to contribute to this being a totally miserable day...
Orrin Judd: THE QUALIFICATIONS QUESTION: Missing in Action (NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF, 9/08/04, NY Times) [snipped quote] Mr. Kristof would...
Also: Avedon Carol, Barbara O'Brien, Kevin Drum, The Farmer, Oliver Willis, SK Bubba, Jeralyn Merritt, Bird Dog

New Questions On Bush Guard Duty
  CBS News   —   Permalink 
(CBS/AP) As a fighter pilot for the Texas Air National Guard, then-Lt. George W. Bush was assigned to fly F-102's out of Houston's Ellington Air Force Base. Early on, he received excellent evaluations, say reports released years ago by the White House.
Lambert @Corrente: CBS: "What has never surfaced before, reports CBS News Anchor Dan Rather, are four documents from the personal files of Col. Jerry Killian, Mr. Bush's squadron commander.
William J. Dyer: CBS' crack investigative reporters turned up previously unreleased documents "from the personal files of [the late] Col. Jerry Killian, Mr. Bush's squadron commander."
Atrios: AWOL — So, CBS News just did the teaser for 60 Minutes.
Jeralyn Merritt: Rather also outlines four documents he obtained from the personal files of Col. Jerry Killian, Mr. Bush's squadron commander
Kevin Drum: According to CBS News, here's a summary of the four new documents they've uncovered: A direct order to Bush to take a physical examination in 1972.

Media View Kitty Kelley's Bush Book With Caution
  By / WaPo   —   Permalink 
It is the book that some Republicans have been worrying about for weeks, filled with lurid allegations by a celebrity biographer whose controversial reputation has only boosted her sales.
Michael Froomkin: The Poor Man: Kitty Kelley's Shocking Revelations has the goods: Everybody is talking about Kitty Kelley's new book "The Family: The Real Story of the Bush Dynasty".
Lambert @Corrente: [quote]"Enough is enough when it comes to trying to dig up people's backgrounds in politics," Bush said in 1999. (via WaPo) [end quote]...
Nick Confessore: All that said, however, I'm really disappointed in the eagerness with which reputable news organizations are preparing to give Kelley prime-time interviews to air her allegations.
Betsy Newmark: Howard Kurtz looks at the media plans to give Kitty Kelley a big platform to launch her book on the Bush family.
Noam Scheiber: Even if it has some earth-shattering revelations, Kelley's credibility is so suspect that, at worst, the Bushies will be...
Avedon Carol: Talking headlines — So, Howard Kurtz suggests that the Kitty Kelly book has the media in a tizzy: "ABC spokesman...
Also: Shawn @LiquidList, Tim Graham, Captain Ed, Steve Soto, The Poor Man, Oliver Willis

Cheney Warns Against Vote for Kerry
  By / AP   —   Permalink 
DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) - Vice President Dick Cheney on Tuesday warned Americans about voting for Democratic Sen. John Kerry, saying that if the nation makes the wrong choice on Election Day it faces the threat of another terrorist attack.
Steve M.: (AP story here.)
Jon Henke: Cheney, selective editing, and selective outrage... Dick Cheney... "Vice President Dick Cheney on Tuesday warned...
Oliver @LiquidList: Politics: Three Cheers For Smears — The blogs are already all over Dick Cheney's line about the increased threat of a...
Norbizness: We're now officially the 382,385th weblog to weigh in on the following wit and wisdom from Dick "Criswell" Cheney, which...
Tim Blair: Sure looks like it — but Patterico has evidence that the damning quote was Dowdified!
Matthew Yglesias: That's right, as the vice president's most recent slanders show.
Also: Patterico, Libertarian, Orrin Judd, Tom @Corrente, Ezra Klein, Steve Gilliard, Avedon Carol, Dan Gillmor, Michael Totten, Robert Garcia Tagorda, Taegan Goddard, Steve Soto, Fafnir, Joe Gandelman, Ken Layne, Sam Rosenfeld, David Allan Pell, Kos, Tgirsch, Oliver Willis, Josh Marshall, Atrios

Cheney Warns of Terror Risk if Kerry Wins
  By / NYT   —   Permalink 
COLUMBIA, Mo., Sept. 7 - Stepping up the battle over national security, Vice President Dick Cheney warned on Tuesday that the country would be at risk of a terror attack if it made "the wrong choice" in November, and President Bush accused Senator John Kerry of adopting the antiwar language of his Democratic primary rival Howard Dean.
Barbara O'Brien: All the News That Fits the Print cropnytimes.jpg Side-by-side headlines on the front page of today's New York Times:...
Edward _: Bush Getting Increasingly Wobbly on Terror — For all the staged chestbeating and applause for the steady leadership we...
Shawn @LiquidList: Meanwhile, through we have "ceded control" to rebel groups, and reached a casualty milestone, Dick Cheney is threatening voters with lethal catastrophe if they vote for Kerry.
Matt Stoller: Dictatorship as an Issue — Ok, so Cheney comes out and says that terrorists will strike if Kerry is elected.
Charles Johnson: Cheney Warns, Edwards Whines — Yesterday Dick Cheney criticized John Kerry's "law enforcement" attitude toward the war...
Hugh Hewitt: I thought John Edwards was on the brink of tears last night when he rushed out to respond to Dick Cheney's...
Also: Jack Balkin, Patterico

Bush likely to bow out of one debate
  By / MSNBC   —   Permalink 
President Bush may skip one of the three debates that have been proposed by the Commission on Presidential Debates and accepted by Sen. John F. Kerry (D-Mass.), Republican officials said yesterday.
Joe Gandelman: Bush Likely To Agree To Only Two Debates, Not Three — There are two ways of looking at leaks from the GOP camp...
James Joyner: The Bush-Kerry Debates — Bush likely to bow out of one debate (MSNBC) "President Bush may skip one of the three...
Matt Davis: You see, the burden of three debates is just too much for poor Bushy-poo. I dunno, maybe it would keep him up past his bedtime.
Christopher Kanis: OH, THAT LIBERAL MEDIA — Ever see an anonymous source from the Clinton Administration — or from the Kerry campaign, for that matter — identified like this?
Oliver Willis: Bush, The Debate Wimp — Who isn't surprised that Bush is backing out of the debate where he would have to actually face the American people?

Global poll shows a Kerry landslide
  IHT   —   Permalink 
PARIS If the world could cast a vote in the United States presidential election, John Kerry would beat George W. Bush by a landslide, according to a poll released on Wednesday that is described as the largest sample of global opinion on the race.
Charles Johnson: If the World Could Vote... Global poll shows a Kerry landslide. (Hat tip: Ethel.)
Orrin Judd: AMERICANS MAY NOT LIKE HIM, BUT...: Global poll shows a Kerry landslide (Thomas Crampton, September 08, 2004,...
Ogged @Unfogged: Polls — I hope lefties don't embarrass themselves by citing this global public opinion survey that shows Kerry is...
Michael Graham: A University of Maryland group has conducted an international poll of 34, 300 adults on the Bush/Kerry election.
Chris Bowers: Lots more where these came from. Let's do our best to not let down the rest of the world. World :: Wed Sep 8th, 2004 at 12:40:43 PM EST :: 15 Comments
Taegan Goddard: New Polls — "If the world could cast a vote in the United States presidential election, John Kerry would beat George W...

Before you fall for Dems' spin, here are the facts
  By / The Hill   —   Permalink 
What do you really know about George W. Bush's time in the Air National Guard?
That he didn't show up for duty in Alabama? That he missed a physical? That his daddy got him in?
Captain Ed: The Hill, a DC newspaper targeted at the political elite in the nation's capitol and hardly a bastion of conservative...
Bird Dog: Byron York offers a little common sense amid the shrieking. QandO once again answers the bell and answers Nicholas Kristoff's nonsense.
Glenn Reynolds: It's worth reading. YET ANOTHER UPDATE: Here's a summary of Bush's National Guard Service in The Hill.

President Discusses Reforming & Strengthening Intelligence Services
  White House   —   Permalink 
Thank — thank you all for coming today. We are going to discuss intelligence reform. I will be submitting a plan to the Congress that strengthens intelligence reform — strengthens the intelligence services. We believe that there ought to be a National Intelligence Director who has full budgetary authority.
Robert Garcia Tagorda: Budget Authority — Why did George W. Bush announce his support for "a national intelligence director who has full...
Daniel Drezner: Bush flip-flops on intelligence reform — Looks like President Bush has changed his mind on intelligence reform:...
Pejman Yousefzadeh: So I am dismayed—to put it mildly—that President Bush has decided to give in to the demands for an NID.

Don't Duck the Debates
  WaPo   —   Permalink 
THIS IS, or so we are constantly told by partisans on both sides, the most important election of our lives — at least. At the Republican convention last week, Vice President Cheney called it "one of the most important, not just in our lives, but in our history."
James Joyner: Editorial: Don't Duck the Debates (WaPo) "THIS IS, or so we are constantly told by partisans on both sides, the most important election of our lives — at least.
Avedon Carol: The Washington Post editorializes: Don't Duck the Debates: THIS IS, or so we are constantly told by partisans on both sides, the most important election of our lives — at least.
Aaron @LiquidList: Politics: Campaign Doubletalk — You have to give credit to Bush campaign manager Ken Mehlman for his creativity in...
Orrin Judd: BR'ER POST: Don't Duck the Debates (Washington Post, September 8, 2004) [snipped quote] You'd think it would be as hard...
Frederick Maryland: Especially ridiculous is what Bush-Cheney campaign manager Ken Mehlman said Sunday on ABC's "This Week": "We look forward to these debates.

Bush Likely To Bow Out Of 1 Debate
  By / WaPo   —   Permalink 
President Bush may skip one of the three debates that have been proposed by the Commission on Presidential Debates and accepted by Sen. John F. Kerry (D-Mass.), Republican officials said yesterday.
Lambert @Corrente: The Boy in the Bubble — I'm having a little cognitive dissidence on this one: [snipped quote] Weird.
Kos: I'll let Atrios take this one: [quote] So, Bush is scared to face questions by regular folks because some of them may come from "partisan" people.[end quote]
Atrios: Chicken George and the Media — So, Bush is scared to face questions by regular folks because some of them may come from "partisan" people.
Steve Gilliard: Debates are for real men — To call Bush a chicken is an insult to this fine bird Bush Likely to Bow Out of 1 Debate By...
Kevin Raybould: The lack of press conferences by himself and the murmurings about skipping a town hall style debate are more evidence of...
Eugene Oregon: From the Washington Post "President Bush may skip one of the three debates that have been proposed by the Commission...
Also: Steve Soto, Peteco, Taegan Goddard

Kerry Navy probe to expand scope?
  By / WorldNetDaily   —   Permalink 
In an effort to push forward a Navy investigation, the public interest group Judicial Watch has made a supplemental filing to its complaint about John Kerry's official record, pointing out two of the three citations successively issued with the senator's Silver Star award were not signed by the secretary of the Navy, contrary to regulations.
Glenn Reynolds: Is this another rope-a-dope? Hmm. It just might be: "Kerry Navy probe to expand scope?"
William J. Dyer: Art Moore's related article indicates that John O'Neill's Unfit for Command co-author, Dr. Jerome...

U.S. Conceding Rebels Control Regions of Iraq
  NYT   —   Permalink 
WASHINGTON, Sept. 7 - As American military deaths in Iraq operations surpassed the 1,000 mark, top Pentagon officials said Tuesday that insurgents controlled important parts of central Iraq and that it was unclear when American and Iraqi forces would be able to secure those areas.
Edward _: Then again, don't be so sure you know what that would be... In Iraq, where terrorists ARE shooting Americans in the back...
Jesse Taylor: Opinion Journal's Wet Dream — I eagerly await the reports from the ever-shrinking portion of Iraq we seem to be controlling about all the new gelato stands opening up.
Steve Soto: The Pentagon has conceded that they have lost control of major parts of Iraq. OK, your turn.
Shawn @LiquidList: Nope: "As American military deaths in Iraq operations surpassed the 1,000 mark, top Pentagon officials said Tuesday that...
Matthew Yglesias: And Bush has actually created a new zone of operations for anti-American groups in central Iraq, all the while driving anti-Americanism to new heights.
Michael Young: Time is Tight — The New York Times has a disturbing piece today that looks suspiciously like it should be catalogued in the "What, Me Worry?" category.
Also: Oliver Willis, Mathew Gross, Andrew Sullivan

Texan Rues Getting Bush Into Guard
  CBS News   —   Permalink 
(CBS) Former Texas House Speaker and Lt. Governor Ben Barnes tells Correspondent Dan Rather that he regrets what he calls the "life or death" decision he made to help President Bush get into the Texas Air National Guard.
Jeralyn Merritt: Ben Barnes Sorry He Used His Power for Bush — Tonight on 60 Minutes, Dan Rather interviewed Ben Barnes, the Texas...
Byron L: Watch Ben Barnes — It's tonight on 60 Minutes, Ben Barnes will tell us how he got George W. Bush into the National...

Cheney: Kerry Victory Is Risky
  WaPo   —   Permalink 
COLUMBIA, Mo., Sept. 7 — Vice President Cheney warned on Tuesday that if John F. Kerry is elected, "the danger is that we'll get hit again" by terrorists, as the Bush campaign escalated a furious assault on the Democratic presidential nominee that has kept Kerry from gaining control of the election debate.
Tbogg: Dick threat — Dick Cheney: [snipped quote] Shorter Dick Cheney: Nice country you got there. Be a shame if anything happened to it.
Dave Johnson: Violence — Fistfight Breaks Out Over Kerry Veterans: [snipped quote] In another news report today, [snipped quote] These are related stories.
Patterico: UPDATE: The L.A. Times, New York Times, and Washington Post each have stories on Cheney's quote.
Deacon: Here's the Washington Post's report on the flap by Dana Milbank and Spencer Hsu. I view Cheney's statement as essentially a truism.
Frederick Maryland: Well, it was Dick Cheney himself yesterday who, during a campaign stop in Des Moines, said this about John Kerry: "It's...

Exclusive Interview: Ben Barnes
  CBS News   —   Permalink 
Correspondent Dan Rather talks exclusively to former Texas House Speaker and Lt. Gov. Ben Barnes, a Democrat, about the role Barnes says he played in getting President George W. Bush into the Texas Air National Guard — and why he now regrets it.
Joe Gandelman: Meanwhile, CBS' 60 Minutes will interview former Texas House Speaker and Lt. Gov. Ben Barnes, a Democrat, about the role...
The Farmer: 60 Minutes II main page. (thanks Riggsveda for reminding me of all of this today)
Taegan Goddard: But despite the promo, featuring the man who says he got Bush into a coveted guard slot, Josh Marshall says "the big...
Betsy Newmark: Here is the link to CBS News and there is a link at the bottom of the page that you can use.
Kevin Drum: And of course 60 Minutes II will have its interview with Ben Barnes tonight.
The Poor Man: Also, the AP's suit for unreleased guard documents was successful, 60 Minutes is running a prime-time expose on Bush's...
Also: Josh Marshall

One Cheney can't explain away
  By / MSNBC   —   Permalink 
"The vice president stands by my explanation of the statement," the harried aide said. "I'm going to leave it at what I said. I've explained what the vice president was saying."
The aide is Anne Womack, Vice President Dick Cheney's spokeswoman.
Ken Layne: Then again, he apparently has the power and authority to launch terrorist attacks upon America if voters don't make the "right choice.")
Julian Sanchez: Here's what most of the articles I've seen are quoting: "Because if we make the wrong choice, then the danger is that...

Kerry Comments in August Have Him Playing Into GOP Hands
  By / WaPo   —   Permalink 
John F. Kerry's August swoon began with a detour on Iraq.
Standing just feet from the edge of a sunny Grand Canyon one month ago, a calm and confident Kerry interrupted a day dedicated to domestic politics to discuss, once again, his 2002 vote for the resolution authorizing war against Saddam Hussein.
Thomas Lang: This morning's Washington Post brings us a Jim VandeHei analysis mapping out some reasons why.
Robert Garcia Tagorda: As the Washington Post shows, however, the answer is a model of complicated evolution: [snipped quote] The worst part is that Kerry has done little to explain his changes.
Dean Esmay: Senator Kerry has just announced that he will start to leave Iraq within six months if at all ossible.
Hugh Hewitt: The Washington Post has an side baseball account of Kerry's August collapse, but for all the focus on tactics, the...
Gregory Djerejian: Kerry's August — August was a very bad month for John Kerry—and not just because of the Swifties: [quote] "If you were to...[end quote]
Orrin Judd: ALONG THE GAPING CHASM: Kerry Comments in August Have Him Playing into GOP Hands: Democrat Trying To Make Up for...

Gay Activists in the G.O.P. Withhold Endorsement
  By / NYT   —   Permalink 
The board of Log Cabin Republicans, the largest group for gay men and lesbians in the party, voted overwhelming last night against endorsing President Bush for re-election because of his support for a proposed constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage.
Avedon Carol: The NYT says pro-Bush gay votes accounted for 45,000 ballots in Florida in 2000.) So, it's on to the debates, and we'll see how that affects things.
Jeffrey Dubner: As Sasha Polakow-Suransky predicted last week, the Log Cabin Republicans have voted against endorsing George W. Bush.
Byron L: The New York Times: [snipped quote] Absolutely. The Bush administration filp-flopped on gay marriage. In 2000, it was a state issue.
Zoe Kentucky: And, giving credit where credit is due, the Log Cabin Republicans recently discovered they have half a backbone and have officially refused to endorse Bush/Cheney.
Howard Kurtz: And speaking of Bush's past, here's my report on the forthcoming Kitty Kelley book, the White House denunciations and...
Kos: Log Cabin Republicans abandon Bush — Who knew they had a spine? [snipped quote] I guess you get kicked enough times, and you're bound to finally surrender.

Russia Threatens to Strike Terror Bases
  By / AP   —   Permalink 
MOSCOW - A top Russian general on Wednesday warned the military will strike "terrorist bases in any region of the world," while authorities offered a $10 million reward for information leading to two Chechen rebel leaders blamed for last week's deadly raid on a school.
Donald Sensing: Russia will make pre-emptive war — A high-ranking Russian military officer: [snipped quote] Those unilateralist Russians.
Edward _: The Putin Doctrine? Has Pandora's Box been opened?
David Cohen: KICKING VICHY — Russia Threatens to Strike Terror Bases (Steve Gutterman, AP, 9/8/04) [snipped quote] Well, that certainly clarifies things.

Lawsuit Uncovers New Bush Guard Records
  By / AP   —   Permalink 
WASHINGTON (AP) - President Bush ranked in the middle of his Air National Guard flight class and flew 336 hours in a fighter jet before letting his pilot status lapse and missing a key readiness drill in 1972, according to his flight records belatedly uncovered Tuesday under the Freedom of Information Act.
Howard Kurtz: The AP also obtains some new Guard records that the Pentagon had somehow misplaced.
SK Bubba: The facts are clear." Associated Press, September 8, 2004:Lawsuit Uncovers New Bush Guard Records.
Greg Ransom: THE AP's MATT KELLEY — like a Pit Bull with a hamster after the unreleased military records. No, not John Kerry's records.
Tarek @LiquidList: The AP's Kelley has been like a dog on the story about President Bush's Air National Guard lies, and his latest push for...
The Big Trunk: Rocket Man's favorite news service has also reported on the few additional records on the president's service produced...
Christopher Kanis: MORE BUSH NATIONAL GUARD RECORDS FOUND — The AP analyzes them.
Also: Jeralyn Merritt, Tgirsch

Political Notebook
  Oregonian   —   Permalink 
A new poll of Oregon voters shows President Bush and Democratic challenger Sen. John Kerry deadlocked in the state, while a ballot measure that would ban same-sex marriage has strong support.
Alexander K. McClure: And speaking of those states, a new poll in Oregon shows the President ahead 46%-45%.
Taegan Goddard: Here are the latest state polls: Missouri: Bush 48%, Kerry 42% (Rasmussen) Arizona: Bush 54%, Kerry 38% (Arizona...
Orrin Judd: HE FLIES WITH ANOTHER'S WINGS (via Fred Jacobsen): Political Notebook (Jeff Mapes, September 08, 2004, The Oregonian)...

Putin's Misdirected Rage
  By / WaPo   —   Permalink 
Vladimir Putin directed an angry question to Western visitors this week that world leaders are likely to glide past in the interests of diplomacy. That would be a mistake. The Russian president deserves a full and candid response, particularly from the Bush administration as the third anniversary of Sept. 11 approaches.
Jan Haugland: Two keys to win war on terror — Jim Hoagland's column in the Washington Post gets a lot of things right: That is the...
Steve Clemons: It may be this line-up of Americans that Vladimir Putin is spitting at.
Orrin Judd: DA: Putin's Misdirected Rage (Jim Hoagland, September 8, 2004, Washington Post) "Vladimir Putin directed an angry...
Cori Dauber: And Jim Hoagland pulls it off.

News Breaks Against Bush
  By / WaPo   —   Permalink 
The news has been kind to the White House for a few weeks, with media attention largely focused on the Republican convention and the attacks on John Kerry's war record.
But today is looking pretty tough.
Headlines blare the news that the death toll in Iraq has crossed the 1,000 milestone.
John Cole: Paging the NY Times — If you are a member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy such as myself, after learning about the...
Kevin Drum: BAD DAY ON PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE....Dan Froomkin surveys the news outlook for President Bush: [snipped quote] Click the link for all the details.

What's wrong with you people?
  By /   —   Permalink 
Liberal academics and journalists have been asking this question in various forms a lot lately. And it seems that, as John Kerry's campaign continues to flounder, they're asking it more and more bluntly.
Betsy Newmark: Jonah Goldberg looks at liberals who are upset that people don't vote liberal. "Let me try to peel the onion a bit.
SLZoll: TheTownhall Reigning Champs Jonah Goldberg Jonah explains that those who criticize Republican "average Joes" for voting against their own interests are wrong.
Jesse Taylor: Jonah Goldberg writes today about a wave of liberal and psuedo-liberal critiques of conservative policies that criticize...

Russia Ready to Strike Against 'Terror' Worldwide
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BESLAN, Russia (Reuters) - Russia's top general threatened Wednesday to attack "terrorist bases" anywhere in the world, as security services put a $10 million bounty on two Chechen rebels they blame for last week's school siege.
Virginia Postrel: (Reuters report here.)
Damian Penny: Russia unleashed — The Russians are about to avenge the dead of Beslan: Russia's top general said on Wednesday he was...
Sir George: Coalition Enlarges — John Kerry is running around denouncing our coalition just like he denounced the US during the...

AP: Lawsuit Gets Bush Guard Papers Out
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WASHINGTON (AP) - President Bush was ranked in the middle of his Air National Guard class and flew more than 336 hours in a fighter jet before letting his pilot status lapse and missing a key readiness drill, according to his flight records belatedly uncovered Tuesday under the Freedom of Information Act.
Atrios: Maybe we'd have done better in Vietnam...and, yes, though he was never called to Vietnam, as cmdicely reminds us, his...
Kevin Raybould: AP Gets New Bush Records — There isn't actually much new here. The records confirm that Bush skipped his mandatory flight exam and was thus grounded.
Oliver Willis: AWOL When America Needed Him — Lawsuit Gets Bush Guard Papers Out [snipped quote] So, when his country needed him to be ready, Bush was nowhere to be found.
Kevin Drum: A new story from the Associated Press reports that the Defense Department, after receiving a FOIA request from AP, has mysteriously located some additional Bush records.
Bird Dog: AP Got the Records — The result? Some new information. The Pentagon's excuse for not releasing the information was weak.

Genesis space capsule crashes to Earth
  MSNBC   —   Permalink 
DUGWAY PROVING GROUND, Utah - A space capsule holding what scientists hoped would be clues to the origin of the solar system fell to a crash landing on Earth Wednesday after its parachute failed to open.
Jack K.: By 0900 it was apparent that we had somehow missed the show (although there was the excited mis-identification of...
Dean Esmay: Well, the Genesis capsule that they were trying to catch (I wrote about this a few weeks ago) has, i'm sorry to say, crashed in the desert, its chute failing to deploy.

Pentagon Releases Bush's Long-Sought Military Records
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WASHINGTON, Sept. 7 - After saying for months that all relevant documents about President Bush's service in the Texas Air National Guard had been made public, the Bush administration released what it called newly found records on Tuesday night showing that Mr. Bush flew 336 hours in a fighter jet and ranked in the middle of his flight training class.
Barbara O'Brien: See also "Pentagon Releases Bush's Long-Sought Militrary Records" by the much compromised Elisabeth Bumiller.
Taegan Goddard: "Update: The New York Times says that "after saying for months that all relevant documents about" Bush's "service in the...
Shawn @LiquidList: Anyway ...maybe Bush didn't know about the Saudis because he skipped intelligence briefings like he did his National...

One in Five Germans Wants the Berlin Wall Back
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BERLIN (Reuters) - Fourteen years and a trillion euros after reunification one in five Germans would like to see the barrier that split the country during the Cold War put back, a survey found Wednesday.
Blackfive: As if America needs a warm-water port... Then, there's this little gem from Reuters.
Denis Boyles: But a new poll shows than 25 percent of west Germans want the wall back, while a third of east Germans say they're no better off now than they were under communism.

Five Easy Questions for "The Archpundit."
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The best blogger on the Illinois political scene lives in Missouri.
What's up with that?
Larry Handlin, 33, of St. Louis, writes "ArchPundit" - a daily offering of links, news, rumors and left-leaning commentary that, these days, provides a don't-miss daily briefing on our state's frisky U.S. Senate race and other interesting contests.
Charles Kuffner: And where do you fit in? Eric Zorn asks ArchPundit Five Easy Questions, the latter of which is of interest to me: "5.
ArchPundit: Five Easy Questions — For those interested in me and how the blog got started and continues, Eric Zorn has posted my...

Space Capsule Crashes in Utah
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DUGWAY PROVING GROUND, Utah, Sept. 8 — A NASA capsule bearing precious atomic specimens that Hollywood stunt pilots were prepared to catch as it came into earth's atmosphere crashed into the desert this morning after a parachute that was to slow its fall failed to deploy.
Kevin T. Keith: Uh, yeah. (See the picture.)
Glenn Reynolds: THE GENESIS SPACE PROBE CRASHED: Bummer. Unclear whether they'll be able to get any useful data out of it.

Genesis spacecraft crashes in desert
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(CNN) — The Genesis return capsule crashed in the desert on Wednesday after its parachutes failed to deploy. The craft missed a mid-air retrieval meant to save the spacecraft from hitting the Earth.
"The capsule has suffered extensive damage.
David Allan Pell: Genesis Crash Sign of Things to Come Under Kerry — The Genesis spacecraft crashed in the desert this morning after its parachute failed to open.
Joe Gandelman: Well, Back To The Drawing Board — The three year old Genesis spacecraft's return to earth ended badly, Reports CNN

Remarks on Bush's Wrong Choices in Iraq That Have Left Us Without the Resources We Need at Home
  Kerry for President Press Room   —   Permalink 
Cincinnati, OH - Yesterday in Iraq, we marked the most incalculable loss of all. Yesterday, we reached a tragic milestone. More than 1,000 of America's sons and daughters gave their lives in service to our country.
Oliver Willis: The Saudi Connection — Interestingly, the media is focusing on Kerry's overall critique of Bush and ignoring the...
Vance @BeggingToDiffer: His speech concentrated on seven areas: Iraq, jobs, the deficit, Social Security, energy, homeland security, and healthcare.

The war on terror is being lost
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Forget all the arguments about Iraq, we are told. We have had Hutton and Butler, Tony Blair won't apologise for misleading the public and parliament, and it is time to move on. But how can we possibly move on?
Barbara O'Brien: Here's another headline, from the Guardian, that ought to go alongside headlikne #1: The war on terror is being lost ...
Harry @HarrysPlace: Today you could read a piece in the Guardian by Richard Norton-Taylor, entitled The war on terror is being lost .
Captain Ed: The Guardian's Richard Norton-Taylor continues the benighted direction of the London Guardian with this incoherent,...
Orrin Judd: The war on terror is being lost: The greatest obstacle to reducing the threat is the US administration (Richard...

U.S. Toll in Iraq Crosses 1,000 Milestone
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The number of soldiers and Pentagon civilians who have died in Iraq topped the 1,000 mark yesterday, and Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld declared that the insurgency is likely to turn even more violent in coming months as the fledgling nation heads toward democratic elections.
James Joyner: U.S. Toll in Iraq Crosses 1,000 — U.S. Toll in Iraq Crosses 1,000 Milestone (WaPo) [snipped quote] Obviously, the number...
Cori Dauber: Notice that the way they begin the article subtley suggests that certain comments made by Secretary Rumsfeld were in fact the frame that he chose to give the milestone.

Senator Accuses Bush of Cover-Up
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WASHINGTON, Sept. 7 (AP) - Senator Bob Graham, the Florida Democrat who is a former chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, accused the White House on Tuesday of covering up evidence that might have linked Saudi Arabia to the Sept. 11 hijackers.
Barbara O'Brien: Also buried, on page A18, and in teeny headline type: Senator Accuses Bush of Cover-Up "Senator Bob Graham, the Florida...
Shawn @LiquidList: If you keep going with this magical "reading" and you can learn that a respected Senator and former Intellegence...

Mighty Miller
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Say it louder, brother!
I didn't know until I saw replays on television that Zell Miller looked angry during his convention speech — like a Baptist preacher going after flagrant sins.
Avedon Carol: "I was just at Memeorandum and found this post rounding up comment on Michael Novak's paean to Zell Miller at NRO and related articles from elsewhere commenting on it."
Acidman: He DID sound like a baptist minister, but we Southerners LIKE to hear that kind of talk. Got-dam! Give 'em hell, Zell!
Mike Hendrix: First off, Michael Novak on Zell: "Zell Miller nailed the political correctness of the little liberal in the heart of...
Dean Esmay: Zell Spoke For Me — Lifelong Democrat Michael Novak says, quite eloquently: Zell spoke for me.
JoelL @SouthernAppeal: Read it here. According to Mr. Novak, [snipped quote] Now all I need is a leather jacket with that emblazoned on the back.
Andrew Sullivan: OUR BLESSED LEADER: Here's Michael Novak, putting some purplish touches to Republican prose in National Review: ...
Also: Greg Ransom, Glenn Reynolds

2nd judge rules against state's gay marriage ban
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A second judge struck down the state's ban on same-sex marriage yesterday, finding that it doesn't serve a valid purpose and may instead weaken families who are trying to make stable homes for children.
Stirling Newberry: A Washington State Judge Struck down the state's restrictions on marriage, because the state constitution "broadly guarantees equality".
Lucia @Amptoons: The Seattle Post Intelligencer reports: [snipped quote] Attorneys expect Hicks will delay implementing his ruling, so same sex couples probably won't get marriage licenses soon.

Balancing rights and security is bigger challenge than ever
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Against the backdrop of the third anniversary of 9/11 looming and rhetoric of the presidential race heating up, it is not an understatement that the ongoing global terrorist threat poses the greatest challenge to the American future since the Cold War and the specter of nuclear annihilation.
Michelle Malkin: THE WIESENTHAL CENTER TAKES ON THE INTERNMENT ALARMISTS — On Sunday, the Sacramento Bee published a thought-provoking...
Von @ObsidianWings: (Further to this point, the Weisenthal Center's Op-Ed is actually a major slam of Ms. Malkins' work ("But [Malkin] is...

Carter Calls Miller Disloyal
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Former president Jimmy Carter accused fellow Georgia Democrat Zell Miller of "unprecedented disloyalty" for the senator's speech at the Republican convention.
In a letter sent over the weekend, Carter also called Miller's speech "rabid and mean-spirited."
Roger L. Simon: I don't think Jimmy Carter would like me... A day or so ago the ex-president addressed an angry letter to fellow...
Taegan Goddard: Carter Blasts Zell Miller — In a letter sent over the weekend, former President Jimmy Carter [snipped quote] the AP reports.

Cheney: Kerry win risks terror attack
  CNN   —   Permalink 
DES MOINES, Iowa (CNN) — A November win by Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry would put the United States at risk of another "devastating" terrorist attack, Vice President Dick Cheney told supporters Tuesday.
Michael Froomkin: 1000 US soldiers dead, thousands wounded, let's not forget the civilians either TPM notes a strange coincidence from the...
Oliver Willis: It is almost treasonous for the vice president of the United States to flat out say that should he and his partner fail to gain reelection that America will be attacked.
Kevin Hayden: Cheney probably pissing people off again — Look, I understand many are outraged that Cheney could suggest something so despicable.

Run the Numbers: A Stronger Showing for Bush
  WSJ   —   Permalink 
Coming out of the Republican convention, President Bush has his best showing since John Kerry accepted his party's nomination in late July.
The latest Zogby Interactive poll still shows Mr. Kerry well ahead, leading in 12 of the 16 battlegrounds in Zogby's twice-a-month polls.
Digby: Nailbiter — Chris Bowers at MYDD comments on a Zogby analyses of the state of the race: "On the one hand, of course Bush is closing the gap.
Yuval Rubinstein: The Political Wire post from whence I found the Zogby poll also points to a new Battleground States Poll analyzing...
Kos: But for those who thirst for any good news, here's something — At Bush's height in the polls, he can only muster 231 electoral votes.
Avedon Carol: And via Kos, we find the more conventional-looking WSJ state map, based on the new Zogby poll, showing Kerry leading in...
Chris Bowers: Zogby: Kerry Still Leads Where it Counts — But Bush is closing the gap: [snipped quote] On the one hand, of course Bush is closing the gap.
Mark Kleiman: Update: Zogby shows some gains for Bush in the battleground states, but he still shows Kerry getting 307 EV, which means...
Also: Taegan Goddard

Kerry calls U.S. death toll in Iraq 'tragic milestone;' Bush says Iraq mission 'will make country safer'
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WASHINGTON (AP) Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry said Tuesday, as U.S. military deaths in Iraq passed 1,000, that it was a ''tragic milestone'' and the nation should honor its troops' sacrifice by continuing to ''fight for what they fought for'' and making right decisions in Iraq.
Jan Haugland: John Kerry links Iraq to war on terror — The Bush administration has been successful in linking the war on terror with...
John Cole: Iraq Part of War On Terror — I guess Iraq is part of the War on Terror, after all: "''Today marks a tragic milestone in...
Lorie Byrd: SlantPoint excerpted the quote from this Boston Globe article, but did not note what a huge admission it was for Kerry...

Ridge: Terrorists hope to disrupt election
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WASHINGTON — Terrorists still hope to disrupt the U.S. democratic process even though the presidential nominating conventions and other high-profile gatherings this summer went off without incident, Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge said Tuesday.
Hugh Hewitt: Afternoon reading: Tom Ridge is repeating the warning about terrorism before the voting begins.
Ezra Klein: That Wacky Bush Campaign — I'm just cribbing this whole cloth from Josh Marshall, it's that important: "Coincidences...
Josh Marshall: Coincidences are the strangest things ... AP: 'U.S. death toll in Iraq passes 1,000 mark' ... 4:27 PM, Sept. 7th, 2004...
Steve Soto: Read the latest "Peter and the Wolf" warning from Tom Ridge on how terrorists plan to disrupt the election, and...
Jeralyn Merritt: The Bush administration has come out with another pre-election terror warning. [snipped quote] Is anyone even listening any more?

Zell Miller: An American War Hero
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Michael Kinsley once remarked that a mistake in Washington is when someone tells the truth. What he forgot to mention is that when someone tells the truth, they are made to pay a price for it in political blood, which is why such occasions are so rare.
Tbogg: Slapfight at the Oy Vey Corral — Rock'em Sock'em Puffy-boys: In a largely interesting and insightful column, David Horowitz takes a needlessly juvenile shot at me.
Jonah Goldberg: WOBBLY SHMOBBLY — In a largely interesting and insightful column, David Horowitz takes a needlessly juvenile shot at me.
Ed Driscoll: Update: David Horowitz has some thoughts on Zell's speech as well: [snipped quote] I think that's a valid point.
Ace: David Horowitz on Zell Miller — and Andrew Sullivan — How could such an article not be linked here?

Kerry vs. Kerry
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JOHN KERRY said yesterday that Iraq was "the wrong war in the wrong place at the wrong time." Translation: We would be better off if Saddam Hussein were still in power.
Not an unheard of point of view. Indeed, as President Bush pointed out today, it was Howard Dean's position during the primary season.
Arthur Chrenkoff: Couldn't have put it better myself — William Kristol writes in the "Weekly Standard": [snipped quote] (hat tip: Tanker...
Juan Non-Volokh: How does that square with Kerry's more recent remarks? Update:Several readers think that the above is "unfair" and a "cheap shot."
Glenn Reynolds: But don't take my word for it — ask John Kerry. UPDATE: A question: [snipped quote] The message remains a bit muddled.
Greg @BeggingToDiffer: William Kristol might just be passing along a Republican talking point, but he does make his point: "JOHN KERRY said...
Roger L. Simon: UPDATE: Here (via Instapundit) an immediate example of the shifting sands of our political parties and why we should think for ourselves.
McQ: William Kristol of the Weekly Standard reminds us of a little Kerry then and Kerry now: [snipped quote] Agreed.
Also: Captain Ed, PoliPundit

National Shooting Sports Foundation: Kerry Accepts Shotgun He Would Ban as 'Assault Weapon'
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RACINE, W.Va., Sept. 7 /PRNewswire/ — The following is a press release regarding the Remington model 11-87 shotgun that Sen. John Kerry recently accepted:
At a Labor Day campaign rally yesterday, Sen. John Kerry accepted an ironic gift from a labor union representative.
Donald Sensing: Update: The National Shooting Sports Foundation says that the Remington Kerry is holding would have been banned if Kerry...
Glenn Reynolds: MORE STILL: I'm wrong about the gun Kerry is holding — at least, the National Shooting Sports Foundation says it's a Remington 1187.

The Children of Beslan
  Opinion Journal   —   Permalink 
It's hard to fathom now—with the images of Russian children in body bags scorched into our memories—but when the history of the war on terror is written, last week may go down as a turning point.
Joseph Alexander Norland: And at Opinion Journal, an article entitle, "The Children of Beslan".
Bird Dog: The Wall Street Journal rightfully called it a "war of ideas, and as such can be won only if the widespread ideological...
Charles Johnson: Dennis Prager: They shoot children, don't they? OpinionJournal: The Children of Beslan. Daniel Pipes: They're Terrorists - Not Activists.

U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq Pass 1,000
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BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) - U.S. military deaths in the Iraq campaign passed 1,000 Tuesday, an Associated Press tally showed, as a spike in fighting with Sunni and Shiite insurgents killed seven Americans in the Baghdad area.
John Hawkins: Putting Our Losses In Iraq Into Perspective — Sadly, we've finally passed a 1000 deaths in Iraq.
Jeralyn Merritt: Iraq Military Deaths Top 1,000 — This is a sad day. The number of military persons killed in Iraq topped 1,000.
Skippy: abcnews: [snipped quote] this is a milestone this nation could have afforded to miss.

Arab and Muslim Reactions to the Terrorist Attack in Beslan, Russia
  MEMRI   —   Permalink 
The attack on a school in Ossetia, Russia in early September 2004 which killed hundreds of people, many among them children, brought on a flurry of reactions in the Arab and Muslim media.
Donald Sensing: More Arab voices denounce Beslan school massacre — MEMRI has many translations of Arabs condemning the massacre of...
Gary Farber: It merely is to say what I said. Read The Rest Scale: 1 out of 5. ADDENDUM: More via MEMRI.
KJL: BESLAN — It was the Jews.
Allah: What an innovation and what a social contribution the Arabs have made in the 21st century!!" MEMRI has more.

Democrat John Kerry Clings To A Narrow Labor Day Lead, New Zogby Interactive Presidential Battleground Poll Reveals
  Zogby   —   Permalink 
It's almost as if there were no conventions at all. The latest numbers in the Zogby Interactive Presidential Battleground Poll shows the race almost exactly where it was in late July before the Democrats gathered in Boston.
Yuval Rubinstein: Even after the Swift Boats/RNC onslaught, Kerry still leads, albeit tenuously, in EC votes, according to John Zogby:...
Taegan Goddard: National Polls Rasmussen Presidential Tracking Poll: Bush 47%, Kerry 47% RCP Poll Average: Bush 50%, Kerry 45% ...

They shoot children, don't they?
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According to The New York Times, when the terrorists took over the Russian elementary school, they shouted "Allahu akbar" ("Allah is the greatest").
Does this surprise you, dear reader?
Ed Driscoll: They Shoot Children, Don't They? Powerful essay by Dennis Prager on the Beslan atrocity. Several others can be found via these links.
Ace: Or Iraq. Or the Crusades. Or Vienna, or Spain, or any other historical grievance. Dennis Prager's had enough.

  Drudge Report   —   Permalink 
Was Dem presidential hopeful John Kerry seen this weekend waving a gun which would have been banned if legislation he co-sponsored became law?
Kerry co-sponsored S. 1431 last year ("The Assault Weapons Ban and Law Enforcement Protection Act of 2003) which would have banned a "semiautomatic shotgun that has a pistol grip."
Donald Sensing: But Glenn says the two guns pictured on this Drudge page, says Glenn, do seem to have such a grip, and the second photo...
Lorie Byrd: Kerry Two Fer - Death Threat Quote And Flip-Flop On Gun Ban — I didn't post anything about the gun given to John Kerry...
James Joyner: Drudge: Kerry Violates Bill He Sponsored DRUDGE REPORT 2004 "Was Dem presidential hopeful John Kerry seen this weekend...
Dave Johnson: New Smear at Drudge — There is a new smear up at Drudge, saying kerry voted to ban a gun that he is shown using.
Juan Non-Volokh: Today, however, Drudge misfired with the headline, "Kerry Cosponsored Bill Banning Gun He Waves."
Also: Steve Antler, KJL, Orrin Judd, David Cohen

  Drudge Report   —   Permalink 
A new book by WASHINGTON TIMES reporter Bill Gertz reveals top-secret and secret documents on illicit weapons transfers to Iran and other rogue states, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned.
Jan Haugland: Now he's announcing a book from Washington Post reporter Bill Gertz that may well be a bombshell.
Roger L. Simon: But the detailed accusations in this book by Bill Gertz have my complete attention and I intend to buy it.
Allah: UPDATE: In case you missed it today on Drudge, hard on the heels of Allah's post about our non-friend Vladimir Putin comes Bill Gertz's aptly named new book.
Jeff Goldstein: And here. And here. **** treachery update: Treachery!

Cult of Death
  By / NYT   —   Permalink 
We've been forced to witness the massacre of innocents. In New York, Madrid, Moscow, Tel Aviv, Baghdad and Bali, we have seen thousands of people destroyed while going about the daily activities of life.
We've been forced to endure the massacre of children.
Steve M.: You know those horrible quislings David Brooks was complaining about yesterday, the ones who see the slaughter in Beslan...
David Cohen: FOR THOSE WHO'VE FORGOTTEN — Cult of Death (David Brooks, NY Times, 9/7/04) [snipped quote] This is why it is important...
Jesse Taylor: Let Terrorists Be The Judge — I can't help but read David Brooks' latest and wonder if he really does think that the...
Joseph Alexander Norland: Today, this applies to Brooks' article, "Cult of Death", at NYT. 2.
Cori Dauber: But the truth of the matter is he's writing for people who don't believe there's a threat, and they don't believe it in...
Ace: David Brooks Tells a (Not Quite) White Lie to Keep his Job at the New York Times Brooks' column is worth reading, I...
Also: Kevin T. Keith, Edward _, Bird Dog, Tarek @LiquidList, Roger L. Simon, Charles Johnson, Damian Penny, Betsy Newmark

O'Reilly, running man?
  NY Daily News   —   Permalink 
Will Bill O'Reilly be a factor in the 2006 Senate race in New York State?
The Fox News Channel personality, host of the top-rated "O'Reilly Factor," occasionally gets mentioned as a possible Republican opponent to Sen. Hillary Clinton - and the speculation usually goes no further.
Jack K.: Mr. O'Reilly goes to his dreams now the rumor mill is swirling that Bill O'reilly, that noted...
Jeff Quinton: Say Anything points to a Lloyd Grove report that Bill O'Reilly is considering a run against Hillary Clinton for the U.S. Senate.
Steve Gilliard: O'Reilly, running man? [snipped quote] No, he's a registered Republican. Crazy Annie Coulter compares proven lies with the truth?
Jeralyn Merritt: The New York Daily News reports Fox News Anchor Bill O'Reilly is thinking of challenging Hillary Clinton for the U.S. Senate. [link via Say Anything.
James Joyner: O'Reilly, running man? (Lloyd Grove, NY Daily News) [snipped quote] Now that would be a race hard to pick sides in.
Taegan Goddard: Talk show host Bill O'Reilly is considering a possible Senate bid against Sen. Hillary Clinton, Lloyd Grove reports.

Mutually Assured Deconstruction
  By / NYT   —   Permalink 
President Bush likes to zing John Kerry for his more infelicitous pronouncements, like his votes for and against a certain appropriations bill. But this is a perilous path for a malaprop-prone president.
Joe Gandelman: And they are winning the war!
Pejman Yousefzadeh: STRIPES Somewhere in America, there is a gremlin relaxing after a hard day of sabotaging the speeches of both candidates.
Tom Maguire: Thy Fearful Symmetry — The NY Times explains their theory of mutually assured derision, as wordsmiths John Kerry and...
Dale Franks: What was that again? It's awful early in the campaign for fatigue to set in, but apparently it is.
C. D. Harris: Good Thing He Hired All Those New Campaign Advisors — John "Weeble" Kerry, the gift that keeps on giving: "[D]ropping...
Glenn Reynolds: SPEAKING OF KERRY AND GUNS, he just shot himself in the foot again: [snipped quote] Is there anyone running this campaign?
Also: Jesse Taylor, Digby

Bush Guard Service, The True Story
  ChronWatch   —   Permalink 
First, in answer to the charge that Bush was AWOL or missed meetings, George Bush was NEVER assigned to the Alabama Guard. This is a myth promoted by the "objective" media. Here is what really happened. Here is what the head of the Alabama Guard said.
Glenn Reynolds: ANOTHER UPDATE: RealClearPolitics has further thoughts on what's going on. And here's a roundup of Bush AWOL stuff.
Greg Ransom: Via PoliPundit, who also links to "Bush Guard Service, The True Story". And here's a hint. It's not a link to the NY Times.
Betsy Newmark: Here's the truth about Bush's National Guard service. It is what you never hear from the media.
C. D. Harris: Chopping Another Head Off The Hydra — Gordon Bloyer gathers a great many previously scattered facts about the Bush was AWOL non-story into one short, readable piece.
Lorie Byrd: Bush's Guard Service — What You Won't See In The Old Media — Here are a few facts about Bush's guard service (and...

Book: Bush once snorted cocaine at Camp David
  By / Boston Herald   —   Permalink 
Shocking accusations that President Bush [related, bio] snorted cocaine at Camp David when his father was in the White House have surfaced in a racy new book by celeb author Kitty Kelley about the powerful family.
Steve Bainbridge: The smear widens — Kitty Kelley's allegation that Bush used cocaine while his father was President has now been picked up by the mainstream US media (e.g., Boston Herald).
Oliver Willis: The Family: Helping George "Relate" — The Family : The Real Story of the Bush Dynasty The Boston Herald echoes The Mirror's coverage: [quote] "Poor Georgie.[end quote]
Kos: The Chicago Sun-Times and the Boston Herald have already jumped on the story.
Hesiod: Plus, the Boston Herald and the Chicago Sun Times give nasty anti-Bush rumors a smattering of equal time.

CIA funds liberal efforts
  By / Washington Times   —   Permalink 
The CIA's Counterterrorist Center has spent more than $15 million in the past three years funding studies, reports and conferences produced by former Democratic administration officials and other critics of the Bush administration.
Orrin Judd: THE WAR WITHIN: CIA funds liberal efforts (Bill Gertz, 9/07/04, THE WASHINGTON TIMES) [snipped quote] Anybody who's...
Hindrocket: The administration is now fighting back by complaining that the CIA us using its budget to fund domestic criticism of...
Laura Rozen: Who says the CIA is not up to covert action in support of regime change?
Tim Graham: CIA FUNDS LIBERALS — Bill Gertz reports in today's Washington Times that the CIA's Counterterrorist Center has spent...

Bush and Kerry Clash Over Iraq and a Timetable
  By / NYT   —   Permalink 
CLEVELAND, Sept. 6 - Senator John Kerry and President Bush clashed repeatedly over Iraq on Monday, with Mr. Kerry branding it "the wrong war in the wrong place at the wrong time" and saying he wanted all American troops home within four years, while Mr. Bush defended the war as "right for America then and it's right for America now."
Dale Franks: But, apparently, that made his position too clear, so he's revised it again, giving it the appropriate amount of nuance.
Avedon Carol: I've been idly thinking about this for a while but then I read this: [snipped quote] That's nice, and all, but let's get down to the cheese.
Robert Garcia Tagorda: Full-Court Press — Judging from the lead political articles, the revamped Kerry campaign had difficulties implementing...
John Cole: Meanwhile, he is still telling some gems (via Tom Maquire): [snipped quote] Three questions: 1.) What inducements. 2.)
Jacob Sullum: 'The W Stands for Wrong' — Finally, someone has suggested an answer to a question I posed last November.
Tom Maguire: UPDATE: Enough with domestic issues, too - Let's talk Iraq: Asked his timetable for pulling troops out of Iraq, Mr...

Bush Will Bury Kerry
  By / Opinion Journal   —   Permalink 
NEW YORK—For nearly four years now, we've been told this is a 50-50 nation, that red and blue America are so evenly divided that even a small misstep could swing this presidential election either way.
Orrin Judd: MORE: Bush Will Bury Kerry: The Democrat will be lucky to exceed Michael Dukakis's share of the popular vote.
Dale Franks: Not even close — The Wall Street Journal's Brendan Miniter believes that John Kerry will be lucky to match Mike Dukakis' share of the vote when the election is over.
Steve Bainbridge: [The MEA blog offers much the same advice to Brendan Miniter. Blogs for Bush is also singing the anti-cockiness refrain.]
Betsy Newmark: Brendan Miniter goes out on a limb and predicts that Bush will win big and that Kerry will get Dukakis-like numbers.