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Putin urges voters to back Bush
  CNN   —   Permalink 
MOSCOW, Russia (CNN) — Russian President Vladimir Putin says terrorist attacks in Iraq are aimed at preventing the re-election of U.S. President George W. Bush and that a Bush defeat "could lead to the spread of terrorism to other parts of the world."
Mark Kleiman: But now we know at least one foreign leader is plumping hard for his buddy George. Congratulations to the Bush campaign on this coup.
Jan Haugland: Putin backs Bush — Despite their differences over the Iraq war, Russian president Vladimir Putin is hoping that US...
Zoe Kentucky: Bush and Putin, Sitting in a Tree... Hmmm...I've heard some of these talking points somewhere else before. Oh, but where?
Avedon Carol: Everybody's talkin' — Putin urges voters to back Bush. Yes, I want to take my cues from ex-KGB creeps on who to vote for to run my Democracy.
Norbizness: I mean, who did you think I was going to endorse? Of course, the simp who thinks he can see into Putin's soul!
Matthew Yglesias: Until today, that is, when Putin offered Bush his endorsement for re-election.
Also: Michael Froomkin, Jeanne D'Arc, Max B. Sawicky, James R. Rummel, Joe Gandelman, Betsy Newmark, Glenn Reynolds

Coming Home
  By / The American Conservative   —   Permalink 
In the fall of 2002, the editors of this magazine moved up its launch date to make the conservative case against invading Iraq. Such a war, we warned, on a country that did not attack us, did not threaten us, did not want war with us, and had no role in 9/11, would be "a tragedy and a disaster."
PoliPundit: Buchanan — Pat Buchanan is endorsing President Bush: "If Bush loses, his conversion to neoconservatism, the Arian heresy of the American Right, will have killed his presidency.
Orrin Judd: A TENT BIG ENOUGH TO HOLD PAT BUCHANAN AND MARTIN PERETZ: Coming Home (Patrick J. Buchanan, 11/08/04, American...
Paul @SouthernAppeal: Waiter, can I send this one back? Pat Buchan has taken his head out of the sand long enough to endorse President Bush.
Avedon Carol: Pat Buchanan, who has been pretty steadfastly castigating Bush for his many errors, now endorses Bush, which should tell...
Moe Lane: On the one hand, Pat Buchanan's unlooked-for and generally undesired endorsement of President George W Bush's re-election is personally distasteful to me.
Also: James Joyner

  Drudge Report   —   Permalink 
The Defiance County Sheriff's Office arrested Chad Staton, age 22, of Stratton Ave. , Defiance, on a charge of False Registration, in Violation of Section 3599.11 of the Ohio Revised Code, a felony of the fifth degree.
John Hawkins: Like I said, harsh but true... — So the NAACP is tied to a crack for fake voter registrations scam?
Clayton Cramer: Drudge Report has an item up (no permanent link yet) about a guy who was just arrested for filling in 100 voter...
Captain Ed: Democrats, NAACP Get Crack Squad Out For Voter-Registration Efforts — In a story that will redefine the term "crack...
Baldilocks: Ohio Players — Snort. "The Defiance County Sheriff's Office arrested Chad Staton, age 22, of Stratton Ave.
Damian Penny: Marion Barry is running in Ohio? A NAACP official allegedly gave some guy in Toledo crack cocaine to go register voters.
Jeff Quinton: NAACP, Crack Cocaine and Voter Fraud Drudge [snipped quote] Bill Hobbs has a running roundup of all voter fraud reports.
Also: Jonah Goldberg, Bill Hobbs

Dear Limey assholes
  Guardian   —   Permalink 
We Ohioans are an ornery sort and don't take meddling well, even if it comes from people we admire and with their sincere goodwill. We are a fairly closed community overall.
Jason Van Steenwyk: The scheme, predictably, generated thousands of letters and emails right back to the Guardian.
Stephen Pollard: Glorious — Personally, I'm not sure which of the correspondents to the Guardian I'm with.
Gary Farber: It brings good will! Now the Grauniad thoughtfully publishes some American responses.
Orrin Judd: DON'T SHOOT TIL YOU SEE THE WHITES OF THEIR FEATHERS (via Rick Turley): American readers respond to the Guardian's...
Damian Penny: Operation Backfire — Those ungrateful Yanks don't seem to appreciate the Guardian's efforts to save them from George W. Bush, do they?
Tim Blair: THE MALAYSIAN GUARDIAN — Reaction to The Guardian's [snipped quote] campaign has been mixed, to say the least.
Also: Ace, Jonah Goldberg, Jeanne D'Arc, McQ, Captain Ed, Alisa @SilentRunning, Steve Soto

Polls Put Bush on the Edge
  By / LAT   —   Permalink 
WASHINGTON — While most of America is watching the spread in the polls between President Bush and Sen. John F. Kerry, key strategists in both parties have their eyes on a different set of numbers: Bush's share of the vote and his job approval in the final surveys before election day.
Ruy Teixeira: Based on the Gallup LV result plus a couple of other recent LV results with fairly solid Bush leads (50-44 among...
Joe Gandelman: Bush May Have Little Room For Error — John Kerry has little room for a fatal error — but President George Bush is...
Mathew Gross: Bush and Zogby's Numbers — Brownstein, for the LA Times: [snipped quote] On that note, Zogby, who was one of the very...
James Joyner: Polls Put Bush on the Edge (Ron Brownstein, LAT) "While most of America is watching the spread in the polls between...
Gary Farber: THIS sort of thing is all very well, but I completely fail to understand why on earth everyone goes on so about the popular vote.
Taegan Goddard: Bush's Numbers Matter More — Ron Brownstein has good advice for poll watchers: "While most of America is watching the...
Also: Hugh Hewitt

Problems Crop Up in Fla. Early Voting
  By / AP   —   Permalink 
WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - With memories of 2000 and the state's bitter fight over ballots still fresh, Floridians began casting votes Monday and within an hour problems cropped up.
Avedon Carol: TalkLeft: Early voting in Florida began today. Within one hour, problems began. Armies of lawyers are on hand and already heading to court.
Mathew Gross: Florida Travails — Gosh, who would've predicted this? [snipped quote] This is going to be a long two weeks. Or more.
Kenneth Quinnell: It pains me to say this as a native Floridian, but we are only a few hours into the early voting and we've already got...
Jeralyn Merritt: Voting Problems Occurring in Florida — Early voting in Florida began today. Within one hour, problems began.
Captain Ed: Predictably, the first fruits of that effort have been to generate early complaints about the ballots
Talking Dog: Florida joins a number of states today in opening up "early" in person voting some 15 days ahead of Election Day.

Reuters Poll: Bush, Kerry Tied in White House Race
  By / Reuters   —   Permalink 
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Democratic Sen. John Kerry pulled into a statistical dead heat with President Bush in a seesawing battle for the White House, according to a Reuters/Zogby poll released Monday.
Joe Gandelman: And it gets seemingly more precarious: the LATEST Zogby tracking poll — just released — has it down to a 45-45 percent tie.
Dwight Meredith: Zogby Tracking — Tied — Zogby's tracking poll has the Presidential race tied at 45%.
Josh Marshall: This morning Zogby has the two tied at 45%, from a 2 point Bush lead yesterday and four points the day before that.
Tom @Corrente: The poll that was the most reliable in the last couple of elections, the Reuters-Zogby poll, shows the race as a dead heat.
Taegan Goddard: New Polls — This morning's Reuters/Zogby tracking poll shows Sen. John Kerry pulling into a statistical dead heat with President Bush "in a seesawing battle for the White House."

The Lowest Blow
  By / NYT   —   Permalink 
The memoir about the Kerry-Edwards campaign that will be the best seller will reveal the debate rehearsal aimed at focusing national attention on the fact that Vice President Cheney has a daughter who is a lesbian.
That this twice-delivered low blow was deliberate is indisputable.
David Allan Pell: In a world filled with wrong, William Safire continues to amaze with his ability to be the wrongest.
Sarah Wildman: But William Safire's column today on the latest Bush camp smokescreen — in which he calls John Kerry's mention of...
Tom Tomorrow: Note for Mr. Safire — If you conservatives are so incredibly offended that John Kerry would mention the mere fact that...
Avedon Carol: William Safire does his best to keep the Most Important Issue Facing Our Nation front and center: That bad old John Kerry shouldn't have mentioned that Mary Cheney is a dyke.
Joe Gandelman: Kerry will hammer a variety of issues. And some will try to keep personality issues alive.
Hindrocket: This morning William Safire ("The Lowest Blow") and Robert Novak ("Mistake Could Be Costly for Kerry") weigh in.
Also: James Joyner, Betsy Newmark, Roger Ailes, Scott Rosenberg

Imagining America if George Bush Chose the Supreme Court
  By / NYT   —   Permalink 
Abortion might be a crime in most states. Gay people could be thrown in prison for having sex in their homes. States might be free to become mini-theocracies, endorsing Christianity and using tax money to help spread the gospel.
Eric Soskin: Ultra-liberal journalist Adam Cohen (best known for his daring 2002 expose of the Federalist Society as "the most...
Orrin Judd: THERE'S NOTHING DEMOCRATS HATE MORE THAN DEMOCRACY: Imagining America if George Bush Chose the Supreme Court (ADAM...
Ann Althouse: Adam Cohen rants, as an "editorial observer" on the NYT editorial page, about the horrible, frightening Supreme Court...
McQ: Fantasies from the left — Adam Cohen, in today's NY Times, tries to "worst-case" what might happen if Bush is reelected...
Paul @SouthernAppeal: This from Adam Cohen's ominous editorial in today's New York Times.
Steve Soto: Adam Cohen writes in a NYT Op-Ed what the world would be like if Bush were elected and we got a Scalia Supreme Court.
Also: Jeralyn Merritt

Putin backs Bush victory
  Guardian   —   Permalink 
Vladimir Putin waded into the American election campaign in support of George Bush yesterday, declaring that if the president lost, it would lead to the "spread of terrorism" around the world.
Kevin Hayden: Cheap, tawdry tricks — Lady Liberty today called it a "Cheap, tawdry trick" after George Bush and Dick Cheney raped...
Joe Gandelman: The Guardian notes: "It was by far (Putin's) strongest endorsement of Mr Bush to date, and the most direct intervention in the race so far by a foreign leader.
Sir George: Putin Backs Bush — Vladimir Putin is backing Bush. [snipped quote] He could've said "A vote for John Kerry is a vote for terrorists", but that much is obvious.

'The People Win'
  By / Opinion Journal   —   Permalink 
On Oct. 9, for the fifth time in my life, I went into a polling station and cast a vote in Australian federal election. The same day, several hours later and on the other side of the globe, millions of people were exercising their democratic right to vote for the first time in their lives.
Roger L. Simon: A Child of Eastern Europe Brings Good News from Afghanistan — I find the story of Australian blogger Arthur Chrenkoff quite moving.
Glenn Reynolds: ARTHUR CHRENKOFF has news from Afghanistan you're likely to have missed.
Pejman Yousefzadeh: THE AFGHANISTAN ROUNDUP — Courtesy of Chrenkoff.
Joe Gandelman: He explains: [snipped quote] And he gives you details of why here.
FrancoAlemán: THE AFTERMATH of the country's first democratic election in history couldn't be a more appropriate time for Arthur Chrenkoff's Good News from Afghanistan roundup.
Mrs Greyhawk: From our Friend Arthur Chrenkoff — [snipped quote] The pleasure is ours, Arthur!
Also: Cori Dauber, Arthur Chrenkoff

Muslim peacekeepers for Iraq nixed
  By / Newsday   —   Permalink 
RIYADH, Saudi Arabia — President George W. Bush rebuffed a plan last month for a Muslim peacekeeping force that would have helped the United Nations organize elections in Iraq, according to Saudi and Iraqi officials.
Gary Farber: I wasn't going to link to this piece initially, thinking as I was reading it that there was still a bit too much ambiguity for it to be an umistakable Wrong Bush Decision.
Edward _: Bush rejects offer of troops for Iraq — Via Kos — It's stuff like this that makes you question this adminstration's...
Tim Dunlop: Anyway, the request was made to Downer back in July, and it looks like July was a bad month for the United Nations in...
Kos: Bush nixes Muslim peacekeepers for Iraq — Lovely. [snipped quote] Yet another reason we need to get rid of Bush.

General Reported Shortages In Iraq
  By / WaPo   —   Permalink 
The top U.S. commander in Iraq complained to the Pentagon last winter that his supply situation was so poor that it threatened Army troops' ability to fight, according to an official document that has surfaced only now.
Avedon Carol: Oliver at The Liquid List has five reasons why today is a bad day for Bush, like the WaPo story about how Bush was told...
Oliver @LiquidList: A leaked memo shows that the top US commander in Iraq from Summer '03 - Summer '04, Gen. Ricardo Sanchez, told Bush in...
Matthew Yglesias: A disgruntled government official has leaked to The Washington Post a letter from General Ricardo Sanchez in which the...
Daniel Drezner: Instead, there was apparently no real plan for the post-war phase (click here for more) and there has been a profound...
Tim Dunlop: RELATED: Did someone say the troops were short of supplies?
Kevin Raybould: Everything the Generals Asked For — Just not when they ask for it ... "The top U.S. commander in Iraq complained to...
Also: Norbizness, Cori Dauber, Andrew Sullivan, Gary Farber, Steve Soto, Melanie @AmStreet

Election 2004 Reuters/Zogby Daily Tracking Poll: Bush and Kerry, Back in Dead-Heat Race at 45%
  Zogby   —   Permalink 
Fourteen days before the presidential election, Senator John Kerry and President Bush are back in a dead-heat race for the White House at 45% apiece, according to a new Reuters/Zogby daily tracking poll. The telephone poll of 1211 likely voters was conducted from Friday through Sunday (October 15-17, 2004).
Ezra Klein: Though some polls (Newsweek, Gallup) have shown troubling numbers, Kerry's spent the last few days (the Mary Cheney...
Mark Kleiman: Kerry inches ahead — The Rasmussen and Zogby tracking polls both have the race back to even for the three days ending...

Risks Seen for TV Chain Showing Film About Kerry
  By / NYT   —   Permalink 
Senator John Kerry could find his presidential hopes damaged this week when the 62 television stations owned or managed by the Sinclair Broadcasting Group carry a documentary about his antiwar activities 30 years ago.
Steve Bainbridge: Here's how the NYT summarized the fallout: [snipped quote] Perhaps as a result of all the controversy, Sinclair's stock fell 6% last week (on top of a 50% fall this year).
Nick Confessore: This New York Times piece is headlined "Risks Seen for TV Chain Showing Film About Kerry," and the article is significant on several levels.
Jay Rosen: D.C. bureau chief calls it 'biased political propaganda.'" Bill Carter, New York Times, "Risks Seen for TV Chain Showing...
Skippy: mail call let's open the ol' skippy mail bag... reader and contributor rose sends us this nytimes piece that wonders if...
Steve Soto: The New York Times writes a piece on the business risks that Sinclair Broadcasting Group is taking by running the anti-Kerry smear.

Putin: Terror Attacks Aimed at Bush
  AP   —   Permalink 
DUSHANBE, Tajikistan - Russian President Vladimir Putin said Monday that terrorists are aiming to derail U.S. President George W. Bush 's chances at re-election through their attacks in Iraq .
Edward _: Putin Takes Post as GOP Pundit — Moscow's champion of democracy and paragon of integrity, Czar Vladimir Putin has...
Ace: Vladimir Putin agrees that Kerry has the terrorist vote all sewn up: [snipped quote] I expect this quote to get a lot of coverage from the MSM.
Charles Johnson: International Terrorism Wants Bush Gone — Vladimir Putin understands the stakes in our presidential election: Putin: Terror Attacks Aimed at Bush.
Clayton Cramer: World Leaders & The U.S. Election — Putin, in spite of his often strong disapproval of the U.S. invasion of Iraq, makes...

High Court Orders Review of Texas Seats in Congress
  AP   —   Permalink 
WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court handed Democrats a victory Monday, ordering a lower court to reconsider a Texas redistricting plan that could give Republicans six more seats and a firmer hold on their majority in the House.
Avedon Carol: "It ain't over yet," says Charles Kuffner, now that the Supremes say Texas should think again about redistricting.
Charles Kuffner: Supremes order redistricting review — It ain't over yet.
Oliver @LiquidList: The Supreme Court ordered a three-judge federal panel to reconsider Tom DeLay's Texas redistricting debacle, in which...

For Kerry, a Few Words That May Be Debatable
  By / NYT   —   Permalink 
WASHINGTON, Oct. 17 - Senator John Kerry and President Bush devoted four and a half hours and nearly 45,000 words to three detailed and substantial debates. But a single remark by Mr. Kerry, noting that Vice President Dick Cheney's daughter Mary is a lesbian,...
Avedon Carol: Adam Nagourney is also on the case, saying Kerry made a big mistake and now it doesn't matter that he won the debates.
Stanley Kurtz: Adam Nagourney, in The New York Times, argues that the Mary Cheney mistake has canceled out Kerry's supposed victory in the debates.
Ann Althouse: Adam Nagourney, of the NYT, reporting—that is, political memo-ing—on the daughter-who-is-a-lesbian story: "In Mr. Kerry's mind, he was stating a well-known fact.
Mark Kleiman: And Joe Lockhart is right: that fuss, by distracting attention from Bush's loss of the third debate (and in particular...
Tim Blair: Or maybe he's simply stressed from the unfairness of selective media attention, which his opponent never suffers: ...
Sadly @SadlyNo: Shorter Republican Outrage over John Kerry's remark about Mary Cheney — To quote just one source: "John Kerry should...
Also: Orrin Judd

Talk of Bubble Leads to Battle Over Bulge
  By / NYT   —   Permalink 
In these closing weeks of the presidential campaign, the talk at an edgy White House is of polls, turnout, swing voters and polls. There are also two story lines from the presidential debates that to the exasperation of President Bush's advisers won't go away: the bubble and the bulge.
Andrew Sullivan: THE PROPELLER PRESIDENT: Here's a fascinating quote from Mark McKinnon, Bush's media expert.
Tom Maguire: Ms. Bumiller has more, including this post-spin interruptus from Terry McAuliffe: As for the bulge, Mr. McAuliffe said...
Eugene Oregon: Kevin Drum had a good overview last week and now today I see that it is still being discussed in the pages of the New...
Ann Althouse: Elisabeth Bumiller, in the NYT, gets rather intellectual about the bulge under Bush's jacket.

Kerry Seeks to Connect to Blacks
  By / LAT   —   Permalink 
CLEVELAND — After spending much of the spring and summer courting swing voters, Sen. John F. Kerry is now hurriedly trying to rev up enthusiasm among African Americans, turning his attention to a stalwart Democratic constituency that some community leaders complain he neglected for too long.
John Cole: CHECK: [quote] John Kerry said Friday there is a "great potential" for a new military draft to replace overextended U.S...[end quote]
Jeanne D'Arc: From today's Los Angeles Times: Republicans concede that they have no hope of winning the black vote — four years ago,...
Orrin Judd: RUNNING ON CPT: Kerry Seeks to Connect to Blacks (Matea Gold, October 18, 2004, LA Times) [snipped quote] The Kerry people figured this out in October?

The former president still stirring up a hornet's nest
  By / Scotsman   —   Permalink 
JIMMY Carter, the 39th president of the United States, picks his words with care. "This election," he begins in his distinctive southern drawl, "is one of the most important that our country has had to date.
Avedon Carol: Jimmy Cartertells the Scotsman that he doesn't think things will turn out too well if Bush isn't kicked out, either.
Hindrocket: The Scotsman reports; here are some Carter quotes: "If it comes out wrong [i.e., if President Bush is re-elected], I think we will see a continuation of what we have now.
QD @SouthernAppeal: Jimmy Carter steps in it again with an interview with the Scotsman: My favorite quote, explaining what will happen if W...

Computer problems reported at some early voting sites
  Sun-Sentinel   —   Permalink 
Problems were being reported at nine of 14 early voting sites in Broward County on Monday morning.
Gisela Salas, of the Broward Elections Office, said workers were having problems with a live database connection that is used to verify that a voter is properly registered.
James Joyner: Florida Voters Already Having Problems — Computer problems reported at some early voting sites (South Florida...
KJL: DUMB QUESTION — Why is there early voting? I understand, of course, when it is absentee/military voting. But why the on-site stuff?
Stephen Green: And so it begins: [snipped quote] When I moan that this election can't end soon enough, I mean it literally.

Paratrooper Who Lost Leg in War Re-Enlists
  By / AP   —   Permalink 
FORT BRAGG, N.C. (AP) - George Perez still feels the sweat between his toes when he exercises. He's still plagued with nagging cramps in his calf muscle. And sometimes, when he gets out of bed at night without thinking, he topples over.
Pejman Yousefzadeh: TOUGH ENOUGH — I don't want to mess with the subject of this post. And I am very grateful that I don't have to.
Blackfive: Someday, George Perez will be a can count on that. 041016amputee AP Photo Paratrooper Who Lost Leg in War...
Robert Clayton Dean: Any lingering doubts... ...about my manhood have just been reinforced. And how: [snipped quote] I am glad he is on my side.

Soldiers Saw Refusing Order as Their Last Stand
  NYT   —   Permalink 
JACKSON, Miss., Oct. 17 - What does it take for a man like Staff Sgt. Michael Butler, a 24-year veteran of the Army and the Reserve who was a soldier in the first Persian Gulf war and a reserve called up to fight in the current war in Iraq, to risk everything by disobeying a direct order in wartime?
Julian Sanchez: Mostly, as the author suggests, morale problems seem to be stemming from the situation on the ground, which troops are...
Tim Dunlop: Comments like this seem eerily familar: [quote] (Army spokesmans) General Chambers described the episode as "a single event...[end quote]
Steve Soto: The South Carolina reservists who refused orders last week to carry out what they described as a suicide resupply...
Steve Clemons: When you add Hersh's frustrated soldier to the recent refusal to carry out orders by 18 men and women in the 343rd...
Steve Gilliard: A last stand — Convoy in Iraq Soldiers Saw Refusing Order as Their Last Stand By NEELA BANERJEE and ARIEL HART
Jason Van Steenwyk: The Insubordinate Truckers: Times Begins to Lay it on Thick — It turns out that the fuel trucks weren't armored yet.

Campaigning Furiously, With Social Security in Tow
  By / NYT   —   Permalink 
PEMBROKE PINES, Fla., Oct. 17 - Accusing President Bush of plotting a "January surprise" to cut Social Security benefits, Senator John Kerry told voters here and in Ohio on Sunday that Mr. Bush's plans for privatizing the entitlement program could cost them as much as 45 percent of their monthly checks.
Avedon Carol: Kerry warns of the dangers of Bush's plan to privatize Social Security.
Taegan Goddard: Kerry Warns of January Surprise — Accusing President Bush "of plotting a 'January surprise' to cut Social Security...
McQ: This time its about Social Security: [quote] Accusing President Bush of plotting a "January surprise" to cut Social Security...[end quote]
Tom Maguire: STILL MORE: As he continues his "Say Anything" tour, Kerry switches to scaring the grandparents: PEMBROKE PINES, Fla.,...

French news chief resigns over anti-Semitic remarks
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The news director of the state-run radio network Radio France Internationale (RFI) resigned on Monday after he was accused of making anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist statements in the promotion of his new book on Israel's separation fence.
Damian Penny: The Journalist vs. The Jews — The news director of France's public radio station, RFI, has resigned after making...
Charles Johnson: French Antisemitism Watch — The news director of French state-run radio network Radio France Internationale resigned...

Who'd Be In, Who'd Be Out
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WASHINGTON — With 16 days remaining until Election Day, Washington is consumed by two parlor games. There's the obvious one, from which all power, jobs and influence flow: whether George Bush or John Kerry is in the Oval Office in late January.
Daniel Drezner: I'm glad they're confident of that — this David Sanger story in Sunday's NYT makes it clear that even insiders aren't...
Mindles H. Dreck: Note that David Sanger, on the same day, speculates on how the administration would clean house after the election.

Mistake could be costly for Kerry
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John Kerry clearly felt he was riding high in the final presidential debate last week at Tempe, Ariz., when he impulsively and inexplicably noted that Vice President Dick Cheney's daughter Mary is a lesbian. That shocked politicians of both parties, focus group participants and just plain voters.
ArchPundit: Outrageous, no, Stupid, probably — The whole Mary Cheney thing is real old—explaining why Novakula hits it today.
James Joyner: Bob Novak is charitable about the remark but believes the Kerry campaign has poorly managed its aftermath.

Colorado combats voter fraud
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DENVER — Colorado officials yesterday brainstormed about how to ensure a fair, clean election in the wake of widespread accusations of voter-registration fraud.
Bill Hobbs: Here is a related story from the Washington Times. In New Mexico, the Democrats in charge have made it easier to vote...
Jeff Quinton: U.S. OTB: Daily Poll Roundup UPI: Colorado combats voter fraud "Colorado officials yesterday brainstormed about how to...

Poll: Bush leads by 8 points
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WASHINGTON — Not in a generation has a presidential election been so close for so long.
Now, as President Bush is pulling a bit ahead of Sen. John Kerry, every step — and misstep — could affect their frenetic race to the finish.
Ruy Teixeira: Readers of the USA Today were treated to the following headline splashed in huge type across the front page today: "Poll: Bush leads by 8 points".
Zoe Kentucky: Mainstream Media Rant — This morning on my way to work I passed by a USA Today box displaying the very prominent top headline "Poll: Eight-Point Lead for Bush."
Hugh Hewitt: Most objective reporters and editors might have thought a break-out number like that would be the lead, followed by the qualifications, like this USA Today article.
Brian Montopoli: There's one problem, though — and it comes in the fourth paragraph of USA Today's own piece: "Even [Bush's] lead among...
Alexander K. McClure: That is about to change. Expect shock and awe on the President's behalf until election day.

GOP fails in effort to move polls
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REPUBLICAN OPERATIVES working to re-elect President Bush submitted last-minute requests in Philadelphia on Friday to relocate 63 polling places.
Bush's Pennsylvania campaign staff filed the requests, using the names of two Republicans running for the U.S. Congress and seven Republican ward leaders.
Avedon Carol: GOP fails in effort to move polls (registration required): [snipped quote] (Via Campaign Extra!, via Eschaton.)
James Martin Capozzola: In today's Philadelphia Daily News ("GOP Fails in Effort to Move Polls," by Chris Brennan): "Republican operatives...

Faith Increasingly Part Of Kerry's Campaign
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COLUMBUS, Ohio, Oct. 17 — John F. Kerry is evolving from a reserved Catholic reluctant to discuss faith in the public square into a Democratic preacher of sorts who speaks freely and sometimes forcefully about religion on the hustings.
Nathan Hallford: In contrast, today's Washington Post has a front page story titled "Faith Increasingly Part of Kerry's Campaign," in...
KJL: The Washington Post begins what might be a perverse sorta "holy week" for the Kerry camp this week.
Bill @INDCJournal: I'm starting to get terrified that we might live under a fundamentalist theocracy come January: John F. Kerry is...
David Allan Pell: That's why I've come up with the one campaign slogan Kerry must use if he is to have any hope of attracting votes from...

Kerry Warns of Social Security Changes
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COLUMBUS, Ohio, Oct, 17 — John F. Kerry accused President Bush of having a secret, second-term plan to privatize Social Security starting in January, telling a church audience Sunday that the idea is "a disaster for America's middle class."
Kevin Drum: His spokesmen say that's nonsense: [snipped quote] I get it. He's not going to privatize the system.
Taegan Goddard: The Washington Post says Kerry "based this allegation on a secondhand, unattributed account of a private speech Bush reportedly delivered to Republican supporters in September."
Max B. Sawicky: BUSH HAS A PLAN(S) The latest Bush entry in the Stupid Olympics, after the "terrorism is a nuisance" canard (nicely...
Dwight Meredith: The Washington Post reports: [snipped quote] I suspect that some will find Mr. Kerry's charge to be objectionable, but...

We May HAVA Problem
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It's a safe bet you will hear more about provisional ballots before Election Day—and a lot more if the election goes into overtime again. The provisional ballot could become this year's equivalent of Florida's infamous punch-card ballot, and it could decide who wins the presidency.
Jim Lindgren: John Fund has a sobering warning about election problems, particularly those related to provisional ballots:...
PoliPundit: Electoral Fraud — Provisional ballots: the chads of 2004?
Betsy Newmark: Gosh, it's depressing to read John Fund's description of what can happen with litigating provisional ballots. He's right.

Police Call on Kerry to Stop Misrepresenting Their Support
  U.S. Newswire   —   Permalink 
WASHINGTON, Oct. 14 /U.S. Newswire/ — Today Chuck Canterbury, the President of the nation's largest police labor organization, called on John Kerry to stop making misleading statements regarding his support from the law enforcement community.
C. D. Harris: That'll Leave A Mark — Chuck Canterbury, President of the Fraternal Order of Police, wants John "Weeble" Kerry to stop lying about his support from the law enforcement community.
Judith Weiss: "Today Chuck Canterbury, the President of the nation's largest police labor organization, called on John Kerry to stop...
Charles Johnson: Largest Police Union Denounces Kerry — Police Call on Kerry to Stop Misrepresenting Their Support. (Thanks to all who emailed about this.)
Pejman Yousefzadeh: THE FUZZ ACTS TO KEEP JOHN KERRY DOWN — Or something like that: "Today Chuck Canterbury, the President of the nation's...
Wind Rider: Bad Boy, Bad Boy, What'cha gonna do? What'cha gonna do now it's clear they don't endorse you?

The third debate
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Many people expected George W. Bush to fare poorly in the debates on domestic issues. But he seems to have done better than he did in the first debate, which was devoted solely to foreign policy. In the second and third debates, he scored some points by characterizing John Kerry as a Massachusetts liberal.
Stanley Kurtz: And the president did this, not just by highlighting Kerry's record, but by laying out a real alternative.
Betsy Newmark: Michael Barone says that Bush shifted the discussion in the third debate by talking about his visions for an ownership society in health care and social security.

Bush's Brother Rules Out Bid for Presidency
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MIAMI, Oct. 17 - Gov. Jeb Bush of Florida on Sunday publicly ruled out running for president in 2008, quashing for now, talk of a third Bush in the White House.
The governor, who is President Bush's younger brother, said on ABC's "This Week" that he would return to Miami when his second term ended in 2006.
Bryon Scott: Two Is Enough — Jeb says "no" to 2008 run: [snipped quote] This is the right move.
Michael Froomkin: Jeb's brilliance is evident from his disclaiming any Presidential ambition for 2008.
James Joyner: Jeb Bush Rules Out 2008 Presidential Bid — The 2008 Election: Bush's Brother Rules Out Bid for Presidency (NYT)...
Hugh Hewitt: How desperate is the Kerry campaign? Jeb Bush announced yesterday that he will not seek the presidency in 2008.

Uniform Standard
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On July 4, Jeff and Nicole Rank went to hear George W. Bush speak in Charleston, West Virginia. Tickets in hand, they found seats ten or 15 rows from the stage. There they sat, quietly, wearing t-shirts that read love america, hate bush and regime change starts at home.
Matt Singer: Surprised? Oxblog says the events described by Peter Beinart are shameful.
David Adesnik: SHAMEFUL: Wearing a Kerry shirt at a Bush campaign event? Expect to be thrown out.
James Joyner: Bush Campaign Bars Protestors from Rallies — Peter Beinart reports, breathlessly, that the Bush campaign is screening...
Andrew Sullivan: You see this in the thuggish ways in which opponents are removed from campaign events, jailed and fired from their jobs.

As Election Nears, Parties Begin Another Round of Legal Battles
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COLUMBUS, Ohio, Oct. 15 - As the secretary of state of Ohio, J. Kenneth Blackwell, a Republican who is unabashed about his ambition to be governor, has issued a series of rulings on obscure issues like provisional ballots, voting notices to parolees and the weight of registration forms.
Steve Gilliard: As Election Nears, Parties Begin Another Round of Legal Battles By JAMES DAO Published: October 18, 2004 "COLUMBUS,...
Taegan Goddard: Legal Battles Already Begin — "Experts say the 2004 election is fast becoming, in its final weeks, the most litigious, lawyer-fraught vote in history," the New York Times reports.
Steve Soto: Both parties are geared up to fight election fraud, especially in Ohio, Florida, and Pennsylvania, with the GOP starting...

Keyes says incest awaits kids of gays
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U.S. Senate candidate Alan Keyes told a rally Saturday that incest was "inevitable" for children raised by gay couples because the children might not know both biological parents.
Bird Dog: The latest idiocy coming out of the candidate's mouth: [snipped quote] Good luck, Barack, I'm behind you all the way.
Matthew Yglesias: Selective Outrage — Andrew Sullivan: [snipped quote] I maintain that history will show the GOP decision to push the...
ArchPundit: Keyes: incest becomes inevitable with gay and lesbian parents Why? [snipped quote] And this is different from adoptive kids in other circumstances how?
Oliver Willis: Alan Keyes Is A Disgusting Sack of Crap — I'm waiting for the howls of condemnation from the Cheneys.
Andrew Sullivan: NOW, INCEST: Alan Keyes goes on the attack again, saying children of gay parents will live in families where "incest becomes inevitable."
Gary Farber: THE ONE, ONLY, SINGLE, SOLITARY, LONELY, THING I WILL MISS ABOUT THE PRE-ELECTION will be not having Alan Keyes to kick aroound any more.
Also: Roger Ailes, Joe Gandelman

Election 2004 Reuters/Zogby Daily Tracking Poll: Kerry Closes In On Bush Lead
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With less than three weeks remaining in the race for the White House, Senator John Kerry shaves two-points from President Bush's lead (Kerry 44%, Bush 46%), according to a new Reuters/Zogby daily tracking poll.
Joe Gandelman: Right? No — not if you trust the Zogby poll which flatly contradicts the good news GOPers felt from the Gallup Poll.
James Joyner: Zogby's tracking poll has it 46-44. CBS: 48-45. Newsweek: 48-46 ("too close to call") among registered voters but 50-44 among likely voters.
Steve Soto: Well, at least the latest Democracy Corp poll shows Kerry taking a 3% lead over Bush, and the Zogby daily tracking poll...

Kerry: Bush would cut Social Security benefits if re-elected
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PEMBROKE PINES, Fla. — Democrat John Kerry told voters in two states Sunday that President Bush has a "January surprise" that would reduce Social Security benefits up to 45%.
Democratic Presidential candidate John Kerry, speaks at an early vote kickoff rally in Pembroke Pines, Fla.
Dwight Meredith: As noted below, John Kerry is charging that the administration has a "January surprise" in store to privatize Social...
Mark Kleiman: Privatizing Social Security — Meanwhile, the Kerry campaign has decided that none of the truly horrifying quotes in the...

Why abortion rate is up in Bush years
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I, Glen, am a Christian ethicist, and trained in statistical analysis. I am consistently pro-life. My son David is one witness. For my family, "pro-life" is personal. My wife caught rubella in the eighth week of her pregnancy. We decided not to terminate, to love and raise our baby.
Avedon Carol: On the blog — Via Atrios, a Christian ethicist and a journalist on Why abortion rate is up in Bush years: What does this tell us?
Atrios: And, yes, the abortion rate is up since Bush took office...
Orrin Judd: TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT: Why abortion rate is up in Bush years (GLEN HAROLD STASSEN and GARY KRANE, 10/17/04, Houston...

Dayton: An extreme but necessary precaution
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The Senate has adjourned until after the upcoming election, and most senators, including myself, have left Washington. I have temporarily closed my Capitol Hill Senate office to protect the lives of my staff and Minnesotans who would visit that office.
Mitch Berg: Ballad of the Yellow Beret — Mark Dayton (via Powerline), explains last week's bugout in yesterday's Strib.
The Big Trunk: Today's Minneapolis Star Tribune carries Dayton's column explaining the rationale for the evacuation of his Washington office: "An extreme but necessary precaution."

Is Balancing an Act?
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Reporters, editors, readers and critics have argued endlessly about objectivity: whether journalists can set aside their inner thoughts and achieve objectivity in their work. I believe many manage to meet this challenge.
Thomas Lang: On the other side of the aisle, Brad DeLong picks up on yesterday's column by Washington Post ombudsman Michael Getler...
DeLong: Why Oh Why Can't We Have a Better Press Corps?
Kevin Drum: SHADING THE TRUTH, PART 3...Michael Getler, the Washington Post's ombudsman, today tackles one of the key issues of...

Mark Steyn: The short man stands tall
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"MICHAEL" e-mailed the other day to pre-empt any gloating on the election results: "Iraq was barely mentioned as a campaign issue," he informed me.
"Fear of rising interest rates was the clincher for the conservatives.
Glenn Reynolds: MARK STEYN ON JOHN HOWARD: [snipped quote] Indeed.
Tim Blair: TRANSFORMATIVE HOWARD — Mark Steyn on John Howard and the Australian election: "The US and British press could barely...
Arthur Chrenkoff: Mark Steyn writes in today's "Australian" about John Howard's victory: [quote] "Rhetorically speaking, Howard is my favourite of the Anglosphere warriors.[end quote]

Clinton Expected to Be At Fewer Kerry Events
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Former president Bill Clinton, whose recuperation from heart surgery last month has been slower than he anticipated, will not make more than a few cameo appearances on behalf of Democratic nominee John F. Kerry, and even an abbreviated schedule is far from certain, friends and Democratic officials said.
John Cole: Here is the best news I have seen for Bush supporters: "Former president Bill Clinton, whose recuperation from heart...
Orrin Judd: READING THE WRITING ON THE WALL (via Robert Schwartz): Clinton Expected to Be At Fewer Kerry Events: Recuperation From...

Iraq reconstruction efforts overcome by ongoing violence
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WASHINGTON - In 1992, the United States launched a covert psychological warfare operation to convince regular Iraqi soldiers that they could keep their jobs if war came and they didn't fight for Saddam Hussein.
Mary @LeftCoaster: Another Affirmation That There Was No Plan For After the Invasion of Iraq — In early 2003, even while George W Bush was...
Laura Rozen: Here's the second part, by Jonathan Landay and John Walcott, on how US reconstruction efforts in Iraq have been overwhelmed by the violence.

Iraq's future path uncertain because of insurgency
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After nearly 19 months of combat, more than 1,000 American soldiers dead and $119 billion spent, the central question about Iraq isn't whether it will become a beacon of democracy in the Middle East but whether the United States can prevent it from becoming a black hole of instability.
Mary @LeftCoaster: Now, over a year and a half after the invasion, Knight-Ridder reports that, yes indeed, there was no plan.
Laura Rozen: Here's part three, which asks: "After nearly 19 months of combat, more than 1,000 American soldiers dead and $119...

Down with capitalism they chant - then charge £10 for a Che sweatband
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Jon is standing in front of a large, shiny poster calling for the abolition of tax havens. "Generating money for social justice and development," the poster screams in heavy black type. Jon is ardent about anti-capitalism.
Scott Burgess: The Telegraph's Elizabeth Day ("Down with capitalism they chant - then charge 10 for a Che sweatband") was not...
Andrew Stuttaford: KEN'S PARTY — From the Sunday Telegraph: "Back in Alexandra Palace, the climate has already changed to pouring rain.

Kerry: Bush 'January Surprise' for Social Security
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COLUMBUS, Ohio (Reuters) - If re-elected, President Bush plans a ''big January surprise'' and will move quickly to allow some private Social Security accounts that will reduce benefits for retirees and swell the U.S. deficit, Democratic Sen.
Nathan Newman: Kerry is already hitting hard on this issue: "''We just learned yesterday that the president told his biggest and...
Jerome Armstrong: Kerry is already on top of the quote: "''We just learned yesterday that the president told his biggest and wealthiest...
Orrin Judd: BUSH TO DELIVER ON POPULAR PROMISES: Kerry: Bush 'January Surprise' for Social Security (Mark Egan, 10/17/04, Reuters) [snipped quote] Surprise?

Transcript for October 17
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This is a rush transcript provided for the information and convenience of the press. Accuracy is not guaranteed. In case of doubt, please check with:
PGL: Lawsuits cause hurricanes & the flu vaccine shortage — This Meet the Press interview with Ken Mehlman and Bob Shrum is a joy to read.
Frederick Maryland: Congressman Jim DeMented — This morning on NBC's "Meet the Press," host Tim Russert interviewed U.S. Senate candidates...
Avedon Carol: Demagogue plumbs the Meet the Press transcript to find more lovely homophobia from another Republican Congressman.
David Allan Pell: At the Top of My Lungs — In describing his faux concern about Kerry's debate response to the gay question, Ken Mehlman...

The Birthplace of Bush Paranoia
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"FOR A WHILE I thought about moving to Atlanta," Jeff Lewis was saying, "but then I realized the Austin connection, being here, gives us a kind of special edge, and we really, really didn't want to lose that sort of, I don't know, allure.
PoliPundit: Texas Democrats — Andrew Ferguson writes about how much anti-Bush paranoia derives from the fevered ravings of Texas Democrats.
Orrin Judd: THEY SHOULD BE PARANOID, THEY'RE OUNUMBERED & OUTGUNNED: The Birthplace of Bush Paranoia: How the political culture of Austin, Texas, infected the presidential race.
Ace: The Weekly Standard examines the heart of lunatic Texas liberal partisanship— the city of Austin: "...Austin is, as...

Do Debates Affect Presidential Contests?
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PRINCETON, NJ — The 2004 presidential debates appear to have been a positive factor for John Kerry's candidacy, as CNN/USA Today/Gallup immediate post-debate polls show that Kerry clearly won the first and third debates in the eyes of the American television audience, and he tied with Bush in the second.
Jan Haugland: Debate vs vote — A Gallup article finds little evidence that winning debates are very important for winning elections,...
Orrin Judd: MORE: Do Debates Affect Presidential Contests?

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TWO years ago, celeb rity environmentalist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. made himself a laughingstock from one...
Glenn Reynolds: WALTER OLSON REVIEWS Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s new book, Crimes Against Nature, and finds much to dislike: [snipped quote] Ouch.
David Bernstein: Olson on RFK, Jr.: Wally Olson reviews Kennedy's Crimes Against Nature.

Vote Swingers
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Usually when you walk down upper Broadway late on a Saturday night, girls don't come up to you and say, "You wanna have sex?" Not even really drunk ones, stumbling out of the sticky-floored West End bar.
But this girl just said it again.
Judith Weiss: "For nearly 20 years, Rock the Vote has tried to make politics dope, and the publicists always seem to be working too hard.
Betsy Newmark: I just read about how the "cool" young people are supporting Kerry and trying to increase voter turnout by withholding...
Jim Lindgren: The Washington Post (tip Betsy's Page) has a fascinating article on the movement to encourage voting for Kerry by being...

Real Women's Liberation
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HERE'S A CHUNK of President Bush's standard stump speech: "Think about what happened in Afghanistan. It wasn't all that long ago that the Taliban ran that country. Young girls couldn't even go to school. They were not only harboring terrorists, they had this dark ideology of hate.
Ed Driscoll: In the new Weekly Standard, Katherine Mangu-Ward writes that hard-core feminists are still yawning over the remarkable...
Orrin Judd: CRACKED LIBERTY BELLES: Real Women's Liberation: It's happening in Afghanistan, and U.S. feminists don't care.

Daily Endorsement Tally: Kerry Picks up 22 Papers, Owns Huge Lead
  By / Editor and Publisher   —   Permalink 
NEW YORK Senator John Kerry picked up a raft of newspaper endorsements on Sunday, widening his lead over President George W. Bush in this area.
Kerry gained the editorial backing of at least 22 papers, with Bush winning the support of just five, giving Kerry the lead by 37-18 in E&P's exclusive tally.
David Allan Pell: And this morning, I read through many excerpts from newspaper endorsements of one presidential candidate or the other.
Kos: Better late than never, for all of the above. Update (by kos): Editor and Publisher has an update. Kerry is cleaning Bush's clock.
Steve Soto: Editor and Publisher notes today that Kerry has built up a huge advantage over Bush in newspaper endorsements, both in...
Avedon Carol: Editor & Publisher has a Kerry Endorsement Tally that currently appears to stand at 28: "Among his new supporters were...
Atrios: Latest rundown from E&P: [snipped quote] ...oh, one more thing, people objected to my criticism of the NYT editorial below.

John Kerry for President
  NYT   —   Permalink 
Senator John Kerry goes toward the election with a base that is built more on opposition to George W. Bush than loyalty to his own candidacy. But over the last year we have come to know Mr. Kerry as more than just an alternative to the status quo. We like what we've seen.
Avedon Carol: Sunday, 17 October 2004 "It's nice to have friends The NYT has endorsed Kerry, and has a long list of reasons to be...
John Cole: Yeah- That's Really Newsworthy — I know this will come as a big surprise to many, but the NY Times has come out and endorsed John Kerry.
H.D. Miller: If only I could be that sanguine about how things are going. I still worry. As expected the New York Times.
Frederick Maryland: The Times' Endorsement — It's no surprise that the New York Times endorsed Kerry in this Sunday editorial, but I thought it was well stated.
Jason Van Steenwyk: The New York Times endorsed John Kerry today in a laughable essay that, in any other mainstream outlet, would pass for anti-liberal satire.
Jeff Jarvis: For vs. against : The New York Times endoses Kerry. The Chicago Tribune endorses Bush.
Also: Joe Gandelman, Tim Blair, Jan Haugland, Kos, Nick Gillespie, Jack Cluth, Cori Dauber, DemFromCT, Marc Schulman, Michele Catalano, Steve Soto, Kevin Hayden, Oliver Willis, Jim Lindgren, Jeralyn Merritt, Faisal @ShrillBlog, Taegan Goddard, James Martin Capozzola, DeLong, Atrios, Hilzoy @ObsidianWings, David Cohen, Betsy Newmark

George W. Bush for president
  Chicago Tribune   —   Permalink 
One by one, Americans typically settle on a presidential candidate after weighing his, and his rival's, views on the mosaic of issues that each of us finds important.
Some years, though, force vectors we didn't anticipate turn some of our usual priorities—our pet causes, our own economic interest—into narcissistic luxuries.
Blackfive: The Bush Endorsements Keep Coming — Wonder of all wonders, the Chicago Tribune endorses...George Bush?!
Jesse Taylor: From the Tribune: [snipped quote] 1.) Bush f**ked up hard and refuses to admit it, while Kerry realizes the errors that Bush made.
Susanna Cornett: Read their entire editorial, but think about this in light of what Alaa said: "Bush's sense of a president's duty to...
Mitch Berg: Mark from New Patriot notes that morenewspapers are endorsing John Kerry, in a move that should shock the casual...
Avedon Carol: The Chicago Tribune, on the other hand, has endorsed Bush, apparently because they believe RNC talking points instead, of, um, reading the newspapers, I guess.
H.D. Miller: Much less expected, surprising even, was the decision of the Chicago Tribune's editorial board to endorse the President.
Also: PoliPundit, Jeff Jarvis, Charles Johnson, Joe Gandelman, Tim Blair, David Cohen, Christopher Kanis, Glenn Reynolds, Cori Dauber, Taegan Goddard

Kerry the Clueless
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Like many American Jews, I was brought up to believe that if I pulled the Republican lever on the election machine my right hand would wither and, as the Psalmist says, my tongue would cleave to the roof of my mouth.
Susanna Cornett: No less than Martin Peretz, the editor-in-chief of the liberal opinion magazine The New Republic, explained in this LA...
Charles Johnson: Kerry the Clueless — An excellent op-ed at the LA Times (for a change) by Martin Peretz, on John Kerry's fondness for...
Glenn Reynolds: MARTIN PERETZ is very unhappy with the look of Kerry's mideast policy: [snipped quote] Ouch. Read the whole thing.
Gerard Vanderleun: "— Kerry the Clueless"
David Bernstein: Jews and Republicans: Instapundit points to this very perceptive analysis of John Kerry's policies and attitudes toward Israel by Martin Peretz.
Roger L. Simon: In a strange way it's a companion piece to Team America. (via Oliver Kamm) UPDATE: Et tu, Martin Peretz?
Also: Mathew @Centerfield, Pejman Yousefzadeh, KJL, The Big Trunk, Betsy Newmark, Orrin Judd

Army Trainers to Become Fighters in Iraq
  By / LAT   —   Permalink 
The elite Black Horse Regiment, a California fixture for 10 years, will hand over its duties at Ft. Irwin to National Guard troops.
But this desert is the Mojave, not the Iraqi. And it is where Army ground troops come to get a glimpse of future assignments in the Middle East.
Oliver @LiquidList: Oops. 3. The 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment, or "Blackhorse" division, is being deployed to Iraq. Why is this bad news?
Matthew Yglesias: In other news, Sunday's Los Angeles Times reported that due to overstretch in the Army the 11th Armored Cavalry...
James Joyner: Army Trainers to Become Fighters in Iraq — Army Trainers to Become Fighters in Iraq (LAT) [snipped quote] Phil Carter...
Steve Gilliard: The 11th Cav to Iraq — Welcome to Iraq Army's desert OPFOR on the way to Iraq Deployment of elite training regiment...
McQ: Black Horse to Iraq — One of the army's most storied units, the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment, is getting ready to head to Iraq.
Belle Waring: He links to this LA Times article, but comments: The article misses the most important point: deploying the OPFOR is like eating your seed corn.
Also: DeLong, Melanie @AmStreet, Phillip Carter

Kerry gets blame for Haiti unrest
  By / BBC   —   Permalink 
The commander of the UN peacekeepers in Haiti has linked a recent upsurge in violence there to comments made by the US presidential candidate, John Kerry.
Earlier this year Mr Kerry said that as president he would have sent American troops to protect Jean-Bertrand Aristide who was ousted from power in February.
Randy Paul: He links to a comment by a Brazilian General, Augusto Heleno who is in charge of peace-keeping for the UN in Haiti who...
Tim Blair: Kerry's international bridge-building continues to implode: "The commander of the UN peacekeepers in Haiti has linked a...
Deacon: The "global test" in action — The BBC reports that the commander of U.N. peacekeepers in Haiti is complaining that...
Susanna Cornett: Kerry "diplomacy plan" blamed for deaths in Haiti — From the BBC: "The commander of the UN peacekeepers in Haiti has...
Michael Totten: There were reasons for that. Here's one of them. [snipped quote] The Brazilian UN general could be full of it.
Also: Robert Garcia Tagorda, Captain Ed, Michelle Malkin, Sir George

U.S. Congress
  Houston Chronicle   —   Permalink 
The Chronicle endorses candidates in Houston-area races for the House of Representatives.
Following last year's redrawing of congressional district lines by the Texas Legislature, many voters find themselves in districts with new numbers and unfamiliar candidates.
ArchPundit: Instead, they endorsed Richard Morrison, DeLay's opponent this cycle who has already raised more money than all of DeLay's past opponents combined.
Karl-T: Houston Chron Endorses Morrison over Delay — Exciting news out of Houston, the big city paper has chosen to endorse Richard Morrison over Tom DeLay!
Charles Kuffner: Endorsement watch: Congress — This one I called correctly: The Chron goes for Richard Morrison, Al Green, Mike McCaul, and all of the other incumbents.
Byron L: Karl-Thomas noted that the Houston Chronicle endorsed Richard Morrison over Tom DeLay.
Kos: After all but ignoring his candidacy, the Houston Chronicle has given him Morrison their endorsement: [snipped quote] It's an uphill battle, so every little victory help.
Jack Cluth: Houston Chronicle endorses Richard Morrison — The Chronicle endorses candidates in Houston-area races for the House of...

Vote and Be Damned
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First Dick Cheney said that supporting John Kerry could lead to another terrorist attack.
Then Dennis Hastert said Al Qaeda would be more successful under a Kerry presidency than under President Bush.
Lambert @Corrente: Can someone tell me why the Catholic church is tax exempt? Since its Bishops have abandoned neutrality, and are trying to get one candidate elected?
Cori Dauber: DOWD ON THE CHURCH — This post will probably just bore you if you aren't Catholic, but Maureen Dowd is Catholic, and...
James Martin Capozzola: THE CANDIDATES AND THE CATHOLICS — Our "States' Rights" Bishops Those following the ongoing debate about the...

With Few Suppliers of Flu Shots, Shortage Was Long in Making
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Scene by disheartening scene, the spectacle of a severe shortage of flu vaccine is unfolding around the country.
Last week, elderly and chronically ill people waited in line for hours to get flu shots; some were turned away.
Alex Tabarrok: Spending on R&D to fight Flu: $283 million. Spending on R&D to fight Anthrax and other biological agents: $5.6 billion.
DemFromCT: However, the whole system has been very shaky in recent years.
Kevin Drum: The flu vaccine business is risky: some years you sell out, but other years you make 50 million doses and only sell 20 million.
Chef: Indeed the price of flu vaccine has increased almost five-fold since 1996, from $1.80 to $8.50 a dose.
Michelle Malkin: STILL MORE ON FLU SHOTS — Both the NY Times and Washington Post have long pieces this weekend explaining the reasons for the flu shot shortage.

Daily Endorsement Tally: Kerry Picks up 'NY Times' and 'Star-Tribune'
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NEW YORK They weren't exactly giant surprises, but Senator John Kerry will take them, picking up two more major editorial endorsements on Sunday, this time from The Minneapolis Star-Tribune in swing state Minnesota and The New York Times, which has national impact.
Byron L: That's why it was interesting to read this: [snipped quote] These are minor things, but I do believe that endorsements of...
Joe Gandelman: But, in the end, that may not matter: the number of people who vote because their All Knowing Paper outlined a position...
Oliver Willis: UPDATE: The Minn. Star-Tribune endorses Kerry. You can see a tally of endorsees here.
Skippy @AmStreet: as goes the daily herald of arlington heights, ill, so goes the nation editor & publisher is keeping a running...
DemFromCT: But the (Suburban Chicago) Daily Herald? There's also the Daytona Beach News and there will be others.
Taegan Goddard: Editor and Publisher has the complete newspaper endoresment list, noting the NYT nod "gives Kerry a 15-13 edge on...

How U.S. Got Down to Two Makers Of Flu Vaccine
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Wyeth Pharmaceuticals doesn't make flu shots anymore, and it doesn't miss them one bit.
For two decades, Wyeth made injectable influenza vaccine at a plant in Marietta, Pa. For the winter of 2002-03, it made 21 million doses in a labor-intensive, time-crunched process and shipped them to clinics and doctors' offices early in the fall.
Alex Tabarrok: Vaccines and the Media — Dueling articles on the flu vaccine shortage today in the Washington Post and NYTimes.
Kevin Drum: After reading a slew of articles, here's a rundown of all the explanations on offer: For starters, it's a pretty small market.
SK Bubba: Blames trial lawyers for the flu vaccine shortage, but the fact is that many companies have gotten out of the vaccine business because it is not profitable.

Political Bias at The Times? Two Counterarguments.
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Last week, I argued in this space that The Times is not systematically biased in its campaign coverage - a position that necessarily invites rebuttal. I consequently asked two prominent critics of The Times to take a whack at it.
Avedon Carol: This week, he presents Political Bias at The Times? Two Counterarguments, with Todd Gitlin "From the left" and Bob Kohn "From the Right".
Ann Althouse: The restatement of the position comes in the guise of opening his column to his critics, as he splits his column into a...
S.L.: Go to comments — October 17, 2004 Spin Buster Tom Tomorrow Gets It Exactly Right In today's Week in Review section of...
Greg Ransom: A PLEA to the thousands of leftists who give us the pathetically inaccurate and politically distorted NY Times: [snipped quote] — Bob Kohn.

Kerry for President
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IN 1984, when he was still lieutenant governor of Massachusetts, John Kerry became interested in the emerging problem of acid rain. Some people mocked the idea of poisonous rain from the skies, but Kerry embarked on a fact-finding mission across Europe, where...
Kos: It was a big screwup — kos) The NY Times and (I'm shocked, it's baseball season) the Boston Globe, sure.
Steve Soto: All of these papers endorsed Bush in 2000 but are abandoning him now: Albuquerque Tribune The Oregonian The Seattle...
DemFromCT: John Kerry For President: More Newpaper Endorsements Today — The NY Times and (I'm shocked, it's baseball season) the Boston Globe, sure.
James Martin Capozzola: Pull quote: "At home, Kerry is a strong supporter of civil rights and women's rights.