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Robertson: I warned Bush on Iraq casualties
  CNN   —   Permalink 
NEW YORK (CNN) — The founder of the U.S. Christian Coalition said Tuesday he told President George W. Bush before the invasion of Iraq that he should prepare Americans for the likelihood of casualties, but the president told him, "We're not going to have any casualties."
Leah A: Your assignment - Compare and Contrast the following two bits of information and and ponder on what it tells us, if...
David Allan Pell: The big political news today is that Pat Robertson is out describing a meeting he had with President Bush prior to the Iraq war.
Orrin Judd: AT THIS RATE WE'LL MATCH OUR WWII LOSSES IN JUST 450 YEARS (via Rick Perlstein): Robertson: I warned Bush on Iraq...
Ed Cone: Pat Robertson says Bush told him prior to the Iraq war "We're not going to have any casualties."
Avedon Carol: War is not hell — It's really too bad Pat Robertson didn't tell us this cheerful little anecdote sooner
Alan Rosenblatt: The Lord is My Panderer, I Shall Not Doubt — Well now... it seems that in addition to the President Bush seeking the...
Also: Lambert @Corrente, Kevin Raybould, Tom Tomorrow, Laura Rozen, Kevin Drum, Mathew Gross, Chris Mooney, Steve Soto, Trapper John, Norbizness, Jeanne D'Arc, Oliver Willis, Taegan Goddard, Andrew Sullivan, James Martin Capozzola, Susan Madrak, Atrios, Steve Gilliard

Race Tightens Again, Kerry's Image Improves
  Pew Research Center   —   Permalink 
As the campaign heads into its final stages, the presidential race is again extremely close. The latest Pew Research Center survey of 1,307 registered voters, conducted Oct. 15-19, finds President George W. Bush and Sen. John Kerry tied at 45%-45% among registered voters, and 47%-47% among likely voters.
Dwight Meredith: Those are as follows (approve/disaprove): "The Economist 44/52; Pew 44/48; Democracy Corps 47/50; NBC/WSJ 49/47; Fox News 49/44; and CBS/NYT 44/48.
Kevin Hayden: Pew poll paints a president's poor performance — Based on this latest poll, Bush only has one issue to push: the war on terror.
David Allan Pell: Looking Underneath the Tie — Here is a look at the latest Pew Numbers on the presidential race. In brief, it's a tie.
Avedon Carol: The Pew Center reports a new poll showing the race tied, saying this results from Kerry's improved image.
Amy Sullivan: Oh, and other interesting, non-related-to-religion findings can be found in the poll report.
Steve Soto: Today, the latest Pew Center Poll confirms that trend.
Also: DemFromCT

John Kerry
  By / Rolling Stone   —   Permalink 
For two days in October, the John Kerry campaign came to a brief stop at a hotel and conference center on the high-plains sprawl of suburban Denver, where the candidate holed up with his staff and prepared for his second debate with George Bush.
Gerard Vanderleun: Included in Jann Wenner's strikingly bland Rolling Stone interview with John Kerry: > Iraq, Iraq, Bush, Vietnam, Iraq,...
Kevin Hayden: An Inside Look at the man who would lead us — Kerry: The Rolling Stone interview: "What have you learned about yourself in this campaign?
Charles Johnson: Kerry to Voters: Connect with Your Hate — John Kerry's interview with Rolling Stone's Jann Wenner contains the usual...
H.D. Miller: Jann Wenner, Moron — Lots of people are linking to John F. Kerry's interview with Rolling Stone Magazine.
Ann Althouse: . ." That's John Kerry talking to Rolling Stone. I just don't know what to say about that juxtaposition.
Stephen Green: He Who Laughs Last, Thinks Slowest — An excerpt from the Rolling Stone interview with John Kerry: [snipped quote] Dude, making fun of the color alert system is so 2002.
Also: Taegan Goddard, Orrin Judd

Some Kerry Spots Never Make the Air
  By / WaPo   —   Permalink 
John F. Kerry's strategists pride themselves on the sheer speed of their advertising effort as they churn out one response after another to President Bush's attack spots.
Now it turns out that some of the Kerry commercials are being written, edited, produced and put on satellites for the purpose of generating news articles.
Charles Johnson: The latest example of deceptive DNC practices is revealed by Howard Kurtz: Some Kerry Spots Never Make the Air.
Jesse Taylor: Phantom Ads — So, Howie-Bear, does this mean that we'll stop running "major policy addresses" by Bush that turn out to be routine stump speeches?
Hugh Hewitt: The Washington Post's Howard Kurtz discovers a fraud in the Kerry campaign, and this should be a big story: made-for-media campaign ads.
Steve @BeggingToDiffer: No kidding. [snipped quote] Let's think this through together.
Oliver @LiquidList: Politics: Not-Really-Ad Wars — Howard Kurtz seems piqued about the Kerry campaign creating and releasing ads that might never air.
Taegan Goddard: Some Kerry Ads Never Make it to Air — Some of Sen. John Kerry's campaign ads "are being written, edited, produced and...
Also: Glenn Reynolds, Betsy Newmark

The Year of Fear
  By / NYT   —   Permalink 
WASHINGTON — Down the block from The Times's Washington bureau is a Christian Science church, which, since 9/11, has had this message on its wall: "Be strong and of good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest."
Avedon Carol: "He is speaking, of course, of this Safire column charging the Kerry/Edwards campaign with fear-mongering."
Simon @BOPNews: A.M. Notes — Safire's mad that Kerry isn't playing fair. Thank God. We must be doing something right.
Tom Tomorrow: An entire column on fearmongering—by Democrats. The day after Dick Cheney once again invokes the spectre of nuclear terrorism.
Jack K.: As today' example, we offer for your consideration William's almost enough to make one gasp to be...
Jesse Taylor: Spooktacular — William Safire: Kerry's a SCAREMONGERER! Social Security! Draft! He probably locked up Judith Miller!
Glenn Reynolds: FEARMONGERING on Social Security and the draft: William Safire thinks the Kerry campaign is looking desperate.
Also: Betsy Newmark, Laura Rozen, Andrew Sullivan, David Allan Pell

Rice Hitting the Road to Speak
  By / WaPo   —   Permalink 
In the weeks leading up to the Nov. 2 election, national security adviser Condoleezza Rice has traveled across the country making speeches in key battleground states, including Oregon, Washington, North Carolina and Ohio.
Avedon Carol: Two reasons — Garance Franke-Ruta wonders why David Brooks isn't worried about whether Condi is being distracted from her job: [snipped quote] Not now, apparently.
Gary Farber: That's the category most people won't realize this comes under. "Rice Hitting the Road to Speak" It seems very tame.
Clayton Cramer: I think the Bush Administration understand this. Why, do you suppose, this is happening?
Garance Franke-Ruta: But don't look for Brooks et al. to be similarly worried about the effects of Rice's recent travels to presidential campaign battleground states on her ability to do her job.
John Rosenberg: WaPo Redraws Map Of Battleground States — In his Washington Post article this morning implicitly criticizing Condoleeza...
Mathew Gross: Edwards Statement on Rice — From the Kerry campaign: [snipped quote] Yes, but keeping the United States safe is not Condi's job.
Also: James Martin Capozzola, Betsy Newmark, Orrin Judd

UK anti-Bush letters spark outrage
  Reuters   —   Permalink 
LONDON, England (Reuters) — A pro-Kerry letter-writing campaign by Britain's left-leaning Guardian newspaper, targeting undecided U.S. voters, has provoked outrage across the Atlantic.
Tom Smith: How to think like a left wing Brit — Buckeyes (note to British people — that's someone from Ohio) seem to be really...
Tim Blair: The Kerry campaign doesn't seem very grateful: "Even John Kerry's own Democrats expressed horror at the campaign.
Bill @INDCJournal: Not exactly the results that they expected, but results nonetheless: UK anti-Bush letters spark outrage The Fox national...
Jeff Goldstein: Me, I'm buying survival gear and learning how to make pan flutes and cooking utensils out of elk antlers. (h/t ace) ...

Bush Receives Endorsement From Iran
  By / AP   —   Permalink 
TEHRAN, Iran - The head of Iran's security council said Tuesday that the re-election of President Bush was in Tehran's best interests, despite the administration's axis of evil label, accusations that Iran harbors al-Qaida terrorists and threats of sanctions over the country's nuclear ambitions.
Charles Johnson: Associated Press Disinformation Watch — Here's the latest blatantly false headline from the Associated Press, as they...
Bill @INDCJournal: The AP erroneously declares an "endorsement" from Iran that would be disingenuous at best: The head of Iran's security...
Steve Gilliard: Head of Iranian Mullahs for Bush Bush receives endorsement from Iran - - - - - - - - - - - - By ALI AKBAR DAREINI...
James Martin Capozzola: The Associated Press reports: "The head of Iran's security council said Tuesday that the re-election of President Bush...
Jeanne D'Arc: First Putin, now Iran. Bush certainly is doing well on gathering anti-democratic (small d) endorsements, isn't he?
Mathew Gross: Axis of Evil, Coalition of Willing, Whatever AP: [snipped quote] Apparently, after finishing My Pet Goat, President Bush...
Also: Taegan Goddard, Faisal @ShrillBlog, Zoe Kentucky, Avedon Carol, Joe Gandelman, Laura Rozen, Gary Farber, Byron L, Orrin Judd, Ezra Klein, Oliver @LiquidList, Edward _, Oliver Willis, Harley, Hesiod, Kevin Drum

Interest Groups Mounting Costly Push to Get Out Vote
  NYT   —   Permalink 
In a presidential race whose outcome is expected to hang on turnout at the polls, an army of interest groups is pumping at least $350 million into get-out-the-vote campaigns that are rewriting the tactics of elections.
Jeanne D'Arc: One such effort was especially interesting: [T]he fervor has even reached Baghdad, where a Republican lobbyist is trying...
Tom Maguire: The Times On "Get Out The Vote" Efforts — "Interest Groups Mounting Costly Push to Get Out Vote": No mention of the Religious Right, or the NRA.
Dwight Meredith: Polling, Party Identification, and Turnout — Two of the most discussed issues of this election cycle are whether or not...
Hugh Hewitt: The press should be all over it. Don't hold your breath. The New York Times discovers GOTV.

A surprising black 'bump' for Bush
  By / Chicago Tribune   —   Permalink 
WASHINGTON — Could President Bush receive a surprisingly large black turnout on Election Day? Considering recent history, the idea sounds about as likely as pop star Michael Jackson receiving a Man of the Year Award from the Children's Defense Fund.
Sarah Wildman: In today's Chicago Tribune the estimable Clarence Page points to new polling numbers that might send the Democrats scrambling old-school GOTV vans into black neighborhoods.
David Cohen: A surprising black 'bump' for Bush (Clarence Page, Chicago Tribune, 10/20/04) "I suspect Bush's high-level black Cabinet...
Stephen Green: Especially this one: [snipped quote] Add that to other recent polls showing that the Republicans' "gender gap" with female voters has shrunk considerably.
James Joyner: Update (1120): Clarence Page has an interesting column on this poll.

La République des Bananes
  By / Opinion Journal   —   Permalink 
Kofi Annan, secretary-general of the United Nations, finds it "inconceivable" that Russia, France or China might have been influenced in Security Council debates by Saddam Hussein's Oil for Food business and bribes.
Bird Dog: I Wonder How the UN Would Rank — Claudia Rosett continues to whack Kofi Annan and the corrupt UN that he presides over.
Roger L. Simon: But guess who isn't? Yes, you're right - it's that nasty Claudia Rosett again, poking her nose where it shouldn't go.
Cori Dauber: PREEMPTIVE EXONERATION — Kofi Annan told a British television network on Sunday that he simply found it "inconcievable"...
Glenn Reynolds: UNSCAM UPDATE: Claudia Rosett finds Kofi Annan's huffy denials of corruption unpersuasive: [snipped quote] Indeed.
Betsy Newmark: Claudia Rossett takes on Kofi Annan's naive/mendacious assertion that Saddam couldn't have bribed Russia, China, or France.
The Big Trunk: Pre-emptive exoneration — The editors at OpinionJournal have given Claudia Rosett's update on the oil-for-food scandal...

The real running mates
  By / AP   —   Permalink 
Q: If your husband is elected, there are several ways in which you would be a groundbreaking first lady — one, if you continued to head the Heinz Foundation. Are people ready for that?
A: You know what? Nobody but nobody (outside Washington) asks me that question.
Betsy Newmark: Apparently, Teresa doesn't think that teachers or librarians have real jobs.
Captain Ed: Apparently, Teresa Heinz Kerry didn't get the memo, and the results are sadly predictable [emphasis mine]:...
Rice Grad: USA Today interviews Teresa Heinz: USA Today interviews Teresa Heinz: [snipped quote] Since when has John Kerry or Teresa Heinz ever had a real job?
PoliPundit: Teresa Heinz (that's her legal name.) Yet another cheapshot from the botoxed, pre-nupped, would-be first-lady.

Campaign 2004: Voter registration workers cry foul
  By / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette   —   Permalink 
An ostensibly nonpartisan voter registration drive in Western Pennsylvania has triggered accusations that workers were cheated out of wages and given instructions to avoid adding anyone to the voter rolls who might support the Democratic presidential nominee.
Skippy: the pittsburg post-gazette tells us: "sproul & associates, a consulting firm based in chandler, ariz., hired to conduct...
Nick Confessore: This article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has the details.
Stephen Green: If You Can't Win, Cheat II — This from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: [snipped quote] Anyone in Pennsylvania know anything about this?
Josh Marshall: More on Sproul — Associates: the same MO in Pennsylvania. More lies. More getting access to venues by falsely claiming to represent other organizations.

Cheney suggests nuclear threats
  By / AP   —   Permalink 
CARROLL, Ohio — Vice President Dick Cheney yesterday raised the possibility of terrorists bombing US cities with nuclear weapons and questioned whether Senator John F. Kerry could combat such an ''ultimate threat . . . you've got to get your mind around."
Avedon Carol: "Yes, you read that right - it's not, for example Dick Cheney threatening us with nuclear terrorism if we vote for the..."
Julian Sanchez: So my first thought upon hearing that Dick Cheney had played that card was: There it is! The nuclear war disad!
James Martin Capozzola: WHITE HOUSE SUPPRESSING CIA REPORT — The Age of Unseriousness Can anyone tell me what this quote, from Vice President Dick Cheney yesterday, is supposed to mean?
Howard Kurtz: Cheney goes nuclear: "Vice President Dick Cheney yesterday raised the possibility of terrorists bombing U.S. cities...

No Flu Vaccine Shortage At Capitol
  WaPo   —   Permalink 
While many Americans search in vain for flu shots, members and employees of Congress are able to obtain them quickly and at no charge from the Capitol's attending physician, who has urged all 535 lawmakers to get the vaccines even if they are young and healthy.
David Allan Pell: Better yet, want to point out that members of Congress and their staffs get all the vaccine they want and then tie that...
Tim Dunlop: Land of opportunity — Well, if you work on Capitol Hill: [snipped quote] And I know the president said he wasn't going...
Tyler Cowen: I can (sometimes) see the efficiency rationale for this, but it is funny to see our Representatives try to defend their special treatment: [snipped quote] Here is the article.
Steve Gilliard: Congress is safe even if you aren't — Nothing to see here, move along No Flu Vaccine Shortage At Capitol Hill's Doctor...
Steve Antler: As the political class takes care of its own... Somehow they don't have to wait in line or do without.
Laura Rozen: Some might see this as less than honorable. Our Republican-led Congress, taking care of themselves first.
Also: Josh Marshall

CAMPAIGN 2004 STAR POWER: Schwarzenegger plans Ohio trip to boost Bush
  San Francisco Chronicle   —   Permalink 
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger plans a high-profile trip to the presidential battleground state of Ohio on the weekend before the Nov. 2 election — an effort aimed at pumping up GOP voters and leveraging the governor's star power to boost President Bush's chances of success.
Ann Althouse: [UPDATE: He's already going to Ohio, so stop over here on the way back! ] 10. We have five newborn lions at the zoo here in Madison.
PoliPundit: Arnold — The Terminator has his sights set on Kerry in Ohio: "Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger plans a high-profile trip to...
Orrin Judd: TWINS: STAR POWER: Schwarzenegger plans Ohio trip to boost Bush (Carla Marinucci, John M. Hubbell, October 20, 2004, SF...
Taegan Goddard: Campaigns Turn to Star Power — California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) [snipped quote] the San Francisco Chronicle reports.

Bill Clinton to Join Kerry at Pa. Rally
  By / AP   —   Permalink 
WATERLOO, Iowa — Former President Clinton will appear with Sen. John Kerry at a lunchtime rally in Philadelphia Monday in what Democrats hope will be a boost to the presidential ticket in a crucial battleground state.
Skippy: talkleft is reporting that bill clinton is feeling frisky enough after his operation to join john kerry on the campaign...
Jeralyn Merritt: Clinton to Campaign in PA Monday With Kerry — Former President Bill Clinton will will campaign with John Kerry in Philadelphia Monday.
Barbara O'Brien: The Big Dog Returns — I just heard — next Monday, Bill Clinton will appear at a rally in Philadelphia with John Kerry.

Dying to Donate?
  By / NRO   —   Permalink 
As I travel the country speaking about the many ongoing controversies in bioethics, I am occasionally approached by grieving people who believe that a catastrophically injured relative who had been declared "brain dead" did not die from injuries but was actually killed during organ procurement.
Kieran Healy: Reading about a case described in the National Review by Wesley J. Smith,1 Kevin Drum wonders "if there really are...
Kevin Drum: On the issue of killing people to harvest their organs, though, I think they have the right position: "If confidence is...

No Jokes or Spin. It's Time (Gasp) to Talk.
  By / NYT   —   Permalink 
There is nothing more painful than watching a comedian turn self-righteous. Unless of course, the comedian is lashing out at smug and self-serving television-news personalities. Jon Stewart could not resist a last dig at CNN's "Crossfire" during his monologue on Comedy Central on Monday night .
Rickheller @Centerfield: Jon Stewart On Mr. Carlson's Reproductive Organ — The NY Times weighs in on the now-legendary Jon Stewart - Tucker Carlson embroglio on Crossfire in its own euphemistic way.
Ann Althouse: The NYT takes on the "Daily Show"/"Crossfire" controversy. Because how could the NYT ever miss an opportunity to fawn over Jon Stewart?
Richard Reich: Well done, young man — The Grey Lady nods approvingly in the direction of Jon Stewart.
Susan Madrak: STILL HURTING AMERICA — THe Times' TV writer does a nice job with Jon Stewart's Crossfire appearance

Thousands of new-voter cards in Ohio undeliverable
  By / Cincinnati Enquirer   —   Permalink 
COLUMBUS - Thousands of cards mailed by county election boards to newly registered voters in Hamilton County and throughout the state are being returned because the people can't be found.
Betsy Newmark: Will there ever be any prosecution for these people who did fraudulent voter registrations?
Stephen Green: If You Can't Win, Cheat — Becky in Ohio points to this story of vote fraud in, uh, Ohio: "Thousands of cards mailed by...
Clayton Cramer: More Voter Registration Fraud — This news report would seem to suggest that George Soros and the other leftist...

Lawmakers Prod CIA for Pre-9/11 Accountability Report
  By / LAT   —   Permalink 
WASHINGTON — The ranking members of the House Intelligence Committee have asked the CIA to turn over an internal report on whether agency employees should be held accountable for intelligence failures leading up to the Sept. 11 attacks, congressional officials said Tuesday.
Julian Sanchez: TAPped links to a pair of stories in the LA Times alleging that the CIA is sitting on a report on 9/11 requested by the House Intelligence Committee until after the election.
Sam Rosenfeld: As Matt just noted, an inspector general's report that names specific officials implicated in intelligence negligence...
DemFromCT: Lawmakers Prod CIA for Pre-9/11 Accountability Report — As per the LA Times, the 9/11 accountability issue is still out there somewhere.

Columbia Abuzz Over Underground Film
  By / New York Sun   —   Permalink 
At a history class, a professor mockingly tells a female Jewish student she cannot possibly have ancestral ties to Israel because her eyes are green.
During a lecture, a professor of Arab politics refuses to answer a question from an Israeli student and military veteran but instead asks the student, "How many Palestinians have you killed?"
Joseph Alexander Norland: All these lists are available via e-mail. 1. From the New York Sun, "Columbia Abuzz Over Underground Film".
Charles Johnson: Columbia Abuzz Over Underground Film — A new film threatens to expose the shocking extent of anti-Israel sentiment at Columbia University: Columbia Abuzz Over Underground Film.

The Blogosphere Grows Up
  By / TCS   —   Permalink 
We've come a long way, baby. Blogs have gone from barely-understood phenomenon to near-commonplace in this election cycle, and it looks as if they may be having some impact on the results.
Ezra Klein: Blogging...THE FUTURE — So Reynold's filled this week's TechCentral Slot with a meditation on how blogs, at least at...
Glenn Reynolds: THE BLOGOSPHERE GROWS UP: First of two pre-election columns on this subject, over at TechCentralStation.
Oliver Willis: The Transparent Reynolds — Golly, wonder who he could be talking about in his newest column for "TechCentralStation"?
Pejman Yousefzadeh: But I just don't agree with the following passage from this column: [snipped quote] Yes we do. It's called Red State.
Greg Ransom: GLENN REYNOLDS — "The Blogosphere Grows Up." Reynolds suggests that money changes everything, "some of the pleasant amateurism of the early days has been lost."
Ed Driscoll: Over at Tech Central Station, he has some thoughts on how the Blogosphere has grown up since then, the first of a two-part series.

Heinz Kerry Separates Self From Mrs. Bush
  AP   —   Permalink 
WASHINGTON - Teresa Heinz Kerry says she doesn't know if first lady Laura Bush has ever had "a real job" and suggests their different experiences help make them different people.
Laura Bush taught in public schools in Texas from 1968 to 1977, the year she married George W. Bush.
Oliver Willis: THK vs LB — Yeah, I don't think its that good a thing to say Laura Bush hasn't had a real job. But, she hasn't worked as a teacher since '77!
Hugh Hewitt: Theresa took a shot at Laura Bush in this morning's USA Today, and the AP picked up on it: "Well, you know, I don't know Laura Bush.

Labour MPs accuse anti-war coalition of backing Bigley's killers
  By / Independent   —   Permalink 
The stop the War Coalition was accused yesterday of supporting the killers of the British hostage Ken Bigley after it drew up a draft statement saying the Iraqi people should use "whatever means they find necessary" to end the occupation by coalition forces.
Gene @HarrysPlace: Tonge defends Stop the War — I see that Liberal Democrat Jenny Tonge— no stranger to this blog— is one of three MPs...
Scott Burgess: Media Miscellany — Andrew Grice, of the Independent, notes that some members of Parliament are defending the Stop the...
Harry @HarrysPlace: Stop the lies — The Independent has an article today on the Stop the War Coalition and their "by whatever means they...

Help of Allies Among Three Key Themes
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In Senate debates and media interviews over the years, John F. Kerry has repeatedly returned to three axioms on the use of military force: Win as much allied support as possible before going to war, listen to advice from the professionals, and, most significantly, heed the many lessons of the Vietnam War.
Captain Ed: Today, the Washington Post tried to bolster his standing as a diplomat and global thinker, and wound up torpedoing him...
Joel Foreman: (And this is in WaPo. Wow.)
William J. Dyer: Kerry to troops: Your life is worthless unless UN blesses the fight — From a front-page story in tomorrow's WaPo...
Deacon: The global test explained — A Washington Post story on John Kerry provides the following nugget that, having been...
Lorie Byrd: Rush Limbaugh found a quote in a story in the Washington Post today (yes, the Washington POST) that I believe could drive a stake through the heart of the Kerry campaign.

Bush Says Kerry Doesn't Understand Terror War
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EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (Reuters) - President Bush charged on Wednesday that Democrat John Kerry has a "fundamental misunderstanding" of the war on terrorism because a leader in the Iraqi insurgency, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, has sworn allegiance to al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden .
David Allan Pell: It's tough to keep up with all of them, but W just gave us another update: "Zarqawi is a terrorist. We are fighting Mr. Zarqawi in Iraq.
James Martin Capozzola: According to a report an early-evening report from Reuters, "Bush Says Kerry Doesn't Understand Terror War," by Steve...

Heinz Kerry Sorry for Laura Bush Comment
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WASHINGTON - Teresa Heinz Kerry told a newspaper she doesn't know if Laura Bush has ever had "a real job." She apologized Wednesday for having forgotten about the first lady's 10-year stint as a schoolteacher and librarian.
Noam Scheiber: WHAT TO DO ABOUT TERESA: By know you've probably heard Teresa's Hindenburg-like comment questioning whether Laura Bush has ever held a real job.
Betsy Newmark: Teresa apologizes for her crack on Laura Bush. Here is what she originally said, [snipped quote] What does that mean to have a bigger validation of what she does?

Poor Intelligence Misled Troops About Risk of Drawn-Out War
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In early 2003, as the clock ticked down toward the war with Iraq, C.I.A. officials met with senior military commanders at Camp Doha, Kuwait, to discuss their latest ideas for upending Saddam Hussein's government.
Matthew Yglesias: I loved part one of Michael Gordon's "Catastrophic Success" series in The New York Times looking back on how we got to...
Tom Maguire: The NY Times On Post War Planning [Here is Part 2] The Times has a long piece on the "planning" for the Iraqi occupation.
Gary Farber: HOW THE CIA BLEW THE MILITARY AND PARAMILITARY AND INSURGENT aspects of the war in Iraq. Good job by the Times's military expert, Michael Gordon.

Are We All Behaviorists Now?
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The Wall Street Journal (sub. req'd) recently published a fascinating article on the debate between efficient capital markets theorists (exemplified by Eugene Fama) and behavioral economists (exemplified by Richard Thaler). As the Journal explained:
Mike Rappaport: Bainbridge on the ECMH and Behavioral Economics — Great column by Stephen Bainbridge on the efficient capital markets theory and behavioral economics.
Greg Ransom: EUGENE FAMA VS. RICHARD THALER — Are We All Behaviorists Now? Corporate law prof. Stephen Bainbridge takes a look — and applies some Thaler insights to the regulators.
Steve Bainbridge: My latest TCS column, Are We All Behaviorists Now?, discusses the debate between efficient capital markets theorists and behavioral economists.

'Hardball with Chris Matthews' for Oct. 18
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CHRIS MATTHEWS, HOST: Fifteen days to go until the election, and the latest national polls show President Bush has the edge going into the home stretch. We'll talk presidential politics with former President Jimmy Carter.
Tom Maguire: Jimmy and Chris explain that Saddam Hussein was Ben Franklin, and George Bush was King George. Or something.
H.D. Miller: Jimmy Carter, Dope — When will that meddlsome old fool from Plains just learn to shut his yap?
Captain Ed: Yesterday, Carter managed to write off the Revolutionary War as a mistake, and that was his opener for his interview...
C. D. Harris: Now he's arguing that the Revolutionary War is akin to the insurgency in Iraq because both were "un-necessary".
Sir George: The Skinny on Jimmy — LC Albedo linked this incredible Chris Mathews interview with Jimmy Carter.
QD @SouthernAppeal: Jimmy Carter: Because I know how much some folks around here just love ol' Jimmy, here's the transcript of his interview with Chris Matthews last night.
Also: McQ, Wind Rider, Christopher Kanis, Orrin Judd, Charles Johnson

Flu Vaccine Policy Becomes Issue for Bush
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But this year all 46 million doses produced by Chiron, the nation's only other supplier, were condemned because of bacterial contamination, and as a result public health officials are relying on low vaccination rates to get them through the season.
Chris Mooney: Anyway, the New York Times does a great job of fact-checking the Bushies on the alleged connection between flu vaccine...
DemFromCT: Bush Flu: Vaccine Issue is Making Bush Campaign Ill — The newspaper of record explains: [snipped quote] The flu issue (a...
David Allan Pell: And I don't think comment like this one from John Kerry help his campaign one bit: "If you can't get flu vaccines to...
Mark Kleiman: Why, because GWB and his troops are fibbing about it. (No, having flu treatments available doesn't mean that the unvaccinated are "safe.")

He Ain't Heavy. . .
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SARAHA, Sudan — Allow me to introduce Abdelrahim Khamis Ghani and his little brother, Muhammad.
The challenge we Americans face in Sudan is this: Are we willing to save Abdelrahim and Muhammad, and two million more like them?
Gary Farber: Kristof remains a conscience of the world. "The challenge we Americans face in Sudan is this: Are we willing to save Abdelrahim and Muhammad, and two million more like them?
Eugene Oregon: Nicholas Kristof dedicates another column to Darfur.
Ezra Klein: Managing Genocide — Kristof: "We in America could save kids like Abdelrahim and Muhammad.
David Allan Pell: Where Freedom Doesn't March — Nicholas Kristof: Sahara, Sudan — "Allow me to introduce Abdelrahim Khamis Ghani and his little brother, Muhammad.

Pakistani Forces Pound Alleged Hideout
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WANA, Pakistan - About 1,000 Pakistani soldiers backed by helicopter gunships, mortars and artillery Wednesday pounded a mountainous region near the Afghan border where a former Guantanamo Bay prisoner who masterminded the kidnapping of two Chinese engineers is believed to be hiding.
Orrin Judd: Pakistani Forces Pound Alleged Hideout (AHSANULLAH WAZIR, 10/20/04, Associated Press) [snipped quote] The strategy of...
Captain Ed: Perhaps coincidentally, perhaps not, the AP now reports that 1,000 Pakistani troops are assaulting a potential AQ...

Terrorism and the Mob
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By now, everyone in America knows that John Kerry has compared fighting terrorism to prosecuting organized crime figures for gambling and prostitution. The comparison has attracted a lot of criticism. Actually, it's a pretty good analogy — but it leads to a different lesson than Kerry believes.
Steve Bainbridge: Stuntz on Kerry — My friend and law school classmate Bill Stuntz (a Harvard law prof, no less) blasts Kerry's comment...
Glenn Reynolds: BILL STUNTZ WRITES on terrorism and the Mob: [snipped quote] Read the whole thing.
James Joyner: Terrorism and the Mob — Harvard Law Professor William Stuntz thinks John Kerry was right before he was wrong:...
Stephen Green: Required Reading — I cannot recommend this William J. Stuntz column highly enough. Don't just read it - memorize it.

An Influenza Vaccine Debacle
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It is almost unbelievable - and surely unacceptable - that the world's most medically advanced nation should suddenly find nearly half of its expected supply of influenza vaccine wiped out by manufacturing problems at a single plant in England.
David Allan Pell: Don't Make Me Sick — Here's the NY Times on the flu vaccine shortage: Experts are pondering ways to induce more companies to make flu vaccine for the American market.
Michelle Malkin: THE NEW YORK TIMES' LAME EDITORIAL ON FLU SHOTS — The NY Times weighs in on the flu shot shortage in its lead editorial this morning ("An Influenza Vaccine Debacle").

Mr. Kerry on Prisoners
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LAST WEEK we questioned whether there was a difference between President Bush and Sen. John F. Kerry on the crucial question of U.S. policy for handling prisoners captured abroad.
Brad @ShrillBlog: "Mr. Kerry on Prisoners ( In a statement drawn up in response to our questions, the Democratic...
Scott Burgess: Except when he's condemning "the appalling images of abuse" (May), calling for Donald Rumsfeld's resignation because of...

Torturous Passage
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Last week, the House of Representatives considered making it legal to deport noncitizen terrorist suspects to foreign jails that torture prisoners. Fortunately, this provision in Dennis Hastert and Tom DeLay's original 9-11 Recommendations Implementation Act was ultimately pulled from the bill.
Gary Farber: Katherine Hawkins, who has been posting expertly for more than a year at Obsidian Wings on Maher Arer, and the U.S.'s...
Katherine R: I wrote this article. That was probably obvious, huh?

Martha stirs up tasty prison treats
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NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - Imprisoned domestic diva Martha Stewart may again be caught in a "jam," according to a report published Wednesday.
The New York Post, citing an unnamed inmate at the Alderson, W.Va., minimum-security prison camp for women, reported...
Ann Althouse: Infinitesimally naughty. Martha Stewart in prison.
Tyler Cowen: Martha Stewart update: [snipped quote] Here is the full story.

32nd Congressional District: Frost has stronger record
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This is a choice we shouldn't have to make. Yet at House Majority Leader Tom DeLay's insistence, the Texas Legislature drew 13-term Democratic veteran Martin Frost out of his longtime congressional district and into the district represented by four-term GOP Rep. Pete Sessions.
Byron L: Here are some excerpts of their endorsement: [snipped quote] There's no comparison...
Charles Kuffner: More good endorsement news: The Morning News goes for Martin Frost, after having endorsed Edwards.

Boston Cashes In On Half-a-Schilling
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We wanted drama to equal any Red Sox-Yankees series ever played. We wanted history, something that had never happened before in the annals of baseball. We wanted to be amazed, mesmerized, exhausted and, heading into Game 7 of the American League Championship...
Orrin Judd: ONCE A CENTURY MOMENT: Boston Cashes In On Half-a-Schilling (Thomas Boswell, October 20, 2004, Washington Post)...
John J. Miller: SAVORING THE MOMENT — "If anybody can reverse its gagging, it's the Yankees, the team that usually has the past on its side," writes Tom Boswell in today's Washington Post.

Who's Getting Your Vote?
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Voting for president is a lot like sex—and not just because it takes place every four years in the solitude of a semi-private booth. Both are intensely personal activities that nonetheless can have profound public consequences.
Rod Dreher: REASON'S PREZ POLL — Spent an enjoyable lunch hour today perusing Reason magazine's poll of presidential picks by their libertarian and libertarian fellow-traveler panel.
Pejman Yousefzadeh: An interesting survey, courtesy of Reason. Eugene Volokh's explanation best mirrors my own.
Rickheller @Centerfield: Reason's Endorsements — The motley crew at Reason Magazine offer their varying endorsements.
Steve Bainbridge: Bipartisan goofiness — If you want proof that the far right can be just as daft as the far left, compare the...
Diana Moon: THE REASON I RARELY READ REASON. This. Aren't most of these guys creepy?
Greg Ransom: REASON asks "Who ya votin' for?" A surprising number have yet to decide (hmm, Kerry or Badnarik or not to vote at all .. a tough choice for many.)
Also: Mike Rappaport, Andrew Sullivan, Matt Welch, Jeff Jarvis

The 9/11 Secret in the CIA's Back Pocket
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It is shocking: The Bush administration is suppressing a CIA report on 9/11 until after the election, and this one names names. Although the report by the inspector general's office of the CIA was completed in June, it has not been made available to the congressional intelligence committees that mandated the study almost two years ago.
Neil Shah: And O'Neill wasn't the only one ignored. -investigations about those endangering national security being delayed 15 months or longer from public view.
Sam Rosenfeld: An intelligence official told Robert Scheer, who broke the story, that the agency wasn't releasing the report because it...
Laura Rozen: Meantime, who is running the CIA? This is infuriating. What ever happened to quaint concepts like Congressional oversight?
Avedon Carol: Secrets — Jeralyn Merritt, reporting on the suppression of yet more information on 9/11: [snipped quote] Right, so even...
Matthew Yglesias: Yesterday's Los Angeles Times contained a major newsbreak from Robert Scheer who reports that a completed CIA report...
McQ: The CIA's 9/11 Report — This just struck me as, oh, I don't know, dumb?
Also: Jeralyn Merritt, Barbara O'Brien, CA Pol Junkie, Kevin Drum, Richard TPD, Kos, Mathew Gross

ABC News or ABC spin
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As if Dan Rather's use of forged documents to try to discredit President Bush shortly before the election was not enough of a clue to the mainstream media's political agenda, ABC News has now joined CBS News in the political spin game.
Betsy Newmark: Thomas Sowell takes on Nightline and ABC.
Greg Ransom: THOMAS SOWELL takes on Ted Koppel.
SLZoll: Thomas Sowell Thomas also is all riled up about ABC's willingness to take the world of commies over that of John O'Neill.

A Surprise Boost For Bush Camp Abrew in Egypt
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WASHINGTON - The president's reelection campaign may get an unexpected boost this week from Cairo.
Diplomatic sources tell The New York Sun that President Mubarak is likely to announce today that he is willing to host a regional conference to discuss Iraqi security and the forgiveness of Iraqi debt next month in the resort city of Sharm el-Sheikh.
Betsy Newmark: Egypt is making noises that they would host an international conference to look at getting more troops in to fight the terrorists.
John J. Miller: Today in the New York Sun, Eli Lake reports that Egypt may announce today that it will hold an international conference on Iraq in November.

Edwards: Iraq War Created Terror Haven
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WINDHAM, N.H. - Democratic vice presidential candidate John Edwards on Tuesday accused President Bush of failing the United States and the world in Iraq , citing unsecured nuclear weapons abroad and unprotected ports at home as further evidence of the president's "incompetence."
McQ: Attack of the Lightweight — On tuesday, foreign policy and terrorism expert John Edwards had this to say about...
Charles Johnson: They'll Say Anything, Part 273 — Silky Pony says there was no "haven for terrorists" before George W. Bush created one in Iraq: Edwards: Iraq War Created Terror Haven.
Captain Ed: Edwards tried to chide Bush for turning Iraq into a haven for terrorists, buying into the Michael Moore vision of prewar...

Hysterical women for Kerry
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Rosie the Riveter has given way to Sally the Sniveler.
During World War II, young Rose Will Monroe was the face of American women in adversity: strong, supportive and resolute against the enemy forces that threatened our existence.
Michelle Malkin: My latest column looks at the pathetic women who took who took her place.
SLZoll: And why do they always argue about whether it is Ann Coulter or Michelle Malkin?

Sinclair to Air 'A POW Story: Politics, Pressure and the Media'
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BALTIMORE, Oct. 19 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Sinclair Broadcast Group (Nasdaq: SBGI - News) announced today that on Friday, October 22, 2004 at 8:00 p.m. (7:00 p.m. central time) certain television stations owned by Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc. will air a special one-hour news program, entitled "A POW Story: Politics, Pressure and the Media."
Jesse Taylor: The First Amendment Is A Helluva Law — Sinclair, lying and saying it never intended to air Stolen Honor, is now going...
Jeralyn Merritt: [Note: Sinclair back-pedals a bit by saying it never intended to air the entire film but Reuters and CBS Market Watch are more credible.
Harley: Angry shareholders are demanding Sinclair officers 'return profits from insider trading.' And Smith begins a modified climb-down while lying thru his teeth.
Steve M.: On the other hand, when we're told that the title of the broadcast is "A POW Story: Politics, Pressure and the Media"...
Jay Rosen: Sinclair Broadcasting Fires a Dissenter (UPDATE: Sinclair backs down—some—and announces a one-hour program that will examine the "issue" of documentaries in the election battle.
Atrios: Sinclair CEO — Whines, lies, backtracks, lashes out at critics, babbles about the 1st amendment which he doesn't have...
Also: Josh Marshall, Joe Gandelman

As God Is His Witness
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Late in the summer, at the Republican national convention in New York, a movie billed as the conservative alternative to Fahrenheit 9/11 debuted for the party faithful.
Amy Sullivan: But as Ayelish McGarvey points out in a must-read piece over at The American Prospect, Suskind makes the same mistake...
Avedon Carol: On the same topic, Ayelish McGarvey asks the big question about Bush's faith in As God Is His Witness: This is a huge...
Matthew Yglesias: Jesus! My colleague Ayelish McGarvey makes the case that George W. Bush is no Christian.
Laura Rozen: Some Christian, huh? Update: The American Prospect's Ayelish McGarvey has more on Bush's faith as evangelical agit-prop.

10/19/04 Poll: Bush Lead Over Kerry Widens
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NEW YORK — Two weeks before Election Day, President George W. Bush (search) leads Democratic challenger Sen. John Kerry (search) in the race for the White House, according to a FOX News poll released Tuesday.
Jeff Goldstein: Zogby says the election is Kerry's to lose; but the FOXNews poll tells a different story—particularly in its internals,...
Ace: Bush Lead Solidifies Nationally and in Ohio — Contrary to liberal suspicions, the FoxNews OpinionDynamics poll have...
PoliPundit: Great New Polls — Fox News: Bush by 49-42-2 Word is that WaPo will show Bush up by 5 today. UPDATE: WaPo link.
James Joyner: One bright spot for Bush is last night's Fox News/Opinion Dynamics poll.
Alexander K. McClure: This would come in the wake of a Fox News/Opinion Dynamics Poll showing the President up seven, 49%-42%.
Hugh Hewitt: The FoxNews OpinionDynamics poll puts Bush up 7 among likely voters in the three way race. The ABC/WashingtonPost daily tracking poll puts Bush up 5.

Cheney, Invoking the Specter of a Nuclear Attack, Questions Kerry's Strength
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CINCINNATI, Oct. 19 -Vice President Dick Cheney cast doubt Tuesday on whether Senator John Kerry was strong enough to fight terrorism, and asserted that the nation might one day face terrorists "in the middle of one of our cities with deadlier weapons than have ever before been used against us,'' including a nuclear bomb.
Edward _: "---Dick Cheney, October 19, 2004" OK, so those weren't his exact words, but close enough: "Vice President Dick Cheney...
Laura Rozen: Here's Dick Cheney in Ohio today: "The biggest threat we face now as a nation is the possibility of terrorists ending up...

NBC poll: 'As close to dead-even as it comes'
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WASHINGTON - After two blockbuster party conventions, three widely watched presidential debates, and hundreds of millions of dollars spent in advertising, the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll finds that President Bush and Sen. John Kerry are running neck and neck exactly two weeks until Election Day.
EDM Staff: NBC News/Wall St. Journal Poll: Bush, Kerry Statistically Tied — Bush leads Kerry 48-46 percent of nation-wide RV's,...
Steve Soto: NBC News/WSJ Poll Shows Kerry Erasing 4-Point Bush Lead — The latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll released late...
Taegan Goddard: More Polls — The NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll shows the presidential race in a dead heat: Kerry 48%, Bush 48% The...

Cheney: Terrorists May Bomb U.S. Cities
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CARROLL, Ohio (AP) - Vice President Dick Cheney on Tuesday raised the possibility of terrorists bombing U.S. cities with nuclear weapons and questioned whether Sen. John Kerry could combat such an "ultimate threat ... you've got to get your mind around."
Matthew Yglesias: Tough Enough? Ezra Klein's got this just right.
Pejman Yousefzadeh: He willfully misreads this article which reports the following statement from Dick Cheney: "The biggest threat we face...
Ken Layne: Captain Fearmonger — Now Cheney says we're all gonna get BLOWED APART by a NUKE!
Ezra Klein: Schoolyard Leaders — So Dick Cheney, attired in the Cloak of Malevolence (+5 sneer) and wielding the Scepter of...
Jon Henke: Fearmongering... "Fearmonger!", cry Bush critics when Dick Cheney says... [snipped quote] "Terrorists might try to slip nuclear weapons into our country?
Andrew Sullivan: Yesterday, he said: "The biggest threat we face now as a nation is the possibility of terrorists ending up in the...
Also: Mathew Gross, Josh Marshall, Lambert @Corrente, Sadly @SadlyNo, Jeralyn Merritt

L.A.'s Scary 'Cop Tax' Campaign Angers Critics
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LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - A proposed $500 million tax increase to put more police on the streets of Los Angeles has drawn fire from opponents who say top law-enforcement officials are trying to scare voters into approving it with commercials that raise the specter of a suburban crime nightmare.
Libertarian: The evidence: [snipped quote] This is extortion.
Clayton Cramer: The Illegal Alien Problem & Los Angeles's Finances — This article points out that there is a strong connection between...

Matt ready to put money where vote is
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Hometown hottie Matt Damon doesn't rest when it comes to politicking for his presidential pick John Kerry - even whilst in Germany!
''I would pay $1 million to have Kerry in the White House,'' the actor said at the premiere of ''The Bourne Supremacy'' in Berlin the other night.
Libertarian: But, since Drudge is reporting Matt's wish to pay 1 million dollars to put Kerry in the Oval Office, I'm reminded of what a crude, inefficient system "democracy" really is.
Clayton Cramer: The other involves people who are obscenely rich, who can make statements like this, and mean it: [snipped quote] You'll...

Bush win helps war on terror: PM   —   Permalink 
THE re-election of US President George W Bush would help in the war on terror, Prime Minister John Howard said last night.
Mr Howard, fresh from talks with Indonesian president-elect Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, said he was hopeful Mr Bush would win his race against Democrat challenger John Kerry.
Arthur Chrenkoff: An endorsement for Dubya — No surprises there - Australia's Prime Minister John Howard endorses George Bush for...
PoliPundit: Another foreign leader is adding his voice to the list: [snipped quote] Meanwhile, Jean-Francoise Kerry can count on such...

Poll: Bush Doubles Support Among Blacks
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WASHINGTON - President Bush has doubled his support among blacks in four years and Sen. John Kerry 's backing among the key Democratic voting bloc is down slightly from the support Al Gore won in 2000, according to a poll released Tuesday.
Ed Driscoll: The President And African-Americans — Yesterday, AP noted that President Bush's popularity among black voters has doubled.
Pejman Yousefzadeh: OMINOUS SIGNS — If George W. Bush really is set to get about 20% of the African-American vote—as this article suggests he will—John Kerry is doomed.
Captain Ed: Bush Doubles 2000 Support Among Blacks: Poll — The Associated Press reports that George Bush has doubled the support he...
Judith Weiss: "The [Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies] poll found Kerry receiving as much or more support than Gore...
Clayton Cramer: This news story provides more clear evidence: [snipped quote] The election is close.
Ace: Bush Doubles Support Among Blacks — I don't think it has much to do with "Ambassador" Keyes: [snipped quote] Compare to...
Also: Betsy Newmark, C. D. Harris

Nobelist Prescott lauds Bush policies
  By / Arizona Republic   —   Permalink 
Americans will spend the next two weeks trying to sort through the differences between President George W. Bush and Democratic challenger Sen. John Kerry on many issues.
Pejman Yousefzadeh: WALKING INTO THE LION'S DEN — Edward Prescott is going to get into a load of trouble for being so politically...
Greg Ransom: EDWARD PRESCOTT INTERVIEWED by the Arizona Republic: "Americans will spend the next two weeks trying to sort through...
Jesse Taylor: We Must Protect This House! Glenn makes an unintentionally good point, the only kind he's apt to make.
Libertarian: The whole idea of the State reducing taxes as an incentive for rich folks "to work"is a bit disturbing to me.
Robert Clayton Dean: Edward Prescott , Arizona State University professor, shared the 2004 Nobel Prize for economics. Thanks to Instapundit.
Glenn Reynolds: INTERESTING INTERVIEW with new Economics Nobelist Edward Prescott: [snipped quote] I'm surprised this hasn't gotten more attention.

Media Matters for America Underwrites Sinclair Broadcast Group Shareholder Demand
  Media Matters for America   —   Permalink 
(WASHINGTON, DC, October 19, 2004) - Media Matters for America (MMFA) announced today that it is underwriting the costs of a shareholder action, demanding that Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc., provide equal time to those "with views opposed to the allegations"...
Harley: Media Matters is underwriting a shareholder demand for equal time for those "with views opposed to the allegations" in the Kerry smear doc.
Oliver Willis: Sinclair Developments — MMFA Underwrites Sinclair Broadcast Group Shareholder Demand Shareholders challenge Sinclair on...
Steve Bainbridge: Media Matters Errs re Sinclair — MMFA is trying to whip up a shareholder lawsuit against Sinclair Broadcasting to...
Jeffrey Dubner: Today's developments include a shareholder action underwritten by Media Matters, aggressive questioning from the New...
Skippy: and media matters is underwriting a stockholder action demanding equal time.
Jay Rosen: Shareholder action against Sinclair. Update on it from Josh Marshall. The Professor scoffs.
Also: Josh Marshall, Atrios, Joe Gandelman

Schwarzenegger Says Pro-Bush Speech Irked His Wife
  Reuters   —   Permalink 
MONTEREY, Calif. (Reuters) - California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said on Monday that his speech backing President Bush at the Republican Convention in August resulted in a cold shoulder from his wife, Maria Shriver, a member of the famously Democratic Kennedy family.
Greg Ransom: "THERE WAS NO SEX for 14 days," with wife Maria Shriver says Arnold Schwarzenegger, explaining the cold-shoulder he...
KJL: RE: WHERE'S AH-NULD — He's not stumping for Bush because He wants his sex.
Hesiod: IF YOUR WIFE WITHHOLDS SEX FOR TWO WEEKS: Because you gave a strident pro-Bush speech, you're a Republican.
Gary Farber: DOES ARNOLD HAVE A WRITER coming up with these lines, do you think, or does he possibly actually do it himself?
Clayton Cramer: Governor Schwarzenegger tells us the consequences of his speech at the Republican National Convention
Taegan Goddard: California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R), quoted by Reuters "in front of 1,000 people" about his RNC speech backing...

Kerry Off the Leash
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John Kerry wasn't nominated because of his sparkling personality. He wasn't nominated because of his selfless commitment to causes larger than himself. He was nominated because he's a fighter. At the end of every campaign he comes out brawling.
Avedon Carol: [quote]And at LiberalOasis, Bill Scher looks at another hack: "In yesterday's edition of the stream of lies known as David...[end quote]
H.D. Miller: Self-Destruct — Senator von Munchausen has apparently hit the self-destruct button, or so says David Brooks in the New York Times.
Steve M.: David Brooks in today's New York Times The poll underlined the extent to which Mr. Bush has succeeded in raising doubts about Mr. Kerry.
Glenn Reynolds: Read this column, too. The trouble with stuff like this is that if it does help Kerry win, it leaves him in a weak position.
Tom Maguire: MORE: A better AP story on Kerry's Jewish outreach. David Brooks on Kerry's "Say Anything" tour.
John Cole: David Brooks — David Brooks reads Balloon Juice.
Also: Jesse Taylor, Joe Carter, Tom Tomorrow, Sam Rosenfeld, Hugh Hewitt, Jonah Goldberg, Betsy Newmark

War of Words
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President Bush and Senator John Kerry have very different views of the war on terrorism, and those differences ought to be debated in this presidential campaign. But the debate should focus on facts, not distortions of history.
Joseph Alexander Norland: "War of Words" by Tommy Franks — One of the more arduous tasks in contributing to IsraPundit is having to read the New Jayson Blair Times rag sheet.
Clayton Cramer: Tommy Franks Tells Kerry To Tell The Truth — Not like John Kerry ever lets truth get in his way (New York Times, may...
Glenn Reynolds: TOMMY FRANKS CONTRASTS BUSH AND KERRY on the terror war. It's worth reading this together with the Jim Dunnigan piece linked below.
Jan Haugland: War outsourcing — Tommy Franks takes issue with John Kerry's claim that the US had Bin Laden "cornered" in Tora Bora...
Tom Maguire: Tora Bora - No Mas — Gen. Tommy Franks defends the plan at Tora Bora from Kerry's second-guessing.
Orrin Judd: BAH, WHAT DOES HE KNOW: War of Words (TOMMY FRANKS, 10/19/04, NY Times) "Contrary to Senator Kerry, President Bush...
Also: Bill @INDCJournal, Cori Dauber, Ezra Klein, Charles Johnson, McQ, Edward _, Jesse Taylor, James Joyner, Betsy Newmark, Captain Ed, David Allan Pell

U.S. Has Contingency Plans for a Draft of Medical Workers
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WASHINGTON, Oct. 18 - The Selective Service has been updating its contingency plans for a draft of doctors, nurses and other health care workers in case of a national emergency that overwhelms the military's medical corps.
Chris Gruber: Also see "US Has Contingency Plans for a Draft of Medical Workers," New York Times, October 19, 2004. Shocked? Me, too.
Zachary Roth: And yesterday the New York Times reported on the administration's contingency plans for a draft of medical workers.
Mark Kleiman: As Robert Pear of the New York Times reported today, The Selective Service has been updating its contingency plans for a...
Avedon Carol: [quote]A few pages behind Brooks in the NYT, some of those "precautions" were being revealed in the article titled: "U.S. Has Contingency Plans for a Draft of Medical Workers". [end quote]
Fafnir: Q: It seems like you're working on updated plans for an emergency draft of medical personnel... A: Where did you hear that?
Roger Ailes: I Got Your All-Volunteer Army Right Here — While Bush peddles the no-draft line on the campaign trail, the Selective...
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Feeling the Draft
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Those who are worrying about a revived draft are in the same position as those who worried about a return to budget deficits four years ago, when President Bush began pushing through his program of tax cuts.
Jonathan H. Adler: THE NEW KRUGMAN STANDARD — If Bush makes an accusation against Senator Kerry, based on Kerry's record, that the Senator explicitly disputes, it's a lie.
Max B. Sawicky: GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE — Sometimes it's eerie. October 19. October 15.
DeLong: [quote]: Feeling the Draft, makes exactly the right analogy: "Those who are worrying about a revived draft are in the same...[end quote]
Richard TPD: Paul Krugman offers a cogent and all-too-plausible scenario for seeing bush break his word come 2005.
The Poor Man: Mmmmm ... Seed Corn — Reading Paul Krugman's editorial on why, in a second Bush term, there would be a draft, I...
Tom Maguire: The Perils Of Reasoning By Analogy — Paul Krugman illustrates the problem with reasoning by analogy: Those who are...
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The Strategy to Secure Iraq Did Not Foresee a 2nd War
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Gen. Tommy R. Franks climbed out of a C-130 plane at the Baghdad airport on April 16, 2003, and pumped his fist into the air. American troops had pushed into the capital of liberated Iraq little more than a week before, and it was the war commander's first visit to the city.
Lambert @Corrente: Iraq clusterf**k: Force levels set by Bush for political, not strategic reasons — The Times is actually doing some reporting on how things went so sour for the troops in Iraq.
David Allan Pell: These and more questions (including: why does Rummy still have a job?) are raised in this incredible Michael Gordon piece on Iraq's unforseen 2nd War.
Cori Dauber: But I did want to let you know that it exists, since I do know a number of you don't read the Times: it's a very long...
Steve Soto: It's The New York Times' Turn To Outline How Bush, Rummy, And Rice Botched Iraq — Now it is the New York Times' turn to...
Ed Cone: NYT: [snipped quote] — One of the things this election should be about is competence. Instapundit keeps saying Kerry ain't the guy to run a war on terror.
Matthew Yglesias: New York Times military correspondent Michael Gordon gets into the act with a long piece reviewing the many errors of...
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Bush vs. the Laureates: How Science Became a Partisan Issue
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Why is science seemingly at war with President Bush?
For nearly four years, and with rising intensity, scientists in and out of government have criticized the Bush administration, saying it has selected or suppressed research findings to suit preset...
Bird Dog: Bush, Science and Politics — The New York Times put out a piece on the conflicts between the Bush administration and portions of the scientific community.
Gary Farber: BUSH VS. SCIENCE. Science loses. Bet you never saw that one coming. Good comprehensive survey that, of course, will persuade none but the persuaded.
Orrin Judd: GOOD AND SCIENCE ARE ALWAYS AT WAR: Bush vs. the Laureates: How Science Became a Partisan Issue (ANDREW C. REVKIN,...
Mary @PacificViews: Today's NY Times had an article on how many Noble Laureates have come out in opposition to Bush based on his refusing to...
David Allan Pell: But those who work in the Bush administration yet oppose their way of ignoring or manipulating science face a dilemma...
Mark Kleiman: What's striking, and depressing, about today's New York Times piece is how little actual political mobilization — as opposed to mere bitching — it reports.
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Sinclair Fires Critic of Plan to Broadcast Anti-Kerry Film
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The Washington bureau chief of Sinclair Broadcast Group was fired yesterday after accusing the media company of "indefensible" conduct for planning to air a movie attacking Sen. John Kerry's Vietnam record in the coming days.
Jay Rosen: And as Howard Kurtz put it, Sinclair "found itself explaining why it dismissed a top journalist for speaking to the media."
Aaron @LiquidList: Politics/Media: Disgruntled Employee — Sinclair Broadcast Group is no longer trying to feign non-partisanship.
Joe Gandelman: The Washington Post's Howard Kurtz's piece that makes mincemeat out of Sinclair has a particularly damning rebuttal...
Skippy: reader and contributor rose sends us this washpost piece that tells us sinclair broadcasting fired its washington bureau...
Laura Rozen: It's costly to tell the truth if you work for Sinclair.

October surprise
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This year's October surprise will be a critical mass of the black, Christian community standing up for biblical concepts of righteousness and justice. These courageous black voters will attempt a risky, but important strategy.
Clayton Cramer: Here's an article from the Washington Times by "Bishop Harry R. Jackson Jr.... of Hope Christian Church ... co-author with George Barnaof of High-Impact African-American Churches."
Orrin Judd: BLUE MINUS BLACK EQUALS RED: October surprise (Harry R. Jackson Jr., 10/19/04, THE WASHINGTON TIMES) [snipped quote] How about a geometric progression: 16% this time and 32% in '08.
Hugh Hewitt: Then there are the 9/11 Democrats, described by Brendan Miniter this morning, and the black votes that Bush will gather up, described by Harry R. Jackson.
Judith Weiss: Although Kerry will take most of the African-American vote, Bush has peeled away enough votes (up to 20%) to scare Kerry into stumping in Florida with Al Sharpton.
C. D. Harris: This poll lends considerable credence to this piece in today's Washington Times, wherein Harry R. Jackson Jr., a...

Evangelicals endeavor to redeem the vote
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President Bush's re-election campaign is getting a boost from powerful Christian groups, which are enlisting entertainers such as actor Jim Caviezel of "The Passion of the Christ" to cajole millions of evangelicals into voting.
Ken Masugi: Heavy advertising to evangelical Christians could keep the black Bush vote high.
Andrew Sullivan: JESUS FOR BUSH: Yep, a divine endorsement. And why not? [snipped quote] We're still waiting, of course, for an endorsement from the Virgin Mary.
Betsy Newmark: Evangelical groups are mobilizing to get out the vote. Maybe they'll be able to counteract the groups promising sex if you vote.
Steve Dillard: "Evangelicals endeavor to redeem the vote": The Washington Times has the details.
Hugh Hewitt: And a highly motivated evangelical community. There are many dynamics favoring Bush, and the only negative out there is the weird and sometimes wild swinging in the polls.

Google 'saved' Australian hostage
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An Australian journalist kidnapped in Iraq was freed after his captors checked the popular internet search engine Google to confirm his identity.
John Martinkus was seized in Baghdad on Saturday, the first Australian held hostage in Iraq since the US-led invasion.
Gary Farber: It's a good thing that the Goggle-skills of murderous insurgents are better than people's skills used to be.
Bill Hobbs: Hostage Saved By A Google Search — Man, if they Googled me and found HobbsOnline, I'd be beheaded instantly.
Jeff Jarvis: Google, life preserver : Terrorists capture a journalist, accuse him of being a CIA spy, but then Google his name and find out he's legit and they let him go.
Jeff Quinton: Aussie Hostage Saved by Google BBC "An Australian journalist kidnapped in Iraq was freed after his captors checked the...

How Many Iraqis Are Dying? By One Count, 208 in a Week
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BAGHDAD, Iraq, Oct. 18 - It began with the killing of two Iraqi civilians in a suicide bomb attack against an American military convoy in the northern city of Mosul last Monday.
Juan Cole: Norimitsu Onishi estimated that 208 Iraqis and 23 US troops died in Iraq in the past week.
Mark Goldberg: Citing an incendiary New York Times piece on the number of Iraqis killed in one week, Clemons writes: "As if Guantanamo...
Steve Clemons: I have been trying to ask him if the story he has shared about friendly granary guards in Iraq being gunned down by U.S...
Cori Dauber: I'D RATHER HAVE THE PRESS DO IT — Whatever the problems in the methods employed by the New York Times on the ground in...

Poll Shows Tie; Concerns Cited on Both Rivals
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Two weeks before Election Day, voters hold a sharply critical view of President Bush's record in office, but they have strong reservations about Senator John Kerry, leaving the race in a tie, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News Poll.
Brian Montopoli: Go to comments — October 19, 2004 Hidden Angle Stop That Knee From Jerking The lead story in today's New York Times is...
EDM Staff: NYT/CBS News Poll: Kerry, Bush Locked in Dead Heat — John Kerry and George Bush are tied at 46 percent of nation-wide...
Howard Kurtz: Here's more on that New York Times poll, which has it Bush 47, Kerry 46 among likely voters: "Two weeks before Election...
Steve M.: Adam Nagourney and Janet Elder, a few pages back in the same edition of the Times
Ruy Teixeira: No Further Comment Necessary Department — "They're the ones I pay attention to" —Matthew Dowd, Bush's chief campaign...
Taegan Goddard: New Polls — "Two weeks before Election Day, voters hold a sharply critical view of President Bush's record in office,...
Also: Gary Farber, Andrew Sullivan

Schwarzenegger Backs Stem Cell Study
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CARMEL — Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger endorsed a $3-billion measure Monday to fund embryonic stem cell research, a move that could be pivotal in one of the year's most closely watched initiative campaigns.
KJL: AH-NULD ON STEM CELLS — His stem-cell move (no surprise at all) means, more than ever, Jay Nordlinger's plea that he get off his seat and campaign for Bush in the final days.
Roger L. Simon: He's throwing his considerable muscle behind two ballot measures - one to fund embryonic stem cell research to the tune...
Ken Masugi: (Updated) California's popular governor may see his popularity collapse with his endorsement of two controversial...
Kevin Roderick: And on the front page: Twinned lead stories on hubby defying the Republican Party to endorse the stem cell research...