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Dean Ponders Bid to Become DNC Chairman
  By / AP   —   Permalink 
MONTPELIER, Vt. - Former presidential candidate Howard Dean is considering a bid to become chairman of the national Democratic Party.
"He told me he was thinking about it," Steve Grossman, himself a former chairman of the Democratic National Committee , said Monday.
Orrin Judd: SCREAM II: Dean ponders bid to become DNC chairman (CHRISTOPHER GRAFF, 11/08/04, ASSOCIATED PRESS) [snipped quote] Ms Brazile should be at the RNC, not the DNC
Charles Johnson: The Dangers of Extended Breath-Holding — If, like me, you're a life-long Democrat who voted for Bush, and you're sorta...
Mathew Gross: Dean Ponders Bid to Become DNC Chairman — Spine transplant: [snipped quote] I fully support this.
Lambert @Corrente: Rapture index closes down 3, on moral standards, liberalism — Here. Who'd a thunk it? Electing Bush pushed the Rapture back?
Atrios: Dean for DNC — I think this is a good idea, though there are probably some other qualified candidates as well.

Blogging As Typing, Not Journalism
  CBS News   —   Permalink 
(CBS) Eric Engberg was a correspondent for CBS News in Washington prior to his retirement two years ago.
As the election campaign unfolded, operators of some of the internet's politics-oriented blogs, no doubt high on the perfume of many "hits" and their...
Skippy: neener neener neener, or, blogs are rubber and gigantic media corporations are glue, and... eric engberg, a man who no...
Ed Cone: Retired CBS newsman Eric Engberg: [snipped quote] Yawn. Dude, did you happen to catch the major networks calling Florida for Gore in 2000?
KJL: LOL — CBS News website piece questions "veracity" in blogosphere: "It was clear to me, from following their efforts...
Jeff Goldstein: Media dinosaurs: a genealogy — "Paging Mr. Engberg, Mr. Eric Engberg. Please report to the customer service kiosk to collect your artificial hip."

Bill Pryor to replace Ashcroft?   —   Permalink 
Even before last Tuesday's election, speculation was running rampant about who might fill top jobs in a second Bush administration. Among those mentioned for U.S. attorney general: Mobile native and former Alabama Attorney General Bill Pryor.
Steve M.: Mobile Register I told you about Pryor and the hitching post, right?
Steve Dillard: Let's see, a lifetime appointment to the federal appellate bench or a three to four year stint as the next U.S. attorney general?
KJL: PRYOR FOR AG!! Bill Pryor for Attorney General? Or for Solicitor General? Very cool, either one.
James Joyner: Bill Pryor to replace Ashcroft? (Mobile Register) [snipped quote] I can't imagine Pryor would be seriously considered for the job.
Tbogg: Pryor convictions — Just when you thought it was safe to be an American...again: Even before last Tuesday's election,...
Eugene Volokh: "Quote of the Week," from the Mobile Register: [quote] "Where are we going? And why am I in a handbasket?"[end quote]

Exit Zone
  By / Slate   —   Permalink 
Edison/Mitofsky, the co-venture that collected the exit-poll numbers and performed other heavy lifting of election data this year for big media, has taken its first stab at explaining why their figures consistently overstated Kerry support on Nov. 2.
Ken Layne: Written by a liberal radio host, it says: [snipped quote] The now-standard story is that the Exit Polls were wrong, and that's that.
Eugene Volokh: Exit polls: Slate Press Box — subtitled "media criticisms" — reports: [snipped quote] That may well be right...

U.S. Troops Launch Fallujah Offensive
  By / AP   —   Permalink 
NEAR FALLUJAH, Iraq (AP) - Thousands of U.S. troops, backed by armor and a stunning air barrage, attacked the toughest strongholds of Sunni insurgents in Fallujah on Monday, launching a long-awaited offensive to put an end to guerrilla control of the Sunni Muslim city.
Joe Gandelman: FALLUJAH: The Offensive Is On — The long awaited military operation to defuse the insurgent-terrorist hotbed of...
Lorie Byrd: This report quotes an exchange between Prime Minister Allawi and the troops preparing for the Fallujah operation: [snipped quote] Link via Drudge.
Ace: Finally Fallujah — It's about time. I haven't commeted on the war much, both because it makes me sick that so many of...

Voting Without the Facts
  By / NYT   —   Permalink 
The so-called values issue, at least as it's being popularly tossed around, is overrated.
Last week's election was extremely close and a modest shift in any number of factors might have changed the outcome. If the weather had been better in Ohio.
David Allan Pell: Others argue (as NYT's Bob Herbert does) that the real issue was that millions of Americans went to the polls without a handle on even the most basic of facts.
Skippy: stupid is as stupid does (and votes) though there are many who say it does the left no good to frame the debate in terms...
Kevin T. Keith: Bob Herbert, in today's NY Times, makes a call for renewed commitment to the things that make us, as liberals, what we...
Tom Maguire: Bob Herbert today takes up a related burden - any explanation must include reassurance to Democrats that they are...
James Frederick Dwight: All this reminiscing was provoked by today's Bob Herbert column which lamented the voters' idiocy and ignorance for picking Bush.
Michele Catalano: The Democrats seem to think that two things lost them the election: Christians and idiots.
Also: Michelle Malkin, Joe Gandelman

Red-state nation
  By / San Diego Union-Tribune   —   Permalink 
The capsule summary of President Bush's re-election win Tuesday - 51 percent to 48 percent for Democrat John Kerry in the popular vote, 286 Electoral College votes to 252 - understates the magnitude of the Republicans' historic 2004 victory.
Nick Confessore: I'm less enamored with this column by Robert J. Caldwell of the San Diego Union Tribune, which I came across via Talking Points, and which likewise makes use of the "enclave" idea.
Josh Marshall: As in this flourish from Robert J. Caldwell in the San Diego Union-Tribune ... [snipped quote] I'm tempted to say that...

Popular Fiction
  TNR   —   Permalink 
No sooner had the red and blue ink dried on the maps of election commentators than triumphant Republicans began talking about their clear mandate for an ambitious domestic agenda.
Ruy Teixeira: Political scientists Jacob Hacker and Paul Pierson have an excellent article, "Popular Fiction" on The New Republic...
Josh Marshall: But if you'd like to read a more serious-minded take on the subject, check out this instructive new piece on this topic by Jacob S. Hacker and Paul Pierson in The New Republic.

The political genius of George W. Bush
  CNN   —   Permalink 
WASHINGTON (CNN) — Whether you are a Democrat, a Republican or an independent, it is hard not to look at President Bush's re-election victory last week and conclude that he is probably one of the three or four most talented politicians of the last half of a century.
Todd Pearson: Bush: Political Genius — Carlos Watson: [snipped quote] This seems way over the top to me.
Orrin Judd: THE REALITY W'S MAKING: The political genius of George W. Bush: Democrats have much to weigh as they look to 2008...

Despite Drop in Crime, an Increase in Inmates
  By / NYT   —   Permalink 
The number of inmates in state and federal prisons rose 2.1 percent last year, even as violent crime and property crime fell, according to a study by the Justice Department released yesterday.
Hei Lun: "NY TIMES A PARODY OF ITSELF; WOMEN, MINORITIES LAUGH HARDEST" — The New York Times revisits the past with this headline today: "Despite Drop in Crime, an Increase in Inmates"
Jonah Goldberg: GROUNDHOG DAY — Our favorite headline returns again: [snipped quote] [Note: If you just arrived, you may not know that...
Tom Maguire: Parody Watch - The Times Theorizes On Crime Prevention — Filed under "Do Tell" - another LOL headline from the reliable...
Patterico: Just to prove that I am not making this up, I direct your attention to a New York Times article from today's edition, titled Despite Drop in Crime, an Increase in Inmates.

U.S. Judge Halts Military Trial of Qaeda Suspect at Guantánamo
  By / NYT   —   Permalink 
WASHINGTON, Nov. 8 - A federal judge today halted the Guantánamo Bay trial of a Yemeni prisoner suspected of being a member of Al Qaeda, ruling that the special military tribunals like the one the suspect is facing at the naval base in Cuba are contrary to principles of American justice.
Steve Gilliard: Gitmo kangaroo court stopped — Sorry, no kangarro courts allowed U.S. Judge Halts Military Trial of Qaeda Suspect at...
Michael Froomkin: News coverage. Update: NYT story.

My two favorite lines, Newsweek's greatest hits, jokes from Cuba, &c.
  NRO   —   Permalink 
So, why don't we start today, not with me, but with my brilliant friend Eddie Krause. He left a message on my voicemail: "Reelecting President Bush and defeating Tom Daschle is like finding Saddam Hussein with Osama bin Laden's address in his pocket."
Lorie Byrd: Impromptus — I love Jay Nordlinger's Impromptus: [snipped quote] Read it all.
Betsy Newmark: Jay Nordlinger has some smack-on analysis (scroll down) of Newsweek's article on the election.
Ed Driscoll: Part Deux Jay Nordlinger collects some delicious anti-Bush quotes from both Hollywood and the legacy media: "Years ago,...

Politics and the Web
  By / TCS   —   Permalink 
With the election over, some people are starting to question whether the Web had an impact. Ed Cone writes:
"From the Register of Deeds race in Guilford County, N.C., where victorious challenger Jeff Thigpen used a Weblog to tell voters how he'd modernize...
Ed Cone: Glenn Reynolds points to the impact of blogs on the Daschle-Thune Senate race — not the campaign blogs, but those run...
Glenn Reynolds: And my new TechCentralStation column on politics and the web is up.

Fixing the problem of Falluja
  By / BBC   —   Permalink 
As the last light faded at our forward base, the wiry, tough-looking staff sergeant turned to a small group of marines.
"We're not going into Falluja to give out fuzzy bears and warm hugs," he said.
Laura Rozen: Even as something interesting to note? This from the BBC.
Jeanne D'Arc: Lieutenant-Colonel Gareth Brandl, commander of one of the battalions assaulting Falluja.
Kevin T. Keith: "Lieutenant-Colonel Gareth Brandl, commander of one of the battalions assaulting Falluja" "Military objectives" are...
Steve Gilliard: Back to Fallujah once more into the breach dear friends, once more into the breach Fixing the problem of Falluja By...

Democrats Need a Red-Blooded Candidate to Stanch Losses
  By / LAT   —   Permalink 
Maybe Democrats will find a way to argue about the reason for the sweep by President Bush and congressional Republicans last week. But the answer, and the lesson, appears about as clear as these things ever get: The Democrats need to widen the electoral battlefield.
Nick Confessore: The first is by Ronald Brownstein, in what is otherwise a very trenchant bit of analysis and numbers-crunching...
Taegan Goddard: Ron Brownstein says the Democratic Party needs to expand the electoral battlefield if it hopes to regain power.
Ruy Teixeira: His Washington Outlook column today in The Los Angeles Times is entitled, "Democrats Need a Red-Blooded Candidate to...
Orrin Judd: IT WAS ALWAYS A BLUE BATTLEGROUND: Democrats Need a Red-Blooded Candidate to Stanch Losses (Ronald Brownstein, November...

  New Yorker   —   Permalink 
Here in the bluest borough of the bluest city of the bluest state in all our red-white-and-blue American Union, it has not been a happy week. A cocktail of emotions was being felt in these parts after last week's Presidential election, and the most potent ingredient was sadness.
Jeffrey Dubner: No, the Senate — in which all 55 Republican candidates received two million fewer votes than the 44+1 Democrats — will...
Paul @SouthernAppeal: Wow — And the contest for most delusional left-wing election post mortem continues apace with Hendrik Hertzberg's entry in The New Yorker.
Taegan Goddard: The Powerless Middle — Henrick Hertzberg makes an interesting observation about the forgotten center of American politics: "The red-blue split has not changed since 2000.

Worldwide Value
  NRO   —   Permalink 
Bush's appreciation of freedom shapes his foreign policy.
According to the exit polls, George W. Bush owes his victory to the priority attached by millions of voters to "moral values."
Natasha @PacificViews: Here's Gaffney's article in its full glory, and here are the highlights of his plan, emphasis mine: "...[1] The...
Laura Rozen: Neoconservative foreign policy checklist, from Frank Gaffney, via Jim Lobe: "The reduction in detail of Fallujah and...

Big Tax Plans, Big Tax Risks
  NYT   —   Permalink 
On "Fox News Sunday," Mr. Rove did not directly answer when asked whether Mr. Bush would back either a national sales tax or a flat tax. The questions that need to be answered, Mr. Rove said, are: "How can we encourage savings? How can we encourage ownership?
Sam Rosenfeld: In today's piece, Stevenson elaborates: "The sales tax and the flat tax are built on the same idea, that the tax system...
Jesse Taylor: That, Uh, "Necessary" Tax Reform — The New York Times runs a story on "tax reform", also known as telling the middle...
Matthew Yglesias: A paragraph in The New York Times's coverage of George W. Bush's plans for tax reform indicates to me that the Democrats...

Early Target of Offensive Is a Hospital
  By / NYT   —   Permalink 
FALLUJA, Iraq, Monday, Nov. 8 - The assault against Falluja began here Sunday night as American Special Forces and Iraqi troops burst into Falluja General Hospital and seized it within an hour.
Jeanne D'Arc: Empire Notes and Left I on the News pick up the same astonishing explanation for why the attack on Falluja has begun...
Cori Dauber: But there's been virtually no discussion of why in the world a hospital might be any kind of strategic objective.
Matthew Yglesias: Oddly, the first target was a hospital on the outskirts of town which has been the main source of reports of civilian casualties in past attacks on Falluja.

Don't Rig the Iraqi Election
  By / WaPo   —   Permalink 
While George W. Bush and John F. Kerry were trading barbs over past choices on Iraq, little attention was being directed to a decision that could have a momentous effect on that country's political future: Will the United States allow Iraq to hold competitive elections in January?
Matthew Yglesias: In today's Washington Post, Marina Ottaway runs down the ways in which Iyad Allawi is, with the collaboration of the...
John Quiggin: In the Washington Post, Marina Ottaway develops concerns I've expressed previously about the possibility that the Iraqi...

Bickering Iraqis Strive to Build Voting Coalition
  By / NYT   —   Permalink 
BAGHDAD, Iraq, Nov. 6 - With three months to go until Iraq's first democratic elections, established Shiite parties and powerful upstarts are feuding, prompting the leading Shiite cleric to try to pull them together to make sure that they clearly dominate the new government.
Matthew Yglesias: As Edward Wong reports, this is what Ali al-Sistani wants, and neither Allawi nor the United States can really afford to alienate him at this point.
Susan Madrak: Most Americans won't even get it, but Our (former) Boy Chalabi has apparently joined forces with Al-Sadar to form an extremist anti-American regime in Iraq.

Democrats Map Out a Different Strategy
  LAT   —   Permalink 
WASHINGTON — Reeling from their party's loss in the presidential election, some key Democratic financiers and strategists say they have learned a clear lesson: Next time around, no Northeasterners need apply.
Tom Maguire: Wonkette Watch — To the strains of "Southern Man", the LA Times ponders the next Dem Presidential candidate.
Howard Kurtz: None of this is helping Hillary, says the Los Angeles Times: "Reeling from their party's loss in the presidential...
David Allan Pell: I Say I Am, Therefore I Am — From the LA Times: [snipped quote] I can understand the hesitation among many Dems to dip...

Democrats out of touch with America
  By / Arizona Republic   —   Permalink 
George Bush and the Republicans won riding the coattails of middle-class aspirations. Until the Democrats learn to appeal to such hopes and dreams, they are likely to remain very much behind in the political wars.
Michael DeBow: According to geographer Joel Kotkin, the President's victory hinged on his strength in the suburbs: "The new voters in...
Stanley Kurtz: DEMOGRAPHY — Does the demographic future lie with the Republicans? This sharp analysis by Joel Kotkin says it does.

G.I.'s Open Attack to Take Falluja From Iraq Rebels
  By / NYT   —   Permalink 
FALLUJA, Iraq, Monday, Nov. 8 - Explosions and heavy gunfire thundered across Falluja on Sunday night and Monday morning as American troops seized control of two strategic bridges, a hospital and other objectives in the first stage of a long-expected invasion of the city, the center of the Iraqi insurgency.
Jeanne D'Arc: Guerrilla fighter in Falluja, quoted by the New York Times. "The marines that I have had wounded over the past five months have been attacked by a faceless enemy.
Matthew Yglesias: The offensive is underway as warplanes along with "American guns, tanks, Bradley fighting vehicles and AC-130 gunships" deploy into the urban center of Falluja.

Muslim school bombed in Netherlands
  Washington Times   —   Permalink 
Eindhoven, Netherlands, Nov. 8 (UPI) — A powerful bomb gutted a Muslim school in the southern Dutch city of Eindhoven Monday, another in a recent series of anti-Muslim acts, the BBC reported.
James Joyner: Muslim School Bombed in Netherlands — Muslim school bombed in Netherlands (WaTi - UPI) [snipped quote] Anti-Muslim anger is certainly understandable given the circumstances.
Charles Johnson: Muslim School Bombed in Netherlands — Following the Islamic assassination of Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh, a violent...

The Specter test
  By /   —   Permalink 
WASHINGTON — Sen. Arlen Specter, the canny old fox of Pennsylvania politics, got carried away last Wednesday in the flush of an easy fifth-term victory and revealed too much of what he really thinks.
ArchPundit: The Dark Prince of Douchebaggery Runs Down Pennsylvania Politics — Between Santorum and Specter.
KJL: NOVAK ON SPECTER — From Bob Novak's column today: "That puts Frist, who has been criticized for his management of the judicial confirmation debacle, on the spot.
Michelle Malkin: Only one of those things happened, alas, and now the GOP is in quite a quandary over whether to deny Specter the...
Betsy Newmark: Robert Novak outlines the choices facing Bill Frist regarding Arlen Specter.

Let the Explaining Begin!
  By / WaPo   —   Permalink 
From every corner of the media empire, the explanations come fast and furious:
The Democrats were clueless on moral values. John Kerry was a lousy candidate. A northerner can't win anymore. The Bush team was better at manipulating the press.
Captain Ed: I took a peek at the headlines this morning, while I'm wrapping up my vacation in Southern California, and the one story...
Lorie Byrd: Poor John Kerry — I am with Betsy Newmark on the Kerry campaign's complaint that they got bad press. Give me a break.
Jonah Goldberg: LET THE EXPLAINING BEGIN — Howard Kurtz on the battle to define the meaning of the election.
Betsy Newmark: The Kerry people now think they got unfair press coverage. Buy a clue!

Investigative Reporter Damon Chappie Dies
  By / WaPo   —   Permalink 
Damon Chappie, 40, an investigative reporter who unearthed ethical lapses and corruption in Congress even after losing his eyesight, died Nov. 5 of congestive heart failure and other health problems at Washington Home, a District hospice. He lived in Arlington.
Noam Scheiber: This Washington Post obituary salutes Damon's doggedness at exposing abuses of power on Capitol Hill over the last...
Nick Confessore: DAMON CHAPPIE, R.I.P. I didn't know Roll Call reporter Damon Chappie, who died yesterday at the age of 40, personally.

BBC Reporter Wept Over Arafat
  By / Arutz Sheva   —   Permalink 
The BBC has received at least 500 complaints, after its broadcaster said she "started to cry" when Arafat departed his ruined PLO headquarters in Ramallah for a hospital in Paris.
Barbara Plett, BBC's Middle East correspondent, reported on a BBC Radio 4 program last Saturday her impressions of the sickly Arafat's departure.
Jeff Goldstein: While my (rusty nail-stuffed exploding) guitar gently weeps — Hardly surprising, is it: [snipped quote] Indeed he has been a symbol.
The Big Trunk: The BBC has gone into mourning: "BBC reporter wept over Arafat."
Joe Gandelman: BBC Reporter Weeps Over Arafat — She clearly wasn't bat mitzvahed...(and what's the big deal about crying since who needs reporters who pretend to be objective?)
KJL: TEARS FOR FEARS — A BBC reporter cries over Arafat.

Iraqi PM orders Falluja offensive
  BBC   —   Permalink 
Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi has given the go-ahead for a US-led attack on the rebel stronghold of Falluja.
Mr Allawi announced a curfew in Falluja and Ramadi from 1800 local time (1500 GMT), and said Baghdad airport and some international borders would be closed.
Pejman Yousefzadeh: THE BATTLE OF FALLUJAH — It has begun—at long last, I might add.
Damian Penny: Update: Ayad Allawi has given the go-ahead for an assault to retake the city.
Steve Gilliard: Update:Iraqi PM orders Falluja offensive "Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi has given the go-ahead for a US-led attack on the rebel stronghold of Falluja.

Discusses next term, 'insane' moment from Election Day
  By / USA Today   —   Permalink 
WASHINGTON — President Bush "absolutely" will use his second term to push for a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, his top political strategist said Sunday.
Zoe Kentucky: Rove said this after proclaiming that the hurtful, Anti-Family Amendment is at the top of Bush's domestic agenda this coming year.
Taegan Goddard: Rove Speaks — Karl Rove made the rounds on the Sunday morning political shows and confirmed President Bush "will use...

Evangelicals Say They Led Charge For the GOP
  WaPo   —   Permalink 
As the presidential race was heating up in June and July, a pair of leaked documents showed that the Bush-Cheney reelection campaign was urging Christian supporters to turn over their church directories and was seeking to identify "friendly congregations" in battleground states.
Richard Reeb: Evangelicals Speak Up — Today's WaPo features this long piece about Evangelical Protestants, who say that they, not the...
ArchPundit: It appears that a Dean like campaign was carried out on the President's behalf.
Hugh Hewitt: The Washington Post has a great post on the evangelical vote. This is one of the two great stories of election '04, the other being the surge in the Latino vote to Bush.
Avedon Carol: It's so spiritual — Hm, right-wing evangelicals want credit for Bush's victory (and I'm sure everyone else is happy to...
David Allan Pell: But one interesting question that is beginning to come up is this: When it comes to the gay marriage debate, did Rove and the Republican operatives lead, or did they follow?
Taegan Goddard: The Best Ground Operation — "The untold story of the 2004 election, according to national religious leaders and...
Also: DemFromCT, Tbogg, Kevin Drum, Jeanne D'Arc

S.E.C. Is Said to Examine Stock Pricing by Big Brokers
  By / NYT   —   Permalink 
The Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating about a dozen brokerage firms - including Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, Ameritrade, Charles Schwab and E*Trade Financial - on suspicion that they failed to secure the best available price for stocks they were trading for their customers, according to people who have been briefed on the inquiry.
Kevin Raybould: In other words, he wants you to give money to these people: [snipped quote] Social Security privatization is a scam.
Atrios: This latest SEC investigationgives us another way they can do so: The Securities and Exchange Commission is...

Guantánamo Prisoners Getting Their Day, but Hardly in Court
  By / NYT   —   Permalink 
GUANTNAMO BAY, Cuba, Nov. 7 - Each day, several shackled detainees are marched by their military guards into a double-wide trailer behind the prison camp's fences and razor wire to argue before three anonymous military officers that they do not belong here.
Jacob Sullum: ' The New York Times describes how the "combatant status review tribunals" for prisoners at Guantanamo work: Detainees...
Sam Rosenfeld: The New York Times has an informative look at the Combatant Status Review Tribunals (CSRTs) the United States has been...

Fox News, Media Elite
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Election Night 2004 delivered more than one decisive victory.
As Roger Ailes, the chairman of Fox News, and Rupert Murdoch, the chairman of its parent company, News Corporation, entertained their guests with cheeseburgers and hot dogs in a suite down the...
Tom Maguire: Foxchart Fox News is kicking a** and taking names, according to the NY Times: [snipped quote] They are big-timin' it, all right.
Cori Dauber: You know that's just got to be driving the more traditional outlets nuts. So, how do they spin this success for Fox?

Who will get Arafat's millions?
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Ramallah, West Bank — The wife of Yasser Arafat was locked in a bitter dispute with Palestinian officials over the fate of his vast secret fortune as the Palestinian leader lay apparently near death in a French hospital, according to a report on the Arab TV network Al-Jazeera.
Michael Froomkin: First, did Arafat leave a will? On this, we have basically no reliable information: Who will get Arafat's millions?
The Big Trunk: Matthew Kalman of the San Francisco Chronicle has the best account of the financial considerations: "Who will get Arafat's millions?"

Cashmere and Kevlar? Bulge Affair Has Tailor Miffed
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Now that the election is over, there remains a piece of unfinished business: Whatever was that strange bulge in the back of President Bush's suit jacket that was visible during the three debates?
Sam Rosenfeld: Did they really have to dump on the tailor, though — and lie gratuitously? [snipped quote] Bush likes his suits Whiz with.
Betsy Newmark: Elisabeth Bumiller tracks down the crucial stories, interviewing the President's tailor, the inappropriately named,...

Boy, do they hate Bush here
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PARIS - It's a good thing Europeans don't vote in American elections. If they did, chances are President Bush would have been trounced.
The 43rd President of the United States may have won a powerful vote of confidence from his countrymen, but an awful...
Charles Johnson: Europe Hates Bush, Loves Arafat — Richard Chesnoff writes about the primitive, irrational hatred of America and...
The Big Trunk: In "Boy, do they hate Bush here," Richard Chesnoff reports from Paris: "[N]o American President in recent history has been so vilified - especially by the Europeans.

Disney and Pixar Score Again as 'The Incredibles' Opens Big
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LOS ANGELES, Nov. 7 - The computer-animated family movie "The Incredibles" struck a resounding chord this weekend, taking in an estimated $70.7 million nationwide.
The latest joint effort from Pixar and the Walt Disney Company, this film tells the story of a family with superpowers forced to live in a society that celebrates mediocrity.
Damian Penny: Bush killed Alfie — That's what the studio is saying, anyway: Paramount's "Alfie," a remake of a romantic comedy about...
Betsy Newmark: Drudge points out that this is how Paramount is analyzing the low turnout for Alfie this weekend.

All in the Family
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On The Road: There were strains and stumbles in the Kerry camp, and the president's daughters took the stage at the convention in New York.
Nov. 15 issue - Looking back, as Kerry staggered in late summer and early fall, some Democrats wondered if July 29 would be remembered as the last truly happy night of the campaign.
Taegan Goddard: Introduction Chapter 1: The Primaries Chapter 2: Bush's Inner Circle Chapter 3: Kerry's Campaign Drifts Chapter 4:...
SLZoll: And here are a couple of First Twins items from that same Newsweek piece that we especially enjoyed: Sometime during the...

Even With Campaign Finance Law, Money Talks Louder Than Ever
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WASHINGTON, Nov. 7 - The McCain-Feingold law, which did more to change how American political campaigns are financed than any legislation since the 1970's, got its first real-world test in this year's election.
Taegan Goddard: Rethinking McCain-Feingold — The McCain-Feingold campaign finance reforms, "which did more to change how American...
Captain Ed: Campaign Finance Reform Lays A Very Expensive Egg — The New York Times performs a post-mortem on the McCain-Feingold...
Michelle Malkin: "You can't write legislation for every loophole that opens up," said Sen. John McCain in a New York Times post-mortem that inspired Captain's Quarters' post.

The Challenge - and Puzzle - of Falluja
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"Never do what the enemy wishes you to do, for this reason alone, that he desires it; avoid a battlefield he has reconnoitered and studied and, with even more reason, ground that he has fortified and where he is entrenched."
Glenn Reynolds: THOUGHTS ON FALLUJAH, from James Dunnigan. Also read this by Ralph Kinney Bennett.
Wretchard: The Banner of Zarqawi — Ralph Kinney Bennet at Tech Central Station asks why Zarqawi should fight for Falluja and...

Black and White and Red All Over?
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Bruce Chapman of the Discovery Institute recounted on this Web site not long ago how "basking in the sun by the Al Hamra Hotel swimming pool, a Spanish journalist complained to me that 'all my editors want is blood, blood, blood. No context. No politics.'
FrancoAlemán: Since he didn't, it's him doing another fantastic installment, the 14th, of his Good News from Iraq series.
Tully @Centerfield: Black and White and Red All Over? A look at the past two weeks' good news from Iraq.
Tim Blair: As it is, the latest - number 14 - is still exclusively available here, here, and here."
Pejman Yousefzadeh: THE NEWS OUT OF IRAQ — Don't miss Arthur Chrenkoff's latest installment on this issue.
Cori Dauber: That's the point at which the press loses interest, and just stops covering the story, leaving the public with the...
Arthur Chrenkoff on November: Good News from Iraq, vol. 14 — Note: Also available at the "Opinion Journal" and Chrenkoff.
Also: Arthur Chrenkoff

Conservative leader targets Specter
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WASHINGTON (CNN) — The head of a leading conservative group said Sunday that Sen. Arlen Specter "is a big-time problem" and that his quest to serve as chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee "must be derailed."
Josh Marshall: James Dobson, one of the most powerful leaders of the religious right, now says he doesn't want Specter as Chairman no matter what.
Tbogg: They eat their own — Boy. They just hate it when there isn't absolute obedience.

G.O.P. Plans to Give Environment Rules a Free-Market Tilt
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WASHINGTON, Nov. 7 - With the elections over, Congress and the Bush administration are moving ahead with ambitious environmental agendas that include revamping signature laws on air pollution and endangered species and reviving a moribund energy bill that would open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to energy exploration.
MB Williams: Where Progressives can find allies — This morning's New York Times brings us an article on the Bush Administration's possible approach to envirnomental policy.
Mathew Gross: Here It Comes — G.O.P. Plans to Give Environment Rules a Free-Market Tilt. Join me in stopping them by signing up to the right.
Susan Madrak: BAIT AND SWITCH — More than anything else, their shameless and Orwellian use of language offends me. "Clear Skies"? Bah.

A Gangster With Politics
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In 1993, the British National Criminal Intelligence Service commissioned a report on the sources of funding of the Palestine Liberation Organization. For years, it had been Chairman Yasser Arafat's claim that he'd made a fortune in construction as a young...
Bird Dog: Bret Stephens reminds us of another "how", which is how Yasser Arafat became the father of the "modern era of...
Charles Johnson: A Gangster With Politics — A very good piece by Bret Stephens looks back at the vile career of the world's best-loved...
Hindrocket: Requiem for a Gangster — In this morning's Wall Street Journal, Bret Stephens has an excellent summary of the violent, corrupt and ultimately nihilistic career of Yasser Arafat.
Joe Gandelman: But He Has Such A Kind Face — If you've ever asked yourself: What is Yassir Arafat REALLY like your questions are all answered by Bret Stephens in the Wall Street Journal.
Betsy Newmark: Bret Stephens has a great column on dying thug, Yasser Arafat. "Once in power in Ramallah, the abuses became much worse.

Analysis: Iraq's Domestic Media Active In Election Discourse
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News of Iraq's upcoming January elections has dominated the pages of Iraq's major dailies in recent weeks, to some extent crowding out the more detailed coverage of the growing insurgency, the presence of multinational forces, and even the workings of the interim administration.
Arthur Chrenkoff on November: Iraq's free press has certainly been making it difficult for everyone to overlook the coming of democracy: "Newspapers...
Arthur Chrenkoff: Iraq's free press has certainly been making it difficult for everyone to overlook the coming of democracy: [quote] "Newspapers...[end quote]

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President Bush has launched an internal review of the pros and cons of nominating Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas as the chief justice if ailing William Rehnquist retires, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned.
Eric Soskin: Like Professor Bainbridge, I'm inclined to believe that any scuttlebutt about Justice Thomas' possible elevation to...
Ann Althouse: If President Bush really is considering Justice Thomas as the next Chief Justice, I guess we'll hear this quote from...
Joe Gandelman: Which brings us to #2: (2) George Bush has a slew people he can select for Supreme Court Justice but according to a...
Steve Bainbridge: Drudge is working a story claiming that Bush is seriously considering nominating Clarence Thomas to replace Rehnquist as...
John J. Miller: THOMAS VS. SPECTER — The top story on Drudge today says that President Bush is giving serious thought to nominating...
Andrew Sullivan: A clear victory in this election - but no landslide - has now apparently led him to contemplate Clarence Thomas as Supreme Court Justice.
Also: Clayton Cramer, Timothy Wheeler, James Joyner, Steve M., Steve Dillard

Bush to Seek Gay-Marriage Ban in New Term -Aide
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WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Bush will renew a quest in his second term for a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage as essential to a "hopeful and decent" society, his top political aide said on Sunday.
Steve M.: Bush plans to seek an anti-gay-marriage constitutional amendment. Twenty-three percent of gay voters voted for Bush. Chumps.
Andrew Sullivan: And we're also told by Karl Rove that "if we want to have a hopeful and decent society, we ought to aim for the ideal,...
Avedon Carol: Meanwhile, since America has no other problems that need dealing with, Reuters says Karl Rove wants to move on that gay marriage amendment.
Joe Gandelman: The two immediate signs: (1) The Bush administration will go full speed ahead on the gay marriage issue, seeking to get...
Tbogg: Installment One: Buyers Remorse — Expect to see a lot of these in the coming year: I did not watch the interview live,...
Roger L. Simon: I did not watch the interview live, but I am given to understand from this article that only days after the election...
Also: Matt Welch, Susan Madrak, Lambert @Corrente, Oliver Willis, Sadly @SadlyNo

President Feels Emboldened, Not Accidental, After Victory
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WASHINGTON, Nov. 7 - One trademark of President Bush's first term was his aversion to news conferences, which his staff says he often treated like trips to the dentist.
Steve M.: Elizabeth Bumiller of The New York Times on George W. Bush, in today's New York Times: is too early to tell if...
Matthew Yglesias: Today's New York Times hinted at a similar theory based on similar historical evidence: The second terms of the Nixon,...
Susan Madrak: Instead, we get puff pieces like this: "One thing is certain: Four years after the disputed election of 2000, Mr. Bush...
Ramesh Ponnuru: In almost every examples discussed here—and all the serious ones—the opposition party held the Congress.
Noam Scheiber: I'm not sure I entirely buy this analysis in today's Times: [snipped quote] It's possible that the big danger for second-term presidents is hubris.

U.S. Forces Storm Into Western Fallujah
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NEAR FALLUJAH, Iraq - U.S. forces stormed into western districts of Fallujah early Monday, seizing the main city hospital and securing two key bridges over the Euphrates river in what appeared to be the first stage of the long-expected assault on the insurgent stronghold.
Leah A: Iraqis who didn't need to will die because this President can't bear to be criticized. In fact, it's already started.
Bill Hobbs: Retaking Fallujah — The battle for Fallujah has begun. If you're interested in following that developing story, a good place to start is Command Post's Iraq index.
Charles Johnson: The Battle for Fallujah — It's on in Fallujah. And the Associated Press wastes no time finding a negative angle.
Dean Esmay: Fallujah — It's getting hairy. You're in our thoughts and prayers, guys.
Jeralyn Merritt: U.S. troops are now attacking Fallujah. U.S. commanders are warning that this will be the most brutal urban fighting since Vietnam.

Dollar expected to fall amid China's rumoured selling
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The dollar could slide still further, in spite of hitting an all-time low against the euro last week in the wake of George W. Bush's re-election, currency traders have said.
Daniel Drezner: Steve Johnson and Andrew Balls of the Financial Times suggest that we're about to find out: [snipped quote] Brad DeLong has further thoughts on the matter.
Atrios: Note that a sell-off also means they're no longer interested in financing our budget deficit...
Libertarian: China is rumored to be selling-off its dollar reserves at the same time, of which it holds half a trillion.
Dave Johnson: And this, Dollar expected to fall amid China's rumoured selling If true, this almost certainly means the long-expected "realignment" of the dollar is beginning.
Matthew Yglesias: UPDATE: "Dollar expected to fall amid China's rumoured selling". Uh oh....

Four More Years Attributed to Rove's Strategy
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As Air Force One made its final approach to Andrews Air Force Base on Tuesday afternoon, White House senior adviser Karl Rove juggled a telephone, a pen and a piece of paper, anxiously copying down the first wave of exit polls that showed President Bush trailing John F. Kerry.
Ellen Dana Nagler: Rove's Rolling Realignment — If you want a crystal clear picture of how Karl Rove won the election, all you need do is read this.
Joe Gandelman: But one of the most fascinating insights about Karl Rove comes from a Washington Post article (that should be read in...
Mary @PacificViews: An Immoral Win — Today's WaPo has an article about Rove's victory and how he has moved the country from a 49-49 tie.
Steve Soto: While I don't want to diminish the fact that Rove engineered a targeted effort through the churches and other means to...
Avedon Carol: The Washington Post has an article trying to paper-over Karl Rove's dirty tactics and make it look like the country has...
Josh Marshall: Also worth noting is this article in today's Post on Rove's strategy and victory.
Also: Betsy Newmark, Orrin Judd, Pejman Yousefzadeh, The Big Trunk, Hugh Hewitt

U.S. Forces Seize Small Section of Fallujah
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NEAR FALLUJAH, Iraq — The Iraqi government declared 60 days of emergency rule throughout most of the country Sunday, and U.S. troops seized a small section of territory in Fallujah (search) ahead of an expected all-out assault on the guerrilla sanctuary.
B.C: Well, unlike your local meteorologist, the Imperial Dungeon Game Room actually has a Clue as to what the...
Deacon: Here's the report from Fox News. Before the start of the military campaign in Iraq, it was feared that we would have to...
Jeff Goldstein: Second militant: "For the last time, that's not funny, Raed. Now shut up and load your rifle." *
Whiskey: From Fox News: "U.S. forces stormed into western districts of Fallujah (search) early Monday, seizing the main city...
Lorie Byrd: Taking Back Fallujah — Fox News has been showing video for the past few minutes of Iraqi troops seizing control of a hospital in Fallujah.

Am I Blue?
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I apologize for everything I believe in. May I go now?
The election campaign made it official. These are the Disunited States. There is "red America": conservative, Republican, religious. And there is "blue America": liberal, Democratic, secular.
Jon Henke: But other than all that... Michael Kinsley's horse ain't high enough to write this... " least my values - as...
Mark Kleiman: Update Kevin Drumshares some thoughts from Michael Kinsley, who doesn't seem to see what this looks like from the conservative perspective.
Kevin Drum: RED STATE ELITISM...Michael Kinsley addresses the victorious red staters in the LA Times today: [snipped quote] There...
SK Bubba: But enough of the sore loser whining. It's time to heal. As I said last week, us Dems need to take a page or two from the GOP playbook.
Digby: Who's Your Daddy? Nicolas Kristof's column is exactly right.

Declaration of Expulsion: A Modest Proposal It's Time to Reconfigure the United States
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[From the author: This is an essay I've been working on for the past several weeks, updated moments ago with what appears to be Bush's final number of victory states (31) once the nonsense of provisional votes in Ohio is overcome.
Dean Esmay: He didn't have much of an answer. But now we have some right-wing kooks suggesting the same thing. (Link via Strange Dog.)
David Neiwert: That at least seems to be the final solution proposed by a fellow named Mike Thompson, who recently published an essay...
James Joyner: Expelling the Blue States — Lest Republicans think that only Democrats bitter over another defeat hold those voting for...
Ken Layne: The Breakaway Republic of Jesusland, Part XXIII — This character wants to break up the United States, too.

Triumph of Hope
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Hope has triumphed.
I know that some may be surprised to read this, but I am convinced of the fact.
Hope has triumphed, and with it the confidence of the American people in the values and principles on which our shared civilization on both sides of the Atlantic is based.
Jan Haugland: Former Spanish prime minister Jose Maria Aznar writes that the reelection of George Bush offers hope.
FrancoAlemán: YOU CAN now read the article by Jose Maria Aznar I told you about for free, at OpinionJournal (hat tip: Fausta) UPDATE.
Charles Johnson: Triumph of Hope — Spain's former prime minister, forced to watch as his own country chose an appeasing socialist...
Joe Gandelman: "Hope Has Triumphed" — So says Spain's former Prime Minister Jose Maria Anzar about the re-election of his friend George Bush as President of the United States.
Pejman Yousefzadeh: From José Maria Aznar: [snipped quote] Obviously, Aznar's words are not going to convince those who are implacably...
Orrin Judd: HERE'S YOUR NEXT SECRETARY OF STATE: Triumph of Hope: President Bush's re-election gives the free world a second chance.

Transcript for November 7
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This is a rush transcript provided for the information and convenience of the press. Accuracy is not guaranteed. In case of doubt, please check with:
Taegan Goddard: The Meet the Press transcript is worth reading if you missed it.
PGL: Karl Rove Admits Failure of Economic Stimulus After 9/11 — Tim Russert invites Karl Rove on Meet The Press and asks him...
Andrew Sullivan: On "Meet The Press," Rove also argued that even civil unions backed by "a few local elected officials" should be banned.

Wisconsin district to teach more than evolution
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GRANTSBURG, Wisconsin (AP) — School officials have revised the science curriculum to allow the teaching of creationism, prompting an outcry from more than 300 educators who urged that the decision be reversed.
Clayton Cramer: Taking Off the Straitjacket — I am so pleased to see that narrow-minded sorts are taking the restraints off their...
Digby: This is an issue that hasn't worked its way up to the forefront of a national election yet and we could actually outflank the Republicans if we get on the bandwagon right now.
Laura Rozen: A Wisconsin school district has voted to teach Creationism. Here we go. [Hey, think they teach about global warming? or just Armageddon?
Chris Mooney: Wisconsin Town Evolves Backwards on Science Education — The city of Grantsburg will, apparently, allow the teaching of...
Jan Haugland: Goddidit "theory" back in school — Grantsburg's school board in Wisconsin has stupidly revised the science curriculum to include the teaching of creationism.
James Joyner: Wisconsin District to Teach Creationism — Wisconsin district to teach more than evolution (CNN-AP) [snipped quote] While...
Also: Shaula Evans, John Cole

Bush to Seek Gay-Marriage Ban in Second Term, Top Aide Says
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WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Bush will renew a quest in his second term for a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage as essential to a ''hopeful and decent'' society, his top political aide said on Sunday.
Joe Gandelman: Karl Rove's Coming Out Party — George Bush's political guru and prime political architect Karl Rove has been all over...
Roger Ailes: We in America live in a country where Karl Rove gets to define what a decent society is: [snipped quote] Don't blame me.

Am I Blue?
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The election campaign made it official. These are the Disunited States. There is "Red" America: conservative, Republican, religious. And there is "Blue" America: liberal, Democratic, secular. Everybody's message from the election results is that Red America won, and Blue America must change or die.
Matthew Yglesias: Maureen Dowd. Yes they did! Thomas Friedman. Can we talk about something other than the election? Michael Kinsley. No!
Avedon Carol: Sunday, 07 November 2004 "The gloat Michael Kinsley, in one of his smarter moods, sorta writes the article giving the...
Orrin Judd: THE STATES RIGHTS LEFT: Am I Blue? : I apologize for everything I believe in. May I go now?
Laura Rozen: Michael Kinsley in the WaPo: Who's really trying to impose their values? "There's just one little request I have.

Footprints in the Sand
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It is a sad but fitting coda to Yasir Arafat's career that the prospect of his death seemed to unlock more hope and possibilities than the reality of his life.
Matthew Yglesias: Values had nothing to do with it. Maureen Dowd. Yes they did! Thomas Friedman. Can we talk about something other than the election?
James Joyner: Yasir Arafat's Lack of Vision — Thomas Friedman [RSS] makes a valid point about Yasir Arafat in today's column.

Arafat's Wife Accuses Deputies of Wanting Him Dead
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PARIS (Reuters) - Yasser Arafat 's wife accused Palestinian leaders hoping to travel to France on Monday to visit her critically ill husband of plotting to "bury him alive," an apparent reference to taking him off life-support.
Charles Johnson: Suha Arafat Loses It — Arafat's Wife Lashes Out at Palestinian Leaders.
Jim Lindgren: UPDATE: Reuters reports that Arafat's wife is accusing Palestinian officials of trying to bury Arafat alive.

Condescending Dems still don't get it
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Mustn't gloat, mustn't gloat. Instead, we must try and look sober and reflective and then step smartly to the side and let the Democrats tear themselves apart.
I'm reluctant to intrude on family grief, especially as the Dems are doing such a sterling job all by themselves.
Michael DeBow: Mark Steyn's election reaction wrap-up in [quote] the Sun-Times ("In my time, I've known dukes, marquesses, earls, viscounts...[end quote]
Orrin Judd: HEART OF REDNESS: Condescending Dems still don't get it (MARK STEYN, 11/07/04, Chicago Sun-Times) [snipped quote] This...
Tim Blair: VIRULENT NEW BDS STRAIN EMERGES — "Bush Derangement Syndrome is moving to a whole new level," writes Mark Steyn: "On...

The Antiwar Right Is Ready to Rumble
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AROUND 8 p.m. Tuesday, a gloomy mood was settling over the dozen conservative stalwarts gathered with martinis and glasses of red wine in an office in Arlington, Va., to watch the returns.
Orrin Judd: BOY, HE'S IN REAL TROUBLE NOW...: The Antiwar Right Is Ready to Rumble (DAVID D. KIRKPATRICK, 11/07/04, NY Times)...
Melanie @AmStreet: The Antiwar Right Is Ready to Rumble Continue reading…
Steve Lovelady: Go to comments — November 07, 2004 Hidden Angle Shining the Spotlight on Antiwar Conservatives Today, in the Week in...

Now That the Dust Has Settled
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Karl Rove and Matthew Dowd. Reporters listened skeptically the week before the election when the Bush campaign's two leading strategists insisted they were comfortably ahead in Florida and were leading in Ohio, but it doesn't look like spin anymore.
C. D. Harris: Hot Or Not — The New York Times has a fairly balanced list of Winners & Losers in the wake of the election.
Betsy Newmark: Here's a good roundup of winners and losers.
Jeralyn Merritt: Winners and Losers — The New York Times presents its list of winners and losers in the election.
PoliPundit: Winners and Losers — The Old York Times has a great list of winners and losers.

Bush's agenda may face hurdles
  Boston Globe   —   Permalink 
WASHINGTON — From a pending invasion of Fallujah to a proposed overhaul of Social Security, President Bush came out blazing immediately after his victory last week with plans for forceful policy strokes at home and abroad — suggesting he will waste little time before he begins spending his unexpectedly large reservoir of political capital.
Howard Kurtz: A few, like the Boston Globe, are gaming the prospects for the second term: "Bush's full-speed-ahead approach, despite...
Joe Gandelman: UPDATE: The Boston Globe has another piece on the hurdles Bush may face. Among other things, it quotes University of Virginia Political Scientist Larry Sabato.
DemFromCT: Still No Media Consensus About a Bush Mandate — One thing that Dem opposition does is throw up a roadblock to the...

52 Killed In Spate Of Attacks In Iraq
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NEAR FALLUJAH, Iraq, Nov. 7 — More than 30 people were killed and more than 60 wounded in a rash of suicide bombings and mortar and rocket attacks in the Sunni Triangle on Saturday, as U.S. Marines and soldiers prepared for a possible assault on the rebel-held city of Fallujah.
Greyhawk: That said, the past weekend was an ugly one, as insurgents launched rather feeble yet deadly attacks outside Fallujah, ostensibly to draw off the impending assault.
DemFromCT: Iraq Open Thread 52 Killed In Spate Of Attacks In Iraq U.S. Forces, Insurgents Gird for Fallujah Battle link "NEAR...
Cori Dauber: IT'S TIME — Yet more violence today in the Sunni triangle: More than 30 people were killed and more than 60 wounded in...

A Coalition of Conviction
  WaPo   —   Permalink 
Republicans were mocked when popular social liberals Rudy Giuliani and Arnold Schwarzenegger were showcased to make their party's case on national security and economic opportunity at the national convention in New York.
James Joyner: A Coalition of Conviction — Kate O'Beirne points out a fundamental truth of American politics: the need to build coalitions among groups who hold disparate views.
Betsy Newmark: Kate O'Beirne's column in the Washington Post explaining Bush's victory is right on target. [snipped quote] Read the whole thing.
Orrin Judd: CONVICTED: A Coalition of Conviction (Kate O'Beirne, November 7, 2004, Washington Post) "Republicans were mocked when...
John J. Miller: Read her whole article, but here's one of her central points: "Republicans find themselves on the majority's side of the...

Top Democrat Will Fight by the Rules
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WASHINGTON — After the GOP sweep last week, the only place in town Democrats may still be able to slow or stall President Bush's conservative agenda is in the Senate. And to lead the effort, they're backing a backstage master of parliamentary infighting, Nevada Sen. Harry Reid.
Barbara O'Brien: This LA Times article says Reid already has locked up enough votes for the position. I am very unhappy.
Orrin Judd: OVERRULE: Top Democrat Will Fight by the Rules: Harry Reid of Nevada, a 'tenacious' insider, lines up support for the job of Senate minority leader.

Unrivaled Security Planned for Inauguration
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An unprecedented level of security will frame President Bush's second inauguration, with officials planning to use thousands of police from across the country, new screening technology for inaugural guests and a military contingent that could include a combat brigade of up to 4,000 troops.
Xan @Corrente: Full-body patdown searches will result in Gitmo for anyone caught carrying a raw egg. (via WaPo) "An unprecedented...
Tbogg: I woulda never talked to you if I'da known you was a popular thug Not exactly a man of the people is he?
Mathew Gross: Inauguration — You can blame it on 9/11, but it really comes down to the fact that Georgie loves his little tin soldiers: [snipped quote] Posse something-or-other.... sigh.

Voting Problems in Ohio Set Off an Alarm
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Voters in Ohio delivered a second term to President Bush by a decisive margin. But the way the vote was conducted there, election law specialists say, exposed a number of weak spots in the nation's election system.
Susan Madrak: You can read this, this, this, this or this.
Roger Ailes: Ohio, High In The Middle and F**ked On Both Ends — This report by Adam Liptak in the New York Times on the Ohio vote is...
Jeanne D'Arc: And the national press ought to be able to look at it without reflexively insisting that [snipped quote] were the problems.

No, it wasn't God
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In the days before ubiquitous pornography - so the story has it - adolescents used to get their stimulation from magazines such as National Geographic. There, among the pictures of life on the pack-ice and the flora of Madagascar, would be colour photographs of tribeswomen with bare breasts or bare bums.
FrancoAlemán: UPDATE. More on this -though admittedly less hilariously- by David Aaronovich at The Guardian.
Harry @HarrysPlace: It wasn't God wot won it — Lot of sense on the US election from David Aaronovitch in the Observer: I much prefer secularism to theocracy.

Bush's Trouble Ahead
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Washington — While President Bush would like to think that the voters gave him a mandate last Tuesday to push his "compassionate conservative" agenda through Congress, the wish may well be father to the thought.
Matthew Yglesias: Also no. Jim Hoagland. I'm with Tom. The Op-Ed You Actually Need to Read Lyn Nofziger on the dangers of overreach.
Joe Gandelman: Reagan Aide: Potential Bumps In The Road Ahead For GWB — It may not be smooth sailing for President George Bush, even...
Melanie @AmStreet: Perception Management — When a political opportunist of this league starts issuing warnings, Bush is already in...

In search of new faces
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Democratic officials and advisers are warning that before their party can reclaim majority status again, it will first have to rebuild its political base, abandon "ideological purity" and reach out to traditional mainstream voters.
Betsy Newmark: Gosh, I love reading these articles about the Democrats in disarray. Here's another one from the Washington Times.
Greg Ransom: 13 YEARS AGO and a world away for the Democrat Party: "After the 1990 election, the Democrats had a 56-seat majority in...

Some Shoppers Find Fewer Happy Returns
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Darlene Salerno considers herself a loyal customer of the Express clothing chain, shelling out roughly $2,000 for its trendy outfits each year for the past decade. On a recent shopping trip, she bought a tank top, a button-down shirt and some khaki pants, but realized when she got home that she had similar items in her closet.
Jeralyn Merritt: More Reasons to Shop With Cash — Shopping with credit cards is more likely to land you in a database.
Kevin Drum: YOU ARE BEING WATCHED....The Washington Post reports today on yet another reason to pay cash for everything.

Missing Antiaircraft Missiles Alarm Aides
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Several thousand shoulder-fired missiles — the kind that could be used to shoot down aircraft — are missing in Iraq, and their disappearance has prompted U.S. military and intelligence analysts to increase sharply their estimate of the number of such weapons that may be at large, administration officials said yesterday.
Phillip Carter: Enter this alarming story by Dana Priest and Bradley Graham of the Washington Post, which is inexplicably buried on A24 of the Sunday edition for some reason.
Thomas Leavitt: The Washington Post printed a story that essentially rehashed the same material without much additional reporting.