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NARAL Falsely Accuses Supreme Court Nominee Roberts   —   Permalink 
An abortion-rights group is running an attack ad accusing Supreme Court nominee John Roberts of filing legal papers "supporting . . . a convicted clinic bomber" and of having an ideology that "leads him to excuse violence against other Americans" It shows images of a bombed clinic in Birmingham , Alabama .
Captain Ed: After taking a beating today when the nonpartisan site called its claims that Roberts supported violence...
Brendan Nyhan: Update 8/9: Here's on the ad: [T]he ad misleads when it says Roberts supported a clinic bomber.
Justin Gardner: Oh yes, it's all BS. From [snipped quote] This is shameful. NARAL should pull the ad.
Erick @RedState: Update [2005-8-9 21:19:47 by Dales]: As silly or misguided as the above attacks on Roberts are, what NARAL is doing is...
Pejman Yousefzadeh: For the facts necessary to beat back this crude form of character assassination, go here. And here.
Eugene Volokh: FactCheck.Org Comes to John Roberts' Defense, and criticizes the NARAL ad: [snipped quote] Related Posts (on one page):...
Also: Gerry Daly, Francis J. Beckwith

  Drudge Report   —   Permalink 
CNN has reviewed and agreed to run a controversial ad produced by a pro-abortion group's that falsely accuses Supreme Court nominee John Roberts of filing legal papers supporting a convicted abortion clinic bomber, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned.
Erick @RedState: And CNN is going to run it? The mind simply boggles. These people are ghouls.
Justin Gardner: NARAL should pull the ad. UPDATE: 10:19 pm Drudge Report says that CNN is going to run the ad. Ugh.
Kathryn Jean Lopez: WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH CNN? They're running the bogus Roberts NARAL ad? They agreed to it after its claims were demolished?
Pejman Yousefzadeh: May very well be taking its place alongside "Borking" in the national political lexicon—especially if this report is true.
Gerry Daly: One word. Two two-word followups. Three links. Ghouls. Ghoul enablers. The truth.

  New York Post   —   Permalink 
WESTCHESTER DA Jeanine Pirro is about to formally announce her candidacy for Senate from New York, which will pit her against Hillary in a battle royal. This is just the kind of fight that Sen. Clinton would have hoped to avoid.
James Joyner: PIRRO VS. CLINTON: A REAL FIGHT FOR HILL (NY Post) "WESTCHESTER DA Jeanine Pirro is about to formally announce her...
Ramesh Ponnuru: PIRRO VS. CLINTON — Dick Morris has a column about how Pirro is going to give Clinton "a real fight."
Orrin Judd: A RACE WITH NO UP-SIDE: PIRRO VS. CLINTON: A REAL FIGHT FOR HILL (Dick Morris, August 9, 2005, NY Post) [snipped quote] Ms Clinton has nothing to gain in this race.
Erick @RedState: According to Dick Morris, Pirro has a strong chance at either winning or getting Hillary to drop out and concentrate on the 2008 Presidential run.
MarkInMexico: Hillary out of the Senate? Dick Morris offers an intriguing thought.
Stephen Green: Handicapping — Dick Morris thinks Hillary Clinton might face a real fight for reelection next year: [snipped quote] Of...

Debunking the Drug War
  By / NYT   —   Permalink 
America has a serious drug problem, but it's not the "meth epidemic" getting so much publicity. It's the problem identified by William Bennett, the former national drug czar and gambler.
"Using drugs," he wrote, "is wrong not simply because drugs create medical problems; it is wrong because drugs destroy one's moral sense.
Avedon Carol: I find it ironic that it's the new conservative on the block, John Tierney, who is now presenting the arguments for liberalization.
John Cole: The War on Your Neighbor- Meth Edition John Tierney picks up where Jack Shafer left off in his attempts to debunk the...
Mark Kleiman: Today it's methamphetamine's turn to get a coat of the Tierney whitewash.
Dr. Steven Taylor: More on the Drug War — John Tierney writes in the NYT regarding the Drug War and crystal meth: Debunking the Drug War [snipped quote] Indeed.
Jacob Sullum: When 'The New Crack' Just Won't Do — New York Times columnist John Tierney joins the chorus (more like a barbershop...
Brad Plumer: In hindsight, John Tierney should have just syndicated and re-printed the Slate piece on meth that he cribbed his New...
Also: TChris, Ed Cone, Jesse Taylor, Attaturk, Tom Maguire, MarkInMexico, Lindsay Beyerstein, Ann Althouse, Radley Balko, Tbogg

Zero Tolerance Makes Zero Sense
  By / WaPo   —   Permalink 
Imagine for a moment that you're a parent with a teenage son. He doesn't drink, but you know his friends do. You're also not naive. You've read the government's statistics: 47 percent of high school students tell researchers they've had a drink of alcohol in the previous 30 days.
Von @ObsidianWings: Crazies by von Randy Balko has an interesting op-ed in the Washington Post on the (increasingly common) "zero tolerance" approach to parents who supply kids with alcohol.
Clayton Cramer: "Hey, It's Okay, Mom & Dad Said So" — Radley Balko thinks that the prosecution of a couple of a parents for supplying...
John Cole: No Strikes and You're Out Radley Balko has a piece in the WaPo about the insanity of approach to underage drinking...
Fontana Labs: post/meta-post — I was reading Instapundit when I came across this post referring me to this Washington Post editorial...
Justin Gardner: In any event, the following editorial from Radley Balko does a better job of talking about zero tolerance and how we're...
Julian Sanchez: Mothers Against Mothers Against Drunk Driving — Radley Balko has a good piece in the Washington Post today about the...
Also: Michael Totten, Jim Henley, Radley Balko

Faith-Based Evolution
  By / TCS   —   Permalink 
Twenty years ago, as a PhD scientist, I intensely studied the evolution versus intelligent design controversy for about two years. And finally, despite my previous acceptance of evolutionary theory as "fact," I came to the realization that intelligent design, as a theory of origins, is no more religious, and no less scientific, than evolutionism.
John Cole: And this article on Intelligent Design in Tech Central Station is just an absolute disgrace.
Arthur Silber: Tech Central Station intellectual boobies! (Boobies link via Atrios.) Ah. Now I feel better. Thanks, PZ.
Matthew Yglesias: Today, though, via Julian Sanchez, I see they're coming out for intelligent design: [snipped quote] Fair enough, except...
Jan Haugland: Weatherman Roy W. Spencer, until now mostly known as a global warming skeptic, has decided to throw science to the four...
Atrios: I doubt their new support for Intelligent Design will change any of that.
Chris Mooney: Unbelievable — Who knew that Roy Spencer, a frequent global warming contrarian, was also an evolution doubter?
Also: Orrin Judd, Jesse Taylor

Four in 9/11 Plot Are Called Tied to Qaeda in '00
  By / NYT   —   Permalink 
WASHINGTON, Aug. 8 - More than a year before the Sept. 11 attacks, a small, highly classified military intelligence unit identified Mohammed Atta and three other future hijackers as likely members of a cell of Al Qaeda operating in the United States, according to a former defense intelligence official and a Republican member of Congress.
TheAnchoress: How come we're just hearing about this now? How come none of this is mentioned in the report by the 9/11 commission?
Tom Maguire: [Multiple UPDATES] The Times, happily leaking double secret classified information again, tells us that a Pentagon...
Captain Ed: 9/11 Cell Identified In 2000 (Updates) Today's New York Times reveals that military intelligence had identified the core...
Jeff Goldstein: Intelligence Deficit — I had planned to discuss today's New York Times article detailing how—according to a former...
Tom Tomorrow: But you still can't help but wonder, when you read something like this: what if...?
Bill West: The New York Times published a report today claiming, in part, "a small, highly classified military intelligence unit...
Also: Jon Holdaway, Orrin Judd

Evolution lacks fossil link
  By / USA Today   —   Permalink 
The campaign to eliminate God from the public forum has been going on for decades, having accelerated greatly since the Supreme Court's ill-advised decision in 1963 to eliminate prayer from public schools.
Jan Haugland: Enter Utah State Senator D. Chris Buttars (R), who writes against evolution in USA Today, and even by creationist standards this is a particularly ignorant article.
Chris Mooney: But USA Today just did that today with this op-ed, from a Utah Republican (not a scientist), which has the gall to...
John Cole: More Creationist Bulls**t In USA Today, of all places: The campaign to eliminate God from the public forum has been...
Kevin Drum: EVOLUTION...Chris Mooney wonders why USA Today wastes its newsprint providing equal time for opponents of evolution:...

Conservative Group to Oppose John Roberts
  By / AP   —   Permalink 
WASHINGTON - A conservative group in Virginia said Tuesday it would oppose Supreme Court nominee John Roberts' confirmation because of his work helping overturn a Colorado referendum on gays.
A number of liberal groups oppose President Bush's nominee.
Dan @AndrewSullivan: But if straight writers can't, how can I? —posted by Dan JUDGE NOT: Take for instance the latest news about SCOTUS-bound John Roberts.
Jeff Goldstein: "Conservative Group to Oppose John Roberts" — From My Way News: [snipped quote] Reached for comment, Sean Hannity's...
Paul @PowerLine: UPDATE: A small conservative group called Public Advocate of the United States has withdrawn its support for Roberts...
John @AmericaBlog: "Pro-family" group tells Bush to drop John Roberts because of gay snafu — Ok, I had to post this - it just hit the wires.

Ad Campaign Says Roberts Backed Violent Protesters
  By / WaPo   —   Permalink 
A prominent abortion rights group launched a television ad yesterday that accuses Supreme Court nominee John G. Roberts Jr. of siding with violent extremists and a convicted clinic bomber while serving in the solicitor general's office, an accusation that Roberts's supporters immediately condemned as a flagrant distortion.
Erick @RedState: Update [2005-8-9 23:6:10 by Erick]: If CNN running this ad were not bad enough, Fox News is set to run it too.
Brendan Nyhan: NARAL, playing the role of the middle school crowd that taunts kids into fighting each other, has released a nasty ad...
John @AmericaBlog: GOP crybabies whine that NARAL was mean to them Silly NARAL. Don't you know that liberals aren't allowed to have backbone?
Captain Ed: CNN, Keeping Their Viewers (Mis)Informed — And Fox, Too (Updated) The controversy over NARAL's advertisement opposing...
John Cole: Judge Roberts and NARAL This seems to be a pretty unfair portrayal of events: A prominent abortion rights group...

Atta Sight, Atta Mind?
  By / Slate   —   Permalink 
The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal world-wide newsbox, and USA Today all lead with Iran finally following through on its threats and taking the first steps toward firing up its nuclear program again.
Dafydd: Indeed, the Captain quotes from a Slate article by Eric Umansky that uses this to dismiss the entire claim.
Tom Maguire: UPDATE: Phil Carter is intrigued, but also sends us to Eric Umansky of Slate, who is even more skeptical than I. More...
Jon Holdaway: Big story, if it's true. My Slate colleague Eric Umansky is very skeptical in his "Today's Papers" column.
Jeff Goldstein: Others commenting include Tom Maguire, JunkYard Blog, Pink Flamingo Bar and Grill, The Anchoress, NIF, Macmind,...
Captain Ed: UPDATE: Slate's Eric Umansky offers a healthy dose of skepticism: "As Times mentions in passing, Weldon has a reputation for relying on iffy sources.

Congressman: Defense Knew 9/11 Hijackers
  By / AP   —   Permalink 
WASHINGTON - The Sept. 11 commission will investigate a claim that U.S. defense intelligence officials identified ringleader Mohammed Atta and three other hijackers as a likely part of an al-Qaida cell more than a year before the hijackings but didn't forward the information to law enforcement.
Roger L. Simon: From the AP: [Representative Curt] Weldon said that in September 2000 Able Danger recommended that its information on...
Ace: Claim: Defense Intelligence Suspected Mohammed Atta & Co. in 1999, Did Not Share Info With FBI Due To Legal Considerations — Wow.
Tom Maguire: Finally, and most imnportant - the AP follows up with the news that the 9/11 Commission will look at this: "The Sept...

Bush 44
  By / Opinion Journal   —   Permalink 
He denies he's even interested, and a long list of political analysts have already written him off with the belief that the appearance of political nepotism would be too unseemly for voters to put the brother of the current president in the Oval Office.
Betsy Newmark: Brendan Miniter thinks that we shouldn't write Jeb Bush off for 2008.
Justin @SouthernAppeal: Bush 44: Brendan Miniter speculates a Jeb candidacy in '08 — [snipped quote] Me: Miniter's reasoning doesn't sound all that ridiculous.
Orrin Judd: NO PARTY GETS TIRED OF WINNING ELECTIONS: Bush 44: Jeb for president? Don't write him off just yet.

  By / New York Post   —   Permalink 
AL Franken says 20,000 poor kids and old people weren't the only victims of an exec who allegedly arranged a Bronx charity's mega-buck "loan" to Air America.
"About three weeks into the life of Air America, I became an involuntary investor — I stopped being paid,"...
TheAnchoress: I'm sick to death of reading about Al Franken who seems inarticulately trapped between growling and guffaws on the subject.
Captain Ed: Fortunately for AA listeners, Franken clearly identified the real victim of the misappropriated government grants and questionable loans from Gloria Wise Boys & Girls Clubs.
Steve Antler: The difference between Rush and Al is... What Al Franken is saying is outrageous. The problem isn't the loan or where the money went.
Brian Maloney: Franken Speaks Again About Scandal — I'm A Victim Franken Tries To Salvage Image Repairing Al Franken's mangled public...
Michelle Malkin: The New York Post's John Mainelli reports that Air America host Al Franken is playing the victim card: "Al Franken says...

Poll shows most Americans feel more vulnerable
  By / USA Today   —   Permalink 
WASHINGTON — American attitudes toward the war in Iraq continue to sour in the wake of last week's surge in U.S. troop deaths, a USA TODAY/CNN/Gallup Poll shows.
An unprecedented 57% majority say the war has made the USA more vulnerable to terrorism.
Heather Hurlburt: USA Today/Gallup does ask about immediate withdrawal, and gets one in three respondents to say it's a good idea.
Justin Gardner: From USA Today: [snipped quote] Here's the good news out of that poll: a majority thinks we should stay in there and do the job we promised we'd finish.
John Hawkins: Daily News For August 9, 2005 — Foreign "Tehran Ends Freeze On Nuclear Program" "Pentagon Expects to Temporarily Send...
Greg Ransom: Has the war made us safer? A significant majority of Americans think it hasn't.
Gerry Daly: The USAToday reports, [snipped quote] In other results from the survey, the President's job approval rating ticks up a point to 45% while his disapproval rating holds at 51%.
Zoe Kentucky: Bush Suspicious of Iran's Nuke Ambitions Rumsfeld: Some Iraq Arms Come From Iran I guess they need to talk about...
Also: Susie Madrak, Taegan Goddard, Nico @ThinkProgress

Why women's rights are wrong
  WorldNetDaily   —   Permalink 
The greatest media scribe of these latter days, Bill Simmons, is known for a certain pithy mantra. "The lesson, as always: Women ruin everything." While one does not usually expect to find deep sociological truths in the sports pages, so great has been the...
Barbara O'Brien: See also: Steve M; Brad Plumer — Another freak: I want to talk to this little creep's mother. You made this mess, lady.
Gary Farber: VOX DAY IS TRULY COMING UP IN THE WORLD as someone to mock.
Amanda Marcotte: Instead, a reader sent me another article by Vox Day at WorldNetDaily calling for women to give up the right to vote...
Frederick Maryland: Vox Day, Vox Vocis Insania — Vox Day's column at is even more ridiculous and sophomoric than Zoe noted in her recent post.
Zoe Kentucky: From a column titled "Why Women's Rights Are Wrong."

The Web as Weapon
  WaPo   —   Permalink 
The jihadist bulletin boards were buzzing. Soon, promised the spokesman for al Qaeda in the Land of the Two Rivers, a new video would be posted with the latest in mayhem from Iraq's best-known insurgent group.
On June 29, the new release hit the Internet.
Jan Haugland: Online Jihad — The Washington Post has a detailed article showing the importance of the Internet to the Salafists generally, and al-Zarqawi's group specifically.
Andrew Cochran: "Washington Post" Details Al Zarqawi's Use of Internet - Evan Kohlmann Featured — Today's "Washington Post" story, "The...
Gary Farber: DISTRIBUTED WARFARE, node warfare, asymmetric warfare, call it what you will, it's certainly here, and particularly the...
Cori Dauber: The third and final piece in the Post's series on international jihad and the Internet, and this piece gets to the element that really interests me.
Taegan Goddard: The Web as Weapon — The Washington Post runs a fascinating piece about the success of Abu Musab Zarqawi's online propaganda campaign.

Military Families to Join Cindy Sheehan in Crawford
  U.S. Newswire   —   Permalink 
CRAWFORD, Texas, Aug. 9 /U.S. Newswire/ — More members of Gold Star Families for Peace (GSFP) and Military Families Speak Out (MFSO) are traveling to Texas to join the protest outside of President Bush's ranch in Crawford, Texas, where he is vacationing for the month of August.
Barbara O'Brien: "I'm confident that BushCo will handle this impending PR disaster with the same restraint and graciousness that have marked the Boy King's ascent to the throne," Susie says.
Skippy: upbeat d. links us to a newswire release saying that members of military families speak out and gold star families for...
Susie Madrak: Picking Up Steam I'm confident that BushCo will handle this impending PR disaster with the same restraint and...
Oliver Willis: MORE: Military Families to Join Cindy Sheehan in Crawford; Gold Star and Military Families from Across Country on Their...

Pirro Web Site Has No Photos of Husband
  By / AP   —   Permalink 
ALBANY, N.Y. - Jeanine Pirro's campaign Web site announcing her bid to challenge Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton features more than 100 photos — none of which include her husband.
There's even one of Pirro with a monkey.
Jeralyn Merritt: Hillary v. Pirro: Their Websites and Husbands — Albert Pirro The Washington Post reports Jeanine Pirro has launched her...
Jayson @PoliPundit: Petty and Spiteful — The Associated Press. Gee, let me take a wild guess about which particular candidate in that...

Alternative to Blogging
  NYT   —   Permalink 
To the Editor:
Re your Aug. 5 editorial "Measuring the Blogosphere":
I have a suggestion that would save us all a lot of time and aggravation as we grow increasingly more addicted to modern technology.
Dr. Steven Taylor: On Blogging and Communication — Ann Althouse notes a letter to the NYT which bemoans the lack of face-to-face...
MarkInMexico: Main Page Talk to whom? Some poor, misguided lady in Atlanta wrote a letter to the editors of the New York Times.
Ann Althouse: A woman in Atlanta named Leslie Ruth Hunter writes to the NYT about its recent editorial "Measuring the Blogosphere"

'Discovery is home'
  By / CNN   —   Permalink 
KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, Florida (CNN) — The space shuttle Discovery touched down Tuesday morning, completing NASA's first shuttle mission since Columbia broke apart during re-entry in February 2003.
The shuttle landed at 5:11 a.m. PT at NASA's secondary landing site at Edwards Air Force Base in California.
Talking Dog: The world presumably breathed a great sigh of relief upon the safe return and landing of the space shuttle Discovery at California's Edwards Air Force Base this morning.
Ed Driscoll: Whew — The Space Shuttle lands safely in California. And hopefully for the last time.
Jan Haugland: Discovery landed, safe and smooth — Space Shuttle Discovery landingThe Space Shuttle Discovery landed in California Thursday morning.
Ann Althouse: A HAPPY LANDING. The shuttle astronauts have returned safely.

One Mother in Crawford
  NYT   —   Permalink 
Summertime often produces unexpected media figures, and this is Cindy Sheehan's season. Ms. Sheehan, the mother of a soldier killed in Iraq last year, is camping out near President Bush's ranch in Crawford, Tex., and says she won't leave until Mr. Bush agrees to meet with her to discuss the war.
TheAnchoress: Oh…but looky here…they are "incurious" about Air America's fraud…but they're covering Mrs. Sheehan.
Barbara O'Brien: A New York Times editorial says Cindy Sheehan is "tapping into a growing popular feeling that the Bush administration is...
Patterico: NYT Distortion on Cindy Sheehan The New York Times runs an editorial today on Cindy Sheehan: Summertime often...

Noe charged $10,000 gift for California governor
  Toledo Blade   —   Permalink 
COLUMBUS — Tom Noe used his American Express credit card from Thomas Noe, Inc. — the same entity he's accused of using as a vehicle to steal millions of dollars from Ohio's rare-coin funds — to contribute $10,000 to California's governor.
Digby: Special Friends — So, that multi-millionaire asshole Tom Noe stole $10,000 from the disabled workers of Ohio to give to...
Attaturk: Groping for loose change — Arnie, so stretched, so formerly buff, so crooked. [snipped quote] "Ja, das ist a voll of quarters und I am happy to zee you!"

The latest drug crisis, again
  By / Chicago Tribune   —   Permalink 
'America's Most Dangerous Drug," blares the cover story in Newsweek. If you haven't been paying attention, you might wonder what drug the magazine has in mind.
Tobacco, which kills more than 400,000 people each year? Alcohol, which contributes to thousands of traffic fatalities?
John Cole: Update *** Another piece here in the Chicago Tribune.
Tom Maguire: UPDATE: John Cole has thoughts, and points us to Jack Shafer; lots of reaction to Tierney at Memeorandum; Steve Chapman of the Chicago Tribune on meth as the crisis drug du jour.
Jacob Sullum: Update: Radley Balko notes that the Chicago Tribune's Steve Chapman is also cautioning against a speed freakout.
Radley Balko: More Meth Debunkery — This time, from the Chicago Tribune's Stephen Chapman. This is terrific.

1945: Atom bomb hits Nagasaki
  BBC   —   Permalink 
American forces have dropped an atomic bomb on Nagasaki - the second such attack on Japan in three days.
The bomb was dropped by parachute from an American B29 Bomber at 1102 local time.
Donald Sensing: Endnote: Here is the text of the BBC's initial announcement of the atomic bombing of Nagasaki, which took place on htis date in 1945.
Montag: Flipping the Nuclear Coin — Nagasaki Today is the 60th anniversary of the bombing of Nagasaki.

  New York Post   —   Permalink 
CAN Hillary Clinton be defeated in her race for Senate next year by the newly announced Jeanine Pirro, the gentlemanly Ed Cox or anybody else? The answer is no. Hillary can't lose.
She won with 55 percent of the vote last time, she's more popular this time, New York is becoming more...
James Joyner: Not to mention the fact that, as John Podhoretz reminds us, sitting Senators almost always lose presidential elections.
Ramesh Ponnuru: I think John Podhoretz's succinct take is closer to the mark: "Can Hillary Clinton be defeated in her race for Senate...

Medical Company Sought an Eased Limit on Uranium
  By / NYT   —   Permalink 
WASHINGTON, Aug. 8 - The new energy law weakens limits on exports of highly enriched uranium, a change opposed by people who fear the spread of nuclear weapons and by the top nonproliferation official at the Energy Department.
Matthew Yglesias: Naturally enough, then, the new energy bill "weakens limits on exports of highly enriched uranium, a change opposed by...
Gary Farber: Now the Times has finally noticed the issue. Here's a good quote: [snipped quote] Well, sure, after a nuke goes off in...

Preacher of hate flees Britain
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Omar Bakri Mohammed, one of several British-based Islamist clerics facing possible terrorist incitement charges, has fled to Lebanon, it was reported last night.
Anjem Choudary, a spokesman for the dissolved al-Muhajiroun ("The Emigrants") group, said he left on Saturday, adding: "It doesn't look like he is coming back."
MarkInMexico: Main Page Britain must get a grip on it. Get a grip on what?
Damian Penny: Brave Sheikh Omar ran away — Savior Sect founder Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammed, supporter of jihad and suicide bombing in...
Scott Burgess: While the Guardian runs only 590 words on page 4, the Times and Telegraph each run two stories, one of which is the lead page one article in each case.
Justin Gardner: Terrorist Supporter Flees UK — Good riddance. [snipped quote] If you yell "Fire!" in a theatre here, you can be prosecuted.

Newspaper Industry Headlines - Top Newspaper Publishing Stories - News Media Reporting - Recent Journalism Articles
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Nearly two weeks after firing Miami Herald columnist Jim DeFede for taping a phone conversation with a public official who later killed himself in the Herald lobby, Editor Tom Fiedler says the incident should remain in the past and critics should let the paper move forward.
Michelle Malkin: Editor & Publisher tries to counter the Drudge Report. *** Previous: The friends of Cindy Sheehan
Jim Romenesko: DeFede wants an outside panel to review his dismissal — Editor & Publisher Former Miami Herald columnist Jim DeFede...

Senator wants SEC to probe leaks of drug-research secrets
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The chairman of a Senate committee overseeing the financial markets yesterday urged regulators to investigate the findings of a Seattle Times report that medical researchers routinely accept money to reveal secrets about drug studies to Wall Street firms.
Theo @ThinkProgress: In response to the Times's investigation, Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA), chair of the Senate Finance Committee, has...
Cookie Jill: take a number...the doctor will see you after he does his consulting with the fat cats our healthcare system is ailing...

Christian Groups Press Bush About North Korea
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MIDLAND, Tex., Aug. 8 - Tens of thousands of fans of all ages gathered over the weekend for the annual three-day Rock the Desert Christian music festival screamed for hit bands like Mercy Me and Pillar and kicked Hacky Sacks by a creek renamed the Jordan River and a small pond called the Dead Sea.
Cgnick @LeftInTheWest: According to the NYTimes, a movement quickly on the rise among conservative Christians has to do with the atrocious state of human rights in North Korea.
Orrin Judd: NEXT: Christian Groups Press Bush About North Korea (DAVID D. KIRKPATRICK, 8/09/05, NY Times) [snipped quote] You can't read the memoir and not think we should change the regime.

Judging Faith
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Questions are being raised in some quarters about Supreme Court Nominee John Roberts' apparently devout Catholic faith. Christopher Hitchens, for example, tackles the issue with his usual sensitivity and couth:
Ramesh Ponnuru: ELSEWHERE — Ross Douthat is writing about Nagasaki (a topic I've been thinking of wading into myself as soon as I'm...
Steve Bainbridge: Judging Faith — My latest TCS column pulls together some thoughts on SCOTUS nominee John Roberts' Catholicism.

Stuck in Second
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As Washington shuts down for August, President Bush's report card from the public for the first half-year of his second term is not a good one compared with how the public graded Presidents Reagan and Clinton at a similar point in time.
Mark Blumenthal: The must-read for today is the NY Times op-ed piece, by Pew's Andrew Kohut and Peter Hoey, that compares public opinion...
Matthew Yglesias: Sweet, Sweet Polarization — This op-chart comparing the state of public opinion in the second term of the Bush...

Stone's 'lesbian sports'
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BASIC Instinct star Sharon Stone has declared herself a huge fan of "lesbian sports" such as fishing, golfing and baseball.
The 47-year-old actress believes her hobbies are very much in line with those favoured by gay females.
She told a US TV show: "I love to fish.
Kevin Aylward: If she's got any sort of a glove the she could give Nats shortstop could use her... [Stone's 'lesbian sports' - The Sun]
K-Lo: [quote] BASIC Instinct star Sharon Stone has declared herself a huge fan of "lesbian sports" such as fishing, golfing and baseball. [end quote]

Akbar Ganji breaks hunger strike in Iran -judiciary
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TEHRAN (Reuters) - Dissident Iranian journalist Akbar Ganji has broken his eight-week-old hunger strike after calls by family and friends concerned about his deteriorating health, a judiciary spokesman said on Tuesday.
Pejman Yousefzadeh: AKBAR GANJI BREAKS HIS HUNGER STRIKE — Via Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi, we have this story.
Kathryn Jean Lopez: GANJI UPDATE "TEHRAN (Reuters) - Dissident Iranian journalist Akbar Ganji has broken his eight-week-old hunger strike...

Jerry Garcia: The Man, the Myth, the Area Rug
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SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 8 - One of the icons of modern American culture now resides in a nondescript warehouse about 30 miles north of here, in a windowless, climate-controlled, heavily-alarmed room built like a bomb shelter that is called simply the Vault.
John Cole: To Lay Him Down I had to read this several times before I believed it: The Grateful Dead ceased to exist on Aug. 9,...
Ed Cone: Jerry Garcia and Netscape — NYT and WSJ both note that today is the ten-year anniversary of Jerry Garcia's death and...

What We've Lost
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For all the complexities of the Valerie Plame case, this story is about how easy it was to get into Iraq, and how hard it will be to get out.
Once federal prosecutors get in the habit of forcing reporters to cough up their sources, readers will be dining on handouts and hokum.
Brian Stelter: Alter picks up the story on "Jennings explained that he had lost his lead during the 1994 O.J. Simpson...
Jim Romenesko: > Brokaw, Rather pay tribute to their longtime competitor (Newsday) > "Jennings never lost his field reporter's legs,"...

Dean Says Democrats Must Take Offensive
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BURLINGTON, Vt. — Howard Dean gives Republicans credit for one thing: They have put the Democrats on the defensive and forced them to fight on their turf. That, he said, is about to change.
Alexander K. McClure: Howard Dean — More brilliant quotes from Howard Dean: "What the propagandists on the right have done is make people afraid to say they are Democrats…We have to be out there.
Kathryn Jean Lopez: HODEAN: "WE NEED A MESSAGE. IT HAS TO BE CLEAR" And here I assumed they had one: We're nuts and desperate.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
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Aug. 15, 2005 issue - For a month now, the world's greatest rock- and-roll band has been holed up in this private school in Toronto—putting itself back together again for yet another tour—and it's made itself right at home in typical fashion.
Taegan Goddard: Mick Jagger, quoted by Newsweek, on Keith Richards' fears of possible ramifications to criticizing President Bush in songs from their new album, A Bigger Bang.
Tim Graham: RE: WRINKLY ANTI-NEOCONS — Was Rick referring to this? And why does Newsweek call this song "searing" instead of "sneering"?

Panel Chairman to Press Roberts on Cases
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WASHINGTON, Aug. 8 - In the first hint of how he will steer the Supreme Court confirmation hearings of Judge John G. Roberts Jr., Senator Arlen Specter, the Judiciary Committee chairman, said Monday that he would press the nominee for his views on specific...
Arnold P. California: Late to the Party — Hours after I broke the story (well, after I linked to a widely-read source that had long since...
Jeff Berman: Specter of Congressional Power — From: Supreme Court Watch Kudos to Chairman Specter for committing to asking Judge...
Pejman Yousefzadeh: To Arlen Specter for ignoring the fact that judicial candidates are bound by the Model Rules of Professional...
Brendan Nyhan: The self-absorption of Charles Schumer — According to the New York Times, Senate Judiciary chairman Arlen Specter wrote...
Jonathan Singer: Now, as The New York Times' Sheryl Gay Stolberg reports, Specter is putting these beliefs into action.
Joe @AmericaBlog: You know it's an interesting story when both the left and the right are invoking Chuck Schumer to describe Arlen...
Also: Kathryn Jean Lopez, Armando @DailyKos, Ann Althouse

Grammy winner Marc Cohn shot in head
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DENVER (AP) — A Grammy-winning musician and husband of ABC news reporter Elizabeth Vargas was treated at a hospital and released Monday after being shot in the head during an attempted carjacking following a performance.
Scott @PowerLine: For me, the highlight of the song was neither in the verses nor the chorus, but rather in the interlude featuring Al...
Mitch Berg: Bleeding in Denver — Marc Cohn - songwriter, pianist and the writer of long-time Cities 97 warhorse song "Walking In Memphis", was shot in the head in a parking ramp in Denver.

The Publishing World's Black Light
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When black actors and actresses were still relegated to the maid and butler roles in movies, John H. Johnson knew black readers wanted to know about the lives of black celebrities.
Jim Romenesko: > On success: "I was lucky, the timing was right, and I worked hard" (S-T) > Ebony was the standard decoration on coffee...
Nick Gillespie: John H. Johnson, RIP — The Wash Post and elsewhere are carrying obits of black publishing magnate John Johnson, who...

That Soothing Voice
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During a rambling conversation on the Saturday shuttle from New York last fall, ABC News anchor Peter Jennings said it was no accident that he granted fewer interviews than his longtime rivals, CBS's Dan Rather and NBC's Tom Brokaw.
Garrett M. Graff: In any event, from vacation Kurtz, who lost his own father in recent weeks, penned a lengthy and heart-felt tribute to Jennings in today's Style section: "That Soothing Voice."
Jim Romenesko: Kurtz: "Jennings' passing does have an end-of-an-era feel" — Washington Post Lawrence Grossman, a former president of...
Brian Stelter: > Washington Post: He "was a man of contradictions: A high-school dropout who got his education around the globe as a foreign correspondent.

Mr. Bush, let's talk
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AMERICA HAS a president, not a king. But just like royalty, the nation's commander in chief can keep his distance from the common man or woman.
Cindy Sheehan, the mother of a son who died in Iraq, is camped out in Crawford, Texas, trying to get a face-to-face meeting with the vacationing George W. Bush.
Barbara O'Brien: L'état n'est pas lui kinglouie.jpg In today's Boston Globe, Joan Vennochi reveals why President Bush enjoys his August vacations in Texas.
John @AmericaBlog: Boston Globe commentary. Detroit Free Press commentary.

Reluctant ABC Faces Its Nights After Jennings
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It is known in the news business as an advance obituary - a report that can be published or broadcast on short notice should an important figure die on deadline.
TV Review: Jennings Takes On U.N. Over Abuses in Bosnia
Fred R. Conrad/The New York Times
Jim Romenesko: Will Gibson be the next ABC "World News Tonight" anchor? New York Times He's probably the leading candidate to succeed Peter Jennings, say Jacques Steinberg's sources.
Brian Stelter: > Also: "Moving Mr. Gibson from the morning shift to the evening would be fraught with risk, not least from a business perspective," the NYT notes.
Tim Graham: AFTER PETER — Jacques Steinberg nails down the irony of the succession decisions ABC has to make after the death of Peter Jennings.
Rogers Cadenhead: It seems a little dumb to care about such things, but I'd like to see Elizabeth Vargas or another talented female newscaster replace Peter Jennings on World News Tonight.

Less Is More in Iraq
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As Iraqis near a deadline to unveil their new constitution, violence continues to plague the country, undercutting reconstruction and spurring talk of a U.S. military withdrawal.
Matthew Yglesias: He says that along with withdrawing troops from Iraq we should be thinking about dismantling the massive civilian...
Kathryn Jean Lopez: PROGRESS IN IRAQ — Michael Rubin talks about a different kind of pullout: "It would be nice to bring troops home, but many civilians should come along as well.

Death of ABC's Peter Jennings ends era of the top television anchorman
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America yesterday mourned the death of the last of the network news anchormen to appear nightly on its television screens with the reverence other nations reserve for the passing of heads of state.
Brian Stelter: > Newsday: "We tried to recruit him for '60 Minutes.' That says it all," CBS News correspondent Mike Wallace says... >...
David Cohen: COMPLETE WITH LYING IN STATE — Death of ABC's Peter Jennings ends era of the top television anchorman (Alec Russell,...

Peter Jennings
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PETER JENNINGS'S style was restrained, his delivery authoritative, his demeanor calm. But as the three captains of network TV departed one by one over the past nine months, it was Mr. Jennings who delivered the most emotionally wrenching farewell.
Jim Romenesko: > Jennings and his two rival anchors will be a hard act to follow (WP) > We'll adjust to a world without superstar anchors like Jennings (NYT)
Brian Stelter: > Washington Post: "No three men will ever again deliver the news to an entire nation with such Jovian authority."

Bordering on a Policy
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SENATORS JOHN MCCAIN AND JON Kyl, both Arizona Republicans, have an unstated agreement not to criticize each other in public. But now each has introduced legislation to reform the immigration system. The two bills are competing head to head.
Scott @PowerLine: Jacoby makes her case in the current issue of the Weekly Standard: "Bordering on a policy."
Daniel Drezner: She explains why in the Weekly Standard: [snipped quote] There might be a consensus at the elite level, but I'm very skeptical that this consensus extends down to the populace.

Abdullah Pardons Saudi Reformers
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Rasheed Abou-Alsamh & P.K. Abdul Ghafour, Arab News
JEDDAH, 9 August 2005 — In a day of dramatic developments and in a show of magnanimity, King Abdullah just seven days into his reign, pardoned three jailed high-profile reformists and a group of Libyans who had plotted to assassinate him.
Gateway Pundit: King Abdullah just seven days into his reign, pardoned three jailed dissidents: "Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King...
Robert Mayer: A move that looks promising, and is hopefully an indication of things to come, is that Abdullah just pardoned high-profile reformists who were jailed simply for their dissent.

Ex-U.N. Officer Pleads Guilty to Bribes
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NEW YORK - A former United Nations procurement officer pleaded guilty Monday to soliciting a bribe under the oil-for-food program, making him the first U.N. official to face criminal charges in connection with the scandal-tainted operation.
Jan Haugland: Yakovlev becomes first UNSCAM arrest, confesses — It didn't take former UN procurement officer Alexander Yakovlev long to confess after he lost his immunity.
Jayson @PoliPundit: La Cosa Nostra — Otherwise known as the U.N.
FrancoAlemán: ONLY A FEW HOURS after his arrest, Yakovlev has pled guilty for the charges against him related to the Oil For Food...

Poll shows Clinton admired as leader, but divisive
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WASHINGTON — A majority of Americans say they see Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton as a strong leader who would deal effectively with terrorism if elected president, according to a USA TODAY-CNN-Gallup Poll released Monday. But most also say she is a polarizing figure who doesn't share their values.
Alexander K. McClure: First, I don't think Clinton needs to be softened up. A new national Gallup Poll indicates that the job is already done.
Taegan Goddard: Most See Clinton as a Strong Leader — A majority of Americans say they see Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) "as a strong...
Susie Madrak: Leadership From Political Wire: A majority of Americans say they see Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY)

Losing the Iraq War
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Another request in my in-box, asking if I'll be interviewed about Iraq for a piece "dealing with how writers and intellectuals are dealing with the state of the war, whether it's causing depression of any sort, if people are rethinking their positions or if they simply aren't talking about it."
TheAnchoress: Yes, they want to see Bush defeated any way and every way, but Hitchens asks: Do they suppose that a defeat in Iraq would be a defeat only for the Bush administration?
Dean Esmay: (Entire piece here on Slate.) I'm less reluctant than Hitchens.
Brian Keegan: Hitch asks a legitimate question. [snipped quote] I didn't post this to foster a "let's pigpile on the left" thread.
Barbara O'Brien: For example: "It never seemed to me that there was any alternative to confronting the reality of Iraq, which was already...
Justin Gardner: Hitch Talks Iraq — The ever readable Christopher Hitchens talks about the Iraq war, its possible failure and the consequences of not intervening.
Jan Haugland: Christopher Hitchens asks, somewhat rhetorically, if the left really wants us to lose the Iraq war.
Also: Steve M., James Joyner, Steve Antler, John Hawkins, Chris Bertram, Brad Plumer, Donald Sensing, Ann Althouse, Norm Geras, Stephen Green

Of the Many Deaths in Iraq, One Mother's Loss Becomes a Problem for the President
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CRAWFORD, Tex., Aug. 7 - President Bush draws antiwar protesters just about wherever he goes, but few generate the kind of attention that Cindy Sheehan has since she drove down the winding road toward his ranch here this weekend and sought to tell him face to face that he must pull all Americans troops out of Iraq now.
Susie Madrak: A Jaundiced Eye S., the Anonymous Copy Editor, sends some comments on this story about Cindy Sheehan: Her success in...
John Hawkins: There was Kristin Breitweiser & the Jersey Girls, Lila Lipscomb in "Farenheit 9/11," Michael Berg — whose son was...
Barbara O'Brien: Richard Stevenson writes more about Cindy Sheehan in today's New York Times.
Patterico: This story surfaced yesterday on Drudge — after the New York Times had run a news article [UPDATE: make that two!] that...
Zoe Kentucky: She is now camped outside of Bush's "Prairie Chapel" ranch in Crawford, is waiting to see the president— again.
Dan @AndrewSullivan: She wants to meet with Bush so badly that she's—hey, if you're in Andrew's readership you know this already right?
Also: Michelle Malkin, Stephen Elliott, Hilzoy @ObsidianWings, Steve M., Eric Boehlert, Joe @AmericaBlog

They're Not Stupid--They're Lazy
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If you believe in test scores—and education policymakers seem to believe in little else these days—American high-school students are a pathetic bunch. Witness the results of National Assessment of Educational Progress (or NAEP)—the "nation's report card"—which were released last month.
Michael Drazer: Alexandra Starr, over at Slate Magazine, has addressed the issue of why American teens seem to perform so poorly in...
John Cole: The kids aren't stupid- they are just smart enough to know when something doesn't matter: The fact that 8-year-olds...
Steve Bainbridge: Test Scores and Rational Choice — In Slate, Alexander Starr weighs in on the low test scores of US students:...
Kevin Drum: IS OUR KIDS LAZY?...Alexandra Starr writes in Slate that perhaps low high school test scores in the United States are...
Joanne Jacobs: Smart and lazy — U.S. high school students flub international exams and the National Assessment of Educational Progress...
PoliPundit: High School Testing — An explanation of why American high school students don't do well on global tests: "You could...
Also: Tyler Cowen

Harry Belafonte Calls Black Republicans 'Tyrants'
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Atlanta ( - Celebrity activist Harry Belafonte referred to prominent African-American officials in the Bush administration as "black tyrants" at a weekend march, and he also compared the administration to Adolf Hitler's Nazi Germany.
La Shawn Barber: At a march to commemorate the Voting Rights Act of 1965 last Saturday, Belafonte went on a tirade, calling black Republicans tyrants and likened the Bush Administration to Nazis.
John Hawkins: Here are a few quotes from some of the lefty loons at that march: From Harry Belafonte: [quote] "[If] a black is a tyrant, he...[end quote]
Matthew Yglesias: I'm increasingly inclined to adopt a "no enemies on the left" mentality, but this from Harry Belafonte (via K-Lo) really...
Captain Ed: CNS News reports that Harry Belafonte once again sang a bit off-key while venturing into politics this past weekend,...
Hunter Baker: Just when you thought Dick Gregory couldn't get any more over the top: Gregory trashed the United States, calling it...
Orrin Judd: JOIN THE GOP AND GET TO BE A MASTER: Harry Belafonte Calls Black Republicans 'Tyrants' (Marc Morano, August 08, 2005,...
Also: James Joyner, Gary Farber, Ann Althouse, Kathryn Jean Lopez

Journalism's fear and loathing of blogs
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WASHINGTON - Mainstream journalism is running scared. It's watching its audience numbers decline and its public trust numbers drop. Newspapers, magazines, and network television news have been shaken by major scandals. The media have seen the future and it is blogging.
Rex Hammock: I used to care: When a "mainstream" pundit would spew stuff like this on why bloggers are not a threat to traditional journalists.
Norm Geras: The author, Dante Chinni, says for the record that he has nothing against blogs, he likes them. [And I like newspapers - Ed.
Ed Cone: This article by The Christian Science Monitor's Dante Chinni is just wrong about local blogging, but it got a prominent link from Romenesko anyway.
Jim Romenesko: Mainstream journalists shouldn't feel threatened by blogs — Christian Science Monitor Bloggers don't want to cover police commission hearings or city council meetings.

Former U.N. official pleads guilty, prosecutors say
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UNITED NATIONS (CNN) — A former U.N. procurement officer pleaded guilty to money laundering, wire fraud and conspiracy charges Monday after the United Nations stripped him of his diplomatic immunity, federal prosecutors said.
Gateway Pundit: An ex-procurement officer was also charged: Ex-procurement officer Alexander Yakovlev was in a U.S. federal court...
Captain Ed: Earlier today, CNN also reported that Alexander Yakovlev had his diplomatic immunity lifted by the UN and had been...
Paul @Wizbang: Former U.N. official pleads guilty, prosecutors say Oil-for-food probe accuses procurement officer of soliciting bribe...
Jan Haugland: Update 3: Yalekov has apparently been arrested: U.N. officials lifted Alexander Yakovlev's diplomatic immunity at the...

Treason threat cleric 'leaves UK'
  BBC   —   Permalink 
A controversial Islamic cleric has left the UK for the Middle East, his spokesman has said, amid speculation he would be investigated for treason.
Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammed - former head of radical group Al Muhajiroun - left on Saturday for Lebanon, his colleague Anjem Choudary told the BBC.
John Cole: Don't Let The Doorâ Score one for having the courage of your convictions: A controversial Islamic cleric has...
David T: Translation: "Hurray! I get to be on the radio again" [listen again here] Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?
Jan Haugland: Extremist Islamist flees Britain — The British government has been considering using treason charges against radical...
Iain Murray: HE BRAVELY TURNED HIS TAIL AND FLED... Sheikh Omar Bakri, who said he would not tell the police if he knew about planned bombings, has fled the UK for Lebanon.

FCC Hires Conservative Indecency Critic
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The Federal Communications Commission has hired as an advisor an anti-pornography activist and former lobbyist for groups that push for Christian precepts in public policy. The move may herald a reinvigorated campaign against broadcast indecency and bring renewed pressure on cable to reconsider its racy offerings.
Steve M.: Harris Kicks Off Her Senate Campaign — SARASOTA, Fla. - Rep. Katherine Harris began her campaign for Senate on...
Roger Ailes: Nance is aligned with all the big name wingnut media crusaders: "In January, Nance joined others in the letter urging...
Susie Madrak: The New Puritans I feel much purer now. Don't you?
Radley Balko: Church, State....Blah — The FCC has hired a prude extraordinaire Penny Nance as a "special advisor" in its Office of Strategic Planning and Policy Analysis.
Michael @AmericaBlog: Now Martin has hired far right activist Penny Nance to "advise" him and reach out to Congress and the public.

Republicans Run the Political Risk of Becoming Too Self-Reliant
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Reward your friends. Punish your enemies. Unify the party. Marginalize the opposition.
These are the old-fashioned tools Republicans are using to entrench their control of 21st century Washington.
Digby: Dear Leader — Kevin points to this Ron Brownstein column in which Brownstein compares the Republican Party's governing style to North Korea.
Erick @RedState: Ron Brownstein And Self Reliant Republicans — I've generally liked Ron Brownstein, the Los Angeles Times political writer, but I have to say he must be smoking crack today.
Jason Van Steenwyk: LA Times columnist compares Republicans to North Korean government — You can't make this stuff up.
Kevin Drum: JUCHE...With Nazi references now in ill repute thanks to Dick Durbin's inflammatory suggestion that we should aspire to...
Orrin Judd: OVERREACH IS THE MANTRA OF THE 40% PARTY: Republicans Run the Political Risk of Becoming Too Self-Reliant (Ronald...

Intelligence chiefs warn Blair of home-grown 'insurgency'
  Independent   —   Permalink 
Intelligence chiefs are warning Tony Blair that Britain faces a full-blown Islamist insurgency, sustained by thousands of young Muslim men with military training now resident in this country.
Jan Haugland: The liberal Independent wants to be no worse than its rightist rivals these days, and publishes a very sensationalised...
Eugene Volokh: Knowing How to Use an AK-47: British intelligence is warning the British government about the risk of an Islamist...
Evariste: Which he'll need, as his intelligence chiefs are warning him that Britain faces an Islamic insurgency at home, too.
TheAnchoress: UK terrorism or insurgency? Confederate Yankee has the troubling news: The jury is saying insurgency.
Cernig: According to the Independent, Intelligence chiefs are warning Tony Blair that Britain faces a full-blown Islamist...
S.Z.: "Every One of Them Knows How to Use an AK-47" Britain has a problem—a huge problem that has been growing for decades,...
Also: Joe Gandelman, Perry de Havilland, Michael Totten

Peter Jennings Dies at 67
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Aug. 7 — ABC News Anchor Peter Jennings died today at his home in New York City. He was 67. On April 5, Jennings announced he had been diagnosed with lung cancer.
He is survived by his wife, Kayce Freed, his two children, Elizabeth, 25, and Christopher, 23, and his sister, Sarah Jennings.
Tarek @LiquidList: Media: Peter Jennings, R.I.P — I don't really blame Peter Jennings, or any of the other newscasters from the last twenty years, for the remarkable decline in that genre.
John Hawkins: Daily News For Aug 8, 2005 — Foreign "Trapped Russian Sailors Rescued By Brits" [snipped quote] "Britain: Militants Who...
Paul @Wizbang: Peter Jennings Dies Of Lung Cancer At 67 jennings.jpg ABC News has announced tonight that long time ABC World News Tonight anchor has lost his battle with lung cancer Sunday.
Joe Gandelman: ABC News has an extensive story and detailed bio of Jennings. It also has THIS MESSAGE BOARD where you can leave your thoughts.
Mark Kleiman: I was therefore a little bit surprised (and annoyed) to find that ABC News's eulogistic obit of Peter Jennings omitted any mention of smoking.
James Joyner: The announcment of his death from the network: Peter Jennings Dies at 67 "ABC News Anchor Peter Jennings died today at his home in New York City.
Also: Captain Ed, Michelle Malkin, Pejman Yousefzadeh, Jim Romenesko, Damian Penny, Montag, Brian Stelter, Daniel Drezner, John Cole, Orrin Judd, Cookie Jill, Jeff Goldstein, Rickheller @Centerfield, Orin Kerr, Gary Farber, Ramesh Ponnuru, Cori Dauber, Ace, Joe @AmericaBlog, Patrick Ruffini

God, Man and the Common Weal
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Although it appears the Iraqis are going to meet the Aug. 15 deadline for writing a new constitution, we shouldn't worry if they just can't do it "on time." It will certainly be dispiriting to many Iraqis and Americans—particularly in the Pentagon, where the...
TheAnchoress: Iraq Democracy seems doableâ That seems to be the message from Reuel Marc Gerecht in this WSJ piece.
Dean Esmay: God, Man, and the Commonweal by Dean AEI scholar Reuel Marc Gerecht has a simply dynamite piece in today's Wall Street...
JPod: A VERY IMPORTANT PIECE ON in the Wall Street Journal by Reuel Gerecht makes the remarkable point that...

War Plans Drafted To Counter Terror Attacks in U.S.
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COLORADO SPRINGS — The U.S. military has devised its first-ever war plans for guarding against and responding to terrorist attacks in the United States, envisioning 15 potential crisis scenarios and anticipating several simultaneous strikes around the country, according to officers who drafted the plans.
Jo Fish: Is this making anyone else more than a little nervous? The 1600 Crew wants to have "contingency plans" in case the terrarists attack again.
Jeffrey Dubner: My first question about the news that the Pentagon is planning a larger role in responding to future domestic terrorism was, "What happened to the Department of Homeland Security?"
John Cole: Ensuring Domestic Tranquility and Providing for the Common Defense I am sure this WaPo piece will create quite the...
Cernig: The Pentagon has revealed preliminary plans for guarding against and responding to terrorist attacks in the United States.
Susie Madrak: Hypothetically Speaking Under the circumstances, the Pentagon planning a military takeover "in case of multiple...
Jeff Goldstein: From the Washington Post: [snipped quote] Personally, I'm heartened to know that in the event of some domestic emergency,...
Also: Pudentilla

Pirro to Challenge Senator Clinton in '06
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Jeanine F. Pirro, a moderate Republican and high-profile district attorney of Westchester County, said today that she would challenge Hillary Rodham Clinton for her United States Senate seat in 2006.
DavidNYC @DailyKos: NY-Sen: Pirro to Challenge Clinton — I see this has already been diaried a bit, but in any event, it's official:...
Orrin Judd: NOW GET RUDY TO RUN FOR GOVERNOR: Pirro to Challenge Senator Clinton in '06 (PATRICK D. HEALY, 8/08/05, NY Times)...
Gerry Daly: Pirro to Challenge Senator Clinton in '06 — The New York Times: [snipped quote] I am surprised.
Taegan Goddard: Pirro Will Challenge Clinton — Westchester District Attorney Jeanine Pirro (R) said [snipped quote] the New York Times reports.

Judicial Cliches On Terrorism
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Last week U.S. District Judge John C. Coughenour sentenced a defendant to prison for plotting to bomb the Los Angeles airport. In the course of the sentencing, the judge criticized the Bush administration's post-Sept. 11 policies, such as the use of military tribunals and the detention of enemy combatants.
Hugh Hewitt: Judge Coughenour's windy rhetoric —which was really a lovce letter to himself stamped c/o ACLU— comes under the...
Tarek @LiquidList: Politics: Apples, Oranges and Your Civil LIberties — Eric A. Posner and Adrian Vermeule have a surprisingly weak op-ed...
Michelle Malkin: Awaiting ACLU lawsuit and American Library Association protest... *** In related news, Eric Posner and Adrian Vermeule...
Captain Ed: Eric Posner and Adrian Vermeule take apart Coughenour's legal reasoning as well in a Washington Post column this...
Avedon Carol: A moment of catch-up — And no sooner do I finally post about the four-day-old story of the judge who thinks the...
Pejman Yousefzadeh: "JUDICIAL CLICHES ON TERRORISM" — An excellent article by Eric Posner and Adrain Vermeule.
Also: Cori Dauber, Leon H, Glenn Reynolds

The Male Condition
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TWO big scientific debates have attracted a lot of attention over the past year. One concerns the causes of autism, while the other addresses differences in scientific aptitude between the sexes. At the risk of adding fuel to both fires, I submit that these two lines of inquiry have a great deal in common.
Echidne: Simon Baron-Cohen has written an Op-Ed piece for the New York Times.
Joanne Jacobs: When male brain meets male brain — Both parents of autistic children tend to be strongly systematic thinkers ("male...
Todd Zywicki: Simon Baron-Cohen on "The Male Condition": Simon Baron-Cohen of Cambridge, has this interesting column on the differences between male and female brains in the New York Times.
Ann Althouse: Simon Baron-Cohen theorizes that the condition may result from the mating of two "Type S"-brained individuals.

The Novak Exception, Again
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The media hive is once again stinging columnist Bob Novak, this time after he uttered an expletive and walked off the set during a live CNN program last Thursday. Since our name was taken in vain during the program, we thought we should correct the record.
Josh Marshall: The Wall Street — Journal oped page — the folks who brought you 'Karl Rove, Whistleblower' — have unearthed the...
Brian Stelter: > The "liberal press pack" owes Robert Novak an apology, today's Wall Street Journal editorial board says.
Felix @MemeFirst: Unrequited love — The Wall Street Journal editorial page: "Mr. Novak doesn't need to apologize to anyone for his...
PGL: It seems the WSJ op-ed folks have sounded a similar theme: "we warned that the media would regret their demand for a...
Jim Romenesko: WSJ: Carville is lucky Novak didn't punch him in the nose — Wall Street Journal WSJ editorial writers say members of...

Torn Apart Over Iraq
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Why do we keep fighting each other over Iraq?
Most paleocons did not support either the attack on Afghanistan or Iraq — and did not in the sincere belief it was not in the interest of the United States.
James Joyner: Coincidentally, Victor Davis Hanson has a piece in NRO whose subtitle asks, "Why do we keep fighting each other over Iraq?"
Cernig: Victor Davis Hanson writing for NRO has an interesting look at why Americans are torn apart by Iraq.
Jim Henley: Hesiod suggests I take a crack at Victor Davis Hanson's latest Hansonism. But we are tired, Egypt, tired.

Parts of Patriot Act are offensive-lawyers group
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CHICAGO (Reuters) - The president-elect of the nation's largest lawyers group on Monday said some of the federal government's investigative powers included in the anti-terrorism Patriot Act are a threat to constitutional rights.
Montag: " Reuters: Parts of Patriot Act are offensive-lawyers group Another African nation is facing food shortages.
Jayson @PoliPundit: A: Take your foot off of his head. {ahem} I got a kick out of this flotsam & jetsam piece from Reuters.

Bidding Up Local Ads
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Two insurance agents in Houston, both named Gary, have been duking it out lately. The battlefield isn't insurance, however, but the Houston Chronicle's Web site. Both have bid to have the highest-ranking text advertisement on the site's sports page and other sections.
Ed Cone: Beyond Google — Beyond Google: the WSJ reports on alternatives for newspapers selling online ads.
Rex Hammock: Bypassing Google: (From tomorrow's WSJ - free feature) "We're starting to see a backlash with Google because they've...

Senator Fake
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Hillary Clinton's rep doesn't gel with her record.
If Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's rightward march continues, her media cheerleaders will relaunch her as "Hillary Rodham Goldwater." Sympathetic commentators have ballyhooed the New York Democrat's shift toward the center.
Matthew Yglesias: Similarly, the interest-group scorecards Deroy Murdoch cites to argue for the Clinton-as-leftist thesis overwhelmingly relate to domestic issues.
TheAnchoress: Murdock at NRO details just who Hillary really, really is!

Family shakes up legal team to defend Saddam
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AMMAN (Reuters) - Saddam Hussein's family scrapped the international team of attorneys claiming to be representing him on Monday and will pick a new set of heavyweight lawyers to defend him against war crimes charges, the family's lawyer said.
Gateway Pundit: Khalil al-Dulaimi was appointed as the sole legal counsel There's more at Reuters: "There are too many people in the...
Jeralyn Merritt: Shake Up Inside Saddam's Legal Team — Saddam Hussein's family has fired all his lawyers except one, Iraqi lawyer Khalil Dulaimi.
Jayson @PoliPundit: Cry Me a River — Or not! P.S. - Maybe Reuters should go ahead and volunteer to defend Saddam in court.

Pentagon Plans to Send More Troops to Iraq
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WASHINGTON - Anticipating a new burst of insurgent violence, the Pentagon plans to expand the U.S. force in Iraq to improve security for a planned October referendum and a December election.
Jim Henley: Because before you know it comes a story about how they're going to increase it, just for a little while.
The Farmer: Scooter and Judy and Steamed Rice - and more... Operation Yellow Elephant alert: Pentagon to expand opportunities for Young College Republicans.

Clinton Is Cultivating an Image as a Centrist
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RIVERHEAD, N.Y. — It looked like a traditional event for a rural politician: A member of Congress, standing before a sweltering summer crowd, had come to toast a local Farm Bureau official.
Patterico: L.A. Times Determined to Beat Into Its Readers' Heads the Idea that Hillary Is a Centrist The L.A. Times reports on...
Orrin Judd: GOTTA VOTE THE TALK: Clinton Is Cultivating an Image as a Centrist: The partisan label she acquired as first lady is being remade in New York and the Senate.
Jayson @PoliPundit: Crafty — Here's an interesting quote from an unnamed Democrat strategist (tough job, huh?), to whom the L.A. Times...
Justin Gardner: More About Hillary Moving Towards The Center — This time the LA times weighs in and takes a look at Hillary The Centrist.
TheAnchoress: But if one is being oneself, one needn't cultivate an image. If one is not being oneself, I suppose, then that's a different story.
Kathryn Jean Lopez: SPEAKING OF...BRING BACK THE CLINTON HATERS! From the LAtimes: [snipped quote] Why? Her record does not suggest a mod, peeps.

Aloha, Apartheid
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HONOLULU—For the seven million people who vacation in Hawaii every year, it is a magical island destination. For its 1.2 million residents, the 50th state is, in the words of its senior senator, Daniel Inouye, "one of the greatest examples of a multiethnic society living in relative peace."
Cernig: Aloha, Apartheid?. The Wall Street Journal takes on recent moves to create an independent, race-based government for Native Hawaiians.
MJA @SouthernAppeal: Race and Hawaii — John Fund writes about the recently inflamed racial tensions in Hawaii in this WSJ article.
Scott @PowerLine: In his 1855 letter to his old friend Joshua Speed, Lincoln wrote: [snipped quote] I leave it to you to draw the...

Volcker Gives New Oil-for-Food Report
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NEW YORK — The next report highlighting failures of the U.N. Oil-for-Food (search) program was released Monday, just one day after one of the investigation's targets severed his ties to the United Nations.
Jan Haugland: UNSCAM report released — The Volcker committee has today released the third interim report into oil-for-food, and as expected it accuses Benon Sevan for taking kickbacks.
Kathryn Jean Lopez: ALEXANDER YAKOVLEV is the other ex-U.N. official Volcker hit today.
FrancoAlemán: FIRST HEADS rolling: "One of the targets U.N. Oil-for Food investigation, Alexander Yakovlev (search), was stripped of...

IRAQ: Focus on boys trapped in commercial sex trade
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BAGHDAD, 8 August (IRIN) - Hassan Feiraz, a 16-year-old boy, has started a desperate new life since being forced into the sex trade in Baghdad, joining a growing number of adolescents soliciting in Iraq under the threat of street gangs or the force of poverty.
Susie Madrak: Better Off But you have to admit, the people of Iraq are much better off than they were under Saddam Hussein: ...
Jeralyn Merritt: Reuters: "Hassan Feiraz, a 16-year-old boy, has started a desperate new life since being forced into the sex trade in...

The Good News Bears
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The polar bear has become the new poster animal for environmentalists, and I can understand why. When it comes to "charismatic megafauna" - the term used by marketing experts at conservation groups - the bear is a giant improvement over the giant panda.
Brad DeLong: John Tierney's piece is the nadir—with its closing line about how after global warming is well underway "the [polar]...
Matthew Yglesias: Municipal WiFi is so great that I won't even mention the giant corportions trying desperately to kill it. John Tierney.
Chris Mooney: With an opinion column penned over the weekend, the New York Times' John Tierney finally showed his true colors.
Ezra Klein: I just want to make sure I'm getting this right: The New York Times really has given a regular perch to a guy who thinks...

Planned Parenthood superhero terminates Christian protesters
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An online animated video sponsored by Planned Parenthood's San Francisco-area branch features a superhero character drowning an abstinence promoter in a trash can and blasting into oblivion several pro-life picketers protesting in front of one of the organization's facilities.
Ace: World Net Daily comments on the piece. Thanks to Allah. Ironically enough.
Jeff Goldstein: a CITIZEN JOURNALIST decides to look on the bright side — Well, at least they didn't cast Val Kilmer or George Clooney in the starring role...* (h/t Allah)

Privacy Views: Roberts Argued Hard for Others
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Judge John G. Roberts Jr., President Bush's nominee for the Supreme Court, has written quite a bit in opposition to a constitutional right to privacy that has served as the basis for Supreme Court decisions protecting abortion and gay rights.
Ann Althouse: Noting the belief that Robert Bork was defeated because he disaffirmed the right of privacy, Adam Liptak tries to...
Ramesh Ponnuru: THE IMPACT OF BORK — As Jacob Sullum notes, my old friend Laurence Tribe seems to be arguing that the Senate's...
Jacob Sullum: How the Constitution Evolved Between 1981 and 1987 — A New York Times story about John Roberts' views regarding privacy...
Orrin Judd: Privacy Views: Roberts Argued Hard for Others (ADAM LIPTAK, 8/08/05, NY Times) [snipped quote] Strangely enough, the Constitution says the same thing.

Denver papers use liberal rules to boost circulation
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Denver's two daily newspapers are bulking up declining paid circulation by aggressive use of auditing rules that let them count readers who pay less than half-price for the papers — or sometimes nothing at all.
Tom Biro: Denver newspaper circ questions — The Denver Business Journal's Amy Bryer is critical towards the way that the Denver...
Jim Romenesko: Denver newspapers use liberal ABC rules to boost circulation — Denver Business Journal On an average weekday, more than...

Conservatives Remain Steady in Support of Roberts
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The most ardent supporters of John G. Roberts Jr. have had a few moments of heartburn in the month since President Bush nominated him to the Supreme Court, but conservative advocacy groups say that nothing they have learned during the public dissection of his record has dampened their fundamental support.
Mipe @ThinkProgress: Another invited speaker is Charles Colson â" better known for his history as one of President Nixon's "hatchet...
Sam Rosenfeld: Which is to say that the majority of conservative activists who are remaining unified in their support for Roberts likely know what they're doing.