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Washington Post:
White House Officials Brace for Charges  —  Announcement of Grand Jury Actions Not Likely Today  —  The prosecutor in the CIA leak case met with the federal grand jury today and was prepared to outline possible charges, two days after the FBI conducted last-minute interviews …
Steve Clemons:
New Information: First the Website, Now the New Office Space  —  Patrick Fitzgerald's intermediaries denied that there was any significance to the establishment of a new website, minimalist as it is, for the Office of the Special Counsel which is investigating the "outing" …
Richard B. Schmitt / Los Angeles Times:   Suspense Builds Over CIA Leak Investigation
New York Times:
Grand Jurors Hear Counsel on Leak Case
Hotlineblog / Hotline On Call:
Evening Buzz, Buzz  —  From his hospital bed, Steve Clemons …
Steve Clemons:
Rumors, Accident, Interviews, Articles and Jon Stewart
Discussion: Prairie Weather
Washington Times:
Women's group calls for Miers withdrawal  —  The nation's largest conservative women's group yesterday called for the withdrawal of the Harriet Miers Supreme Court nomination as The Washington Times learned that a key promoter of the nomination had suddenly quit the White House lobbying effort.
Captain Ed / Captain's Quarters:
Signs Of The End For The Miers Nomination?
Discussion: Galley Slaves
National Review:
Miers's Muddle
Associated Press:
Miers withdraws Supreme Court nomination  —  Conservative Republicans were among those with concerns  —  WASHINGTON - Confronted with criticism from both the left and right, Harriet Miers on Thursday withdrew her nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court.  —  In a statement, President Bush said he …
Miers withdraws Supreme Court nomination  —  WASHINGTON (CNN) — President Bush on Thursday accepted the withdrawal of Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers, according to a statement from the White House.  —  In her letter to the president, Miers said she was "concerned that the confirmation process presents …
Gail Russell Chaddock / Christian Science Monitor:
Their clout rising, blogs are courted by Washington's elite  —  WASHINGTON - Beltway politicos, famously slow to adopt technology, are wooing blogs - all but Trent Lott.  —  "Bloggers claim I was their first pelt, and I believe that.  I'll never read a blog," says the former Senate majority leader …
The Gray Monk:
Requiem for Church Mouse  —  It is with great sadness that I have to report that my beloved Church Mouse has died.  She finally succumbed to the cancer which attacked her around this time last year at 12.30 EST (17.30 BST) today.  She will be missed.  Earlier this year her husband …
Andrew Ian Dodge / Dodgeblogium:   To a fallen friend  —  This is by far the most difficult thing …
Kathy Kinsley / On The Third Hand:
Momma Bear has passed away.
Captain Ed / Captain's Quarters:
I'm Moving Off The Fence  —  I took what little time at work (on my lunch break) that I could to read through the speech given by Harriet Miers to the Executive Women of Dallas in 1993, and wound up re-reading three more times tonight.  I would encourage everyone to read this speech carefully …
Robert A. George / RAGGED THOTS:
Why I Am Not A Democrat (Part 2)  —  As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.  —  Once again, Mr. Gilliard "represents" wonderful, reasoned, intellectual discourse from the Left.  —  (WARNING: Be careful clicking on this if you are at work.)  —  File under category of: "Racist Imagery — It's OK If You Are A Liberal"
Ghaith Abdul-Ahad / Washington Post:
The New Sunni Jihad: 'A Time for Politics'  —  Tour With Iraqi Reveals Tactical Change  —  NORTH OF BAGHDAD — For weeks before Iraq's constitutional referendum this month, Iraqi guerrilla Abu Theeb traveled the countryside just north of Baghdad, stopping at as many Sunni Arab houses and villages as he could.
Richardsale / Sic Semper Tyrannis 2005:
Aides To Be Indicted, Probe to Continue  —  Aides To Be Indicted, Probe to Continue  —  By Richard Sale, long-time Intelligence Correspondent  —  Two top White House aides are expected to be indicted today on various charges related to the probe of CIA operative Valerie Plame whose classified identity …
Warren Hoge / New York Times:
U.N. to Detail Kickbacks Paid for Iraq's Oil  —  UNITED NATIONS, Oct. 26 - More than 4,500 companies took part in the United Nations oil-for-food program and more than half of them paid illegal surcharges and kickbacks to Saddam Hussein, according to the independent committee investigating the program.
Discussion: Rantingprofs and Barcepundit
Jerusalem Post:
The stories behind the faces  —  Jamil Ka'adan, 48  —  Jamil Ka'adan was a resident of Baka al-Gharbiye.  He was a Hebrew instructor in the local schools and left behind five children.  Ka'adan's death was the latest in a series of tragedies that have struck his family in the past month.
Discussion: The Moderate Voice
Thousands turn out for funeral of Hadera bomb victim
Discussion: Power Line
Tom Maguire / JustOneMinute:
The Times Joins The Russert Cover-up  —  On Wednesday the normally fine Douglas Jehl of the NY Times went into the tank on the Tim Russert question, which is, did Tim Russert tell Libby Lewis that Wilson's wife worked for the CIA and was involved in his selection for the Niger trip.  From Mr. Jehl:
Jacques Steinberg / New York Times:
CBS Replaces Its News Chief; Sports Executive Is Successor  —  CBS replaced the president of its news division with its top sports executive yesterday, in the latest shake-up for a news organization damaged by a discredited broadcast about President Bush's military service and …
Discussion: Rantingprofs and Poynter Online

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Gov. Bush Takes Blame for Slow Wilma Aid
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