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Anne Gearan / Associated Press:
Security Council to Review Iran Nuke Case  —  LONDON - The United States and the other four permanent members of the U.N. Security Council reached surprising agreement Tuesday that Iran should be hauled before that powerful body over its disputed nuclear program.
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Steven R. Weisman / New York Times:
China and Russia Support Sending Iran Case to U.N.
Claudia Deane / Washington Post:   Most Americans Back Sanctions on Iran
Digby / Hullabaloo:
"It Is The Only Way We Can Live"  —  So we only got 25 Senators to vote for a filibuster of a Supreme Court nominee who, if defeated, would be replaced by someone just as bad by a president in the pocket of his radical right wing.  Well.  —  Do you know how many votes the Republicans managed …
Matt Stoller / Open Letter To Chris Matthews:
Chris Matthews accuses Sen. Kennedy of molesting Judge Alito's wife  —  Yes, it's that bad.  After his on-the-air gay-bashing, his creepy stereotyping of Latinos, his incredibly offensive comparisons of peaceful Americans to Osama bin Laden, and his ever-growing right-wing bias, MSNBC's Chris Matthews has gone off the deep end.
David D. Kirkpatrick / New York Times:
Two Nominee Strategies.  One Worked.  —  WASHINGTON, Jan. 30 — The week before his Supreme Court confirmation hearings, Judge Samuel A. Alito Jr. e-mailed the text of his opening statement to the White House.  It included very little about his legal thinking, dwelled at length on his family …
Fred Barbash / Washington Post:
Senate Ends Alito Filibuster Attempt
John Bazemore / MSNBC:
Coretta Scott King dead at 78  —  Widow of civil rights leader suffered heart attack in August  —  Coretta Scott King speaks during an interview at the King Center for Nonviolent Social Change in this Jan. 13, 2004 file photo.  —  NBC VIDEO … ATLANTA - Coretta Scott King …
Peter Applebome / New York Times:
Coretta Scott King, 78, Widow of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Dies  —  Coretta Scott King, first known as the wife of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., then as his widow, then as an avid proselytizer for his vision of racial peace and non-violent social change, has died, her sister in law, Christine King Farris, said this morning.
Dana Milbank / Washington Post:
Tasting Victory, Liberals Instead Have a Food Fight  —  The new Washington Post-ABC News poll finds congressional Democrats in the best position they've held in 14 years, besting President Bush and Republican lawmakers on Iraq, the economy, health care, immigration, ethics and more.
Stephanie Mansfield / Washington Times:
Liberal activists promote a ruckus to silence Bush
Carol D. Leonnig / Washington Post:
Gonzales Is Challenged on Wiretaps  —  Feingold Says Attorney General Misled Senators in Hearings  —  Sen. Russell Feingold (D-Wis.) charged yesterday that Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales misled the Senate during his confirmation hearing a year ago when he appeared to try to avoid answering …
Michelle Malkin:
SUPPORT DENMARK: WHY THE FORBIDDEN CARTOONS MATTER  —  Last October, I blogged about a Danish newspaper, Jyllands-Posten, and its cartoonists being threatened by Muslim extremists for publishing cartoons about the prophet Muhammad deemed offensive by Islamist p.c. bulllies.  See here and here.
New York Times:
And in This Corner, Fed Choice Is Blip on Some Senators' Radar  —  WASHINGTON, Jan. 30 — The important presidential nominee who is scheduled for a vote in the Senate on Tuesday is widely regarded as brilliant, has ties to Princeton University and, if confirmed as expected …
Philip Thornton / Independent:
US savings rate sinks to lowest since Great Depression
Discussion: This Modern World
Deepa Babington / Reuters:
Exxon profit tops $10 billion, capping record year  —  NEW YORK (Reuters) - Exxon Mobil Corp. (XOM.N: Quote, Profile, Research), the world's largest publicly traded oil company, on Monday reported a quarterly profit of $10.7 billion, capping a year of record earnings dominated by surging oil and gas prices.
Discussion: Hyscience
Oil execs refuse to testify at U.S. Senate hearing
Discussion: IntoxiNation-News …
Houston Chronicle:
Judge seats jury in Enron trial  —  Lay says trial is an opportunity to clear his name  —  U.S. District Judge Sim Lake today completed the task of selecting and swearing in 12 jurors and four alternates in the highly anticipated Enron trial.  —  Sixteen people from Houston …
Discussion: Off the Kuff, TalkLeft and skimble
Mousa Abu Marzook / Washington Post:
What Hamas Is Seeking  —  DAMASCUS, Syria — A new era in the struggle for Palestinian liberation is upon us.  Through historic fair and free elections, the Palestinian people have spoken.  —  Accordingly, America's long-standing tradition of supporting the oppressed's rights to self-determination should not waver.
Mark Murray / MSNBC:
President facing 'gray and gloomy' electorate  —  NBC/WSJ poll: Small slice of good news for Bush on domestic wiretap issue … WASHINGTON -  —  Mark Murray  —  Heading into Tuesday's State of the Union address and the beginning of the 2006 political season, President Bush faces …
ABC News' Bob Woodruff and Doug Vogt Show Improvement  —  'World News Tonight' Co-Anchor and Cameraman Injured by Roadside Bomb in Iraq  —  Jan. 30, 2006 — Doctors, colleagues and family members received positive news about the progress of "World News Tonight" co-anchor Bob Woodruff …
The Fear That Kills  —  Appalling new evidence reveals that female soldiers serving in Iraq made fatal decisions in their attempts to avoid rape.  —  Tools  —  COMMENT NOW  —  In a startling revelation, the former commander of Abu Ghraib prison testified that Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez …
Hindrocket / Power Line:
ANOTHER IMPRUDENT DEM  —  As the Democratic Party continues its slide into disrepute, there doesn't seem to be any bottom in sight.  Here is the latest smear from the Dems: candidate Coleen Rowley has published a despicable slander of my own Congressman and friend, John Kline, depicting him as a Nazi.

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